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Ashe Build Guide by xRealitySpiritsx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xRealitySpiritsx

I.C.K. Guide To Elo

xRealitySpiritsx Last updated on March 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The first draft of this guide is now completed but not yet perfected, you will find that there is a lot missing, it doesn't look pretty enough, there aren't enough videos/pictures and that there is room for improvement. But don't worry! I will be completing this soon, so please enjoy whatever you can find for now, and please check in for more news and improvements/alternations.

- Kavaja A

Log -
27/12/2012 - Finished 11 chapters.
30/12/2012 - Finished 12 chapters.
29/01/2013 - Finished 18 chapters, "Ranked Play - Early Game - Supports" pending to be complete.
08/02/2013 - Finished 19 chapters, "Ranked Play - Late Game" pending to be complete.
09/03/2013 - Finished first draft.
11/03/2013 - Revision begun.
11/03/2013 - Changes to "Items" section.
13/03/2013 - "Ranked Play - Match Ups" has been added, "Supports" has been completed, "Carries" has been started but not yet finished.

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News to readers


Welcome to my build on Ashe!


Huge apologies for no recent updates on this build, I have been pre-occupied by more important affairs and haven't had time to add to this build, once again, sorry for not notifying you..


Havent't made any updates and won't be making any until after the 3rd of March due to current issues.


Am back to editing this guide but won't be making any major edits due to business, will be very brief and short additions every so often, please understand that I'm trying to edit this guide as much as possible.


I've finished my first draft of my guide! Please give me ideas for improvements and chapters! Will be appreciated and mentioned in the conclusion.


I've begun revision and improvements, so expect a couple (hopefully good) alternations!

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I've been a committed Ashe player since I was a young Summoner in the days of using Ghost + Heal, and I can say with confidence that I can play Ashe to a high standard of skill, I'm not going to sit here and tell you all that I'm a 2500 ELO player, because I'm not, but I do have a very good knowledge of Ashe that can help others become good Ashe players, and that's why you're here right? To learn about Ashe. In this guide I'm going to tell you the ins and outs of Ashe, ranging from things like items, all the way to playing her effectively in ranked. Hopefully this shall make you a good, or even improve on your high level of Ashe skill, but remember that I am certainly not the best Ashe player, and that this build probably isn't agreeable with some people. Moving on now...

Please vote and give me feedback, whether good or bad.

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Weirdly, I find it interesting to read the background of champions, it gives me an idea on the type of champ, for instance, this lore made me realise that Ashe needs to be vigilant of all the dangers around her.

One of the perennial favorites of summoners in the League of Legends is the Freljordian beauty known as Ashe. She is a direct descendant of Avarosa - one of three legendary sisters who each claimed dominion over the scattered tribes dwelling in the icy tundra of northern Valoran. Ashe mirrors her ancestor's unparalleled mastery of the bow, earning her the title of "The Frost Archer" the way Avarosa did during her era. Ashe is a literal Princess amongst her people, though she prefers to be addressed by outsiders as her tribal title rather than any form of royal moniker. There are those in Freljord, however, that would prefer to address Ashe as the late Frost Archer; the other two tribes that are descendants from the Three Sisters are historically sworn enemies of Ashe and her people. Having survived more than one assassination attempt in her life, Ashe is always aware of her surroundings regardless of where she is.
Ashe originally came to the Institute of War in service of the League summoners, seeking enough influence and favor to finally bring peace to her realm - one that has endured civil strife since Avarosa and the Time of the Three Sisters. With countless victories under her belt, she has started to put the influence she has earned in the League to use. Rumors abound that Ashe has begun to associate herself with fellow champion Tryndamere outside of the Fields of Justice. While she denies such talk as frivolous, all eyes will remain on Ashe now that her success in the League may finally allow her to restore lasting peace to her people.

"It's a good idea to spread out. Ashe can hit five birds with one arrow."
- Tryndamere

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Pros / Cons


- Decent Range
- Constant Slow
- Good Farming Utility
- Free Vision
- Cross Map Ultimate
- Good Initiate
- Good Late Game
- Amethyst Ashe


- Bad Base Movement Speed
- Squishy (duh)
- No Escape Tool
- Destroyed By CC
- Useless Passive In Most Cases
- Can Be Countered Quite Easily
- Pretty much can be killed quite easily if not positioned correctly

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What is an AD Carry?

Simple, and AD carry is the part of the team that stacks AD (Attack Damage). The role is to throw this damage onto high priority targets, taking them out one by one whilst keeping yourself alive. You are the team Attack Damage output, and in some cases the only "real" AD output at all, staying alive is crucial, but you will be focused, so you need to be vigilant.

These are examples of Carries.
(personal favourite after Ashe)

And lets not forget!

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For the new players, Runes give you a boost in an attribute in which the rune that you buy is allocated to, for instance, the Mark of Attack Damage boosts your attack damage by +0.95, doesn't seem like a lot but when you buy 9 of them they can come in handy. There are 4 Types of runes, Marks, Seals, Glyphs and Quintessences.

