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Warwick Build Guide by Platurt

Assassin If you want to try something new: Ap Assasin Lanewick

Assassin If you want to try something new: Ap Assasin Lanewick

Updated on April 11, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Platurt Build Guide By Platurt 15 3 327,197 Views 18 Comments
15 3 327,197 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Platurt Warwick Build Guide By Platurt Updated on April 11, 2015
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  • LoL Champion: Warwick


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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First of all I want to say, that this is not a troll build. It may be not a typical Warwick build, but it can be very effective and shoudn't be underestimated. I would also use it in ranked games, but PLS only if you are already experienced in it and your Team is fine with it. Oh and if you have an ap Warwick in your team and he sucks, it's because the player is just not as good as his opponent or because he isn't that experienced in ap Warwick, so pls don't blame me for it ^^"
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Why should I play ap Warwick?

When most people hear about ap Warwick, they be like

"But he only got 1 ap scale! Why should I play him ap when I could just take other champs with better scaling like Annie? Her Q got more range, lower cooldown and these 0.2 Ap scale that Warwicks Q got more should make her other 3 spells more then even!"

but ap Warwick is much more than just one single ap scale.. First of all, this 1.00 ap scale on his Q is not only a good damage ability, it also heals him for 0.8 ap. And that also all 6 seconds, or even less with cdr. And then there is his ulti. Not only does it help to get some time between 2 Qs, it is also a very good ap damage output. Even though it may not scale with ap, it procs on-hit effects 5(!) times and if you buy Nashor's Tooth and have the Spellsword-mastery, every on-hit effect get's one 0.15 (Nashor's Tooth) and one 0.05 (Spellsword) ap scale. May not sound much, but on the whole Ulti, that is a nice 1.0 ap scale. Combine this with your Q and you have a very nice combo.

(I wasn't even fed, thats why she didn't died after the R-Q combo)

And don't forget that your aa still deal 0.2 ap. This may not be much, but you can spam them fast with the as from Nashor's Tooth and your W. That is often the little bit of damage that is needed to finish an enemie. So after you got your Nashor's Tooth, there are many ways how you use your ulti, your Q, and even your flash.

For example, it can be very good to use your Q before you use your ulti, since then, a part the Q cd will already be gone after the ulti and sometimes that is even a flash worth. Or you can wait after the Q to use your ulti until your Q-cooldown is on like 2 seconds, so you can use your Q again right after your ulti.

And don't forget your great dueling power cause of your heal and the nice damage you deal to sructures... Ofc this is not the only way to play Warwick and I don't want to compare him to on-hit Warwick or tank Warwick, but ap Warwick is definitly a viable way to build him and if you need an Ap Assasin, there is nothing wrong about him.

And dont forget the advantage that you get, cause ppl don't expect that burst. That often makes you fed once you have Nashor's. Especially after laning phase, ranged champions and mages might think, they are safe while harrassing you at a distance, since you have to drop your ulti to harrass them back and they wont expect you to burst them from 100 to 0 with one combo, so those enemies give often 1-2 free kills after laning phase.
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+ Much heal
+ Lane bully
+ Snowballs hard
+ Can often burst 100 to 0 if ahead
+ Good dmg on tower compared to most other ap champions

- High mana costs
- Useless without mana
- Needs ulti
- If you are mid, your Jungler might refuse to give you blue
- In teamfight you can delete an enemie carry, but after that you have to care not to take too much dmg
- Can't push that well
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Summoner Spells

Just a have to. Good to pick up early blood with ignite, good to get in range of your ult if you are ahead but want another kill, good to position yourself in teamfights, good to escape from enemies, good to get out of tower range after you bursted them with your ulti, good for evrything! Awesome Spell, take it!

Good if you are top, cause you will most likely get no blue and you don't want to loose your lane bully ability by having to back cause of mana and letting them too much free time. It's also good if a lane is already pushed and no enemie deffing, since you can destroy tower pretty quick with your W and Nashor's Tooth.

I usually pick this if im Mid. Just poke him down pretty quick with your Q while also healing yourself and when he then comes again, flash, Q and ignite at the right moment and he is down.

Also a good option, but flash is often better to get in range of enemies you want to burst and to chase low enemies after, you have your E.

More of a fun pick, but you can bait the enemie easy by standing there with nearly no hp and when he comes to kill you, you just heal, Q and fight him. Once he realised he can't defeat you and tries to escape, you finish with your ulti. Works pretty well, but I prefer ignite, since you are only low as ap warwick if you rly want to^^

Also good on mid lane, since it will give you enough time for an extra Q before the enemie reaches his tower. Also helps you to escape in late. All in all a pretty good option, but i still prefer ignite.

