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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kingslayer

Irelia - Up to date build.

Kingslayer Last updated on March 2, 2011
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List of updates.

01/03/11 - Build finished and posted.
02/03/11 - Typos edited and jungeling section added.
02/03/11 - Edit 2 today, Added a Irelia - Shaco part as well as uploaded a little video for your pleasure.

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Welcome to my build for Irelia, The will of the Blades. I've been looking at some of the high-scored Irelia builds here on Mobafire and I find them very out of date and would not work nearly as good as this do. If you wan't to succeed with using this build. Follow my steps very precise. Everything is exactly how it should be to become an Unstoppable force which constantly is harassing the enemy with your very neat timing. (Timing is key to Irelia, As well as knowing your limitations)

Let's get going then. All Aboard the victory train!

Note: I have about 70% win percentage with Irelia in ranked games using this build only.
Note 2: This is not a jungleing build, If you want to jungle with Irelia. Read the chapter named Jungeling. Nothing els in this guide has anything to do with jungeling. This build is only Strong if Irelia is let to solo lane.

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Magic pen is always good. It will make you hit harder and heal more. Healing is what makes Irelia durable and a great solo laner.

Mana Regen/Level is needed. You will have issues with your mana all game so these are really needed. When I started playing Irelia I used flat AS Seals cuz I thought that the True damage was the way to go. It I's not! It doesn't scale well late game!

Magic Resistant is also very good. you get a whole lot of it in this build. And that is a good think. Mages is your weak spot. Any other AD carry will have to run since you will always focus them.

Hit points is Hit points.

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Let me just ask you a question. How much damage do you deal when you are dead? Not that much right? Thought so as well. Defense is the way to go! More MR,AS and AP, health Regeneration and much more! 9 points in utility with more EXP, Improved Ghost and a bit more mana regeneration.

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Skill Sequence

Just look above. It's Obvious that you want to stack your most spam-able attack first. Then your healing move that gives you true damage. And last the 10+ CD long charge. ( It deals insane damage, I know but still.) Pick Ult every time available as with every champion.

Not much more to say here really. If you disagree just try other sequences and let me see your results please!

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Summoner Spells

Lot's of good choices here! I've made a little picture for you here! The once crossed over are obviously not to be picked since it doesn't suit Irelia at all. Avoid these In 99 out of 100 games. The others are all really good, play what you feel most confident about. I usually pick Ghost + Ignite. That way I'm able of taking out anyone in a 1v1. This often Results in lots of QQ tho, So be careful.

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Made an easy flow chart for you in MS paint. don't judge me please :(

So let's explain this build then.

Basically the core build is as you can see Doran's Shield, Sheen, Mercury's Treads and Spirit Visage. In every game you should always have these three items. Here's why:

Doran's Shield - Heath, Armor, health regen. Great early game. You will survive most harass done to you early game thanks to this. Always buy it first.

Sheen - Great damage increase since you spam pretty much, and your Blade surge pops it when used. That means double Blade Surge Damage. Which is pretty damn imba.

Mercury's Treads - Magic resistants is always good for Irelia as I mentioned earlier. And less CC goes great with your passive! Stuns won't be a problem for you anymore. QQ more enemy team!

Spirit Visage - Health, CDR, Magic Resist AAAAND 15% bonus healing! since it's now nerfed. Still very, very viable for Irelia. Goes well with both Hiten Style and Trans Blades!

So, you got the core ready. Next is either Guardian Angel or Trinity Force. 70% of my games I do the trinity. But if you don't have Shen, Rammus, Malphite or Amumu on you team and you kinda need to off-tank a bit and take some heavy hits, then go with the Guardian.

After you decided one either Trinity Force or Guardian Angel you should proceed in the same line as you first picked. So if you got Trinity, Go for more Damage with Rabadon's Deathcap. If you got Guardian go for more Survivability with Hextech Gunblade! Or if you think GA is enough, Skip the Gunblade and go for Deathcap again.

Some explanation on these items then I guess.

Trinity Force - Makes you hit soooo hard! Your Enemies will cry when they see you and you will spank miles of ***. I love this item. The movement speed gives you up to 450 MS and with the Blade Surge you will be able to chase down anyone and anything. that's right Yi, your dead now.

Guardian Angel - Makes the enemy team not wanna focus you at all, And If they do they will just waste their time. you won't die, Right? Pop Ult right after Angel revives you and heal to full health and then continue the rampage.

