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Ivern Build Guide by Ir.Defender

Jungle Ivernfend / Nature isn't always gentle! [Season 12]

Jungle Ivernfend / Nature isn't always gentle! [Season 12]

Updated on February 7, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ir.Defender Build Guide By Ir.Defender 4 2 16,976 Views 0 Comments
4 2 16,976 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ir.Defender Ivern Build Guide By Ir.Defender Updated on February 7, 2022
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Ivern
  • LoL Champion: Ivern

Runes: Sorcery + Inspiration

1 2 3 4
Summon Aery
Nimbus Cloak

Future's Market
Cosmic Insight

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Hello and welcome to my Ivern season 11 guide! This is my third guide on Mobafire and this time around I'm here to share my information about this champion. As always we get deep into every single aspect of Gameplay and Jungling as well as Builds and much more! I hope you enjoy reading and discovering my Guide.
About Me
I'm Defender and I peaked Diamond I on Eune and Diamond III on Euw server.
About Guide
With a friendly tune and simple words and sentences, my guide final goal is to teach players and coaching them with their gameplay and jungling mechanics as an Ivern player. You will find any type of information you will ever need for mastering Ivern, you will learn the best strategies, builds, and even threats & synergies and more useful information to improve as a league player.
❗️ Everything is connected, for the best experience make sure you read the whole guide.
❗️ If you want more information about me, or if you have a question about guide please read the Conclusion chapter.
Ivern - The Green Father (known to many as Bramblefoot or the Old Woodsman, is a peculiar half-man, half-tree who roams the wilds of Runeterra, cultivating life everywhere he goes. He knows all the secrets of the natural world, and holds deep friendships with things that grow, fly, and scuttle), one of the unique champions in League of Legends. He's unique with his fun playstyle and lovely personality, I mean he's The Friend of Forest after all!
Ivern is a Supportive/Controller
Jungle Champion.
Current Status
I can say that Ivern was always a great champion. With his Shield and Controller kit overall he is a very impactful champion too. Meanwhile he just received a huge buff last patch and he currently have a great Win Rate in jungle. You can consider him as one of the best picks for upcoming season 11 to dominate the rift and climb with!

+ Acceptable jungle clear
+ Multiple jungle paths
+ Acceptable jungle control
+ Great at peeling
+ Good amount of CC
+ Playmaker & Impactful
+ Low cooldown Abilities
+ He has his friend Daisy!
Ivern passive made him a real jungler. An acceptable clear speed and overall good control over his jungle camps. His passive also let him choose Multiple jungle paths each game! His Rootcaller make the ganking part easier specially when it makes possible for you and allies to dash towards the rooted target. In terms of dealing damage Ivern isn't that bad and with his ultimate Daisy! he has a huge impact in each fight. Daisy also helps Ivern to control map tempo and doing objectives easier! With that being said he is a very good playmaker. He can permanently shield his allies with Triggerseed which make him one of the best peelers in League of Legends.

- Rely on team and teamwork
- Not best with doing objectives
- Not good at dueling
- May get invaded
- Can't solo carry
- Assassins can be a threat
His early clear isn't the best and using passive consume a lot of mana and hp from him, putting him into the risk of getting invaded. As a supportive jungler Ivern rely on his allies as you can't take solo kills and fighting by your own, he is extra good when you have some winning lanes, but he will be useless if his teammates are! Ivern can scale into late but he needs his carries aside him. He also can't escape from most of Assassins and even AD Fighters if he is in a bad postion.
FLASH: Most used Summoner Spell, used for both chasing and escaping and even making some plays. It is recommended for any Ivern player to have Flash. As an extra mobility, It helps you to escape and manage your postion when needed. Also helpful for getting deeper and closer in team fights, It can be used to dodge or land abilities. It can also be used to move over walls, either for a quick escape or in response to an opponent's dash.
SMITE: The benefits of Junglers, Smite is the jungling Summoner Spell, it helps you to clear jungle camps and getting important objectives, with Ivern you can instantly get your camps with using Smite. Overall Smite is a very important spell that any jungler needs to learn many things toward using, such as timing and targeting.

