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Irelia Build Guide by Flamefeatbeak

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flamefeatbeak

Irelia 5v5 Solo Top / Ranked

Flamefeatbeak Last updated on February 14, 2012
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Irelia / Armor 1 / Magic 2

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and Welcome to my League of Legends Guide for a Ranked Irelia!
I'm happy to show u my Gamestyle with Irelia on Solotop in Ranked.
First i have to say that Irelia is my main Champ, and is almost my only pick for Solotop.
I don't prefer to play Irelia on any other lanes, because one of her Cons is that she needs a Solo Lane to shine =)
So let's Start now !

PS: Don't flame me on my bad English, i gave my best to make it mostly understandable =) If u find wrong passages dont mind to help me out with them and post a comment to help me.
I also would be happy if u post constructive critism. Thx =)

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Pro's / Con's

- Inbuild Heal ( Hiten Style , Transcendent Blades )
- Absolute Dmg ( Hiten Style )
- Stun/Slow if low on health very usefull, especially in towerdives ( Equilibrium Strike )
- Good Armor and Magicresistance if followed my Rune Set
- Great Farm, range quitter and harass Ability ( Bladesurge )
- Great Harasser ( Bladesurge , Transcendent Blades )
- Great Movement Speed, with my build you will have about 460 Movement Speed which is good to chase, run, fasthelp and chasing down the Carry's, because one of ur Jobs especially for the team is to work as an Anti-Carry. You should destroy their biggest DMG-Dealers to prevent ur team from big DMG, but more to this fact in the Chapter "Ranked Play" and "Tipp's N Trick's".
- Good to carry almost a whole team, but u really need one good DMG-Dealer on ur Side to carry a whole team.
- Great DMG-Output, without buying any AD-Items, because you do absolute DMG.
- Unkillable in Late Game =)

- Only shines on a Solo Lane
- Not reliable stun ( Equilibrium Strike )
- Early Game a bit lowlife and squishy, mostly from Lvl 1-4, which is the reason why i take
Armor or MR (Magicresitance) Runes.
- Expensive Build

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I choose 9x Armor Penetration Mark's, because Irelia already does extra absolute "DMG" per hit you will deal tons of damage without buying ad items.

I choose 9x Armor Seal's for the basic armor stats at start.

I choose 9x MR Glyph's for the basic MR stats at start.

This is where my 2 different Armor/MR builds variate.

If you play against a AP Heavy Team 3/2 - 4/1 - 5/0 pick this rune set:
3x MR Quintessences.

If you play against a AD Heavy Team 3/2 - 4/1 - 5/0 pick this rune set:
3x Armor Quintessences.

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I decided to go 1/24/5.
I think your asking yourself's "What the f**k, what for the f**king Point in Attack???
I explain it:This 1 Point gives u 2 Bonuses, a bonus on ghost and a bonus on ignite, i think it's not "MEGA" important, but it really helps.

I think I don't really need to explain you the rest of my Mastery-Chooses.

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Welcome in the "Items" Section of my Guide. I try to give you an overview about why I use this Items.

Core Item's:

Explanation to all Item's:
- Regrowth Pendant - Great HP-Regen in Early Game
- Philosopher's Stone - Great Mana and HP-Regen
- Boots: Specified Armor or MR Bonus against ur Laner or Enemy Team.
- Mercury's Treads Good MR Bonus and a very good addition to Irelia's Passive Ability
- Ninja Tabbies Good Armor Bonus and damage reduction against AD's
- Trinity Force - Gives you all you need, AD, ATK-SPEED, MOVEMENT-SPEED, Critical Strike Chance, Sheen =), AP and some extra HP.
- Randuin's Omen Get it first if your playing against a AD-Heavy Team. Gives u great Armor, HP and good active Ability, which is very usefull with it's slow, atk-speed slow, and very useful against tanks cause of the armor and mr ratios in the lenght of the active ability.
- Force of Nature Get it first if your playing against a AP-Heavy Team. Gives u great MR and very good HP-Regen.
- Warmog's Armor Good HP-Bonus, you will love it if you get my last item, the Atma's Impaler.
- Atma's Impaler Good AD-Bonus cause of your 4k HP, and gives you a additional Critical-Strike-Chance

Changeable Item's are the last 2 Items. If your team/you are/is feeded you can choose more aggressive Item's like Yumous Ghostblade etc. In this case i prefer AS (ATK-Speed) item's, cause of ur active abilty of Hiten Style, this will give you a great bonus on your DMG-OUTPUT.

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Skill Sequence


Activate before jumping on the Enemy, because your q will use it =)--

User your Ulti, , to finish him off, if he is running away lowlife or hiding at his tower use it.


Use your Q and your Ulti to harass the Enemy, because both ability's have a low CD (Cooldown).

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Summoner Spells

I choosed Ghost for my very fast Irelia build, great to chase Enemy AD-Carry's.I choosed Ignite, because it's a great finishing tool and reduces the heal amounts.

Additional Spells:

You can use Teleport to get top faster, but is fail if u own Solo Top. Good option if ur facing a Strong AD-Champ like Talon at Solotop.

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Ranked Play - Tick's N Trick's

Solotop in a Ranked 5v5:

If you want to be good in Ranked 5v5 at Solotop please feel free to use my tricks and helps for this:

- Buy a ward everytime you go back. On the Ward-Map under this passaga you'll see where are wards important. First prevent yourself from beeing ganked Pls!


- Green Dot's for your personal wards =) Always set them first
- Red Dot's for Baron ( Place ward at arroung 15-20 minutes) and Dragon. They should always be warded.
- Yellow Dot's for the alternate Ward's to control the jungle and so on.

Special Skill Tricks:

- If you get low on health and your Opponent's try to towerdive you, easily stun them with your E Skill and, ATK them with the standard DMG-Combo to get Life back and pick up a easy kill.

- If you already bought Trinity Force and your attacking a Tower use your W to get ur Sheen Bonus on the Tower and your E on a nearby minion to deal most DMG to the Tower. You can also use your Ulti to get the Sheen Effect.