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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by LordWaffle

I'm Gonna Take All Your Stuff - Twitch in Dominion

I'm Gonna Take All Your Stuff - Twitch in Dominion

Updated on November 16, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LordWaffle Build Guide By LordWaffle 8 2 16,829 Views 20 Comments
8 2 16,829 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LordWaffle Twitch Build Guide By LordWaffle Updated on November 16, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



With the changes in the Fizz Patch, I will need to play a few games to get this guide updated. Bear with me while I adjust to the changes. Expect to see something soon.

Let me start off by saying that I play Twitch as a Capturer. If you are unfamiliar with this role, there's a very good guide up on champion roles in Dominion available to read. Due to his stealth, Twitch is very good in this role. If you're looking for maximizing Twitch's damage, this isn't the guide for that. It's a different way of playing Twitch to that which I was used to, but after some practice, this too could be you:

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  • Can stealth at will, and for long periods of time.
  • His Q is great for getting in and sneaking out without being forced into combat.
  • Even with using a few item slots for survivability, Twitch has high damage potential from his Q haste and E burst.
  • He's a rat and is therefore very sneaky.

  • No abilities to increase speed without Summoner Spells or Items.
  • No innate ability to clear CC.
  • Vulnerable when defenders wise up and start using Oracle.

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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Since a large part of playing a capturer is the ability to stay alive, I prefer to go for defensive runes and quints.

greater quintessence of vitality To start, I take three of these. The flat health bonus means you will be much more survivable right out of the gate and you will find escaping or dueling other champions who try to stop your node capping to be much less daunting with the extra bit of health.

As you may notice from my standard item build, Twitch is a little low on Magic Resist to stay survivable against entire teams, so I like to make up for this by having both my Marks and Glyphs set to help with that. Taking some armor runes would be just fine too. I tend to prefer boosting MR with Runes, though.

Having extra dodge synergizes well with the Mastery Choices and it helps to escape any of those pesky AD's who are silly enough to chase you and give you a minor speed boost allowing you extra distance to slip into stealth via Ambush and escape.

As I stated earlier, I prefer to boost Twitch's magic resist through runes rather than items. I will go into more detail as to why I do this in the Item Build and Gameplay sections. So why these instead of Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist? To be honest, it's simply preference. Most Dominion games don't go on long enough to really take advantage of the extra MR at the top levels, and it's nice having the higher MR from flat runes at lower levels when you're still throwing their team off balance with your sneaky ninja-rat moves.
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Summoner Spells

Your main goal as a Capturer is to capture undefended positions and to move around the field quickly. You also need to be able to escape from defenders who turn back and try to stop you from neutralizing or capturing their control points. So I take both

My reasoning for taking both these Summoner Spells should be fairly obvious, but I can also see where it may seem almost redundant having them both being that they serve the same basic function: mobility.

I can't stress enough how important it is to be able to get in and out of capture points quickly, and sometimes that's going to involve ghosting to a turret, capturing or neutralizing, and then flashing away when defense arrives. It will provide you with many "LOL" moments while you watch your enemy's team fumble around trying to compensate for a rat that seems to be almost everywhere.


Combining cleanse with Flash or Ghost is an effective way of escaping a situation when an enemy has landed a slow or a stun on you. I use it in Classic in conjunction with Flash to gank and escape in mid-game. In Dominion, I prefer to have the extra mobility of Ghost, because ideally you won't be engaging in combat unless you decide to. If I were to take something other than Ghost or Flash, this would be the spell.

It's always good for a person on your team to have this, but it's generally best left to someone who is going to be defending or pushing defended capture points. Since you won't be spending a lot of time being shot by turrets, you won't need the damage reduction, and since you don't generally defend, you won't need the defensive boosts.

Promote is a great spell for pushing capture points and capturing them quickly. While it can be useful for at times, your main role is taking points that are undefended and are devoid of minion activity, thus making the benefit of this particular spell minimal in benefit.

I would never suggest Heal as a possible spell for Twitch in a Classic game or when he is dealing damage, but the concept behind early game capturing is not altogether different from early game laning in Classic: stay out as long as possible. It will maximize your effectiveness and XP/Gold gain. Heal can help with this. There are heal pick ups and you'll be gaining regen items, so while I wouldn't recommend this spell, I don't think you'd be totally out of line taking it.
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Even though you won't be focusing on killing other champions as a capturer, it is still obviously important to be able to dish outsome damage, especially if you want to get Warmog's Armor stacks early. So, I stick to maxing out Expunge before getting Ambush to Rank 5, stopping only to get Spray and Pray at level 6 and Venom Cask at level 8.
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Item Build

Item Sequence

Giant's Belt 900
Warmog's Armor 3100
Priscilla's Blessing 1600
Spirit Visage 2900
Zeal 1100
Phantom Dancer 2800
Infinity Edge 3300

This item build order assumes you are against a fairly balanced team with both AP and AD characters. It builds for survivability, mobility, and capturing speed first; but, finishes up with some damage boost items to close out the game as both a threat in team fights as well as a potential ganker while maintaining your role as a capturer. Note: If you find yourself being attacked a lot early, or the enemy starts responding well by leaving defenders, you wouldn't be out of line grabbing a damage item after Priscilla's Blessing.