Mark of Attack Damage

This is your basic mark for pretty much every single Carry, simply because a carry is meant to dish out AD, hence the reason you buy the AD rune, I personally believe that this is for the early game edge, I don't seem to notice the rune later on.

If you're finding yourself against a tanky support, or you've taken the Sustain Lane item route (Starting Dorans Blade) Then it may be a good idea to switch the AD mark with the Armor Penetration mark.

Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Like the AD mark, this is a basic Carry rune, although you won't notice it early game, it's a decent rune for the mid/late-game moment when the enemy AP finally gets his/her Rabadons...

Seal of Armor

This rune is very helpful, you won't take as much damage when their synergy wants to poke or harass you, meaning that you stay on the lane longer, resulting in more farm and XP, bringing on Ashes late game a lot faster, but remember, this does not make you invincible, so you still need to stay vigilant.

Quintessence of Attack Damage

Another boost in your AD, and just like the mark, you can also substitute this for the Armor Pen quint if needs be, but this usually won't need to be done.

It is recommended that you buy these runes before you even attempt to play ranked, most of the time, unless you're in ELO hell, everyone will have their full runes.

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Time to explain my choice of mastery points, masteries are yet again a small boost to some of your attributes, there are 3 columns, each column focusing on different aspects, Offence, Defence and Utility.


Offence masteries boost offensive abilites like your AD or AP.
Fury - I chose this in order to help with farming early game, that extra attack speed can secure you those 5-10 creeps that you normally wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

Butcher - Once again, a mastery based on farming, just to add that little bit of creep damage in order to secure a few extra minions, or to just make last-hitting easier.

Deadliness - A tiny bit of AD which can help in a few things, your starting AD which can make the enemy carry think twice before trying to pick a fight, more farming ability, or simply finishing enemies off, you're probably thinking "How can 12 AD finish people off?", sit there and think back how many times someone has escaped on 10 hp...

Armor pen, to show that Taric that he isn't as tanky as he thinks he is, or to simply turn the carry's 30 armor into 27.

Havoc - More AD, farming, making the carry think twice, 10 HP blah blah blah

Lethality - This can be a great little thing for when you utilize Ashes passive in that brush (will explain later) which can put their carry down to half HP when used correctly, very good when it comes to wasting the enemy carry's pots.

Brute Force - More AD, must I repeat myself?

Frenzy - I think this is a great mastery point for when Ashe picks up her IE + Phantom Dancer, this can still be used in Ashes brush phase, but not that much.

Sunder - Further reduce that carry's 27 Armor now.

Executioner - What a mastery when your jungler decides to gank a low HP champion on your lane, or you can start critting crazy damage late game when the enemy Sona starts to crumble.

Some of you might be saying, "y u no take Summoner's Wrath" I would rather permanently have the bonus damage from Butcher then the temporary +5 AD, simply for the farming ability, although if you do pick Summoner's Wrath instead, there isn't really a problem, they're both good to me.


Defence masteries focus on your defensive attributes, such as Health, Armor, MR and so on.
Perseverence - The extra health regen will keep you on the lane for slightly longer, it goes well with pots too, this mastery is good for when you're forced to turret hug due to your support either dying or going base.

Durability - This is good late game, it can turn your Ashe from a 1900 HP ADC, into a 2000 HP ADC, great, isn't it.

Hardiness - The extra armor can be somewhat helpful in the very early game, mainly so you don't get instantly harassed off the lane.

Resistance - A rather pointless mastery, mainly only there to get you to Veteran's Scars.

Veteran's Scars - This can be very useful early game, this + a Dorans Blade can start you off at around 600 HP, once again helping you stay on the lane longer.

Why didn't I take Suommoner's Resolve? because I personally don't use heal.

Ashe doesn't need to use Utility points, leave these to the AP and the supports.

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Items - Build Routes

This will be long...

Items greatly increase certain attributes, some focusing on offensive, and some on defensive.

I will start by further describing my build routes, the notes on the cheat sheet are extremely broad and need more description

Sustain Lane

This route is best suited for when your support has some sort of sustain that can help you stay on the lane, such as a heal, the difference here is that you start with a Dorans Blade instead of Boots + 3x Pots, the point of this is now you have a good increase in damage, whilst regenerating 5 HP per basic attack, it also boosts you to nearly 600 HP because of the +80 that is grants.
Sona, Soraka and Taric are good partners to take this route.

Aggressive Lane

This route is best when your support doesn't have a very good sustain, but instead has the ability to set you up kills, for this lane you're going to have to pick up Boots and Pots as you still need to be able to stay on the lane to farm. Consider buying 2 Dorans Blades on your first back.
Blitzcrank, Leona and Taric are good partners to take this route.

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Items - Why These Items? - Early

I've spoken about the route, now it's time to tell you about the items within the routes.

I'll be explaining the key items, as well as early, mid and late game goals and situational items that may need to get involved due to a fed Katarina.

These items are, like I said above, if you are going through the aggressive route, the boots are primarily used to catch up with the enemies you are trying to kill, and the pots are there to either keep you on the lane, or save you from and ignite. At this point you want to aim to make your first recall at about 1500 gold, in which you can purchase Berzerker Greaves and 2 Dorans Blades.

