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Ezreal Build Guide by iskillzi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iskillzi

An Effective Guide To Raising Elo (Ranking Up)

iskillzi Last updated on August 5, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Ezreal with this build

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Jinx You can beat her, try to poke a lot, dodge her W's.
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Before I say anything you should note that the above is actually a viable Ezreal build, it's hybrid (meant to play as ADC on a team with lots of physical damage).

Hello everyone, first of all you may be wondering why you should take the time to read this guide because to some it may seem rather long, and tedious..

I'm going to explain why with a question, would you like to learn all that I know on how to gain elo effectively and in time become a platinum or higher player like me?

If you answered yes then this guide is for you, I'm going to share literally everything I've learned over the years about how to perform your best every game and help your team secure victory.

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Before Queue // Pre-Game

Before you start a game there are several things you should check that you have set up properly, and a few things to make sure your game will not be interrupted.

Here's a list of things I always check to make sure I'm ready to go:

Drink: Make sure you have whatever you plan on drinking easily accessible, it's a good idea to stay hydrated especially since games can run as long as an hour or more. Water bottles are safe to have on your desk if you don't want an open cup near your computer setup.

Runes: Make sure you set up your rune pages for multiple different roles before you enter queue, you most likely won't have time to set them up during the queue time.

Time: Always make sure you have time to play another game before starting, if you live with family or someone else make sure you don't have to do anything important within the next hour or however long you're playing for.

Guide: If you're still learning your champion it's a good idea to keep a guide open for help with builds, or strategies. (note that it's better to practice new champions in normal games not ranked).

If you've checked all of the above off your list then you're ready to start queue!

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Champion Select // Team Comps // Pre-Game


Now we prepare for the banning and selection of champions, if you're first pick and don't know who to ban you can do a couple things, your first option is to ask a friend who's at least platinum or higher. If you don't have a platinum or higher friend you can check a ban site like this one to figure out who's high priority currently. (Note that the ban rates may change based on your server so be sure to select the right server for that list).

Before picking begins you'll want to explain to your team nicely that your best role is (role) but you can also play (role(s)), the better you are at each role the easier it'll be to rank up (this doesn't mean you should try to learn every role, people can still rank up easily with only 1 really good champion).
(Make sure to be nice about what you want, don't just say "MID OR AFK", instead say something like: "I prefer mid please, but I can also play (role(s))."


After you've figured out the banning phase now comes the champion selection, this can vary drastically from game to game so I'm not gonna name specific champions but the very basic meta is: 1 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid, 2 bot (1 adc // 1 support).

For a good team composition you'll generally want at least 2 champions with decent amounts of CC (crowd control) such as Leona, Thresh, Blitzcrank, and Morgana for support, and Maokai, Nautilus, and Xin Zhao for jungle. (note that these are just some of the possible champions, there are plenty of others for each role that have CC).

You'll also want at least 1 physical damage carry, and at least 1 magical damage carry, as well as at least 1-2 bruisers (bruisers are nice to have but you'll have a hard time without at least 1, as well as more than 2).

Now before your game starts you'll want to setup your mastery page, you can use the same page every game for the same champion if you want but after you get better you'll want to use your masteries to counter some of the enemies, I won't go into detail on this but I'm just letting you know that's an option for the future.

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Early Game // During Game

Ah, finally in a game.

Now is your time to shine, or at least in a few minutes it is.

The first thing you should always remember in games is to never start a verbal fight, even with the enemies (but you can attack them in game whenever you want). Starting verbal fights with players will almost always reduce your concentration as well as theirs, so verbally fighting with an ally or enemy is never a good thing.

Also never throw wood on the fire (metaphorically), by this I mean don't argue with someone even if you really want to, talking to someone raging almost never helps so it's not worth trying.

To spare the usual guide routine of saying "You should buy (item) first and (number) health potion(s)" I'm going to skip that whole scene and just give you tips for each section of the game. (Note that guides are simply guidelines not to be used literally, they just give advice for what to buy).

So, early game you're going to want to protect your jungle and or go with your team to invade the enemy jungle.

Try not to get caught out of place, try to farm as much as possible, and make sure to keep checking your minimap for possible enemy ganks or invades as well as allied ganks or invades.

