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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by SKycKo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SKycKo

I want to kill you

SKycKo Last updated on November 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello This is my first guide to the Mobafire champions.
Of course, it's about my favorite character, Fiddlesticks.
With this build you'll have a great damage, survive very well, will assist the team in kills and of course, make beautiful kills.
Fiddlesticks is a fun and easy character to play, but requires some care, after all, in a match you have to kill besides, helping the team as best as possible.

So let's get started!

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A little gameplay: Let's Watching

I advise watching videos about the gameplay not only Fiddle, but any champion before playing. So you can already see how the style of play. But remember, you make your way to play, but this guide to help you.

Let's look at this video and have a sense of our champion:

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Strengths and weaknesses of Fiddlesticks ( Pros / Cons )


- Has great AP
- Very good in 1vs1
- Help and great damage to teamfights
- It has excellent survival and HP
- No problems with MP during the game
- Great cooldowns and magic penetration
- Extremely fun to play


- Problems with several champions teamfights against stun / disables
- Not a good killer minions
- Ult can be easily dodge by champions with Blink Skills

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Options and explanations: Summoner Spells

Fiddlestick has their ability to affect the plans of his enemies.
As an example we can cite the Terrify and Dark Wind. Later we'll better your skills and better conditions for use.

Of course, it's always great to have extra help is on the team or the spells of the game. I'll list some that I find useful for Fiddlesticks and express my opinion about each one.


I think a great spell to ignite the Fiddle, indeed, for any magic champion in the game. Your help may prove to be indispensable when it comes to the aid in damage, in some cases. For a Fiddlesticks, can be used in conjunction of your Drain, causing the loss of the enemy's HP even faster. It can also be used together in the prev, after the method we explain later, can cause a quick and easy kill.


I think flash a very useful spell to use as much an enemy to pursue and achieve it immediately, and of course to defect of occasions that there is no possibility to continue on site or to avoid a gank. I recommend always be with this spell, it is very useful both for attack and for defense, also aiding the use of your Ult Crowstorm.


A spell that seems to act in conjunction with the skills of Fiddlesticks. Whether for Drain, Dark Wind or Crowstorm, this skill helps so unique. Keeping the enemy close to you, your Drain will be active for as long as his Ult will be the maximum dealing damage, it will be easier to apply the Dark Wind and logical, chasing enemies Low HP.


This spell is great to chase for a period of time than the flash that is an immediate use. To teamfights and ganks, fir can also be useful, however I believe it is better to have an immediate action in such cases. Use to test your skills with the use of Fiddlesticks. I recommend endeavor.

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Runes Options

Now let's talk about Runes.
Runes are also very important and is a benefit of great difference. Runes allow attributes acquired beyond the game, a bonus.
I selected the four that I think most recommended for Fiddlesticks. I'll talk a little about them and why they are more plausible for this champion:

Greater Mark of Insight

All damage against an enemy is indispensable. However, we take into consideration that if you get damage, your opponent gets defense. A very good resource for this situation, if magical champions, are the runes and items with some Magic Penetration. Thus, it will carry the amount, provided it is returned to its champion, always good to have something magic penetration.

Greater Glyph of Force

In the case of Ability Power, any amount is worth the most. His skills will deal more damage due to more ability power. Much damage with magic penetration (explained earlier) cause great damage to enemies.

greater seal of replenishment

Greater Seal of Replenishment

We're talking about a champion magician. It is obvious that MP is essential for everyone. It is very good, always have plenty of MP for any occasion that might occur, so you do not get caught without being able to react.

Greater Quintessence of Potency

Another rune-oriented Ability Power. As noted, the AP will impact on almost all his actions, of course the damage too. AP Accumulate as much as possible.

With these runes, I believe you already have a HUGE advantage in the game. Remember that you still have the bonus of your items, mastery skills. The game becomes easier. But of course, the great influence in all this will be your items.

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Items, options and explanation: The choice of items

Finally! We have reached a very important part in our guide and well worth understanding the reasons for the choice of items and how it can benefit us.
Let's start talking about the recommended items for this build and of course, possible items that can be added promotions for better performance on several occasions.

Let's get started. First I will explain why the choice of items for this build:

Sorcerer's Shoes

This boot is a great option for the Fiddle. Your enemy get a lot of defense during the game, or you will get damage. Magic The more penetration you have, the less damage reduction will have on your attack and thus will be an advantage for you in teamfights.

Rod of Ages

Rod of Ages is a great item to start acquiring Ability Power, without losing on your HP or MP. In addition to its attributes guaranteed, has additional / bonus very good. Every minute you receive a certain amount of HP, MP and Ability Power. This effect has a maximum effect. Moreover, it ensures the regeneration of HP and MP uploaded to each level, good to stay in lanes.

