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Nasus Build Guide by DogGod628

Jungle Inevitable Jungle God

By DogGod628 | Updated on May 27, 2019
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Runes: Runes:

Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

Inevitable Jungle God

By DogGod628
+ 12 On Large Monsters, Epic Monsters, Champions and Cannons has been a huge buff to Nasus. I decided to experiment with Nasus and surprisingly I have been consistently hitting the 400-500 q stack around 20 minutes regardless of which team is winning. The snowball just seems inevitable after level 6. It is often the case after the 10 minute mark, the enemy jungler will start becoming afraid of you and sadly that fear will only increase with time.
Rune Choice Back to Top
For Play Making
Movement Speed really good

Many of the runes that scale with AP/AD are automatically excluded because Nasus doesn't really scale with either. Since we won't be laning, won't be very useful either. The runes above are quite viable for Nasus. But we will actually pick because it helps with early game jungling and functions like a fake .

Movement speed and early sustain. It is often the case that Nasus needs to quickly disengage or move somewhere else after a Q. This rune will help with that. Although we will not scale with this, this the best choice atm
This will make your scaling even more scarier. Not only do you deal incredible damage but also sustain like a beast
An alternative to the rune above. Take this if the enemy team has heavy CC. For example, mid Syndra, Lux Support
For securing the kill. One shot what was a two shot? Yes
The obvious choice for team fights since Susan will often be targeted. An alternative is but I don't find much opportunity to make use of it.
The no brainer in inspiration tree. For spamming Q and W. A close alternative is Sadly, can only pick one
Very underated rune imo. Will Help Nasus get through the first relatively harsh 12 minutes. The first biscuit at 3 minutes will help you contest You can also take for the free boots
Ability Choice Back to Top
Maxed first for obvious reasons. Stack Q asap
Take one just to help clear in the early game
This is such a great ability for ganking, fighting enemy jungler and winning/escaping counter gank.
The movement speed decrease is the most disgusting CC in the game. The attack speed decrease prevents counter Ganks form succeeding and AD enemy junglers like from dishing out damage if they want to face you.
Item Choice Back to Top
This item is much better than because you won't have any problem sustaining after your first back. The extra health regen will keep you healthy level 1-3
Enemy jungler usually AD based. Build this after Sheen if enemy jungler is very aggressive and play safe. If winning in pressure or enemy jungler not really posing a kill threat, can delay buy of this item.
This item will significantly improve your Jungling speed, Q refresh and movement around the jungle, roam speed. Don't build There should be no reason to build this item unless enemy is heavily AD and very very good at escaping
Stacking Advice Back to Top
Do not waste time in the jungle to wait for Q to reset so that you can increase stacks. Manage your auto attacks correctly so that every time Q is up, it can be used to kill a small or larger monster. Only for the last monster, you can walk away while waiting for Q to reset and then finish it off when Q is up. For example, while doing wolves, Q the , Q the second . You are about to finish the but Q is not up, at this point, walk towards waiting for Q to reset, when it reset, finish with Q.

You should be getting 3-4 Q stacks at and . Do make sure you grab those sweet 12 stacks from large monsters.

If you do manage to succeed in ganking, do try to secure the kill and ask your ally if you can also secure the
Early Game Guide Back to Top
It is not likely the case that you will be stomping your enemy jungler in the early game. However, your passive and w does make you able to trade well before help arrives or to escape with a decent trade. As long as you are are not dead, a few Qs will easily get you back to full health after level 6 so you have to farm well and safely to get there.
The tilt. Experienced players usually know to shut down Nasus in the early game. To stop him from Q farming. This strategy is viable in lane because Nasus early game is extremely weak in lane, which is overcompensated by his strong mid and insane late game even if he does poorly early. But you can't really blame the jungler for not shutting down the jungling Nasus. It is usually risky to just invade an enemy jungler without sufficient vision information. Perhaps they could cheese you once, but you inevitably become this unstoppable force that continues to snowball to an even more unstoppable force.

If you think they are trying to ambush your RED or BLUE, just concede it and find other 12 stacks monsters lying on the map. Chances are they are an early game jungler wasting precious farming time and levels, while you are stacking to inevitability.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DogGod628
DogGod628 Nasus Guide
Inevitable Jungle God