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Renekton Build Guide by F4113Nx

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author F4113Nx

In a While Crocadile

F4113Nx Last updated on October 11, 2011
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Hello, fellow summoners. I'm F4113Nx, no one significant but I do believe I have a great Renekton build. I hope this helps you in your endeavors with Renekton.

PS: A very strong anti-Akali pick.

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For the runes I have a small amount to say.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist The reason I use these is early defense against threats like Akali.

Greater Seal of Evasion I use these for two reasons. Firstly, the extra dodge combines with my mastery choices and helps immensely against basic attack threats up top like talon or possibly Garen.

greater mark of desolation Since all his abilities except his ultimate is physical damage; these are needed.

Greater Quintessence of Health 72 extra health in the beginning never hurts and it makes it safer to buy boots & pots first which I feel is needed to escape early ganks.

Possible Rune Replacements

greater quintessence of desolation Armor pen quintessence is a viable alternative to fortitude since it will help with his early game damage but I find the extra health to be of better use.

Greater Seal of Armor These can be used instead of dodge runes but I feel are not as effective over all. There are vastly cheaper though.

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I go 0/21/9 simply because you need a tanky champion in every game. Plus the Evasion and [pnimbleness]] can vastly improve early game survival by assisting in getting out of ganks and strong early game harassment. Also the bonus experience and gold per 10 is very helpful from utility.

The reason I go Good Hands rather than Perseverence is the time of being dead late game is large and that slightly quicker respawn could very well save towers or an entire game while the increased health and mana regen is not very significant unless your playing a champion such as Dr. Mundo or Singed.

Lastly if you switch your dodge seals for flat armor seals, its very applicable to go 21/0/9 since the dodge wont add up nearly as well and the early game harass could be very scary.

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I start out with [boots of speed] and three(3) health pots since it allows an early rush to lane or quickly moving to defend your teams jungler. Other than this it helps escape early ganks and the pots are 600 health. Thats a lot early game.

Core items
Heart of Gold The reason you need this is firstly the quick extra health and furthermore the extra gold makes it an easier choice to buy that ward or allows quicker allocation of your other items. I often bring it up to a Randuin's Omen later in game.

The Brutalizer This is greatly needed for Renekton since he is firstly, complete physical damage and the early 15 armor pen and 25 attack is killer. Since Renekton is based on cool downs(fury) only the quick cool down reduction is also very important. Often upgraded into a Ghostblade

Sunfire Cape The reason for this can be quite obvious. The 45 armor and 450 health is a much needed addition to Renekton. Other than that, the 35 magic damage does a couple things for Renekton. Firstly, and possibly most important in my opinion is it speeds up farming by an insane amount. Walk into the middle of a group Q + E + E and almost every minion is dead. The rest usually are low enough to be hit once and die from you. The 2nd big use is it combines very nicely with your ultimate creating a deceivingly strong torrent of damage around you.


Mercury's Treads I will get these if they have high magic damage or a decent amount of hard CC. (anything other than slow and suppress.)

Ninja Tabi High basic attack or physical attacks with low CC amounts. Works well with nimbleness and

Hexdrinker When they have a strong amount of burst magic damage, this is perhaps the best item you can get. Other than that, if they have a high amount of magic damage then it is still useful with its attack damage. I get this almost every time.

Wriggle's Lantern I'll sometimes get this if I feel the need for extra sustain or if we need to do fast dragons or barons. The free ward every three minutes also helps a great amount.

Aegis of the Legion I will get this when the support does not or if there is no defined support. I will also get it if I feel another Aegis is simply needed. This doesn't hurt your build as you receive a very fair amount of magic resist and armor, but also provides a small amount of attack damage. Even so, its best not to rush it out since its more pivotal in team fights.

Thornmail Tryndamere, Xin Zhao, Master Yi, fed Ranged AD Carry rush it after core items if you see any of these.

Spirit Visage I will get this if they have fair magic damage and I feel the need for a little extra sustain early - mid game. Some advantages of this item is the heal boost you'll get from your Q and then the CDR. The small health boost is also nice.