Friend of the Forest
Ivern cannot attack or be attacked by non-epic monsters. Ivern can create magical groves on jungle camps which grow over time. When the grove is fully grown, Ivern may free the monsters to receive gold and experience. After level 5 Ivern can share jungle buffs with allies.
This passive makes Ivern a unique jungler. We will discuss everything about Ivern and his abilities in the Gameplay section and for now, I'm just leaving my opinion, make sure to read full ability details toward the ability icon if you are new to Ivern. This passive has different parts, you won't be able to attack camps but instead, you place the monsters into a grove and after 40 seconds reduced to 1 second (based on level) at the late game you can interact with camps and free the monsters, taking their resources! Besides the first clear which your passive consume a lot of health and mana, you will be fine for the rest of the game and overall you can keep up with farm almost with every jungler especially noticing that Ivern has a cheaper build order so you are one step ahead. as you know Smiting a camp within a grove can instantly free the monster and you can take its resources! starting from level 5 which is absolutely early into the game you leave a buff for your teammates whenever you take the Blue/Red buff which is a good advantage for your allies!
Ivern conjures a vine, dealing damage and rooting enemy targets hit. Ivern's allies can dash to the rooted target.
Rootcaller is your core ability for ganking the enemy, besides the great amount of damage and root duration, The fact that you, your allies and Daisy! all can rush into the rooted enemy is insane! You can also use Rootcaller while you are in your jungle, moving quickly between camps especially when this ability doesn't interapt with your Mobility Boots since you can't damage jungle camps! Not to mention that you can use it for escaping or closing your range with enemies using it on minions or camps!
In brush, Ivern's attacks deal bonus magic damage. Ivern can activate this ability to create a patch of brush.
Brushmaker is one of my favorite abilities in League of Legends! I can see that still a lot of Ivern players don't use it that much while this ability is absolutely crazy, you can make plays with Brushmaker, early into the game you can leave your laners (for example your midlaner) A brush that he can use, hiding from enemy and farming easier, Overall I'm saying that you can always leave a brush for your laners whenever you are close to a lane, besides that using it during fights and covering your team in Dragon pit and much more which we will fully discuss in Gameplay part!
Ivern places a shield on an ally which explodes after a short duration slowing and damaging enemies.
Triggerseed let Ivern to shield himself, his teammates and Daisy!. The shield amount is huge and that's not everything, after that 2-second duration the Shield explodes and deals a great amount of damage and slows all nearby enemies! In other words, this ability contains Damage, Peeling, and CC together.
Ivern summons his Sentinel friend Daisy to fight with him. Daisy will send out a shockwave if she attacks the same champion three times in a row.
And finally, we have our friend Daisy! she may look friendly but she can be an absolute Final Boss in fights. She gets tankier each time you level up your ultimate, while she can deal good damage and knock enemies with her passive! Learning how to control her well will lead you to be more useful in team fights. Daisy! cooldown is so low compared to other ultimates, that makes sense because not only for doing objectives but for ganking and team fighting we need her help!





































You want to get Q at level 1, If your teams want to invade or even if you get invaded Rootcaller is something helpful, also since it takes a while to get level 2 Rootcaller can help you escape any possible invades by enemy jungler since you can Root them simply and run away! While you are farming you can use it for dashing toward your camps (you may want to save your mana which again depends on your path) When you reach level 2 you get Triggerseed and with having both your Q and E you can actually gank! When you reach level 3 you are completely ready for a gank, we can't deny the Bonus Magic Damage that Ivern can deal when he is in a Brush, so you can grab Brushmaker level 3!
(❗️ Reccomended): At the moment, this is the best Keystone for Ivern. Summon Aery helps you to deal some extra damage whenever you attack an enemy with your abilities or even basic attack, This means landing Rootcaller on enemies, basic attacking especially when you were in a Brush before, and even whenever your shield explodes Aery deals that little extra damage, though don't forget that Aery cannot be sent out until she returns to your champ. Meanwhile, the main goal of grabbing this keystone is for the Extra shielding amount! yes Summon Aery increase your shielding amount for a noticeable amount, improving both your harassment and protective capabilities. Overall during a fight as Ivern, Summon Aery is always rotating!
(❗️ Optimal): If you have read my Note on first rune section, you know that Guardian can be your choice if you want to focus and dominate through one lane or if you have a gameplan to play around a certain champion in your team, or playing for your Premade and Duo partner and carry the game together!
Sorcery Domination Resolve Inspiration

