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Lee Sin Build Guide by bloodfirsty

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bloodfirsty

i'm getting blood firsty (lee sin guide)

bloodfirsty Last updated on September 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone, this is my first guide ever and i wanted to make it something special, so after a while of experimenting i realised why not get blood thirster on every ad champion? This guide is the result of me trying to force blood thirster onto lee sin :D

Please go easy on me, this is my first guide and i don't know how to make anything look fancy (too lazy to look it up), i'm even using a template XD.

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Pros / Cons


+ High utility
+ Strong early game
+ Can make some amazing plays
+ Easy to use
Lee sin is a really mobile high utility champion with low cooldowns and has a strong early game. If played correctly he can make some really amazing plays and be a strong foundation for the team. Lee sin is played as a ad bruiser and has a insane amount of utility allowing him to support his team while still doing tons of damage.

Cons color]

+ Hard to master
+ Weak late game
+ Needs to gank a lot
Lee sin is one of those junglers that needs to gank a lot and snowball his team mates, if he spends his time farming in the jungle and his team falls behind he doesn't have much to bring to the table late game since his late game is pretty bad. He's a complex champion with a complex kit, to get the full benefit out of him you have to make full use of his passive, which isn't always easy to do, one small error and he will be punished really hard.

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Summoner spells

Always take smite and flash, never take anything else.
What? you can clear jungle without smite? ok, but what if you're capturing baron and the other team has smite and you don't? it'll get stolen with the simple press of a button.
What? you don't need flash because you're too good or you can use w to improvise? kill yourself plz, flash is the top summoner spell you can get, it can be used for chasing, escaping, getting over walls and is almost instantaneous (haven't you heard that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light?), this is a must have summoner spell.

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Flurry is lee sins passive, on use of an ability it makes his next two auto attacks gain 40% attack speed and return 15 energy each, but be warned each auto attack has to be done within 3 seconds of the initial spell cast and resets after each auto attack, this passive does not stack.

This greatly increases lee sin's damage output and should be used properly to reach maximum damage potential

Sonic wave/resonating strike:

Lee sin shoots a small wave of sound in a line that deals physical damage and reveals the first enemy it hits even if they are stealthed (true sight).

On reactivation of this ability lee sin dashes to the enemy marked with sonic wave within a large radius and deals physical damage + 8% of the targets missing health in physical damage. This deals a maximum of 400 damage to minions and monsters.

This is lee sins main source of damage besides his auto attacks, missing this can be a fatal mistake or will allow the enemy to survive. It is very good for gap closers and dealing the final blow.

safeguard/iron will:

Lee sin quickly dashes to an ally, if the ally is a champion lee sin shields the champion and himself for 5 seconds.

On reactivation lee sin grants himself life steal and spell vamp for 5 seconds.

This is lee sins ultra sustain and can let him survive in the jungle for a long time. It is a great escape and gap closer and the small shield can be a big help to someone who is about to die.


Lee sin punches the ground dealing magic damage and revealing all enemies nearby even if they are stealthed (true sight).

On reactivation lee sin slows and reduces the attack speed of all enemies affected by tempest.

cripple is one of the best abilities in the game due to it's large attack speed and movement speed slow, once again, another great gap closer but also great against champions that rely on auto attacks e.g. vayne, fiora

Dragon's rage:

Lee sin kicks an enemy champion dealing physical damage and knocking them back 1200 units, enemies that collide with the target are dealt the same damage and are knocked up for 1 second.

Dragon's rage is just a fun ability to use that can be used for amazing plays, like kicking an enemy into your team so they can ******** them :D.

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swag, something we itemz get

here is your build:
blood thirster
blood thirster
blood thirster
blood thirster
blood thirster
blood thirster


So with lee sin I wanted to try something new and with the recent changes to bloodthrister and blade of the ruined king, it was something that called to me. So like the ****** I am, i did it. Guess what, it was "ok" not great but, it's probs because i suck balls.

So at the start of the game you wanna get and x4, DON'T FORGET THE TRINKET!

After your first back build your hunters machete into a and buy health pots, if you have enough just build up into .

After you finish your elder lizard and buying boots (merc treds or ninja tabi depending on if the enemy team is building ap and if you need that extra tenacity you might wanna get mercury treds) you should go for a clean rush towards .

Straight after finishing blade start building a BLOOD THIRSTER!! !!RETSRIHT DOOLB

Now you need a and you should begin to build a and after phage get cos that extra attack speed means faster lifestealing. Now obviously just finish into a

NOW YOU ARE AN ***IT, CONGRATS ***IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW GO AND FEED BOT ***IT, GTFO MY FACE.