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Trundle Build Guide by iskillzi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iskillzi

I'm just trolling you

iskillzi Last updated on April 5, 2012
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jungle/tanky solo top



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Hello everyone, I'm making this guide to hopefully help people play trundle, trundle can be very powerful if used correctly and he's a great jungler.

This guide will teach you the jungle routes, the basics of how to play him, about the builds, and much more.

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Pros / Cons


bruiser, high durability
high damage
AoE slow
high resistances with ultimate

Can't think of cons right now =(

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The runes I use for trundle are typically always Armor Pen marks/quints, Armor seals, and Magic resist/level glyphs.

These runes give you great armor penetration early game making ganks on top lane a lot easier (because most of the time a tank is top lane and most junglers tend to stray away from top because of this fact). along with armor which is typical for jungling, makes it easier to kill the minions without taking much damage, and magic resist for those late game team fights.

With these runes trundle can easily initiate fights and make it out alive. I'm not going to tell you to play super agressive because of these resistances, but still make sure you help the team out alot because trundle IS a bruiser.

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Jungle items- for jungle trundle you want to have high lifesteal along with resistances, from many different builds I've played with trundle I decided on this one to be the best, it gives decent resistances (150 armor, 100 magic resist) high HP, 3600, and very high damage late game.

Solo top items- for soloing top, you will typically want to build tanky. in some games I end up top against a off tank in which case I can just use a similar build to the jungle build, which relies on lifesteal/hp/AD. if you end up top against a tank, say nasus or irelia, then you will want to go with this build as it will give you high resistances allowing you to keep up with the opponent and still give you good damage output for late game.

3v3 items- for 3v3 (twisted treeline) this build will focus more on damage and lifesteal early game because there's 2 less opponents to worry about in team fights, meaning you won't need as much health early game as you normally would.

dominion items- dominion is a very fast gameplay allowing you to get items quickly about 5x faster if not more than normal, so this build will give you high damage output rather than resistances seeing as the game goes by really fast.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells pretty much explain themselves about which ones are good and bad especially if you've read sections like this on other guides, so in this one I'll just explain the good spells for trundle.

The good spells-

flash is good for any champion because of the fact that it allows you to escape from death very easily.

ghost is a nice spell to have in order to either run away from opponents or chase down an opponent that's got barely any health.

smite is needed for ANY jungler especially in ranked games, in ranked games smite will often be used for stealing baron, dragon, buffs etc along with making it easier to jungle.

although trundle has his pillar to slow enemies, exhaust will make it even easier to get them, and if an opponent dives you or chases you exhaust can be used to get away (although it can't be used this way in team fights seeing as there's 5 people and only 1 exhuast).

ignite is a nice spell to have for killing any enemies that are getting away with barely any health, or to stop enemies like etc from healing too much by lifesteal or spell vamp effects.

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Jungle route- For trundle you want to quickly get and head to wolf camp, tell your team to protect blue and leash it. at 1:40 wolves will spawn, quickly kill them and head over to blue buff, with a good leash you should still have atleast half your health left if not more. at this point head up top and gank, you should have gotten to make it easy to get a first blood, if top isn't there or is pushed or something else, gank mid. next head on over to wraiths, red buff, then golems. if you still have a good amount of health left gank mid or bottom.

continue jungling like this, making sure to gank EVERY lane including top, I don't care if top is a tank, just do it.

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solo top

early game- make sure to protect your junglers blue buff, and help them get it before heading to your lane. Make sure to farm as much as possible without pushing/overextending your lane, pay attention when the jungler comes around to gank and put up a and or exhuast to get a kill.

mid game- wriggles lantern will provide you with unlimited wards so make sure to place this down every 3 minutes. mid game you will still want to farm as much as possible, at this point people may start wandering so be aware of ganks and help your team mates, map awareness is KEY to winning games.

late game- now all the team fights will start happening, make sure to either wait for your tank to initiate fights and you should always go in around the same time as him/her. your will be useful for team fights because it can either block enemies from escaping or save team mates, make sure to help your team mates out in team fights rather than charging in after someone who's running away leaving your team to die.

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This was my second guide, so please rate it, comment etc and tell me what I can do to improve it.

I will try to add match history pictures of trundle games I play later on.