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Shyvana Build Guide by Limitus

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Limitus

I'm not Shy. vana try me?

Limitus Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, konnichi-wa, guten Tag and nihao.
Today I'm trying/going to provide a "slightly-other" jungle guide for our lovely half-dragon, which can be used for laning at the same time.

If you read this far, I'm quite sure, you've noticed a difference in comparison to some of the other jungle guides (talking 'bout Smite here). Mainly because I hate junglers, who have to rely on other champions, for instance at the beginning of the game. On second point because I think Smite is pretty useless lategame, so I looked for an always usable alternative. If you're fine with the common way to jungle then I suggest you don't read any further :p
For all others still interested: here we go!

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20.03.2012: changed my runes a little bit. haven't been that fluid in ip, so now i bought some new ones and tried that. worked better^^

30.03.2012: changed itemlist (exchanged guinsoo's with maw)

01.06.2012: changed masteries, itembuild-order

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As for my Runes I went with full Attack Damage Greater Mark of Attack Damage (AD) within my Marks, so I'm going into the jungle/lane with decent damage output. No need to point out that the faster you kill creeps, the faster you can help your teammates.

For being able to defend against the wolves, wraiths and golems as well as ap-based champs earlygame, I took some Armor Greater Seal of Armor and Magic Resistance Greater Seal of Magic Resist. Your armor should be around 30 at start, because the creeps in the jungle have somewhere from 14 to 40 AD. So the less damage you get, the more you can rock^^

My glyphs are plain Attack Speed Greater Glyph of Attack Speed (AS). Since AS is good for every other skill Shy's got. May it be faster spamming of Twin Bite, longer Burnout or longer Dragon Form.

My Quintessences revolve around more AD Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage and Armor Penetration Greater Quintessence of Desolation. As for the AD I don't think I need to explain why. Armor Penetration because the creeps have armor from 5 to 12. Combined with your masteries we get Armor Penetration of 9|10%, which makes it easier to get your damage where it belongs.

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I don't need to explain which Masteries I chose, because everyone of you can simply read them at the beginning of the guide.
I'm still going to explain why I chose some of them:

- Brute Force and Deadliness is quite simple. We need AD!

- To get Alacrity (which is really obvious as well) we're putting a single point into Summoner's Wrath . This decision is quite easy to understand, if you always try to have your Ignite on Cooldown. The bonus granted to AD and AP simply outstand the 4 points possible in Mental Force

- Next point is Weapon Expertise which adds to our 9 Armor Penetration from the runes

- Vampirism never hurts, as you can't start to regenerate health by auto-hitting minions/creeps soon enough :)

- Finally it's the Executioner in this tree. Well... More damage to already hurt targets. (Still trying to figure out if that includes minions as well)

- In the defense tree, we're going for Armor and Magic Resistance. This is important because you will be first target in many teamfights. (You're a big f**kin dragon... Unfortunately a big f**kin target, too)

- And at last we put 3 points into Vigor . I pointed out earlier that some HP-reg never hurts when running from one jungle camp to another.

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Items, huh? Everyting shown in the "Purchase Order"...
Well, we are a one man/woman/dragon killing machine. So we need lots of AD and AS. Thought so, didn't you? :p
First thing that comes to mind when you think of Attack Speed and Movement Speed would surely be a Phantom Dancer. If not, go to a doc, let him check you thoroughly.

This was for a long time my first item to get with Shy and is still somewhere at the top of my item-to-get-list.
I guess I don't need to explain why I included Berserker's Greaves.
If we have now our base mobility assured, we can now try to rack up some AD, HP and slow Phage is a must-have, since it evolves into Frozen Mallet, which gives you lots of HP and a good cc, which Shy normally wouldn't have.
The Bloodthirster just adds up to that massive AD output you now should have and to get back a little more HP. Maw of Malmortius is perfect if you encounter any ap-bsed champ. It gives you little AD (as always: NEVER wrong) in addition to a neat shield if you get your *** handed to you by mages. With it's passive, you can get a decent AD-bonus as well. And if you've got nothing more to buy, you can go for a Infinity Edge. It gives you a very good AD-boost in addition to more criticals, which do even more damage now.

You can change your recommended items to my recommended items if you copy the following list into a "RecItemsCLASSIC.ini" and put this .ini into this folder (if the folder doesn't exist, just create it): *\League of Legends\rads\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy\DATA\Characters\Shyvana


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Summoner Spells

Short and simple: Flash and Ignite!

Flash is always good for a quick initiate/escape. Combined with Dragon's Descent you have now two impressive tools for engaging or escaping the enemy.

You are a dragon... So what else would be more fitting than Ignite?
This is a great spell to counter some healing champs ( Vladimir, Soraka, Sona) or just to get that first blood, which would've barely escaped the first gank otherwise.
Try to use it as often as it's available (but don't waste it), because Summoner's Wraith gives you a nice bonus if Ignite's on Cooldown.

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If you decide to lane with Shy, then it's best if you team up with a range champ. In earlygame you're very squishy so try to hit-and-run as good as you can.
Try to start with a Dagger, some Health Potions and then go along your Itemlist.
Just farm minions up to lvl6, buy some items and wait for your chance to come.
Can't tell much more about laning, what hasn't been said in other guides :p

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If you decide to jungle, I recommend starting with Doran's Blade. It gives you a decent amount of HP along with some base AD and Lifesteal, which stacks up to 6% including the mastery.
Then make your way to the wolves' camp and wait. Since the enemy team doesn't anticipate you're jungling (because they don't see Smite anyywhere), you can calmly wait there until the wolves pop up.
The Important thing with jungling is to always kill the biggest creep first. Concentrate on the big wolf, throw in your Burnout, make your way to the wraiths (same thing again). Then approach the 2 Golems. You should have about 2/3 of your hp left up to this point. Now put your Ignite (yeah, you read right) on the big golem, and proceed like you did with the other two camps.
Put that Ignite out first, because Summoner's Wraith gives you 5 bonus AD then, which is included in the bonus of Burnout and Twin Bite.
If you managed to kill the golems, make your way back to the wolves, clear them out and teleport back to your base.
Time to buy Boots of Speed and regenerate your health.
Now it's time to pay the wraiths a visit again. Then you may go on like you wish. But remember keeping an eye out for the lanes and try to help/gank wherever/whenever possible.

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In this section I'm gonna upload some of my Shyvana jungle replays from time to time!

So here we go:


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And that's about it. I'm really fine with how this whole thing works out, and I hope you are too.
If there's anything that bothers you, please state that in the comments and I'm sure, we can work that out :p

btw: I'm going to update this as I change my playstyle... If I get some other runes, items, whatever seems to work better, then I'll change that of course^^