Nimbus Cloak was one of the most popular runes during the last season, and it's still the choice of many junglers since Smite has the lowest cooldown between the summoners spells and each time you smite you can use that extra movement speed. Whenever you ganking or escaping it can be helpful!
New changes on Transcendence turns this rune into a core choice for a champion like Ivern, especially with the recent buffs on his Triggerseed. You will get 10 Ability Haste when you reach level 8 and an amazing passive at level 11 which reduce the remaining cooldown of your abilities by 20% with each takedown. It means extra ability usage in each fight and more shielding, cc, and even brush for your carries!
Together with Mobility Boots and even Nimbus Cloak & Waterwalking, Celerity is here to increase your movement speed effectiveness for a bit! You already have a good movement speed but if you are looking to rotate between your camps, ganking more when you can, and be more active in the map, you can grab Celerity!
Once again is all about movement speed and this time the extra adaptive force which you can have in Water! As a jungler, your main goal of taking Waterwalking is to rotate faster into your destination lane when you cross the river, as well as a little advantage for fights in the river & objectives!
As always, vision control is an important part of being a jungler and if you ever decide to have Domination as your second rune page Zombie Ward is a must go. It also depends on your matchup and if you are able to invade and seek your enemy jungle you can leave some deep wards and use Zombie Ward passive!
And again bonus movement speed! Relentless Hunter and Mobility Boots together give you a huge amount Out of Combat movement speed! It makes you really fast and you can abuse it to rotate and be everywhere when needed!
If you have Resolve as your second or even the main rune page, you have some different options. Font of Life can be one of your options for a little extra healing for allies, Though since the healing amount is based on your max health you can expect this rune to be so useful.
Shield Bash is a very good rune to pick up, not only you get bonus resistance, but each time you shield yourself or get shielded by someone else, your next basic attack is empowered with extra damage, together with Brushmaker your basic attacks can hurt!
Revitalize increase both incoming and outgoing shield and heal amount for 5% and 10% for targets below 40% Health which is a decent amount, this time around with Moonstone Renewer Ivern has the ability to heal his allies aside shielding them!
If you want more resistance Conditioning can be helpful a bit, it increases your armor and magic resist after 12 minutes. though it's mostly recommended when you going for Deep in Action build.
Inspiration is your best rune page, one of your options is Hextech Flashtraption, this allows you to gank more and surprise your enemies. Its short cooldown can be used to blink over walls for quicker jungle navigation and repeated ganks.
Future's Market is one of the best runes for Ivern, I grab this most of the times and it's always helpful, Overall support items are cheaper and with the gold advantage that Future's Market gives you, you can sometimes grab what you need earlier than what you think. For example, I always get my Mobility Boots after my first recall when I'm still missing some gold, despite that I enter a debt, that early boot helps a lot for farming and rotating faster!
Despite the last changes on Cosmic Insight, it's still one of the best options for Ivern, you see, as you can instantly free your jungle camps with Smite the extra summoner spell haste is so valuable.
Overall Ability Haste is on of your core stats to reduce your cooldowns with, so your first choice is always +8 Ability Haste!
You can grab Adaptive Force or if you feel you need more resistance, you can take armor or even magic resist.
You grab Armor or Magic Resist based on your matchup, if enemy jungler is AD you go armor and if he is AP you go Magic Resist!
Hailblade is our new jungle item and our new Chilling Smite. You need it for jungling. Using your Smite for 5 times turns it into Chilling Smite, The slow coming from it is helpful for both ganking and escaping and its better option for Ivern.
It's the best item you can purchase with the rest of your gold at the beginning of the game. It's good for extra sustain and heal and it refills every time you get back to base. Ivern passive consume a lot of health and you need to use this potion when you want to start your 4th camp.
You may want to start the game with Stealth Ward and use it to avoid an early invade, we will fully discuss the importance of vision and how you can use that early ward on jungle section!
Mobility Boots is the first item that you want to purchase, it gives you 115 out of combat movement speed which you can use when you are farming in your jungle. It helps you to move quickly and rotate faster between your camps and different lanes for ganking! It cost 1000 Gold which you can purchase on your first recall especially if you have Future's Market in your Runes!
Bandleglass Mirror gives you some of your core stats that you need and its a part of your Core Mythic Items. Overall that +20 Ability Power, +10 Ability Haste and the Mana Regen helps you a lot during your early game phase.
With your first recall, you will swap Stealth Ward with Oracle Lens. It helps for clearing enemy wards, ganking, and overall Vision Control!
Your core item in season 11 is your mythic item. Both of your mythic items gives you some good stats with only 2500 Gold. New item changes allow players to choose a single mythic item for each game which determinates their gameplan. Moonstone Renewer is a brand new mythic item which added into the game in the preseason and for Controller champions like Ivern, this item is so impactful. The passive allows you to heal nearby allies as long as you are in combat, which means in team fights you are always healing your teammates, and in terms of supportive play, it's a better mythic item.
Imperial Mandate is also a perfect item for Ivern, if I want to compare it with Moonstone Renewer I can say that Imperial Mandate is good for dealing more damage and giving your carries more kill potential. For choosing which mythic item you want to build, you can take a look at your comp or waiting to see how good your team plays in the early game. I recommend you to build Moonstone Renewer when your carries are fed and Imperial Mandate when they are behind, so you can give them more kill potential with its passive, Whenever they dash in a target with your Rootcaller or when your shield explodes on them, Imperial Mandate passive activates and they can deal that extra damage, as I said for more damage and kill potential and a chance to scale!
