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Tryndamere Build Guide by iskillzi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iskillzi

Tryndamere - The King of AD

iskillzi Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Hello everyone, I'm sorry if this guide doesn't meet your expectations on how to play Tryndamere successfully, but if you want something more to go off of on how to play with this build then you can watch my stream/recorded videos on or on the mobafire stream list. any questions on this build feel free to comment on this guide in the stream chat or add me on league. (iskillzi)

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Pros & Cons


    Very strong damage
    Capable of zoning out the squishies (ADC/Caster)
    Has a gap closer
    Has a slow/AD reducer
    Doesn't need much resistance items
    Easy to farm with

    Often focused
    CC can make him pretty much useless
    No ranged attacks
    Easily shut down by people like Teemo who can poke you

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Alright so as for our runes, I basically just focus on using the "Tier 1" runes for each type which makes me conclude that this set up is probably the best one possible for my build.
Saying that this doesn't mean that there are no alternatives to this page set up, I'm just saying that I don't think any other way would be as effective.


So lets go ahead and take a look at our seals vs other possibilities
I picked out Seal of Armor which is great for trading enemies in top lane, for taking less damage from jungle creeps and for trading damage on 3v3 top lane, considering all of these lanes you will take mostly/only physical damage making these runes highly valuable to you and should only be replaced by another resistance seal such as Seal of Health or Seal of Scaling Armor or Seal of Scaling Health. Why do I only say to use these 3? because these are what you call "Primary Seals" they're the best stats a seal can have therefore you want to use one of those. Again I highly recommend just using the flat Seal of Armor for its early game stats.


Alright next up we have our Mark of Attack Damage which is by far the cheapest Tier 3 Marks you can get, these could be replaced by Mark of Critical Chance or Mark of Critical Damage preferably the damage ones for high damage output especially after you get your Infinity Edge with +2.23% critical damage per rune you can max that out at 20.07 which just rounds to about 20% with Infinity Edge your crits will do 280% damage! (including mastery).


Ok so while all of the others I have actually said replacements for, I highly suggest only using the Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, It's by far my favorite and maybe best Glyph in the game right now because being top/jungle/top 3v3 you won't face magic damage much until late game, however if you face it earlier on it wont overpower you too much to worry, therefore these runes will scale as the casters AP increases giving you a hefty resistance at level 18.


So finally we have our big hitting runes, the Quintessences. These runes are pretty much the all around guys, they can be used for pretty much any stat and they give a big bonus to that stat, so you might ask me why do I use them for movement speed over everything else when these are the big hitters? My build focuses on low movement speed until you can buy Zephyr (maxing at about 388 movement speed with tier 1 boots/Move speed quints) and replacing these with something else you will only have around 360 with tier 1 boots.. which is not enough to play with in my opinion so then you would have to change the build and buy tier 2 boots meaning if you sold them late game you would waste a ton of money. I know I said the Glyphs were the ones I wouldn't change for anything else, but these Quintessences are really what I wouldn't change. It's better to have the movement speed than almost anything else such as Critical damage or Attack damage.

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Champion Spells

Tryndamere is a champion who in my opinion has one of the strongest sets of abilities in the league. Because of his abilities he pretty much cant lose a 1v1 late game (even to Jax) and has great survivability in lane, with a gap closer and slow.

Battle Fury

First of all we have a passive called Battle Fury which gives you .35% crit chance per 1 fury you have, giving you 5 fury on every basic attack, 10 on each crit, and 10 on each kill (including minion kills) but decays 5 fury per second after 8 seconds of being out of combat.

The long delay of 8 seconds before decaying on this ability is great for jungling or laning, when jungling you have enough time to walk to the next camp without losing 1 fury, and in lane you only lose about 10-15 fury waiting for the next wave (if you take the current wave out really fast).

To take advantage of this ability I like to last hit minions and attack them constantly (within 6s) to keep my fury up at 100 so I have 35% crit chance without items. when it's at 100 I like to harass my enemy by basic attacking them 1-2 times then spinning out, or in to chase.


Next we have Bloodlust which gives us a nice bonus attack damage of 5 per ability level + more when your hp lowers (.35 per 1% hp missing at ability level 5) and heals you for 70+2.3 per fury point at ability level 5. the maximum you can heal on this without any AP points is 300.

This ability basically gives us a high survivability in lane and allows us to outlane almost any other champion, try not to activate it when you don't need to however because if you buy Vampiric Scepter then you can just lifesteal with crits rather than wasting all your fury.