Core Items

Mobility Boots are my starting item every time. I don't generally buy any health potions, because of health pick ups, and because I try to avoid too much fighting right away, but you can buy a couple if it helps you stay out longer. I find these to be the key starting item simply because it gives you the ability to get from one node to the next straightaway.

Warmog's Armor is key to all Capturers in my opinion. It gives such a massive boost to your survivability, you'll become incredibly annoying incredibly quickly when the enemy team has to divert two or even three champions to stop your activities, freeing up their other capture points for your team to rush in on. Generally on my first trip back to base, I buy a Giant's Belt and Ruby Crystal or Regrowth Pendant if I have the gold. I finish up Warmog's as soon as I can afterwards. The earlier this item is in your inventory, the better off you are.

Priscilla's Blessing is the last of what I would say are Twitch's core, must-have items. Every single Capturer needs one of these at some point. The 15% capture speed bonus gets you in and out so quickly that many times I get two points neutralized and/or captured before anyone from the enemy team responds.

Moving On

This is usually my next item. At this point, you've built up some regen, and you have some innate dodge and MR from runes, but haven't expanded much more on your MR. Sprit Visage will give you a bit of a boost, as well as supplying you with better regen and health. Overall, if your opponents have any AP champions, this is an ideal addition to your build. An additional benefit to this item is that it is fairly cheap and will allow you to move on to end-game items. I would like to point out that while I stack MR, this isn't particularly effective against AD teams, so once you get to this point if the enemy team is AD heavy, has a Trynd running around wrecking, or just has weak AP I'd check the alternatives below.

Alternatives to Spirit Visage (Survival)

If your opponents aren't AP, or you feel like you'd rather bulk up on armor, this is always a good item. You'll get some health, some regen, and the chance to slow chasing ADs can be invaluable. In the event that your AP counterparts are weak or nonexistent, this is definitely a strong chocie.

If you're comfortable with the health you get from Warmog's (and there's plenty from it) and you keep getting jumped on by AD champs (I'm looking at you, Trynd) this is a great piece of survivability gear, plus the added bonus of the damage reflection.

If you find yourself getting a lot of CC flung your way and are having difficulty staying alive because of it, this can help you escape intense situations in the same way that taking Cleanse will. A strong counterpart to Flash or Ghost. Note: Taking Cleanse as well as Quicksilver Sash with Flash can make for some real fun "LOL can't catch me" moments.

The unique passive on this can help you when a long range skill shot you can't see coming gets flung across the map to interrupt your capture, such as an ultimate from Lux or Ashe.

Alternatives to Spirit Visage (Damage)

If you find yourself being forced into combat more often than you want, or you find yourself in need of more offensive capabilities early on because it's just too easy staying alive (and it will happen from time to time) here are some alternatives to building survivability beyond your core build.

This is basically the Dominion version of Madred's Bloodrazor and will come in handy if your enemy is particularly beefy (and even if they aren't). Twitch benefits greatly from attack speed because of Ambush so, this is a nice little addition to your killing ability if it becomes necessary that you engage during times you usually wouldn't as a Capturer.

I have always had a special place in my nerdy little heart for this item. If you feel like getting some AS in addition to boosting your MR, this is a good way of doing it. This provides you with an avenue to boost your damage as well as survivability against AP using champs. One of my favorite DPS alternatives.

Always a good choice for AD classes. Personally, I prefer one of the other items listed in this section, but Black Cleaver is such a strong item, it's hard to fault anyone for wanting it to boost their damage output.

This item can really go in both the Survivability and Damage alternatives. I chose to put it in the Damage section, because beyond the large boost to your HP, the passive also helps you to keep enemies from getting away, even without using Venom Cask, which gives it (in my eyes) a primarily offensive purpose.

Time to Get Nasty

At this point, you've built yourself up to be a beefy, fleet-footed, survivable hunk of pestilence. If your enemies aren't already sent home crying about that annoying rat that won't stop stealing all their stuff, then it's time to start getting some offensive capabilities. I prefer the following two items:

Phantom Dancer is nice because it not only gives you a huge chunk of attack speed, but it also boosts your movement (yay mobility) as well as increasing your crit chance, which is going to help you tons once your IE is built (assuming the game goes that far)

Infinity Edge is Twitch's bread and butter in Classic when it comes to dealing out scary damage. It's no different here. If the game somehow drags on long enough to allow you to finish your build with this item, it's going to end quite abruptly afterwards. At this point, when you go to capture an undefended point, or help in a team fight you will be survivable as well as dangerous. Have fun storming the castle(s).