You can build Ionian Boots of Lucidity instead of Mobility Boots since it can be a good choice as well. I personally enjoy the extra movement speed when out of combat which helps with both farming and ganking as I said, but Ionian Boots of Lucidity gives you 15 Ability Haste to reduce your cooldowns and then extra 10 Summoner Spell Haste to reduce your cooldowns especially on Smite, together with Cosmic Insight you can reduce your summoner spells cooldown for a noticeable amount!
Ardent Censer is one of my favorite items in League of Legends! Healing or Shielding allies gives them 10-30% Attack Speed and 5-20 bonus Magic Damage on hit! This item is a huge buff for every ally champion, but it's extra good if you have an on hit AD Carry!
Redemption is another good item, it increases your Healing and Shielding power by 20% make it a good synergy for Moonstone Renewer. The active can be used in different situations, mostly in Team fights and it can give you more priority in fights.
Mikael's Blessing can be an impactful item, It can remove all crowd control debuffs from yourself or an ally, giving them more utility in a fight, especially if you are facing CC comps that can make trouble for your carries. Mikael's Blessing can be one of your choices each game!
Staff of Flowing Water is one of the new items introduced in the preseason. With similar stats as Ardent Censer, Staff of Flowing Water comes up with a passive that gives you and your ally 15% Movement Speed and 20-40 Ability Power whenever you shield or heal, It goes very well in team fights and extra good if you have a mobile AP Carry.
Ivern abilities have great +% Ability Power, and with his supportive playstyle, we can stack Mejai's Soulstealer easy in some of our games. This item is cheap but gives a huge amount of AP when you fully stack it.
Cosmic Drive is one of the new items which you can build for Ivern, this item is usually good to go for stacking more damage and using it passives in fights, though it gives you a huge amount of Ability Haste which reduce your cooldowns significantly.
Knight's Vow is still on the table, even though it suits tank supports better than a champion like Ivern, you can consider building Knight's Vow in some of your games which fights are longer and things become more serious.
Zeke's Convergence now synergizes with Imperial Mandate very heavily. It increases the damage output of your carries, even though like Knight's Vow, Zeke's Convergence is made for tank supports, it's still an option for you.
Now that your build path has new items with more Ability Power than ever, Rabadon's Deathcap as your last item can heavily buff you, increasing your damage output and shielding amount.
Zhonya's Hourglass now is one of my recommended items for your last 2 items. Zhonya's Hourglass is your Survive-Burst item against AD Champions, mostly assassins who can make trouble for you in late game and even one-shot you, you will get target over and over again since everyone can notice your shielding impact.
Similiar too Zhonya's Hourglass, Banshee's Veil is your Survive-Burst item against AP Champions this time. mostly assassins who can make trouble for you in late game and even one-shot you, you will get target over and over again since everyone can notice your shielding impact.
Welcome to Gameplay chapter! This time around we will get deep into Ivern mechanics and gameplay, including his abilities, runes, items, and his part in team fights and strategies, and even much more useful tips. Ivern is a Controller, Controllers assist their allies with potent utility and keep enemies at bay with crowd control. Weak when alone, supports are capable of massively amplifying their teammates' power to become the strongest class in group combat (or team fights), supplying crucial utility or crowd control at clutch moments to save allies from death and enable takedowns on the enemy team. Ivern has some unique abilities in his kit, Understanding your role, mastering your abilities, and every tip about runes & items is what you will learn here.
When to Pick Ivern? I would say that in League of Legends playing with different comps and facing different champions is also a point for improving, though Picking Ivern depends on both Enemy Comp and your Team comp as well. Overall, you should have a good hyper carry in your team as well as a Reliable Fighter or Tank if possible. There is no hard counter champion for Ivern, not if you manage your jungle well and learn how to team fight.
Friend of the Forest is your unique passive, you should know three things about it, first the amount of hp & mana it uses especially at early game and your first clear, second is about the grove time, which is between 40-1 sec and knowing the exact time is helpful for choosing a better path in mid-game, last but not least, don't forget to ping your teammates to grab Red & Blue buff starting from level 5 which as I said is early into the game, a huge advantage for your laners. About the smiting part, like when and which camps you should smite or even how to invade, you will learn in Jungling chapter.
Each grove costs health and mana and has a short channel time to create. The cost of this ability cannot kill Ivern so it provides a pseudo safety net against getting executed. However, this means that an enemy can attempt to roam into your jungle and easily result in your death if they catch you at low health and mana.
Next, we have Rootcaller. Rootcaller is a slow moving, long range skillshot that roots the first enemy hit and allows Ivern and his allies to dash to the victim, putting them at their auto attack range. This should be maxed second as it is fairly powerful even at low levels. This ability vastly helps immobile champions, especially Juggernauts, to get into the fray be it a team fight or simply a gank follow-up. Rootcaller can also hit non-epic monster camps which roots them and allows the subsequent dash although it won't deal damage due to Friend of the Forest. This can aid Ivern in reaching camps faster or making him more slippery when on the run. Overall Rootcaller is your core ability for ganking, late on it's so useful for zoning and catching people. keep in mind that you don't need to always hit your Q's on the enemy champion and sometimes you can use it on minions for a gap closer.
Ivern can reactivate the ability instead of right-clicking enemies to dash to them. Next, we have Brushmaker, this ability is one of my favorite abilities! Brushmaker allows Ivern to create patches of brush on a stock system. It also passively increases his auto attack range and grants them bonus magic damage when in any brush lasting for a short while after leaving the brush. This should be maxed last as it gains minimal benefit from further ranks compared to his other two abilities. Brushes are also a part of the map, I mean that you can use them in many different situations, it denies the enemy vision so whenever you rotate, you can leave your laners a stock of brush so they can use it!