Mocking Shout

Then there's Mocking Shout which is almost the same thing as Exhaust except it doesn't reduce attack speed. it will reduce enemy movement speed (if they aren't facing you) and attack damage by a pretty hefty amount, though it will not slow enemies who are facing you but it will reduce their attack damage.

The attack damage reduction on this is a great ability for trading in lane with other AD champions or for team fights when enemy teams are running it can slow every one of them if they're in your cast range.

Spinning Slash

Next we have Spinning Slash which is your only damaging ability, however it allows you to close gaps really easily, or make bigger gaps. It's a simple point and click ability that allows you to spin to the target area, also allowing you to spin through pretty thick walls, with a -2s cooldown per critical strike you land this can pretty much be spammed late game.

Undying Rage

And finally we have Tryndamere's ultimate, Undying Rage. This prevents your hp from dropping below 1 for 5 seconds, also granting 50/75/100 fury when activated.
In order to use this skill successfully you should save it until your hp is low enough to be killed within 1 second. Champions will often notice your fury randomly increasing by a lot and flee when you use this, however if you already have max fury before you activate it then they might not notice allowing you to easily deceive them and get their hp low enough to where you can kill/chase them with your Mocking Shout and Spinning Slash, finally escape with your Bloodlust and Barrier if you run that spell.

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Summoner spells

First of all lets look at the spells I chose for these builds, all of them use Ghost.. and the second spell is based on what map/role you're playing such as top uses Teleport and jungle uses Smite while 3v3 uses Barrier

so first let's talk about why I use Barrier on 3v3.
Barrier is simply a really nice and easy to use spell for an automatic shield, this shield is great on Tryndamere for the fact that it gives him more survivability along with his Bloodlust and it basically allows you to win 1v1 fights much easier and most of the time without using Undying Rage.
you might ask can you trade this spell out for another such as Ignite or Flash, my answer would have to be yes but at a very high price, as Barrier tends to save your life after you use Undying Rage because most people blow ignites on you making your Bloodlust heal for nearly nothing.

So now, why do I use Ghost over Flash?
Ghost is simply a better spell for Tryndamere seeing as his Spinning Slash can be treated as a flash, in fact it has more range than flash. and with my build you don't have very much movement speed until you get Zephyr making Ghost a really reliable spell for chasing or escaping.

ok so after explaining all of that lets talk about the Tiers of summoner spells for Tryndamere on each map.
First lets talk about playing top in 5v5.


Tier 1: Ghost, Teleport, Ignite, Exhaust, Cleanse
Tier 2: Heal, Flash, Barrier.
Tier 3: Revive.
Never use: Clarity, Clairvoyance.

to explain why I put each in these tiers:
Ghost: makes you highly mobile and good at chasing or escaping.
Teleport: you will often get ganked and be forced to retreat so this is good to get back to lane or to gank other lanes.
Ignite: good for picking up kills on low hp enemies.
Exhaust: basically does what your Mocking Shout does.
Cleanse: great for games that you know you're going to be against heavy CC teams.
Heal: pretty good with your Bloodlust for a sudden hp burst.
Flash: allows you to escape over walls (can just use your Spinning Slash instead however.
Barrier: this is basically fully explained already if you scroll up to why you use it in 3v3.
Revive: a scary spell for enemies as you can die after your Undying Rage and then just be up again.
Clairvoyance: used usually only by supports, not very common anymore.
Clarity: do I even need to say?.. you don't use mana.


Tier 1: Smite, Ghost, Exhaust.
Tier 2: Flash, Ignite.
Tier 3: Cleanse, Barrier, Revive, Heal.
Never use: Clairvoyance, Clarity.
Smite: required for junglers.


Tier 1: Ghost, Barrier, Ignite, Exhaust, Cleanse.
Tier 2: Heal, Flash.
Tier 3: Smite.
Never use: Clairvoyance, Clarity, Revive.

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Alright then let's talk a little bit about the items I chose for my build vs other items that can be used in situational games.
First of all I'm not really sure how people do that little line up of the items or anything like that because I don't really know much about coding and don't really want to learn so sorry in advance.
Anyways, first of all lets get into this with the first build for top.

Ravenous Hydra

You guys may be wondering why I chose the item Ravenous Hydra so early in the game on this build but on none of the others, I find this item to be best for the 5v5 map considering there are so many champions and creeps that it allows you to push a lane within 5 seconds per wave and to deal AoE (Area of Effect) damage to enemies in team fights, also with an active that deals a small burst which is actually more useful than it would seem.

