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Irelia General Guide by A KAIJU

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A KAIJU

Irelia guide Read,learn and carry

A KAIJU Last updated on May 2, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Irelia with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Diana you just simply stronger as long as you dont take free damage
Dr. Mundo Farm lane mostly hard to kill after 6 try get a gank pre6
Gnar Dodge His Q easily and dont fight him when hes in mega gnar because his cc wastes your W time and he is tanky in that form.but easy kill in mini gnar.
Teemo bait his blind and just melt him pink ward or a sweeper might make the figher easier to avoid his shrooms.
Yasuo easy i dont see any reason why you wouldnt send him back to midlane
Zed exactly like yaso except if u give him first blood.
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hello this is my summery for irelia what you need to know really just read

This guide is about icon=irelia size30 but may help you with all other toplaners lets get with it.
so why irelia ? i think she was made just so people deal with adcs kiting out she has a very good stun with good amount of damage and quite tanky she has all what a top laner needs to carry a game good laning phase good power spike at level 6 gets tanky to absorbs damage while being able to dish out a lot too.

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her kit

Look irelia is made for killing Adcs some toplaners are there to peel some for engage some to tank but irelia is there to kill carries that's what you should be doing yes sometimes you have to peel for the carries but mostly u will go for the carries its just her kit allows you to kill carries alone and sometimes you will just zone the ADCs while the rest of ur team killing the enemy team even though you did not touch anyone that team fight no kills no assist but you zoned the adc which basically why you won that team fight.

Her kit now:

PASSIVE ionian-fervor: gain tenacity on each champ near by up to 40% which helps irelia walk through the enemy team to reach the carries.

Q :an amazing dash resets cooldown if it kills a unit and refunds half the mana cost.
this ability brings :
easy farming if against ranged toplaner we take 1 level in q if facing a ranged champ and max it last, this ability is what helps irelia anti kite adcs becasue of the double dash that you could pull out if you combine it with W (THE TRUE DMG +sheen passive) should kill a caster minion mid game (plus BORK AND RANDUINS OMEN ACTIVES)= THERES NO WAY THAT ADC IS GETTING AWAY.

W : true damage and health regeneration helps sustain and gives amazing damage.

E : the amazing 2 sec stun at max level which everyone fears,usually you max this 2nd because thats where irelia shines mid game where W and E are maxed gives you enough time to burst someone down or forcing a flash.
look you only max E 2nd against mele champions you cant handle for example Fiora and Jax sometimes specially if that laner has ignite means he or she is going for kills usually these champions have great early game which you AS Irelia dont have that good early game and you need to farm up and not fall behind to achieve this you max E to avoid their engages or ganks or even dives it just turns toplane much safer place for you :P

R : because of her ultimate we build sheen on irelia first becasue of 2 reasons the 4 casts and the 200%AP+100%AD ratio with sheen first item thats alot of mixed damage which is why irelia is a bursty brusier type of a champion.
i really dont recommend buying phage first its always better to go sheen first always i have gone phage first sometimes and i have always regretted it because it kills that level 6 power spike for you believe me.

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few things you must know about irelia
1-You dont level 1 fight anyone toplane because thats where you could throw the game for you if you lose the fight like you died and gave first blood or flashed away and kept using pots to heal up that level 1 lost fight only gives advantage and courage to the enemy laner because you used pots maybe flash too and now you are scared to go for cs and he will zone you out and he will call for ganks since ur flash is down which puts you super behind BEST way to avoid all of this by just farming and stunning the enemy champ if he try's to fight.

2-If you start it means you could fight but if you dont get anything out of that fight it will just put you behind...this is solved by starting to stay in lane as much as you can you need to farm that sheen up.

3-you have a bad early game but that doesn't mean you cant fight But the real question is When to fight and when not to?
Well if the enemy laner has more sustain than you like dont fight because thats a waste of pots and mana and you wont gain anything out of it usually...
Fight when the enemy laner has no sustain like who started EVEN THOUGH WE ALL KNOW HE WINS THE EARLY FIGHT WE DO IT BUT WE DONT OVER COMMIT TO IT! because if he uses that 1 pot to heal up after that early fight it means you already won lane because you have a flask,3pots and W to sustain this lane its the smart way to win the lane.

4-Freeze to win the lane usually the champions that beat you early game hard end up pushing because they try to poke you once they do push the lane the jungler comes for them and it becomes easy kill and you will gain big advantage of xp and gp early sheen means more kills=snowball=carry.

5-for logical reasons if facing ranged toplaner like take Q first level so you can farm and avoid poke and we always max Q last even though its good damage ability but what E AND W offer is better to max them first

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You cant build all builds the same build each game simple you must learn to adapt buying items depending on the enemy team like icon=Spirit visage size=25 is such a great item on irelia but what if the enemy team is just full AD then you go for icon=frozen heart size=25 or even icon=Thornmail size=25 any questions will be answered just ask:D

over gives burst and never failed me >> you will need it in the early team fights >>boots >> i prefer being able to tank damage so you can go for the carries easier and from there you only get stronger >> 2ndery anti kite item really usefull attackspeed too >> because Irelia falls behind in damage late game about min 40+ last whisp solves it but you might feel like you need more defensive items go for it then.

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I lost my lane and ended up feeding somehow my team flamed me for being useless i didnt know how to deal with the situation what should i do in these situations?

Well first of all you arent no faker and others could outsmart you and win their lane you are playing irelia doesnt mean you can lose 2nd of all in these situations you go pure tank with trinity force only and study the team fight YES I MEAN STUDY THE TEAM FIGHT think how are you guys losing the team fight and make sure you tank for the team its the only way you goin be usefull unless you think you can take the enemy carry somehow but my advice really just go tank forget damage let the team get kills too they will carry you will tank.

I'm finding it hard to lane against some champions what do i do?

Its the same situation with all champions you need to realize that you have to have trust in the team bot,mid and maybe the jungler who are having better time than you they will carry as long as you dont feed and over time you will know which match up is going to be hard and which wont be hard plus some matchups take over like means you must use teleport to get few kills botlane or at dragon fights even it means you lose the turret if you win the 5v4 plus dragon oh baby you guys rolling now.

all other lanes are feeding except me how could i carry?


some games cant be carried yes i agree i have lost horrible games where the other team makes u feel like uninstall but so did i the other way around Some games you win some you dont ( ONE FOR YOU ONE ON YOU) over time you will learn when to quickly adapt the situation like when im playing the game i always press Tab to see my teams farm and the enemy teams farm and kills too and i save my teleport just to show up next time they fight to change the game for our favor just because i wasn't selfish and teleported top and walked back to lane waiting for the right moment to help our losing lane got us the game.

my jungler doesnt gank me even when i freez the lane what should i do?

the junglers job ins't to babysit you or anyone he has farm to do he has counter jungle and vission to get you must be able to handle the lane by your self thats why you picked solo lane
it is good when the jungler ganks you it helps of course but if you were able to handle the lane and he or she ganks mid lane for example thats 2 lanes plus the jungler are doing good ALLWAYS try to be the one who handles the lane

I lost my lane and the enemy laner just kills me every time i go top what should i do?

first of all if you keep dying when you become 0-3 or more than that you dont give as much gold as the others do so the enemy top laner should be roaming for others thats where you must ping MIA? so you could buy your self time to farm and catch up ORRRRRR if the enemy laner doesn't roam you should and this way you will catch up EVEEN IF YOU LOSE A TURRET FOR IT.

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Feed back helps I will answer all questions too

It is my first guide so i know i need a lot of editing so help me please <3 thank you


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