Rabadon's Deathcap

No words to explain. It's a great item to char that require AP and still guarantees the additional 30% of the maximum AP. This item rather his ally AP, giving you an advantage.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Fine item to your ally has the same AP and HP. From that point, their survival is much sharper and PA will once again ally, getting better the effects of their abilities.

Zhonya's Hourglass

I particularly love this item. Imagine earning more damage while becoming more resistant. is exactly what makes this item. After this item, you should already be with the game won, after all, is a huge advance in their status.

Void Staff

Remember we talked about the importance of the Magic Penetration. This item is to close your build, and of course, is very special. It will guarantee you 40% more magic penetration (remember that your boot magic guarantees you more penetration 20). Besides the magic penetration also add a large amount of AP. You are now very durable and extremely strong.

It is very important that you make the items in the correct order, equal to the guide, so that you will receive additional at the right time and right way. However, look at your situation and make the build starting in the order that suits you!

Optional Items

Tear of the Goddess

Is a great item to add and add an MP regeneration. Recommended to start in the game to get a good amount of MP with the bonus item.

Mejai's Soulstealer

This item adds based on your AP Kills and Assists. Recommended that the beginning of the game as well, to get a lot of bonuses. The effect stack 20 times.

Lich Bane

This item adds to your AP champion. But what really strikes me is its charge. When a skill is used on your champion, your next attack will cause 100% damage bonus damage based on your AP.

Will of the Ancients

Great item to improve your healing power. I think a lot more durability in 1vs1 and teamfights.

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Fiddlesticks Abilities

  • Dread: All enemies near the Fiddlesticks have reduced their magic resistance by 10. It's a great skill because it helps reduce the resistance to their attack.

  • Terrify (Q): His main ability to intervene or stop any opponent's action and of course, leaves it defenseless against you. Always use at the beginning so you have time to organize and plan their attack. It is great to use it when an enemy is near you and your Crowstorm is enabled.

  • Drain (W): His main attack skill. It is always used in their attacks because, besides causing a great damage to the enemy, also heals you. This allows you to continue giving the same damage to an enemy attacking you. After the effects wear off, give Dark Wind or Terrify and wait for the cooldown.If you have caught Ignite or anyone Spell, use it to get along with Drain for deal more damage.

  • Dark Wind (E): This is your Silence. Very good to ensure that no one stop you while killing someone, or to assist your team in ganks, in which this skill, you can slow the movements of their enemies attack, opening benefit for your team. Use it when you use your Ult ( Crowstorm) to ensure that no disables during his period.

  • Crowstorm (R): This is your skill level 6. His Ult. Cause great damage over a period of time. The important thing is to stay close to your enemies as it is on, or keep them close to you. Use your Terrify and his Dark Wind to assist you in this matter. Another positive point: if you have caught Exhaust, use it to make more enemies are coming at you taking damage. This is an indispensable skill for ganks your team, so use it wisely.

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Team Work and situations

To complete this guide, I want to address a very important subject. How should you react in times when his team needs your help?
It's very important to treat it, the Fiddlesticks is a very good character and can be situations in a final match.
I speak my opinion about how to react in some cases and address some issues.

How should I behave in the Lane, with a teammate?

It depends a lot. If a player with a melee champion, tries to give as much support as possible for ganks and kills can be made. A great option is to apply the Terrify and after use your Drain. This causes much damage and will be a problem down the enemy's cooldown poi can be repeated several times.
If your companion is a Magic Champion, custom to go ahead. Use your fear to prevent damage while approaching and your Drain to deal damage and heal the mems time. If you already have Dark Wind in both options use it before applying the Fear, to further ensure that your opponent be vulnerable to the damage and its companion lane.

My team is going to make a Gank. How can I be useful?

This is an easy question, and the game is really cool to do. His ability Wind Dark bounce between their inimigs. This is a great advantage for his team. His Ult also takes area and has a high damage. Let your team go ahead while you prepare your Dark Wind for your use. After that, use your Ult. Use your Terrify to keep an enemy close to their area of effect spells and use your ult, to ensure Ignite and Exhaust for more enemies on the effect of his Ult. Use your Drain to cause more damage and heal itself, thus ensuring their survival.

We were in the lane and we were surprised ... Now what?

Do not despair and do your part. His Dark Wind is a great option to keep their enemies helpless for a period of time. After this, apply Terrify the enemy that appears to cause more problems for his team. Repeat the process while your team is organized. After that, depends on the situation: Running or counterattack. In case of a counterattack, using the same formula explained to ganks.

Typically, these are the most frequently asked questions. These are simple actions that can greatly help your team to evolve and dominate the match.

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This guide is an explanation of the Fiddlesticks champion, their items, their method of play, their possible spells and runes. Remember that the guide will help you and show you the way but each one has its own style of play.

Discover your and enjoy!

Thanks for reading and leave your opinion. So we can know more about this champion and increasingly the guide will grow!

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Last Guide Edit: 03/21/12