If you're taking the Sustain route, then get a Dorans Blade, go back at 1500 gold, get the Greaves and another Dorans Blade.

The Double Dorans Blade combo is so crucial for your early game, the sustain, HP and bonus damage is to good to pass, especially as it only cost 950 gold, this will help you farm, trade and sustain yourself, making the laning phase a lot easier.

This is your next aim, this along with the Greaves will greatly increase your farming ability, try to make sure you get to 2000 gold before you go for this, but if you're desperate then it isn't recommended, but you can go back a little earlier, but you better be a good farmer.

Another great item for farming, plus the movement speed is always good when the bot lane turns into a battleground, also landing a crit on the enemy carry can set a fight into a completely new direction.

Now time to wrap up your early game sorrows, the IE is greatly needed for Ashes weak early game, suddenly turning her from nothing into an AD Carry, this damage plus your attack speed from the Zeal and the Greaves will not only give the enemy minions a hard time, but you'll be able to fight the carry with a lot of winning potential. This item is great to use when Ashes Passive is up, making a 500 crit turn into a 750 crit.

Early Game Finished

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Items - Why These Items? - Mid

Now you've entered into the Mid game and you're finding that Ashe has begun to kill people a lot more easily, slowly and slowly, you're going to enter Ashes late game, where the real fun begins.

Now you're going to build more and more damage in order to give Ashe a better team fight capability, along with the ability to crit most of the time, and to finally have a chance at killing the Tank.

I would start the Mid game by buying a BF Sword first, just for that extra damage which you will soon build into a BT (Bloodthirster)

This is where Ashe begins to become and absolute monster, this item combined with the IE will give you a hell of a boost in your DPS (Damage Per Second) your movement speed, along with Ashes Q (Frost Shot) will make sure people aren't escaping anymore, but also giving you the edge when it comes to the point where you have to run, plus that amazing new passive doesn't make it any easier for the enemies.

It's time to annihilate the enemy AD Carry, at this point you may even consider fighting the enemy Carry by yourself if the chance ever arises. This is also good for when you've been damaged pre-team fight harass, in which you can simply farm up your health again. At some point you may need to head into the jungle in order to build up your Bloodthrister stacks, it is important that you build these stacks before a team fight.

Mid Game Finished

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Items - Why These Items? - Late

This is it, where Ashe begins to dominate, that is of course, if you've managed to do you're job properly before hand.

You're coming towards the end of the build now, and this is where situation items come into play. Now, after you've sold you're Dorans Blades, you have to decide if you're going defensive first or offensive first, make this decision based on whether you need more damage, or more survivability.


Most people will be surprised that I've put The Black Cleaver there, but I genuinely think that it's a viable item, AD, Armor Pen, CDR (Cooldown Reduction) and Health, the AD and survivability boost sounds good to me, but if you're not down with new things, go for The Last Whisper, It's a great late game item for the tanks and bruisers, and also turning squishy's into super squishy's.


You need to choose one of these 3 items, the most popular item for most people is the GA, the Armor and MR increase is great, but its mainly used for its passive, the resurrection can really change fights, everyone has used their abilities trying to kill you and now you're GA has brought you to life in order to counter attack, or give you that second wind in order to escape, but remember that if you've died by yourself and they all crowd around you waiting for you to get back up, you've just wasted your GA for 5 minutes, this is also a good item for 1v1 dueling. Pick this item for when you're dying to often and need that second chance.

Another popular item for AD Carry's is the Banshee's Veil, this item is best bought when the enemy AP has become really powerful, the health and magic resist is good all round but the spell shield that it provides is sensational, it can really give you an advantage for when someone like Nidalee throws a spear, or a Malphite ultimate comes in, or for when you're palying Normals, another Ashe arrow flies at your face.

I've not seen the Mercurial Scimitar used much but I think it's an amazing item, an old favorite defensive item, combined with an offensive item into one super item! This item is perfect for a heavy AP team in which you are finding yourself constantly being caught out a lot due to a stun, unfortunately its passive only works with melee champs. this is also a good item for when you're looking for that extra AD.

End Game Result

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Items - Alternative (Situational) Items

These are items that are bought in cases where the normal item choices may not cut the deal, at certain points in the game you may find that you need more health, life steal, attack speed etc. and that you need to switch around a couple items in order to make yourself much more effective.


Firstly I will begin by explaining the situational offensive items, I will be explaining when to take them and what you should switch them with.

This is a good item for mid game only I believe, it gives you a decent health boost plus some armour penetration, take this if you seem to be lacking on health and just need that armour pen a little more early, but eventually you should switch this with the Last Whisper once the enemy has stack a lot of armour.

Should generally only be used as an early game boost in order to help you out in your laning phase, it's okay for the early game due to the stat increase in armour, life steal and AD, and you can help your support out with a free ward. I recommend selling this once you begin to enter mid game.

A good item to use instead of the Phantom Dancer, although it doesn't carry AS MUCH attack speed and movement speed, it brings along some AD and Tenacity which can be great for bringing Ashe into the late game quicker, the only problem is that it doesn't come with a crit chance stat which Ashe desperately needs in order to do any real damage, still a good item and should be considered if you're not going for the Phantom Dancer.