Yes, I know you have mana problems sometimes with warick, especially if you have to trade with your Q all the time, but still... don't pick it. Ask your jungler for blue or buy catalyst and pots.
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Pretty much always my starting item. You need mana to bully your enemie with Q and heal yourself and besides that, it increases the heal, the damage and the poke you can take while farming minions with AAs.

This item is the whole idea behind ap Warwick. If you didn't read "Why should I play ap Warwick?" and you didn't understood yet why i take this item into his build: The answer is, that his ulti, even though it only scales 2.0 ad, procs on-hit effects 5 times. That's a lot of times... With the Spellsword-Mastery (5% ap on every aa) and the nashor (15% ap on every aa), your ulti got a 1.0 ap scale! So you thought Warwick only got 1 ap scaling ability? Think again. It is also nice for destroying tower and using your Q more often.

Much ap, much dmg, much heal.

Gives good hp to use your Q more often, much mana also to use your Q more often and some ap to deal more damage and get more health from your Q. Pretty good item on ap Warwick. Buying a Catalyst early can also make you even more an lane bully and it is nearly needed if your jungler refuses to give you blue.

Even if you weren't ap Warwick you would need magic penetration since your Q and ulti are magic damage. But you are and you rely more on the damage of your Q and ulti than every other warwick, so pick this up. Other boots are very situational and I nearly always take these.

If you are ahead, these boots will help you reaching your target and your E will help you chasing him if your burst didn't killed him. Fits Warwicks kit pretty well, but i prefer Sorcerer's most times.

Very good item on him, since it doesn't only gives a huge amount of ap, but it also gives him some time to use his Q again.

Health and MR are good to survive the apc burst while ulting their adc and the cdr it gives makes you use your Q more often and the passive increases your Q heal from 80% to 96% and the lifesteal on your ulti from 30 to 36. Fits Warwicks kit pretty well.

Like i said, magic resist is very good if you are focusing the adc, and since the enemies always have to be near to Warwick, they get nearly always effected by the passive. +The ap is nice. So if you wan't a megic penetration item, i would prefer this over Void Staff. But as always that's situational. If they are 5 ad all stacking magic resist, you go for Void Staff ofc.

Awesome item on every Warwick. Take this over Abyssal if they have no dangerous magic damage or stack magic resist. You can also pick both, but you will be very squishy then.

Even tho it doesn't give you more Ap for all the Ap-outputs you've created, it is still nice for dueling cause of the on-hit dmg, the attack speed and especially the mr-shred. It is especially helpful if you don't want to go all in in teamfights but rather splitpush, since you can burst tower easy with the as and if the mage comes you have much mr. If the adc comes you can kill him anyway and if a tank comes you can escape easy with the heal from Q while running away.

A rly good Item for your ulti + it makes hurt your aa a lot, if combined with Nashor's Tooth, but you kind of throw the potential to use the ap output witch you got with Nashor's Tooth. So I would recommend this item more on a traditional Warwick than on an ap one.

The famous items, that turns ad champs into non meta ap champs. Even though I'm rly a fan of it, I woudn't recommend it on Warwick. You are just too squishy to pull the spellblade melee AAs in teamfights. Only reason this item is still not bad on him is his ult, since it will proc the spellblade dmg, but without having to take the time for an additional aa. After your core dmg items (Nashor, Rabadon, Deathfire), this item actually increases your burst more then a 120 ap item would do, if you only proc the passive this one single time with your ult, but I still woudn't go for it. Why? Because after your core dmg items, you should get penetration if you want to max your dmg or anything that makes you survive the teamfights, like Zhonias or some tanky stuff.

Seems to fit pretty well to warwicks kit. Some ad for ulti, some ap for q, a slow and your ulti on-hits reduce the cooldown by 15 sec. But overall, it is just not enough dmg. You have great possibilites to turn your ap into dmg, don't waste it! And the spellvamp seems to be nice, but if you think about it: Q is the only spell that applies spellvamp on Warwick. And that one already heals for 80% of the dmg dealt, so you kind of have some spellvamp on Spirit Visage, since it increases the heal from 80% to 96%. That is the same effect that 16% spellvamp would have. So if you want some more heal from that Q, take Spirit Visage after your core build. Some tankyness and cdr is nice anyways ;)