Rabadon's Deathcap - Many of you probably think's I'm crazy to even bring AP into a Irelia build. But just look at Equilibrium Strike, It has a 1:1 AP ratio. that means with Trinity Force + Rabadon's It will hit the squishier targets for over 600 damage with a 4-7second Cooldown + slow/Stun. Wow. Just Wow.

Hextech Gunblade - Irelia doesn't really lack slowing ability so the "use" is pretty wasted, If it wasn't for the 300damage it deals! That is amazing for Irelia! 300+ Damage is peeerfeeeect! And Both spell vamp and Lifesteal? I'm in Heaven baby! But, don't get this unless you are really getting focused! The Rabadon's Gives you much more damage then this. This just keeps you alive. ( Not "just keeps you alive" It still buffs all your damage of course. Just not as much as Rabadon's)

Finally the last Item. If you did the Survivability way of Irelia Sell your [Doran's Shield] and get a Wit's End for extra damage. Makes your True damage go up to a bit over 100 with Hiten style popped. And damage is just what you need. Also, gives Magic resist and Attack speed. Means more hits with Hiten + Wit's proccs.

If you did the damage way, Wit's is a nice pick as well. But you might get the Guardian Angel to make sure you don't die and give the enemy team 1000gold for picking you up cuz you hadn't beefed enough. Usually The game is over when I'm half way to Rabadon's but still. If you ever get this far in a game, You could really go any item you want that suites the moment.

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This is not a Jungeling guide! Since I Think Irelia is not fit for the jungle! A jungler Don't get as much farm as a Mid player or a Solo Player does. Therefore Irelia should Always be played in either Mid or a Solo lane! Last hitting is important! And quite easy! You got both Blade Surge and Trans Blades to do this for you!

Note: Last hitting is hard at first! Be patient and just stay focused! Don't push the lane by auto attack the minions! Just last hit! It's a very valuable skill that takes time and practice to master!

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Jungeling as Irelia.

So, If your team really really needs a jungler and you don't got any other option then to put poor Irelia there, All alone with a small amount of creeps to feed on. Then this is how you will roll in the bushes!
Summoner Spells : Smite Ghost

Mastery :
Here is a flow chart of the build you will use while jungeling!

Start of with a Cloth Armor like most junglers and 5 health potions. Pick a points in Hiten Style. If your team is willing to help you get the blue buff. Go get it. Otherwise start with the two small golems instead. Note: Smite one. Hit level 2 and pick Equilibrium Strike. Move on to their blue buff if they don't have a jungler els go all the way to your own. Keep stunning the big golem when his hit points is above yours. Smite him when he is low to avoid the other team stealing it. Then just follow the jungleing pattern which I made below.

After you blue pill for the first time. Do the same rout. But instead of golem do lizard. When Lizard is dead go directly to step 7. Gank! Make sure you've picked 1 point in Blade surge at level 4! Otherwise ganking might be a little bit tricky if I get to say it myself.

Note: I still think this is the last way you should go with Irelia. For sure You can get the wriggles anytime you want if you don't like the Wit's. It's a great Item with lots of lifesteal! And the free ward is just great!

note 2: Always place you wriggles ward at the dragon when you are jungeling! Dragon is crucial for your success.

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Ranked Play

I will be posting a picture that will show you my progress with Irelia using this build! I've Censored all the irrelevant things for you.

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Irelia And Shaco.

Irelia and Shaco is such a great combo! You should always have Irelia solo top, close to the Baron, And Shaco jungeling hard. But when Shaco is in the play. Irelia wan'ts to build the jungle items instead. So grab that Lantern fast Irelia cuz Shaco sure got his! So this is what makes this combo sooo much rape! Once Shaco hit's level 11 in the jungle and his clone goes up to rank 2 you will probably be around 14-15 If you have played your lane right. And you know Shaco's Clone pops "on hit effects" right? This mean that Shaco's clone pop Madrens. Okay, let's get to the point.

Both Shaco and Irelia got Wriggles Lantern. That means both of them got Life Steal and a minion-slaying ability. When Shaco get's to level 11 and has the red buff. You go Baron. Just you and Shaco. You got two wards as well. Put them to make sure you don't get ganked. But who would even think of 2 manning Baron at that level? No one, That's who. Just pop both your ultimates and let Shaco put out those boxes to tank it for you. Baron should die fairly easy if you don't screw up or get ganked.

If you don't believe me. Let me post a Video as soon as the servers open again. I'll have it up here before the end of the week.

Here is the Video as I promised.