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Irelia Build Guide by Fendrantul

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fendrantul

Irelia, Defender of the Crystal Scar

Fendrantul Last updated on October 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, this is my first guide, and I decided I should do one for Dominion, as no one really has done one for Irelia yet in Dom. I love Irelia, she's quick, she has that amazing passive (omg love it), and her skills make her a perfect capture point defender.

Now my build page here is going to skip over runes and mastery as I've tried multiple rune builds and most of Irelia's SR rune pages carry over very well into Dominion.

And for Mastery I just take the usual Utility build only drop the 2 from and put them somewhere else (your choice, I put mine in tier 1's .

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I've tried the beginning build but feel that I am too squishy for the 4 man rush to Windmill.
I like to go with the from my and the from my to start. As soon as I have the money I then buy my
This gives you a good bit of extra health and the Magic Resistance is very useful, along with some Gold/10 which might seem unimportant with the rapid gold gain in Dominion, but it helps a bit, especially since you are getting Randuin's anyways. Building into my Phage ASAP gets me that slow which helps with kiting enemy champs around your turrets to kill them. is always a must, the bonuses are just too good to pass up, although I am trying an / build instead, I'll keep you informed.
The Active from has saved my butt from a Jax or Talon or Xin so many times I have to have it. The last 3 items really depend on your enemy champ comp. I like for the increased capture speed and 60 second CD movement speed buff, makes it quite useful to keep the other team on their toes. One of Irelia's biggest weaknesses as a point defender is her lack of AoE outside her ult, which is where comes into play. The ASpd buff and the passive, along with a little bit of health, make this item killer for an Irelia. is always a good choice to round it out, although if I am playing a AP heavy team I will swap it for a .

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Skill Summary

- This passive is one of the best in the game, while there's 3+ enemies around CC barely effects you especially when you have Mercury's Treads.

- Bladesurge is a truly amazing gap closer, the speed is super fast and it's range is very nice, and deals the most damage of any other gap closer, once you get Trinity Force it will increase its damage by 150%! This move also has a great AD scaling on it unlike Xin Zhao Audacious Charge. Lastly it is an awesome minion farmer because the cooldown refreshes on a kill. This effect is also great in team fights for moving on from target to target if you kill with this.

- This skill works amazing on heavy armor tanks like Alistar and Malphite the true damage also penetrates right through Unbreakable Will. This is what lets you build tank items and still put out great damage. The heal on attacks can also be nice for staying in lane and killing things in the jungle.

- Irelia bread and butter skill. This works great in solo lanes as you will generally be lower health than opponents if you go 1v2. It also makes tower diving almost impossible for enemies as you will stun them if they attack you and they will take a few tower shots to the face. This is also one of the best abilities for 1v1 situations as a long stun can really put you back ahead. Even the slow for lower HP opponents is pure amazing. It is one of the best slows in the game and makes running away almost impossible.

- This ultimate is great for staying in lane, and it's devastating late game in team fights. The damage it deals is insane against squishies and it will heal you for so much allowing you to continue acing the team. Aiming can be hard at first but with practice you'll get used to it.

Thanks to This Build for these summaries, just wanted them here to help any newbie Irelia players.

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Skill Sequence

At the beginning of the game I try to be the one to cap our middle point and then meet top, this gives me level 4 on my way top, which adds a bit more damage to Hiten Style. This makes her the killer when she pops top. I've gotten a couple quadra kills this way, which makes me just destroy the rest of the game, that 400+g puts you on a whole different level from the other team that they are unlikely to recover from.
From there, I prefer the typical to Max, to Max, saving to last. With Dominion being so small, you having ghost, and all those speed shrines maxing Bladesurge any earlier is counterproductive, especially when that 2 second stun from ES saves your life.

I tend to lead into a fight with ES, as having the same % of HP = a stun mwahahaha. Then pop Hiten Style and use Bladesurge to close the gap if somehow they snare or slow me. Usually by this time ES is back up and they're slowed again, most likely almost dead as well.

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Summoner Spells

is an AMAZING skill! So underutilized, I use it almost every time it is up. Not only is it a great way to kill the other team while they are trying to capture, it is a great way to kill THEM when you are capturing. Also, something a lot of people haven't realized yet, casting Garrison breaks any enemy champ channel on that turret. With its huge range, I hit garrison as soon as I come into range of its cast radius and lol as the other team is momentarily confused, at least confused long enough to die haha!

is great for the mobility, both getting to a capture point (either defending or attacking) and to escape if something seems to be going wrong. Every Irelia, SR or Dominion, should be using Ghost.

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Defending Captures

Now this always is the trickiest part of Dominion, as it seems like it is designed that it is much easier to capture a point than it is to defend one. That said, your job as an Irelia, depending on your team comp, will be to either float and help defend all your points (toughest job IMO) or to be the main defender of Windmill.
Irelia's main tricks in defending a point are staying as close to center as possible (against a melee champ) and trying to make sure your stuns and doesn't slow, as that guarantees a couple turret shots to the face, which makes any champ cringe a little.
To stop multiple champs it involves careful use of to stop one then on another. Once you have your ult, make sure to save it for team fights and to stop multi champ captures as it has lovely range and hits multiple targets with one blade, of which you have 4!
Against a ranged champ or a Talon/Gangplank type champ that is melee with some nice ranged skills, make sure you stay on the opposite side of your turret from them, but close enough to in and their face to make them back off, then go back to the other side.
Once you have the armor/damage output to go toe to toe with a AD carry, open with your stun, as if you both are at 100% HP it is a stun, and then to up your damage and use to chase. Just make sure you don't chase too far, as I have seen many times where someone goes to chase for a kill and they come back to an enemy capped turret. Not a fun victorious homecoming if I say so myself.
So, TL:DR try to make stun every time while defending, and make sure your team knows you need help if you need it.

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Attacking Captures

Coming Soon!