An EXTREMELY popular item for a lot of Carries due to the fact that it gives you a boost in so many stats, it gives you health, AD and stats from a Zeal, I do not tend to use this on Ashe but more on champs that are ability based and scale of AP like Ezreal or Corki, but can still be used effectively on Ashe and can bring many benefits with it, swap it for a Phantom Dancer if you decide to take it.

A super OP item at the moment for so many Carries, the stats and passive seem to good to miss, and it actually is! I would definitely recommend this item in most builds, but people like to stick with items they normally would buy instead of new ones, if you want more AD, swap for the Infinity Edge, if you want critical strike chance + damage, swap it for The Bloodthirster.


These are some alternate items for defensive needs, strictly buy one defensive item.

A good item for the health boost but mainly for its passive, simply just get this item if you are against spell based initiators or good pokes, for instance people like Malphite, Nidalee etc.

Not very good but is considered viable in some cases, good AD boost plus some magic resistance, not much of a big deal if I'm honest but if you feel that you need those stats then go for it, it can also be good in 1v1 confrontations due to its passive.

Too much CC, swap this for your current boots, will slightly help you out.

Although the great health boost and minor AD boost, I wouldn't normally recommend this item for Ashe due to the fact it's passive is basically useless on her, but if you want the health then go for it, this item can be great for other Carries though.

An extremely popular item for Carries lately due to the MASSIVE health boost, can be so helpful when you're getting focused and can really be scary when people attempt to fight you, but DO NOT get this if the enemies damage is based on health percentage damage.

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Items - Enchantments & Elixirs

Enchanments are pretty much upgrades to your boots, not much else to it.


Simply just adds extra movement speed, pick this up if you're finding yourself to be too slow, or you're just constantly getting involved in chases.


A great item on Ashe due to her constant slow, this pretty much gives you a movement speed boost when you land a basic attack/ability, so you're increasing your movement speed while the enemy becomes slower.


Gives you the movement increase of a revive, pick this up if you're having to defend your base, meaning you'll have to get back into action quickly, or if you've recently died and your team are pushing for the win.

Don't really need to further explain, get these whenever possible (unless buying core items like Dorans Blade etc.) but always prioritise Fortitude due to its health and AD.

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Skill Sequence

It's important that you max the more important skills first, doing this right will make sure you will do your job correctly, not maxing the correct skills first will result in you lacking on what you should be doing.
Now time to tell you about Ashes skills, why I've maxed certain skills, and why you should max them too.


"While out of combat, Ashe's critical strike chance increases by 3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 % every 3 seconds. It is removed after her next attack."

Okay, Ashes critical strike chance rises whilst Ashe stays until Ashe basic attacks, this is a good passive right at the beginning where your synergy and the enemy synergy trade for the first time, this passive is also good for when you're ganking and for pre-team fight harass, but in most cases I find this passive useless, it really can't be used for much more than what I just mentioned.


"Ashe fires 7 arrows in a cone, dealing 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 (+100% attack damage) physical damage to each target hit. Each arrow will only hit one enemy, and each enemy will only be hit by one arrow. It also applies a slow equal to the one in the current rank of Frost Shot even if it is not active."

I always pick Volley first, mainly for when "your synergy and the enemy synergy trade for the first time", this combined with Ashes fully charged Focus can literally send a Sona down to half HP straight of the mark, and if you've started the Dorans Blade, it becomes an even more powerful combo, and with a bit of luck, you can repeat this combo every time you return to the lane after a recall.

Volley can be used within the lane, to harass the enemy when there's an open chance, to farm minions, 1v1 trades and can be used as a handy to either make a successful friendly gank, or to slow down an enemy gank.

When escaping, you can slow down the enemy by shooting a Volley directly behind you into the enemies path, or wherever the enemy may be.

I max volley due to its high damage output, it doesn't have a high base damage at level 5 (80 damage) but it scales for 1 per AD, so you can imagine how powerful this can be once you've stacked your AD items, note that volley also applies the frost shot effect, so it is a good utility when it comes to securing kills.

Tip - This is a very easy ability to land, use that to your advantage.


"Passive: Ashe gains 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 extra gold whenever she kills a unit or destroys a structure.

Active: Ashe sends her Hawk Spirit on a scouting mission to a target area in the map, revealing terrain as it travels in a straight line and granting vision of the target area for 5 seconds. The Hawk Spirit will reveal units in the brush but will not reveal stealthed units or objects."

The passive is great once you get some real last hitting going, even if you are slightly behind the enemy carry, with a maxed E that won't even be a problem.

I take this second for one reason and one reason only, level 2 ganks, if your support hasn't managed to plant a ward in the river, a well time Hawkshot can really decide whether you have lost the lane or not, it is a great substitute for when your supports wards have died out, you can even help your jungler out by sending a Hawkshot to the nearby enemy neutral buff.

It can be handy when a foe is escaping, you can put vision on the enemy for an ally to send any long range abilities which can finish them off.

I max this second for the extra gold, and in order to increase the range, in which you can aid the team in many ways, spotting ganks, buffs, baron/dragon attempts etc.

