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Irelia Build Guide by siavasch

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League of Legends Build Guide Author siavasch

Irelia ad/tank toplane! (Season 7)

siavasch Last updated on July 17, 2017
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Pros / Cons


+ Great sustain
+ Good post-6 laning pressure
+ Amazing mid game
+ Good roaming and assassination Overall, Irelia excels in the early-mid game by providing tremendous lane pressure and map pressure. Her laning, when perfected, can top almost any other champions laning phase. Post-6 she can use her ultimate for large amounts of sustain and burst damage. Once she obtains Trinity Force, her damage skyrockets compared to the rest of the players on the map. She may have the best 1-item power spike in the game. Due to this, she can apply pressure all throughout the map by roaming and assassinating enemy champions. She snowballs quickly from these roams to further add to her mid game power.


- Weak early laning (lvl 1-4)
- Dependent on Tri-Force Irelia has trouble laning from levels one through four due to her dependency on having all three of her abilities. Irelia is simply lacking compared to champions like Nidalee, Darius, or Ryze, who can have long rage, high damage abilities at level one. Her q may be long range and high damage but it's also a gap closer, meaning once she uses it, she is vulnerable to an all in which is very dangerous due to her low stats early game. Irelia has no abilities that scale very well into late game. Her main damage output, her W, does not scale with total AD or extra AD, and therefore is obsolete in the late game. If she falls behind early, due to a gank or a difficult lane matchup, she may have trouble getting back into the game. If she is unable to buy an early Tri-Force, her potential mid game power spike is jeopardized due to the fact that the enemy champions are already far ahead of her.