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Darius Build Guide by Rayzr

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rayzr

I'm Darius B***CH

Rayzr Last updated on May 30, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys, this guide is still in progress, and I'm adding stuff every day. I'm still getting the hang of adding everything to make it look awesome, but until then consider it a summarized version of what Darius is capable of. Pictures and add-ons to arrive when I figure out how to! :D Enjoy!

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What You Need To Know


Actually getting this build right requires efficient farming, well placed harassment, and a little skill. If you feed, the items will come slowly, and you'll become much more of a utility than an actual part of the massacre. But if you can get the items flowing, you'll become an unstoppable killing tank.

Knowing your limits is important; chasing a fast AP will probably just end up with you being worn down, but if you have them in range, your slows should all but clear the way to a free kill. When you realize the burst damage that Darius can unleash in one second, you'll find it easy to melt the enemy carry even if you are trying to escape on only 300 life.

Also this build is better used against a balanced team, say 3 AD and 2 AP, but it is not ruled out for a strong AP team!! Building a bit more AP defense early, and maybe trading the Randuin's Omen for the force of nature can change the entire game. But honestly, even if you are laning against a strong AP, the build gives amazing sustain, and the AP won't actually have enough time to get you to half life before you've munched them!

Give it a try, it's seen me through 10 games with +20 kills each game and <8 deaths. It's well tested and worth using! But DON'T FORGET CIRCUMSTANTIAL ITEMS! Elaborated below.

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Pros / Cons


  • Mad Sustain
  • Awesome Fun
  • He mashes enemys up with his R
  • Can chain kill endlessly


  • Lacks CC to get away
  • Fights are lost with misplaced spells
  • Can steal any and every kill

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These Masteries give you an edge with farming and harassing; pulling an enemy in and then hitting them once or twice without some damage is fairly pointless, and you'll struggle against an enemy with high regen, unless you hit hard when you engage.

Some extra armor and health on Darius helps drastically early game because he does not rely on buffs or mana. His powers are strong enough to ware the enemy down without the need for stacking damage, or going full tank masteries, that's what the items are for.

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The phage completely takes away the need for boots early game. With some extra life and damage, all you have to do is wait until the enemy strays into your range, and then hook them in. The phage adds some more slow, and lets you stack a few more hits on them. Before they realize it, they will have taken severe damage from what looked like a simple harass. And the best part is you can just keep doing it!

Once you work your way to your Mercury Treads and your Warden's Mail, you should have enough sustain to even tank the carry's harass. In a team fight you appear more as a tank, and not immediately targeted. They'll only realize too late that you're the one dishing out the damage and try take you down, but with your sustain and your R, they'll have no chance.

By the time they realize you should be the focus, you should have worked your way to your Frozen Mallet and Atma's giving you even more life, a fierce slow, and a target for the enemy while your team takes them down.

By the time get your Maw Of Malmortius, and finish your Randuin's Omen the game should be fairly decided, and just adds to the headache you're already giving the enemy team. More sustain, more damage, more AP resist, the enemy should long since be running from you now.

Finishing off with a Guardian Angel is just a balanced end. Honestly you can swap this out for just about anything you need, be it a Thornmail, a Force of Nature or a Warmogs, it depend entirely on what your team needs. If you have an extremely fed AD, Thornmail's the way, or if you have a fed AP, Force of Nature. The Warmogs basically just spits in the enemy's face, giving you a massive boost of life, damage (Atma's), and regen.

They should have given up by this stage.

Don't forget that if you are being dominated in a lane, focus on items to counter them, Darius has NO PROBLEM getting only defence items, even as a full tank he is extremely dangerous. BUT you'll mostly be utility if you choose this route. Focusing on life will only get you so far, finding a balance between life and resists will give you the time you need to finish everyone off.

Being as versatile as he is, he can go full tank or full AD, neither or which is recommended though, he unleashes much more devastation when he is offtank.

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Skill Sequence

Depending on the circumstances, start by hooking them in with E, hitting Q then hitting them with W. From there you chase your slowed enemy, spamming your Q and W until it is time to finish with R.

In other circumstances, hit the enemy on the outer range with your Q, activate W, E them in, hit, Q again and give chase. This is far more effective, but the enemy usually backs off out of your range of E after being hit by Q essentially nullifying your combo.

Don't be afraid to back off if you're losing a battle, running, while hitting Q can be devastating to your attacker, and can quite easily ware them down to be finished with your R

Taking Q first gives you your initial harass, and maxing it first give you the ability to push back anyone foolish enough to come into your outer range. It is fantastic for farming creeps, and has a low cool-down allowing you to spam often.

While E is mainly a utility spell, the passive armor pen is huge, and is worth maxing as the enemy begins building armor. Two points early already stacks your armor pen to 20% (with the Quints) and is perfect for taking even the tanks down.

W is important because of its slow and low cooldown, maxing it after Q basically gives you a double attack every 2 seconds with a bleed and a slow. In conjunction with the armor pen from E, the kills will flow.

R is a tricky spell, and if used correctly gives you the amazing ability to literally chop through their team. MOST teamfights are close and usually leave one or two players alive on maybe one third of their life. Your job is to make sure NO-ONE gets away. IT IS NOT YOUR JOB TO USE YOUR R AS SOON AS YOU SEE SOMEONE ON LOW LIFE. If you don't kill them, and put your ulti on cool-down, your effectiveness diminishes greatly. Stopping the enemy from narrowly escaping battles gives your team the additional EXP, as well as your deserved kills. This way you don't over farm making your team weaker, and are usually GUARANTEED two kills out of a team fight if you aim correctly. (Also your team will love you, not hate you for stealing kills)