Frost Shot

"Toggle: Ashe's basic attacks slow her target's movement speed by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 % for 2 seconds."

I use this ability for many things, escaping, killing, poke/harass/denying farm etc.

Ashe is known to be one of the best kiters in the game, due to her W + Q, this combined with the Furor enchantment can be very, very annoying for the receiving end. if you're getting chased down, literally just toggle Frost shot "On" and basic attack whilst moving away slightly, don't forget to Volley whenever you can.

You can also use this technique when chasing the enemy.

I tend to use frost as a nice bit of farm denying, simple, just basic attack the carry whenever you can, and it will be harder for them to move around and last hit, it can even open up and opportunity for your support/jungler to make a move on them.

Some people might max this instead of Hawkshot, but I find that vision is too crucial when it comes to winning games, but maxing it isn't completely wrong, it will open up greater killing opportunities if the enemy is constantly slowed for 35% of their movement speed.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow


"Ashe fires a missile of ice in a straight line that will pass over all other units until it collides with an enemy Champion or leaves the map. If the arrow collides with an enemy Champion, it will deal 250 / 425 / 600 (+100% of ability power) magic damage, stun and add a slow to the champion hit. It will also explode after the hit to slow and deal half damage to all other enemies in a small area around the champion hit. The duration of the stun increases the farther the arrow travels before impact and caps at 3.5 seconds. Both slows are 50% and last for 3 seconds."

What a great ultimate, this does so much for you, initiating, saving yourself/allies, long range kills and setting up kills for you and your team mates.

I find that the best use for the ultimate is the initiation, if you can land this on the enemy carry at even medium range, it will stun them for 1-2 seconds and slow everyone around them, dealing a large amount of damage to all enemies, thus starting the team fight in your favour. Even if you don't land the ult on their carry, it will still slow them (if you've timed the shot correctly) making it easier for your bruiser to jump onto them, but remember that you have a lot of responsibility with this ult, so misfiring an ult can lose you the fight, so if you make a bad shot, don't blame your team mates for the rage you're gonna receive.

You can use this ult as a rescue tool, it can save you and your team mates in many cases, just take the shot at their bruiser (or whoever is chasing) if things appear to be going the wrong way for you and your team. But if the enemy is right behind you, there is no point in using your ult (unless your entire team is coming to the rescue), it will literally stun them for a fraction of a second, and they'll be back on your tail immediately, your going to die anyway so just save the ult for when you respawn.

Time to go Ezreal style, remember that this ult does a lot of damage, so if an enemy is fleeing across the map on near to 0 health, don't be afraid to use it, you can get a kill and a lot of praise as well, who knows, after a bit of practice you can start making YouTube compilations.

Her arrow is a great combo for when your jungler comes to gank, it will almost GUARANTEE the kill if timed right, her arrow can also be used in other instances like a fleeing enemy or something like that.

It isn't easy to land an Ashe ult, but lots of practice and dedication can make you a pro, you just need to calculate the speed in which it travels, making sure it intercepts the target.

Tip - Don't shoot an arrow at where the fleeing foe is, fire it in the direction in which they're travelling, unless they're standing still of course.


Ashe genuinely lacks a combo, the only thing that I can advise is that you toggle your Frost Shot, and use Volley whenever available, using your ultimate as a last resort, or a first resort to!

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I personally only find that 3 spells are viable for Ashe.


"Teleports your champion toward your cursor's location. 300 second cooldown."

Flash is, in my opinion, the best spell in the game, it is used for so much, most commonly used as an escape tool, but can also be used for other alternatives.

The escaping side of this can be very effective, you can use it to better position yourself, escape a sticky situation, re-open gaps if their bruiser has closed the gap, and the most effective way, flashing over the wall, please note that flash will not bring you over every single wall, I had to learn this the hard way.

Flash isn't only used for escaping, I primarily use it to start plays, by positioning myself close enough to successfully land a Volley or basic attack for Frost Shot.

When your jungler comes for the gank if you find that the opportunity for a kill is there but you're not close enough to get involved, use your flash, it is definitely worth the gold advantage.

We all know that Ashe has mobility, something like Arcane Shift or Valkyrie, so Ashe can be very vulnerable to CC, you can either accept defeat, or attempt to use flash in order to dodge any incoming CC, this can really change the fight into your favour if the enemy hasn't got CC anymore, it may seem like a waste but it will be worth it in the long run.

Some people might want to use ghost instead, but I find this to be a horrible alternative, it's good for only 2 things, running after the enemy, or running away from them, but just because you have ghost doesn't mean you can't be slowed down, Flash can and will do a lot more for you.


"Ignites target enemy unit, dealing 70-410 true damage (depending on champion level) over 5 seconds and reduces healing effects on the target for the duration. 210 second cooldown."

Mainly used as a kill securing spell, use it on fleeing enemy on extremely low health and the DOT (Damage Over Time) should happily finish them off.

I also find this spell to be good when having a 1v1 trade with someone, using it right at the beginning of the fight can really counter many champs in this game, like someone using Heal, or someone like Dr. Mundo or Vladimir.