Infinity Edge

Now that that's out of the picture, lets talk about all the other items just a little less in depth. Infinity Edge is just an absolutely wonderful item for Tryndamere, it gives crit chance crit damage and attack damage with your fury at 100 you will have 60% crit chance with this item alone.


Zephyr is what I like to call my "Boot Replacement" item, it grants 10% movement speed and 35% tenacity along with a 50% attack speed and 20 Attack damage boost. A great item well worth over 2850 gold.. I would say its worth at least 3300 gold. This item is irreplaceable by any other item and you shouldn't even consider trying to replace it.

Statikk Shiv

This is a great item on Tryndamere just for the fact that it works so well with my build, you'll have around 440 movement speed now considering you didn't sell your boots yet, and you'll have almost 2.0 attack speed making this item charge up really fast and its just really a great all around item for almost any AD champion, its a great replacement for Phantom Dancer if you don't want to take that route.

Phantom Dancer

This item is pretty much the old best item for Tryndamere in season 2 you wouldn't be a good Tryndamere without this item however now, this item is really just optional and could be easily replaced by another item such as The Bloodthirster or even Trinity Force if you want that slow and that burst after you use Spinning Slash.

Blade of the Ruined King

By far the most powerful item you can buy on league of legends at this point in time, the passive is just too powerful to replace and the active can easily save your life or get you a kill, it also grants bonus attack speed now since the Quinn patch making my attack speed Tryndamere build very effective, this is your bread and butter.. this is what makes Tryndamere a King.

Ok so those are all of the items I use on all of the builds pretty much, so now lets talk about some other Viable/Optional items for Tryndamere

Against Heavy Armor

Last Whisper

This item is basically your go to item if you notice the enemies building heavy armor against you, this item is pretty easy to build almost any time during your build however I recommend you at least finish Blade of the Ruined King and or Infinity Edge first, sometimes even finish Zephyr before you buy this because of the Tenacity on Zephyr.

Against Heavy AP Teams

Maw of Malmortius

This item is godlike on Tryndamere if you're up against heavy AP teams, not only will it shield you for damage when you're getting low basically letting you use your ultimate later, but it also increases your attack damage when your life is low, working amazingly with your Undying Rage.

Mercurial Scimitar

A great item to consider against heavy CC teams such as Fiddlesticks, Annie, Malphite, etc because of the high base damage it grants you as well as its active which allows you to remove all CC/debuff effects on you and increase your movement speed by 50% for 1 second.

Other Great Items To Consider

Frozen Mallet

This item works really well for Tryndamere because of its slowing effect, however I do not recommend upgrading from Phage to Frozen Mallet until after you buy Zephyr.

Phantom Dancer

This is a great item to consider buying right after Blade of the Ruined King because it works so well with Infinity Edge and its attack speed works well with Blade of the Ruined King's passive as well.

Trinity Force

Why? because it works well with everything about Tryndamere the Sheen effect on it works great with Spinning Slash and or Mocking Shout, Phage for the slow effect, Zeal for the attack speed and Crits.

The Bloodthirster

Attack damage, Lifesteal, you cant go wrong with this item + Blade of the Ruined King as well as another attack speed item. Gives you great survivability as long as you can attack minions.

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Example late game builds

Core build:

Infinity Edge Blade of the Ruined King Zephyr

Other items you can add to the core build

Frozen Mallet Last Whisper Maw of Malmortius Mercurial Scepter Phantom Dancer Trinity Force The Bloodthirster Ravenous Hydra Statikk Shiv Boots of Swiftness

Example builds/orders of buying

Order will go from left to right, left is the first item you should complete, right is the last.

ex build #1
Infinity Edge Blade of the Ruined King Last Whisper Zephyr Frozen Mallet Statikk Shiv
Note that this build you should sell boots (tier 1) after you can buy Statikk Shiv because Zephyr and Statikk Shiv will give you high movement speed and tenacity.

ex build #2
Infinity Edge Blade of the Ruined King Zephyr Maw of Malmortius Frozen Mallet Boots of Swiftness with Furor bonus.

ex build #3
Infinity Edge Blade of the Ruined King Mercurial Scimitar Phantom Dancer Statikk Shiv Mercury's Treads with Furor bonus.