Welcome to Jungling Chapter. Here I have some strategies for you, so you know as a Ivern what your goals should be and what you can do to impact your games as a jungler. We have some highlighted tips & strategies followed up by general jungling knowledge and mechanics afterward.
Familiarize yourself with these spawn times and respawn timers for camps & plants so you know what to expect in-game.
Wolves, Raptors
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 2:00
Gromp, Krugs
Spawn At: 1:42
Respawn Time: 2:00
(Blue Sentinel, Red Brambleback)
Spawn At: 1:30
Respawn Time: 5:00
Rift Scuttlers (in river)
Spawn At: 3:15
Respawn Time: 2:30
Rift Herald (in Baron pit)
Spawns At: 8:00
Respawn Time: 6:00
Despawns At: 19:30 (19:50 if in combat)
Dragon (Elementals & Elder)
Spawns At: 5:00
Respawn Time: 5:00 until one team
has slain four drakes
Elder Dragon Spawns: 6:00 after one team kills
their fourth Elemental Drake
Elder Dragon Respawn: 6:00
Baron Nashor
Spawns At: 20:00
Respawn Time: 6:00
Plants are stationary, neutral units with 1 health. They can be destroyed with a basic attack to trigger an effect. Three different types of plants will spawn in the jungle and river. Their spawn timers and locations vary slightly but for the most part they are fairly predictable. The first spawn locations for all plants are predetermined.
Red = Blast Cone | Blue = Scryer's Bloom | Green = Honeyfruit
First inner cone spawn: 1:15 - 1:25
First outer cone spawn: 5:00 - 5:30