Alternatively, you can use this spell in order to stunt healing abilities or the Heal spell itself, which can really ruin certain champions ability to actually put up a fight.

Some people tend to switch this ability with Heal, but I find that heal was for the days of not knowing how to position yourself well, this should be used when you're level 1-20, if you're level 30 and still using this, I hope you're just hoping to noob stomp in a normal game...


"Removes all disables and summoner spell debuffs affecting your champion and lowers the duration of incoming disables by 65% for 3 seconds. (Does not remove the healing reduction from ignite) 210 second cooldown."

This is an extremely handy spell for most AD Carrys that lack the ability to stay alive compared to other Carrys, such as Ashe.

Just use this spell when some SERIOUS CC comes into play, such as an Amumu ult, or a Malzahar ult. If playing ranked, just observe the enemy team in champion select, then decide for yourself if you want to take Cleanse or not, I recommend Cleanse for when you're up against an Amumu, Maokai, Taric, Leona or anyone with good CC for that matter, if you're fighting this but you're certain that you still want Ignite, then consider an early Quicksilver Sash which you will later build into a Mercurial Scimitar, if you still don't wanna go for those items, you're either extremely brave, or extremely stupid.

Swap this for Ignite if you do decide to select it.

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Ranked Play - Intro

Don't underestimate ranked, you'll find that the difference between ranked play and normal games are quite large, ranked certainly has a lot more going on which you will find surprising, in comparison to normal games, ranked play is a lot harder and a lot more complicated. In this chapter I'm going to be talking about ranked play in 3 different times, putting real game perspectives in there as well.

After this I will also be involving when to pick Ashe, what team fits best with her, and who she is strong/weak against.

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Ranked Play - Early Game

Helping the jungler

Very obvious, but at the start of every single game that has a jungler in it, the team will tend to help the jungler with both taking the buff and protecting the buff from an enemy invasion, which is very often in high elo play. Simple, just try and scout around for any nearby enemies and then hep kill the blue/red buff or any other jungle creeps that your jungler might start.

A nice little trick I like to do is for if the enemy has succesfully invaded your buff, simply just attempt to steal the enemies buff whilst they take yours, it will set you and the jungler back but its worth it.

If you're not helping the jungler (and if you're on the blue side) its a good idea for you and the support to start the golems, obviously making sure that you kill the creeps.


The laning phase really determines the rest of your game, depending on your performance, you can either be useful or useless.

The laning phase genuinely consists of farming and killing, it is important that you farm sufficiently and that you DO NOT FEED THE ENEMY CARRY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, you will lose the game, unless your top laner/jungler also get fed.

Laning - Farming

Last hit minions, simply just either press "S" to stand idle or move from side to side until an enemy minion is only low enough health for you to basic attack it to death, providing you gold, normally +24g. As Ashe, you can use your Volley for minions out of reach, clear the lane faster or set up more last hits.

Farming Target

10 minutes - 80 minions
15 minutes - 150 minions
20 minutes - 200 minions

After this point, you will be involved in teamfights, baron/dragon control and pushing important objectives such as inhib turrets, inhibitors and what not.

Laning - Synergies

Your support is there to support, obviously, different supports tend to have different styles of play, for instance, some are there to help you farm and keep you on lane, without throwing heavy aggression, these are known as passive supports (such as Soraka or Sona.

In contrast to this, there is also a set of aggressive supports which base the laning phase on zoning out and killing the other synergy, they normally have a lot of CC, mainly stuns but tend to generally lack on sustaining you, examples are Blitzcrank or Leona.

Your style of laning generally depends on your support and their playing style, if they are passive, play passively, if they are aggressive, play aggressively.

I will talk about supports in another chapter, back to ranked play now.

Laning - When To Go In, And When To Not

Different situations call for different actions, my little technique is to farm and harass until a kill opportunity is up, I tend to only go in when we have the advantage, for instance, they're low on health or our jungler is ganking.

When you decide to go in, always, I repeat, ALWAYS go for the squishier target, much easier to kill them which will turn the situation into a possible 3v1 in your favour. Some may argue that it is better to take out the carry first even if the support is squishier, but most carry's tend to have some sort of defense mechanism, which most supports lack, so taking out the support in that situation is a much better idea.

I'm not saying JUST kill the support, kill whoever is squishier.

Laning - Leaving The Lane

There are a few situations in which you are required to leave the lane.

Mainly, you'll recall in order to get items, I've already stated in my item section what amount of gold you'll need before you recall, but I didn't mention about making sure the lane is either pushed or frozen, if the lane is pushed then it's safe for you and the support to recall, if it is frozen, I recommend that one of you or the jungler should remain on the lane while the other shops. NEVER under any circumstances should any of you leave the lane if the enemy have begun to push the lane.

If your jungler is being counter jungled, its a great idea for both of you to step in and help him out, ruining a counter jungle can put your jungler in front whilst setting theirs behind, almost like a counter-counter jungle.

Like I said above, only leave in the correct moments.

In the rare instance when 1 of the enemy bot lane is down as well as there jungler, attempt to take the nearest enemy neutral camp/buff, this can really help out your team a lot if your jungler continues to to grow whilst the enemy jungler remains under leveled. Also picking yourself up some gold, XP and a buff isn't too bad either.