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Mid Game // Roles // During Game

Now you've got a few items (completed items or not) and your allies are starting to group up for dragons, or team fights, or whatever else, always try to keep a good positioning depending on your role.

Role Specifics

You should try to do the following depending on your role:

Tank (with initiation spells): Your job is to start a team fight, you should try to focus down the enemy carry//carries and CC them as much as possible.
(without initiation spells): Your job is the same as above but you won't be doing the initiating. Instead you'll just jump in and focus down the carry//carries.

Jungler: Your role is dependent upon the other roles, if you're a bruiser do the bruiser role, if you have damage do the DPS role, etc..

Fighter (In between Tank and DPS): Your job is to get down and dirty, go where no DPS would dare to go; deep inside the enemy lines. Focus on killing the enemy carry//carries without killing yourself for nothing in return, you should also start team fights unless you have a tank on your team.

DPS (Damage Per Second, or Carry): You should try to position yourself far enough away from danger as possible while still maintaining good damage output on the squishiest enemy you can possibly target (safely).

Support: Always protect your carry//carries, CC anyone that's trying to kill them (focus highest damage enemies first) and deal as much damage as you can to whoever is the squishiest nearby target, but your first and foremost priority is to protect your carry//carries.

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Late Game // Tasks // During Game

Late game is finally here, this is around the time you'll start to notice one team doing better than the other or lots of turrets have gone down.

At this point you'll really want to focus on bigger tasks, and when I say tasks I mean things such as the following (listed from highest to least priority):

1) Baron, I say Baron first because it is a massive game changer, I often see people lose games because of a Baron throw.

2) Kills: Kills are important because they remove a champion from the game for however long the death timer may be, allowing you to complete your other tasks with less trouble.

3) Turrets // Inhibs, focus on getting these down as fast and as often as possible to make your team get more gold and the enemies have less wiggle room.

3.5) Dragons, debatably as important as turrets // inhibs, dragons provide good gold income for the entire team, especially with the gold scaling over time (more gold from longer in game time).

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Other Information // Extras

Here are a few other things I didn't really want to put in the above chapters but are still important enough to include in this elo gaining guide.


Raging, no matter what the circumstances, is never a good thing. When you start raging someone they will start playing worse, not better.

If you must comment on someone's mistake(s) then do it in a nice fashion such as this: "Hey Ezreal, Can you try to stay a little further from team fights from now on so you don't get killed?" Rather than: " Ezreal YOU FREAKING NOOB STOP DYING I'M GOING TO REPORT YOU!"

Note that you should also mute anyone who annoys you even a little bit, muting is a great way to get rid of annoying conversation that will ruin your gameplay. (To mute someone hold tab and click the bubble icon on the right side, or type /mute (champion, or name) in chat.

Talking // Typing

Talking to your fellow team mates might be fun, but you should keep chatting to a minimum (besides strategy) in game, if you're talking about the daily weather or something else it'll reduce your concentration, and possibly end up getting you killed while typing a long sentence.

CS or Creep Score

Basically, kill creeps. This is and will always be your primary focus during most of the game, unless you're playing support.

The lil' guys really didn't do anything to deserve you shooting arrows into them ( Ashe) or shooting magical bolts ( Ezreal) but, do it anyway. The more of them you kill the more gold you get. Since we know time is money is a valid sentence, CS is money, and time is money, so therefore time is CS. That might not make sense but anyways, just kill them all.

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This will be used for questions and answers, if I feel like someone's question should be put in here I'll add it.

Oh and just ask questions in the comments section, I'll answer them there and sometimes put them in here.

Question: Why do you use bold on everything?

Answer: Some people have a hard time reading a lot of stuff so to make it easier I like to bold everything. (Power to the bold!)

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This will be used for updates, I'll make sure to keep most recent updates on the top for easy reading! :)

8/5/2014: Updated a few things to make the guide better.
8/5/2014: Created the guide. :D

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Thanks For Reading // Credits

Thanks for reading all of this!

If you didn't read it all, then whatchu doin? I'm watchin' you. o_o

But seriously though, you should read it I spent awhile creating it so you should spend the time reading it. <3


Anyways, here are credits:

People who taught me to play: I can't name you all but thanks for helping me do this!

My friend Mario: Without him I would've never joined League of Legends. :)

JhoiJhoi: Her awesome BBCoding guide helped me understand how to make guides a couple years ago.