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Irelia Build Guide by Lord Voldemort

Irelia >The Blades Are Flying<

Irelia >The Blades Are Flying<

Updated on January 30, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Voldemort Build Guide By Lord Voldemort 3,955 Views 1 Comments
3,955 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Voldemort Irelia Build Guide By Lord Voldemort Updated on January 30, 2012
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Hello this is my second guide on MOBAfire and ill show U how to play irelia. this build focuses on armor but in the item section ill show U wich item you should get if U have a fed AP character.
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i take the runes above: greater mark of desolation
greater seal of alacity
Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction
greater quintessence of desolation
but if you dont like them feel free of using the otherones.
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i take 21 0 9 taking utility master in the utility tree. some1 takes 21 in defence and some take 21 in utilitz but mz fav. are 21 in utility and 21 in offence.
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As i said this build focuses on armor. the core are:
I take Phantom Dancer and HP (you could take Sunfire Aegis or Frozen Mallet) and something i love Atma's Impaler this boosts youre stats a LOT. i take this only if a take a HP item. this build doesnt have MR but you could replace Sunfire Aegis with Banshee's Veil couse it gives you mana+health+MR+an awsome passive, or Guardian Angel but then you dont take atams +(. U can take !!!!!! i put a big picture so U dont miss it. i take Hextech Gunblade for the AD and AP for the ultimate and e and q . always check if U have a:
AS item Berserker's Greaves, Phantom Dancer. Trinity Force...
LS item Hextech Gunblade, Wriggle's Lantern...
armor item Sunfire Aegis, Atma's Impaler...
and HP item. Sunfire Aegis, Frozen Mallet...

If U are facing an Ability power team, take Banshee's Veil
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Why hextech gunblade?

Look at this stas:
Hextech Gunblade
AD= for q
AP= dor e and ulti
SV=ulti and e

its just calling for irelia ;P
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this is an awsome abilitz but i max it out last, beucouse its just a farm tool and an escape ability (thinking about it made me max it out evenly with youre w, but w is STILL better)
farming with it:-use it on low life creeps

maybe irelia's most usefull ability, it gives passive lifesteal and activated true damage
i take it at lvl 3-4 for earlz game sustainbility and if there is a tank in lane.

irelia's OP ability, it gives U earlz game damage too MAX.
use it if an enemy goes under turret or for a quick stun.

irelia's ultimate wich heals her. if you are running away from an enemy use this to rgen some precius health. at 1v1 try position yourself so you will hit the enemy plus the enemy creeps. at teamfights hit AS MANY enemies possible DONT USE IT AT THE BEGGINING, it will just deal damage, youre lifesteal will keep U alive for some moment's, at 50% health SPAM! so youre opponent will go like not at full health again........
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Team Work

so youre work is that you jump with youre q activate w and use e and auto-attack the target carry or maybe a Talon or somrthing but NEVER attack the tanbks 1st
try to be a bit >late<< in teamfights so U will not take too mush damage. as i said this build doesnt have MR so try to w8 so theyre enemy LeBlanc, Anivia, Kennen, Veigar... just wastes skills on the tank and than KAPPOW the blades are flying. this is how U should do it. lets saz in youre team there are Nunu & Willump, Irelia, Anivia, Warwick, Ezreal. nunu initiates, Ice Blast ing every1 , warwick goes in with Hunters Call anivia kills the carry , ezreal gets them all on low life. THAN U come in , warwick surpresses, U stun (not the same target, and ezreal keeps some1 busz. nunu casts his ultimate, anivia blocks theexit and U keep killing the enemy. DELAZ YOURE Equilibrium Strike!!!!!! if U see some1 approching, STUN IT so he cant cancel nunus ultimate, he channels and gets a 2 or 3 kills.
youre mission was to protect nunus ultimate! for max dmg. thats just an example!!!! i think that would be a great team.
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Summoner Spells

i take Ignite and Ghost
but U could take Flash for Ghost or exhoust but never take somthing like= Clarity or Fortify
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i hope you like mz guide on irelia
League of Legends Build Guide Author Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort Irelia Guide
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Irelia >The Blades Are Flying<

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