Inner cone respawn time: 5 - 7 minutes
Outer cone respawn time: 5.5 - 6.5 minutes
Knocks away nearby units (including the attacker) when destroyed — even over walls.
Blast Cones spawn in two spots per jungle quadrant, an inner point toward the center of the quadrant, and an outer point near Baron/Dragon.
In an Infernal Rift game (3rd Dragon is Infernal), additional Blast Cones will spawn near each tri-bush by Gromp, by the Wolf Camp, in front of each base's gates and in the alcoves.
First spawn: 3:00 - 3:30, always at each quadrant’s spawn point nearest to the side lanes

Next spawn time: 5 - 6.5 minutes at either spawn point, starting once a given quadrant's Scryer's Bloom is destroyed
When destroyed, releases vision-granting pollen in a large cone that flies in the direction the attacker was facing, revealing units and wards for 12 seconds (3 seconds on champions).
Scryer's Bloom can spawn in two spots per jungle quadrant, close to river ramps.
Only one Scryer's Bloom can be present per quadrant.
In a Cloud Rift game (3rd Dragon is Cloud), additional Scryer's Blooms will spawn in front of each base's gates and in front of each tri-brush in the river.
First spawn: 6:00 - 6:30 minutes

Respawn time: 5.5 - 7 minutes
Drops 5 fruits on the ground when killed.
Each fruit heals for 3.5% of max health or 8 (+6 per level) flat health, whichever is higher.
Eating a fruit slows you for 35% for 0.25 seconds.
Honeyfruit spawn along river walls, starting near Dragon or Baron pits and slowly extending closer toward lanes over the course of the game.
If a Honeyfruit isn't taken before its respawn timer completes, a second Honeyfruit may spawn. No more than two Honeyfruits can exist per half of the river.
I always say that, is doesn't matter how good you are with a champ, if you are not good at the role which that champ is supposed to play, you are still behind. Toward becoming a better jungle, I have some tips and strategies for you, as well as the best paths for the new season and all other jungle mechanics and general knowledge.
If you aren't familiar with the Ward trick, it's simple, when you use a ward on enemy jungle at the beginning of the game and then you recall at the base for getting Oracle Lens, this process is called Ward Trick. around the 40-second mark is good timing for placing the ward and then recalling back. When you use the ward trick, not only you have a great vision and information of enemy jungler, but you can grab your Oracle Lens that helps you for your first gank. If you are on the blue team, you can ward at enemy raptors, if you were on the red side you can ward your raptors, or again enemy ONLY when it's safe to do so.
This is so important, especially on your first clear. make sure to use Friend of the Forest to grove most of your jungle camps at early game. Ivern can keep up with the farm with most of the junglers, while he can gank at the same time. Still, losing early farms for any reason can put you behind and increase the chances that you become useless by getting invaded or getting objectively dominated!
Knowing your matchups, analyzing the team comps, knowing your limits and their limits, predicting that what's going to happen, for example in your bot lane and etc, and finally, what you gonna do about it and what is your reaction, is what I call Gameplan. Be serious about your game, while you are on the loading screen take a look at their champs and your champs. check their runes, check their spells, everything, and everything is a sign for you, something to help you decide better at the early stages of the game.
You see, Friend of the Forest at early game takes a long time for fully groves your camps, and with the multiple jungle paths you can choose, you can rotate and setup an early gank or counter gank. You don't need to force ganks, remember you ain't losing anything just with being around. as soon as you are level 2 you are eligible to gank with your Rootcaller and Triggerseed. Tracking enemy jungle and predicting how your lanes will be like, helps you to setup a successful early gank or counter gank!
And finally, Last strategies as a farming jungler that you should know (after laning phase), first of all is about your ultimate, if you take a look at farming junglers like Olaf Master Yi and Shyvana, You can see how impactful their ultimate is, you can also notice that they are much weaker without their ultimates means you are less impactful with R on Cooldown. with that being said, when your ultimate is on cooldown you want to spend your time farming and clearing your camps and as soon as your ultimate is ready again, you can seek for gank and fights again. and yeah, once again when you use your ultimate, you get back to farming untill your ult is up again! so simply, when your R is cd you go farm and clearing camps, and when your R is up you can group with your team for making plays and you ignore your camps.
And finally, you should fight for drakes. we all know how drakes are important specially in the current season, Dragons are one of the main Objectieves and as a farming jungler its so important to fight and take drakes with your team. in summary, You must be ready for every single drake and fighting for it WITH your team. though you can let some drakes for enemy team if you see an unfair opportunity like a 4v5 and etc, But overall, we want to use our advantage and power of farming jungler to secure drakes during game.
Following the Farming Jungler strategies is so important, which means you should Always full clear first time, well, not Always, there is still a lot of Alternative paths based on many different things, such as opportunities and your game plan, though even if you don't full clear first time, make sure that you follow other rules, farming is the goal here. Anyway, we will discuss many different paths in this part. (blue numbers are for Blue Team and red number for Red Team!)
I can say that this path is the most common path for Olaf. A simple full clear starting in red side. With your Undertow and jungle item Clearing red side is easy and fast. The only thing that you should about this path is about Scuttle, i would put Recall at number 7 instead of scuttle but you may actully be able to grab scuttle of Top River, you can even fight for it if you have an easy matchup (considering Mid and Top Prio!)
This is yet another Full Clear path, though this time you get Buffs first. The goal of this path is about to avoiding your blue buff of getting invades. This path also offers you some gank potential, for example by Doing Gromp (3) you can gank top and by doing wolves (4) you can gank mid, even after full clear you can gank bot, after Krugs (6).
This path contains an Early gank focused on bot lane, as you see after clearing the the bot side you go for a gank on bottom lane, though before doing this path you should see that actully if the lane is gankable or not, which is about enemy postion and if your bot laners have CC or not. you at least need to burn all of the 4 summoner spell of enemy botlane. after gank you recall for getting the other side of your jungle. its a High risk High reward path in higher Elos.
This path is a normal season 10 path, instead of full clear and by just leaving a camp (Krugs) we do a gank in mid or top, though top is always easier.
This little part of the section was directly taken from PsiGuard's
great Rek'Sai guide (with permission) which you can find here.

Vertical jungling is when both junglers are repeatedly clearing one half of the allied jungle and one half of the enemy jungle, favoring one side of the map. This splits the map into a "strong side" and "weak side" for each team. For example, if you're on blue team and are repeatedly clearing your red-side jungle (south) and the enemy blue-side jungle (east), your team's bottom side will be the strong side of the map. You'll be in a better position to gank bottom lane without fear of counterganks and you'll have better vision control and objective control. Likewise, the opposite side of the map will be dominated by the enemy jungler, making it your team's weak side.

Vertical jungling can be an active choice you make or a forced one due to a poor matchup. For example, you see Nunu & Willump invading to take your blue buff and other nearby camps, so you respond by stealing his blue buff and other nearby camps. This can force you to vertically jungle in the early game since you may not have the lane priority or vision control to ever contest your own blue buff. Likewise, you'll be able to place wards in the enemy blue-side jungle and you'll have more control on that side.

An example of an active choice would be if you and your team (this works better in arranged teams than it does in solo queue) decide to focus all of your team's pressure on one side lane at the expense of the other. Maybe you have a hypercarry bottom that your team will be camping and a Shen top who will just be playing safe. In this situation, vertical jungling may net your team an advantage, as long as you can set it up properly. Grouping with your teammates and pushing into the enemy jungle at level 1 can help you put down vision and possibly force the enemy jungler to start on the other side of the map. If your nearby laners have priority, it can be dangerous for the enemy jungler to enter their own jungle if you have vision of them and your laners can collapse on them to help you.