At times you will need to contest the dragon, simple, your job is to take the dragon while also scouting around for the enemy, you should definitely have Hawkshot at this point, so use it in the most likely place that the enemy may be.

This is all I can advise for early game, moving onto late game.

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Ranked Play - Early Game - Supports

Continuing on from "Laning - Synergies"

Here I will talk about the best supports for Ashe, and how to play with them.


Arguably the best support, unlike most supports, Sona is kind of a hybrid champ in the sense that she is both passive and aggressive due to the ability of bursting the enemy down quickly, whilst sustaining you nicely. She is almost the perfect support for Ashe, if she wasn't so squishy that is.

Sona Tends to switch between passive mode and aggressive mode a lot during the laning phase, her passive along with Ashes passive can be brutal if timed correctly, together they make a great pair, opening up good kill opportunities as well as sustaining you effectively.

Let Sona do most of the harass/poking at this stage, until the enemy are low enough to kill or your jungler pays you a visit.

When opening up a kill, make sure Sona speeds you up, and launch an ult at the enemy, at this point you are slowing them, and you and Sona are heavily damaging them, if the kill then becomes a doubt, Sona should use her ult to secure the kill.


Also a top support, like Sona, Taric does it all, sustains and kills, his stun has proven to be extremely deadly once landed correctly and he can sustain pretty nicely too!

Tarics mainly plays kiss chase with the enemy and keeps nice control of the bush, until the time is right to pounce on the target with his stun, at this point its time for you to come in, if he lands a stun its almost guaranteed for you to land your ult, which in most cases will either secure a kill or burn off a summoner spell.

Taric is also exceptional at clearing large minion waves if the enemy have managed to push.

His ult is great for decisive trades, the stat boost and the high damage output is extremely good for grabbing a few kills, this can also be used for taking out turrets.

Lastly, Tarics heal not only heals himself, but also heals you very nicely, so for someone like Ashe who's easy to harass, this can be very helpful.


Probably the best support in the game when it comes to getting kills, his pull + knock up does so much damage and also piles on so much CC on to the enemy, for any carry in the game, having Blitzcrank as a support can be really enjoyable.

Mainly, Blitzcrank will be hiding in the bush, zoning the enemy out and attempting to land some lucky pulls which could really set up some early game kills.

If Blitzcrank manages to land a pull, wait for him to knock up the enemy, then send an ult flying at them, this combo will kill the enemy 8/10 times.

Blitz has his cons as well, he is normally banned, he has no sustain, will take some minions at level 6 and can be found guilty of taking the kills, but if played correctly and fairly, and if you tolerate him well, you will have an extremely enjoyable lane.


Soraka isn't normally used as much anymore since the new meta of getting kills has come around, Soraka was probably the best support in the game, mainly because she had SOOOOOOOOO much sustain for you, you'll almost never have to leave the lane because of this, but she is too squishy early and really offers to kill potential, and once focused she will almost always die.

If you do manage to play safely and extremely passively, this lane can be very effective, you aren't likely to get many kills but your farm will be through the roof.


As far as I know, Janna has been very under-used lately, and I believe that she is a very good support, and a good pair with Ashe too, her knock up and slow can prove to be very annoying for the enemy, whether it's for denying farm, or it's for setting up kills, this paired up with the slow can be very effective in lane.

Janna gives you the ability to fight with good potential, and this is because of her shield, this shield is good for keeping you alive, saving your life, fighting for long durations, and best of all, tower-diving. Just make sure Janna shields you before a fight, the extra temporary health and AD will give you a great advantage when fighting.

Jannas ulti is also good for when the fight isn't in your favour, it will knock the enemy away thus saving your life, or you can remain in the fight with the health regen advantage.

There are more supports that Ashe "can" play with, but I personally believe that the above are the best for her.

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Ranked Play - Mid Game

This chapter won't be to long as there isn't much to explain, mostly the early game with a slight touch of late game, but only a sprinkle.

Laning - Farming

Continue farming as you normally would and try to build stacks on your Bloodthirster, the lane may become a lot more aggressive at this point and a lot of ganks will probably take place, including mini team fights.

Dragon control

This is where your supports Wards and effective Hawkshots come into play, at this point Dragon control is probably the most important feature. People are looking to really progress into their builds, so the team gold advantage is crucial at this point, don't be afraid to pick up a Wards for the area and a Vision Ward to put right next to the dreagon as there may be enemy wards there, its a good idea to do this as Hawkshot does have a long CD.

In the likely event of a teamfight at this point, it is time to really put your current ability to the test, I will be talking about teamfights in the late game section, as they are more often happening at that point.

Baron is also a rare possibility at this stage, just simply do what you would normally do at dragon, but it is very unlikely that baron will be contested at this point in the game, far to early.

Mid game complete, now for the more important part.

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Ranked Play - Late Game

Late game, now everything from early game is out of the window, it is time to play for the win, at this point there is no laning, no farming, HARDLY any dragon control and more pushing for objectives. At this point its literally only pushing inhibitors, team fights and baron control.