Ok so to explain myself a little bit on why boots are last in the order, this is because I simply choose when I feel like buying them in game there's no specific order for that you should decide yourself for example.. My enemy team has a Malphite so I should buy Mercury's Treads right after I buy Infinity Edge.
(you should choose build 3 for against Malphite)

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How to CS/farm

Tryndamere can actually be pretty hard to farm with against certain champions such as Teemo or Jax who will beat you early game or just harass you all game.
my advice if you vs someone mostly like Teemo who will just out harass you all game, trade with your mid team mate.

if you're against someone easier such as Vi who cant reach you until level 6 (seeing as you can spin away when she starts charging her Q) then you can just farm minions by basic attacking without taking too much harass from her area of effect attack, also you can use Spinning Slash to finish minions however use it by walking near/behind the minion then aiming it away from the enemy champion unless you want to initiate a fight.
late game is really easy to farm, after you have Infinity Edge and Blade of the Ruined King your Spinning Slash will take caster minions to about 15 hp. another thing to do as Tryndamere if you play with Teleport is make sure your Teleport isn't on cooldown, and split push a lane such as top or bot while your team is mid, have a ward somewhere near mid push the lane then tp to that ward and fight 5v4 (considering 1 of the enemies went top to try to defend your push) this is a very easy to make play mostly used by Shen players because of his ultimate.

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Team fight/gameplay

When you're team fighting with Tryndamere, you have to remember that you deal tons of damage but if you get targeted by too much cc you will be useless. in order to successfully deal damage without being targeted by cc allow another champion on your team to initiate before you, such as a support like Leona/ Alistar or a jungler like Malphite/ Jax who can either tank damage or dodge enemy attacks.
in team fights it's ok to use your Spinning Slash to initiate, with your crits at 30 mins in game you should have it ready again within 4s so you can easily get out of combat again by using that.
make sure to use your Mocking Shout in order to slow enemies AND reduce the ADC's attack damage, if you don't get the ADC in your aura for that ability then you'll have a tough time.
Tryndamere is a champion who can easily kite or bait people especially with his ultimate Undying Rage, use this to your advantage in lane when your jungler wants to gank.
also don't forget to buy wards, wards are crucial to winning lane you should buy 1-2 minimum per back. Vision Wards are also very helpful for taking out your enemies Sight Ward or Vision Ward.

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Tryndamere is often targeted in team fights in lower elo or normal games because of his extremely high damage.

Q: how do you successfully deal damage without being bursted down?
A: to deal damage you want to simply get close enough to an enemy (preferably by walking instead of using Spinning Slash) and then hit them a couple times with your basic attacks then use your Spinning Slash to flee or chase.

Q: when should you be most agressive?
A: there are no specific times on when to be agressive, it's all about knowing your damage and if you can trade hits or kill an enemy with it. this can be done by playing 10-15 games to just try tryndamere out and learn for yourself how much damage you can deal in what amount of time.

Q: what level can you be agressive?
A: there's no specific level to be agressive, it all depends on how much damage you deal vs how much your enemy deals in lane. if you play 3v3 try and take top so you can get a 1v1 lane.

Q: how do you maximize your damage dealt?
A: try to keep fury stacked at atleast 75+ so that you have decent crit chance, at 100 fury you have 35% crit chance allowing you to out damage the enemy and survive in lane with your q and lifesteal.

Got a question that you want me to add to this list? post it in the comments!

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Future updates

Will add "Items" chapter before 3/10/2013 [x]
Will add "Runes/Masteries" chapter around same time I add "Items" chapter. [ ]
Will add "Jungle Route" chapter with pictures.. currently unsure when. [ ]
Will add "Things you should do as Tryndamere" chapter currently unsure when. [ ]
Will add "Spells" Chapter later tonight (3/3/2013) [x]
Will add "Pro's/Cons" chapter within a few days of 3/3/2013 [x]
Will add "How to CS" chapter later tonight (3/3/2013) [x]
Will update the guides appearance for easier reading sometime within this month (3/3/2013)

Please tell me if there are any chapters you would like me to add to this list, please be detailed.
EX) "Please add a Items chapter to your guide to describe why the Items you chose are the best and what items could be changed in the build based on enemy champions/items"

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Guide created 3/3/2013 4:00pm PST
Added future updates chapter 3/3/2013 5:30pm PST
Added Spells and How to CS chapters 3/3/2013 11:00pm PST
Added Runes/Items/Example late game builds chapters 3/4/2013-3/5/2013

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Sorry for not making this guide very in depth at all, hopefully this will at least give you a basic understanding on how to play tryndamere successfully.
you can visit my stream here or by clicking on the mobafire stream list and finding my username (iskillzi).
any questions please leave in the comments below or on stream chat or you can add me in the league if you want to be taught even more than what's written on this guide.