Vertical jungling is pretty complicated for new junglers and can be pretty messy outside of coordinated teams. Be open to the concepts and feel free to practice it, but for most players I recommend sticking to more standard routes or simple, quick invades while you're still learning to jungle.
You can see Vertical routes on that two pictures at top, you can gather information by your early ward and tracking jungle to see if you are about to do a Vertical Route or not.
Counter-Jungling and Invading are some situational & calculated game strategies. Its a calculated strategy because following other game mechanics such as lane priority and jungle tracking (which you can find below) is what you need for a successful invade. In Words, Invading is the moment that you become aggresive and overstep, In Leauge of Legends, Invading is proceeding to the opposing jungle with the intention of putting down vision, hunting down the rival jungler, and stealing camps. Counter jungling is the act of taking neutral jungle camps from the enemy jungle.

Invading is a strategy that can put your enemy into a disadvantage and counter jungling itself is a part of invading, which is about stealing camps. It happens that a jungler gets Invaded by enemy jungler and he never can get back into game. It requires alot of jungling Exprience for suprising your enemy in their jungles and taking them down. Before we continue let me start with a Exmaple. Imaging you are playing Olaf in Blue Team and Enemy Jungler playing Lee Sin on Red team. we are at Red buff and we want to start from it. Game starts and we get red buff, now we take a look at Bottom lane and we see that they arrived as same time as our Bot laner, which means Lee Sin has started from Blue Buff. We know that when he start from Blue Buff, he is doing Blue>Gromp>Wolves. Now, its so simple and we can do Red>Blue>Gromp>Enemy Red, While we clear gromp, Lee has probably cleared Wolves to and he is runing into his red. You can catch him while is he doing his Red buff! this is just a little example of an early invade. Before the game starts, prepare yourself for the match you are about to have at hand. Think about everything there is to think about before the game. Preparation and setup are the keys to succeeding at invades.

Each and every jungler has a ‘rhythm’ and style of play that changes game by game. Thus, the kind of a jungler you’re playing determines the pace you are going to put in play heading into the matchup. Though as a farming jungler Such as Olaf, Once again you should focus on Following the farming junglers strategy since early invades are not recommended, though as i said before Olaf is one of the strongest 1v1 champions that you can considering to invade in Mid Game.

When the enemy jungler ganks a lane, they will not be anywhere else on the map. No champion can be two places at once- so if they’re in a lane ganking, they will not be in their jungle. Jungler was spotted on the bottom side of the map? Invade and steal his camps top side. Jungler failed a gank? Put down vision inside his jungle and try to counter-jungle if you can. Your laners have a bit of downtime from their lanes? Try to invade the enemy’s jungle together and zone the jungler away from his camps. You can also invade the enemies jungle if they’re not alive or on the map- or if you’ve seen them recall.

Invading the enemy jungle is also a good idea as it will prevent the enemy from getting gold and experience from here there and everywhere. Let’s assume the enemy ganks Top, gets a kill then heads back into their jungle. Not only will they get gold and XP for the kill, but they’ll also get lots of additional XP and gold from their jungle camps. You want to stop this by stealing them away.

While you invade the enemy’s jungle, you’ll be the one picking up the gold and experience. So if you’re able to farm your own jungle, steal away camps, get kills here and there- you’ll see a substantial difference in terms of items completed and levels which can make all the difference early, in team fights and at Baron.

Before you decide to invade, you need to ensure that you have lane priority and are able to escape after going in. If you try to invade without nearby priority, the closest enemy laners will be able to collapse on you and potentially shut you down. Lane priority in this situation is determined by who is closer and who is pushed in. If you invade with a nearby lane pushing- they have priority. However, if the enemy is pushing in your ally- they do not have priority and will arrive quicker.
As a jungler, Lane Priority has two different meaning for you, first which of your laners and teammates have Priority in their lane, in other words if they are doing a good job on lane that you can considering it as a winning lane, or even if they have a champ that put their enemy under pressure. Though when it comes to game plan, Lane Priority for you has a different meaning, the lane that you think you can focus on or you should focus on is your Lane Priority, and yeah they are same.

The point is that your gameplay is depended on Lane Priority. At first, your job is to decide which side/lane you can focus on mostly, based on different things like your comp and how much your champions can scale. Since we are playing a Farming jungler, We should know about two thing, one for taking objectieves and another one is playing for winning lane.