Baron Nashor

Baron is of extreme importance at this point, Baron control is absolutely crucial as it may cost you the entire game if the enemy are taking baron more than you are, the gold boost plus hybrid stat boost will give you the edge needed to win if you've consistently taken the baron, it won't be easy taking the baron, and you're looking at around 1-3 barons a game if things go well for your team.

It is important that vision throughout the baron area is CLEAR and HEAVY, Sight Wards all around baron area and the nearby jungle, and Vision Wards in the barons lair. You can contribute to this, but the job is mainly given to the support and the jungler.

The best time to contest baron is when most of their team is down, when I mean most, I mean their high priority targets are dead and buried, and literally their bruiser and support are the only ones alive. This is also another reason why staying alive is important as a carry (will expand in the "Team Work" chapter).

The likelihood of teamfights before, during or after baron contests are very high, and I'm going to teach you about the role of Ashe in the team fight now.

Team Fights

This is why everything you had done before hand was done, the actual role of an AD Carry including Ashe, the point of a Carry in a fight is so they can unload all of their damage onto the enemy, Ashe has no defensive abilities so she is a rather difficult champ to play in a team fight in terms of positioning, I can't exactly teach you how to position as it tend to come naturally as the fight progresses, all I can advise is that you play it mostly safe with the occasional act of bravery.

When your team say "OMG FOCUS DE CARRY NUBZ" this doesn't usually apply to you, it is extremely dumb for you to focus the Carry in a team fight as they tend to be right at the back, so if you have the bright idea of running through everyone and killing the Carry, you will die in the blink of an eye, the trick is to unload your damage onto the nearest target within a safe distance, but remember about prioritising squishier targets, for instance, if their Mid and their Tank are within range of you, focus the Mid first.

Ashes abilities are pretty good for team fights, initiate the fight by attempting to land Ashes arrow on a high priority target like the Mid or the Carry, toggle Ashes Frost shot on and start critting away.

Volley is also good as it can cover a large amount of the battle, but try not to focus to much on aiming Volley, positioning and basic attacking is more important at this stage.

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Ranked Play - Match Ups - Supports

In this section I'm going to tell you the different possible match ups, and how you may have to go about laning against them effectively, this is where you make the decision about even picking Ashe at all, no matter how good she is, there are some that can beat her, but this is the same case for every champ, moving on now.

I will begin with the supports...

The thing is with Ashe, due to her inability to escape sticky situations once her Flash is down, she can be counterpicked extremely easily, all you need is poke, harrass, heavy CC and gap closers, so any supports with these attributes will do some serious damage Vs. Ashe, here are some examples of supports that counter Ashe.

Not only a b*tch to play against when you're Ashe, but literally a difficult lane for anyone if you're against a good Blitz, the only person that stands half a chance against this guy is Ezreal, the only advice I can give against Blitz is that you keep the brush warded, stay behind the minions and attempt to predict when Blitz will pull, but there really isn't much you can do against this guy, sorry.

This lane is 100% dependent on your play style, Leona is all about close combat and melee contact, she has little range, so the best thing to do against Leona is keep your distance, making sure you don't get caught by her E, and remember that minions won't be able to protect you from the leap, it goes through them. It is crucial that you don't get caught by Leona, the only acceptance is a few little mistakes before she is level 6, but if you get caught while she has ult, even with Flash, chances are you are going to die.

Similar sort of play style to Leona, doing damage at close range, this is probably the worst lane for Ashe as his stun is not a skill shot but a single target ability, this lane requires you to have mobility, which Ashe doesn't have. The solution for laning against Taric, pick another Carry, I'm not lying, if you're against Taric + Ezreal on the bot lane and you've chosen Ashe, AFK, trust me.

Once you've been caught by Alistars W + Q combo. you're in some serious danger, just be thankful Ali does no damage what so ever, another similar lane, keep the bushes warded, keep your distance, and although this may sound weird, it's completely legit, against Ali is it wise to harrass him a little more than usual, this is so you can keep forcing his heal, which will bring his mana down significantly.

Any other support should be a fairly normal lane to play against, now I'm not saying the above lanes are impossible to lane against, because they aren't, but they are just harder to play against than all the other supports.

These pick opinions where completely my opinion, I received no advice from any sources.

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Ranked Play - Match Ups - Carries

Moving onto the harder Carries to play against.

The hardest lane for Ashe to play against just due to the fact that Ezreal has burst, poke and a gap closer as well as an escape tool in which he can bait Ashes ult, paired with a good support with a lot of CC and gap closers, Ez will completely demolish Ashe. The only advice I can give for this lane if to play it safe and farm, or just not pick Ashe all together.

This lane can be even harder to play against than Ezreal, but depends on which support Graves has with him, Graves is my favourite Carry after Ashe and I know how to play with and against him, it's as simple as this, if his support is either Leona, Taric or Blitzcrank, DO NOT under any circumstances pick Ashe, you will lose 100% guaranteed, unless you're playing against level 1 players, if Graves is with any other support, Ashe becomes a viable pick again, just avoid a close ranged buckshot and fight Graves from distance.

To Be Continued...

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