Guardian Angel Get this if you plan to initiate a lot of team fights. If your the only tank type champion on your team; this also adds a lot.

Quicksilver Sash Only get this if your drowning in the magic damage and CC

Last Whisper I have yet to need this but would get if the enemy stacked armor and my team didn't need me to be to significantly tanky.

Frozen Mallet Get if the rest of your team has low chasing ability

Trinity Force Get if your team is snowballing out of control. Could help end the game a bit quicker if the enemy doesn't surrender.

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Skill Sequence

No matter the case, you should always have your Cull the Meek, Ruthless Predator, and Slice and Dice by level 3. This allows for easy and quick harass along with gank escape early on. Also allows for sustain with Cull the Meek which is needed for any Renekton.

Cull the Meek - CM
Ruthless Predator - RP
Slice and Dice - SD
Dominus - DM

1 - CM 2 - SD 3 - RP 4 - CM 5 - CM 6 - DM
7 - CM 8 - RP 9 - CM 10 - RP 11 - DM
12 - RP 13 - RP 14 - SD 15 - SD 16 - DM
17 - SD 18 - SD

Now there's only three exceptions to this skill sequence.

Situation 1 : Early Team Fight
1 - RP
2 - CM
3 - SD

Situation 2 : Early team fight and the enemy gets in your face often and does very considerable damage early on
1 - RP
2 - SD Use Ruthless Predator to stun and then Slice and Dice away. This will help against STRONG early aggression. Once you get level three, go on the offensive a bit with Slice in, Ruthless, Cull, Dice out. This should change the enemy to a more passive play.

Situation 3 : Find that Cull the Meek isn't forcing the enemy back or doing enough early damage
1 - CM
2 - RP
This will create better burst damage against your enemy and often force them to play more timidly or have a more intimidated mindset.

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Summoner Spells

My Choices

Flash The reason I use this spell is obvious. Its a great spell the can be used offensively or defensively and adds that instant distance that ghost doesn't

Ignite Can be that little bit of damage you need to get first blood or to simply be the one left standing. Since they will often run away once you ignite them. Make sure not to use it prematurely though as you not having ignite could be a sign for them to pounce and slice and dice + flash wont get you away from everything that heads your way.

Other Options

Ghost Since you could easily get the mastery for this spell, it may very well be worth it since it allows for better chasing power over long distance but its not worth flash or ignite in my opinion since if you get stuck to a wall you have nowhere to go and you lose out on a lot of killing power if you lose ignite over this.

Exhaust I would be willing to trade this for ignite but only if the enemy team is asking to be exhausted with their champion picks. Allows for early first blood in lane or will help immensely in early team fights.

Chocolate in appearance, **** in reality

Cleanse Now cleanse seems like a viable choice if you see a lot of CC on the enemy team. But the thing is if it really is that bad you can usually just get a Quicksilver Sash with is far better than Cleanse. Else Mercury's Treads are more than enough.

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Pros / Cons

Here I will discuss several pros and cons about this champion.

Great mobility with slice and dice plus one of the higher basic movement speeds.
Good Damage
Distance of Skills can be hard to grasp right away
Good Harass
Ultimate Causes instant health gain which can deceive enemies.
Hes a freaking beast. Duh!
High Cooldowns without CDR
Slice and Dice doesn't move through most walls and can cause mistakes to be made
Slice requires an enemy minion or champion in order to dice
Small Mistakes can easily lead to heavy punishment.

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With Sunfire cape, he is one of the best bruiser farmers since he simply walks into the middle of a group of minions and Qs. The slices and dices through them and any left usually are dead in a few hits.

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This brings us to the end of the guide/build. To summarize, Renekton is a tanky consistent damage out put that can easily disrupt an enemy team by slicing and dicing to an important enemy champion hiding behind everyone and putting pressure on them. While your team blows up the rest. He can take a little practice but is mostly a very easy champion to play as long as your good with timing.

PS: If you have any suggestions, I am very open minded and would like to add more to this guide if possible so feel free to comment.