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Irelia Build Guide by The_Real_Wickd

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The_Real_Wickd

Irelia guide by Wickd

The_Real_Wickd Last updated on July 3, 2018
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Build 1

Irelia Build

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Conqueror
LoL Rune: Triumph
LoL Rune: Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Bone Plating
Bone Plating
LoL Rune: Chrysalis

+9% Attack Speed and +15-135 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Top Lane
Ranked #55 in
Top Lane
Win 51%
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-Table of Contents-
Gameplay and Extra
Hello Mobafire!

I am Mike aka Wickd. I've been playing this game since beta.
I have been Challenger every season, peaked rank 1 world, played professionally for 6-7 years and
I've been to Worlds twice.

Recently I started making guides again. The last one was Maokai which can be found here “Highlight Link” and I want to consistently make new guides.
After I retired from professional play I started doing educational content on my stream and youtube channel, now I would like to use the knowledge I gathered over the years to share with you guys, in the form of guides.
If you find my content helpful and consider supporting me you could always drop by my Twitch and Youtube channel or if neither is something for you, you can always help me out by supporting me on Patreon, and together we will decide what kind of content I will be focusing the majority of time on.
I hope this guide will help you have as much fun with Irelia as I have. I mained her ever since she was released and have played her a ton on the new patch as well.
As for Match ups, this guide is going to be continuously updated and the match ups are going to get added through Youtube videos/Twitch vods.
In addition to that, Patreons will decide the match up Videos that will be added to this guide the more time passes.
Irelia is a champion that benefits greatly from Flash. Being able to engage on your opponents with a nicely timed Flash Equilibrium Strike is one of the things that made Irelia strong.
Irelia need’s Teleport to be able to survive most laning phases. Her early laning phase is quite weak and without the help of teleport she will simply get bullied into being useless. Teleport is the saviour that Irelia needs to survive that tough period of her life.

Precision & Resolve


Triumph: This rune was nerfed by 3% in patch 7.24, but I still think it’s just good enough to make the cut over presence of mind. Irelia often ends up in fights that are very close and Triumph might save you from dying to creeps after killing your opponent or be of help in 1 versus 2 fights.

Legend: Alacrity
Legend: Alacrity: Attack Speed is an essential stat on Irelia and this rune provides just that. The other two choices doesn’t make much sense as she doesn’t really need Tenacity due to her in build Tenacity in her passive and I think the lifesteal rune is underpowered on Melee champions.

Coup De Grace
Coup de Grace: You could play around with this rune and choose the other two from time to time, but 9 bonus Attack Damage after killing your first targets in teamfights makes me choose Coup de Grace as number 1. However there isn’t much of a difference balance wise between the 3 so you can tweak it to your liking.