Awesome in lane if you face Ap. It is cheap, gives Ap for more dmg with Q, witch also means more heal, gives magic resist so you don't recieve that much dmg, gives cdr so you can spam Q more often and mana regen for the same reason. If you face ap and want to feel safe in lane, pick this up. You can still sell it late for more dmg or defensive stats.
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Lane Phase

Top Lane:
Make them poke you first and then use your Q to heal yourself while damaging the enemie. Played right you can trade with them and outzone them after. You'll have some mana issues, so don't use your Q too often on minions but wait for your enemie to come, so you can heal yourself while poking him, if possible. Rush a Catalyst for maximum lane bully since then, you can outtrade most of them and poke/kill them with your combo if the come to farm. Don't push, otherwise you will loose your dominance since they don't have to come near you to farm anymore.

Mid Lane:
Q all the time! Take their poke like a man and Q again once it is up. You should be able to pick up first blood with your flash, Q and ignite combo when they are at half hp. Ask your Jungler for blue, if he gives you, honor him for being friendly to a non-meta pick and honor the enemie as excuse, since you will give them the worst time of their life!
(Only go mid if you're vs an enemie champ again witch you can use your Q easy. If you try this on Teambuilder or Blind Pick and get an enemie who is hard to handle as WW mid, ask your Top to switch or play very safe)

General laning: If you want to get the Q on them, but they walk away from their minions to their tower, just follow shortly before you are in tower range, turn around and not even 1 second after turn to the enemie again. No pro taktik and pretty common, but it's crazy how often it works! Oh and always keep the high mana costs in mind. You will need like 300 mana for a whole Q-R-Q combo. Always check this before you engage, nothing is more annoying than wasting your summoner spells cause you think this would be an easy first blood and then die cause you have no mana to use your ulti or to finish the enemie with a last Q.

It's nice there since you have free blue there and your smites are rly nice. I just don't do it cause you throw the potential of a lane bully, but if you want to play a safer game, this is a good option. I always go for the chilling smite since it helps you reach your target and when the slow is off he might already be low enough to activate your E. This way you don't always need your Ult for ganks.
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Late Game

Even though he sometimes feels unkillable in lane, you have to be careful in teamfights. Your positioning and your engage have to be good, otherwise you will die fast without damaging the enemie as good as you could. It's the best to avoid true 5vs5 fights and since you have huge potential in 1vs1 or 1vs2, it's the best to catch the ad or apc and eliminate them without getting into too many people. If you can't avoid fighting them as 5 since they stick too good together, you have 2 options:

1. Just fight them. Even though your a melee assasin without disengage, your burst is still crazy! Let the enemie engage and wait until they used their most dangerous cc and their adc is free. Burst him as good as you can, if possible/needed with 1 Q before your ulti and 1 after. After he is dead, the enemie team might go onto you. If that is the case, let them chase you and Q whenever you can, your team should be able to defeat while they chase you. If they keep fighting the rest of your team, the ap carry is your next snack. Bon appetit.

2. Splitpush. If you go and push solo while your team keeps pressure on other lanes, they have to split and since you can kill most enemies solo, they have to send 2. This will give your team a nice advantage. (I woudn't recommend this, especially in lower elo, witch means B5-G1. No matter how often you tell them not to fight while you splitpush, they will most likely go 4vs5 without you and then blame you for not going with the team)

Of course, what you do depends on the enemie team and the situation.

If you are behind... well, that doesn't happen often, but sometimes, your lane enemie is just a bit better (or you dc for 10 min ._."). If this is the case, try to avoid too hard engages until you can burst one of their carries. Just tell your team to play defensive until your burst is high enough. Shoudn't be that hard to play defensive, since diving a Warwick is a very bad idea. Once you are strong enough to kill one of their carries, do that. That's your job in teamfights. You will be most likely dead after you killed 1 of them, but I guess that is the best you can do if you are an assasin that is behind...
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Finishing words

Yes, that was my ap Warwick guide. Tell me if I forgot anything and pls leave some feedback, no matter if it's positive or negative.
Oh and pls don't hate on people for playing strange stuff. On the other side, don't go strange stuff is your team isn't happy with it. In the end, you are still a team, and if you start a game with hate, not only your chances of winning will be decreased, you will also have no fun to play it ;)

This guide isn't finished yet. I'll add some things in near future like pictures of results (if you sends some, I can add them) or videoclips.

E: #5 Warwick guide on Mobafire, nice!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Platurt
Platurt Warwick Guide
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If you want to try something new: Ap Assasin Lanewick

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