DPS Alternatives

This is essentially Dominion's Bloodthirster. If you crave some life steal and feel that you have enough AS, it's a good weapon for staying power, especially after popping out of stealth with your AS bonus from Ambush.

And depending on the situation, any of the aforementioned items in this guide could be used. Examples:

Remember to always build to your enemy. If you see them doing something specific, do your best to counter it.

Final Thought on Mobility

You may notice some Capturers taking Boots of Swiftness over Mobility Boots for their flat movement speed 3. One champion who does this quite often is Teemo. The reason I take Mobility Boots is because Twitch has no natural way of increasing his run speed. In order to get from one place to another quickly, he relies on items. If you find yourself with a preference for Boots of Swiftness, you could take them. I would not recommend it, though.
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Early Game

Right out of the gate, your first decision being made is whether to go top and assist with your team, or to make way across the map and take a control point right away. Head past the main pathway and follow your team on the inside of the tree line, make use of Ambush. When it becomes apparent whether the enemy team has sent 4 champions top or not, you can react.

If 4 champions have head to top, assist in the battle. If not, head either to the enemy team's bottom node (which is almost always abandoned immediately) or to their middle node and begin capping. I recommend using Ghost to get there. Combined with your Mobility Boots you'll make it there in no time. If all goes well, you will flip a control point and potentially pick up a champion kill if conditions are right.

Generally, your first move once a node has been flipped is to hit Ambush and retreat into the middle of the map, using speed boosts, health pick ups, and brush to stay alive. Your primary purpose is to keep pressure on unguarded enemy turrets. You may want to pick up additional gold by occasionally picking off a few minions in between captures, or finishing off champions who have fled from another fight.

Once your survivability has been boosted with core items and your capturing is throwing the enemy off-balance, it's time for you to start watching your back. There will come a time when the opposing team will be on the lookout for your capturing, oftentimes one of their defenders will start using Oracle frequently. If this happens, your adjustment will be to float quickly between helping in team fights and capturing the moment your enemy pushes. If you control 3 control points, 4 enemies are pushing one of yours, there's no way they can be defending both of theirs. This is where you need to be ready to spring.

As tempting as it may be, do not push with your team or spend more than a few seconds defending a node when no one else can. Without your captures, it is too easy for the enemy to gain the upper hand by gaining control. Sometimes all it takes is flipping a red tower to neutral to break a push. If they turn around and head to you, you did more than you would have engaging in the team fight. This disruption will allow your team to push, or successfully defend their node. It may even cause one of their more squishy champions to be lured out for you to snag some money off of.

End Game

By this point in the game, you should have the enemy thoroughly off balance and behind in points. In order to keep your momentum going, you are going to need to maintain your roaming and capturing. If the other team keeps their head, they'll be much more adept at stopping your captures, so you'll need to lurk in the middle more. Assist in defenses, pick off minions, low-health solo champions, whatever you can do to keep them guessing. Your ultimate goal is still to get to their undefended nodes and flip them. Seeing a trend here? Your role does not change. You may need to employ more creative strategies to get it done, but you should always be on the lookout for ways to get in and cause some disorganization.

One common theme you may have noticed, and should always keep in mind: if they are pushing they are not defending. Resist your urges to fight them and go get yourself a control point!
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Playing Twitch as a capturer has been some of the most fun I've had in LoL in a long time. Always keep in mind to build to your opponents, remember your role is not to farm kills, but to sew disorganization in the enemy team. You will pick up plenty of kills as the game progresses without hunting them down. Remember to make use of Venom Cask if you catch the enemy Capturer, and never forget the amazing effective range of expunge.

This is my first guide, and I'm still refining some parts of it (primarily the game play section) so feel free to leave any feed back in the comments. If you have any feedback, please give evidence to support your statement. I want to keep this guide as comprehensive as possible, so saying something like "bad. Needs x" won't help without solid reasoning behind it. I'd encourage you to give it a shot before you thumbs up or thumbs down.
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Additional Resources

If you don't quite understand what a "Capturer" is and you're looking for an explanation of the different roles in dominion, a great guide by Zemiazas can be found here.

If you are looking for a good Twitch guide for Classic (I use a variation of this when I play Classic), Xiaoli's awesome guide can be found here

Thanks for reading. Leave comments below :) Please Thumbs Up if you like the build.
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LordWaffle Twitch Guide
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I'm Gonna Take All Your Stuff - Twitch in Dominion

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