Bone Plating


-Skill Order-

> >
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ionian Fervor
You stack this by using your BladeSurge on minions for last hit, but if it's about to run out try to hit your enemy once to reset the timer. Also by using your W and hitting an enemy you get 2 stacks so in 1v1 fights it's fairly easy to get full stacks. At full stacks you will gain Attack Speed and you will start doing 300% more damage to shields which will help you kill people protected by supportive champions.
Pretty straightforward ability. It makes Irelia extremely mobile and if you fight around minion waves you can utilize this ability to dodge a lot of skillshots, escape in ways that the enemy wouldn't expect or even catch up to them from far distances.
Defiant Dance
Irelia's Defiance Dance is all about timing. If you are fighting a somewhat fair fight your number 1 objective is to look out for the abilities that can kill you and negate their damage with Defiant Dance. In my opinion it's probably Irelia's strongest ability and the reason why she's currently one of the best champions.
Flawless Duet
Irelia's Flawless Duet is an AOE stun that's extremely difficult to hit. The optimal way of hitting this ability is by predicting the enemy champions movement. The only way to do that is finding out what they want to do and countering it. The easiest way to do that is during the laning phase look for Creeps that they want to kill and when they go into the animation of hitting the creep you use your Flawless Duet. Another good way to use it is if you are chasing an enemy you know that they will run away from you in most cases and can simply use it a little behind them so they run into it. Always try to think about what the enemy wants to do.
Vanguard's Edge
Vanguard's Edge: In a 1v1 situation Irelia's ultimate is extremely strong if you are chasing people down, but very useless if you are fighting them straight up. Try to get into situations where you have to chase people down as that's the strongest aspect of Irelia. Also it's extremely good in teamfights where the enemy have to run away from your team because they get blocked and suddenly can't auto attack. Try to use it in angles where the enemy have to run through the blades either to catch them or for zone control.
Starting Items
Corrupting Potion
Doran's Shield
Doran's Blade
Corrupting Potion: Best item to start with as Irelia due to her being so mana hungry. She needs a lot of mana to utilize all her strengths and Doran's Shield and Doran's Blade simply doesn't provide that.
Doran's Shield: A great item against damage over time abilities for example Darius, Singed, Teemo and the likes of those. Also a decent item if you have to play safe throughout the laning phase.
Doran's Blade: Only buy Doran’s blade as first item if you have an insanely easy laning phase. It’s a good item to take your lead a little further, but Irelia rarely have good match ups.
Ninja Tabi
Mercury’s Treads
Berserker’s Greaves
Ninja Tabi: Opposite of Merc's. Buy this pair of boots against Auto Attacking teams with little Crowd Control.
Mercury's Treads: Use them against teams with few Auto Attackers and a lot of CC. Mostly against AP based teams
Berserker's Greaves: This is a funny one. From what I know Berserkers have the highest win ratio of all boots on Irelia, and it’s most likely due to them being used very nichely. It’s in my opinion the best boots against low CC compositions IF you win the 1v1 splits hard.
Often your go to first item because it gives you a ton of pushing power in the lane and also it's the best 1v1 item that you can get early on. One big advantage of this item with Irelia is if you Q minions in a fight near the enemy they still take a lot of damage from your Tiamat without you using time on it.
Trinity Force
The best Item for Irelia because it gives her everything she needs. Attack Speed, On-Hit damage, Sheen Proc, Cooldown and Attack damage. Also the most important aspect of Trinity Force is how easy it lets you kill minions by using BladeSurge onto them.
Titanic Hydra
An absolutely amazing item for Irelia because it synergizes very well with your Bladesurge and let's you instantly clean minion waves.
Sterak's Gage
Perfect later game item on Irelia because it provides a lot of tankiness while also giving you a bit of damage. The HP you get from this item synergizes well with your Defiant Dance
Guardian Angel
One of personal favorite items on Irelia. It's similar to Sterak's gage, but this item you want to buy against teams with a lot of burst damage, but low consistent damage.
Randuin's Omen
Very niche item that you only want against heavy crit teams which is mostly against teams with Yasuo and the likes because that makes them have multiple crit champions.
Spirit Visage
Buy it if they have a lot of AP else just don't bother.
Blade of the Ruined King
I almost never buy this item and it’s something I would only do in specific match ups for example against a Gnar.
Duskblade of Draktharr
It’s a fun and good item to have if you are snowballing out of control and you want a little more damage to take it to the next step. If you aren’t snowballing don’t buy it.
Buy it if they have a lot of Auto Attackers or healing champions on their team else don't bother.
Early Game
At level 1 you skill up Q as we talked about earlier and the best way to utilize your Q in the level 1 fight is to wait for the 3 melee creeps to be low on health and instantly killing all of them. That will give you 3 stacks of Ionian Fervor and you want to keep these 3 stacks up by hitting the enemy once in a while untill a ranged minion is low and you can Q that to get a 4th stack. If you end up in a big fight with the enemy you can obviously Q him to get the 4th stack and try to all in him, but that will give you a much weaker level 2 as you won't have the stacks anymore.
Level 2 you will take Flawless Duet and try to see if you can figure out the enemy champions movement pattern and hit him with Flawless Duet while you have atleast 2 Stacks of your passive. That way you can get to 4 stacks and start all inning him. If you can't find the situation simply farm and wait for later opportunities.

Level 3 you take Defiant Dance which in my opinion is one of your strongest abilities. At this point it's all about playing with the minion waves and there is not one way to play the lane anymore. If he got more creeps play passive, and if you have more creeps play aggressive. Keep this up till you have Ultimate.
Level 6 you finally have your ultimate and want to start killing the opponent or roaming. You have two tactics to choose from. Let him push towards you and try to get your jungler to gank him and get a kill or push him in all the time and try to roam towards mid or base and go bottom to try and pick up some kills on the map.
Out of Lane
Irelia is one of the best catching champions in the game so your job is to catch people off guard. The best way to do that as a top laner is the push in the side lane opposite side of where your team wants to play. Your team always wants to play around an objective aka Dragon, Tower or Baron. You play the opposite side, push in the wave and try to roam towards your team to make a catch or teamfight happen. Overall the playstyle remains the same throughout the game.
Hope you enjoyed my Irelia guide and I also hope you have a lot of fun playing her as she's one of my favorite champions <3