As soon as the game starts, you can notice which lanes have prio and which not. ofcurse, if there is a oppurtinity for you even at lowest priority lane, you can use it, but when you think about that you realize that playing for wining lane is a key to winning more games. For example, lets say your Top Laner died 1v1 when your Bot Laner took a kill from enemy. Now, we can consider our Top Lane as a lost lane and our Bot Lane as winning lane, which means we should play for bot side, taking our path towards Bot, a ganking and joining fights in Bot Lane (in the way that a farming jungler does). If you do it right, you will see that your team has the full control of Bot side, means we can secure drakes.

Another thing is, when you are playing on the side which your team has priority, you can be Aggro, you can invade, taking scuttler and like i said you can secure objectieves like Drakes and Heralds. Though, when it comes to early fights and invades, be careful since your laners may not follow you, it depends on what elo you are on and how good their map awarness is.
Tracking enemy jungler, is the biggest step towards becoming a better jungler, It helps with a lot of stuffs, It helps you with Every Decision you make in a game, Specially early game. For choosing a path, for making a good gank, for getting scuttlers and other objectieves, and ofcurse, for Invading & Counter-jungling, If you know the exact or gamut of his place, you are one head ahead of your Enemy jungler.

The easiest way of Tracking enemy jungler is by having vision in a right place, i have already told you about the ward trick which is a important way to track your enemy in early game, though there is a section right below for more information about Vision Control as a jungler, which shows you good places for using wards aswell, but for now lets get trough the another ways of Tracking Enemy Jungler.

The first thing is about your Champion/Matchups knowledge, For example if you are playing versus a Certain champ that you have knowledge about, you can guess what his plans can be, if he is a early jungler you know that he want to took a path that ends in a early gank, with that, not only we can aware our team to be careful of the gank threat, but we can prepair ourselves for a counter-jungling or a counter-gank. If you are playing with another Farming Jungler, you know that he is about to full clear, so you can guess his path depends on which team you/he is. The better you know your matchups or enemy jungler champs, you can Track him better aswell, for example if you know a certain champ is good at Clearing Raptors, well that can be a point to start tracking him.

Though, i have to say that your imagination is also important, even if you think that you have no idea where enemy jungler can be, by using your brain and imagination you can reach to a answer, for Example, lets say that you have no idea where enemy jungler Lee Sin is, now lets think, when we saw him last time? it was 2 minute ago that he ganked our top laner, so he probably cleared his top side camps, and ohh hold on, drake is respawning in 40 seconds, so i guess he is around bot side, NOW, you can see that you have no priority in the Bottom lane and you can go for Herald instead of drake, Since its to dangerous too contest Drake if your bottom side didn't scale well yet.

Anyway, even imagination is about Map Awarness, as you see i used the last time that i saw Lee Sin in Map as a start point to track him, Despite what you think, Enemy jungler might appear many many times in your minimap, when he is walking through wards or taking a path from mid laner when he is changing sides, Even when you have Vision of the enemy jungler, its only for a short duration, he may even pass through a control ward or a warding totem, But it only works when you actully WATCH your minimap.
As a Jungler, you are the only one who has access the whole map, the only one who can put some deep wards. Vision Control is a important Object for junglers, Not only for gathering information, But for ganking and taking objectieves you Need Both warding and dewarding.

You already know about Ward trick, you use your Stealth Ward in early and after that you recall to base you grab Oracle Lens. You use Oracle Lens in some Certain spots and moments, mostly when you are about to gank, or when you are going for objectieves later.

Beside Oracle Lens, you should grab One or two Control Ward AND You SHOULD have a active control ward in a map, ALWAYS. though, There is different places for putting a Control Ward, thats why i recommend you to grab 2 control ward instead of 1, One for moments that you need a quick vision/deward, For example if you are joining a fight in bottom lane, you can put ward in bushes and waiting a little for getting into blindspot.

Control Ward is also very Important while you are going for Drakes and later on Baron Nashor. its recommended to having a Control Ward while you are doing drake since it disable enemy wards and put them under pressure.

There is a picture below showing you all the places that you can place a Control Ward, it depends on many things, like which side of map you want vision, or if your team is ahead or behind that your ward get deeper or closer based on that.
Ganking is the biggest concept of being a jungler. Learning the right timing and way to gank its important as its identity of a jungler. First, lets know about some important tips for choosing a lane to gank, specially with Olaf, Well since we have no hard CC and no mobility (dash or jump) either, Mid Lane is the hardest one for us to gank, Specially if they have some mobile champs like LeBlanc or Zed, The only way is catching them while both Summoner Spells and abilities are on CD, though if you remember we need Secure ganks during early game at least. so overall i can say that Mid Lane has lowest priority on most of the games for Olaf.

Mid Laners are also close to their 1st turret that makes it even harder for doing a successful gank. Next we have Top Lane, probably the easiest lane to show up and trying to gank, depends on Enemy top laner postion and match up ofcurse. Finally its Bot Lane, a good lane for Olaf to gank with his ultimate, i mean i personally prefer to get the control of bottom side instead of top specially on lower elos, But when it comes to ganking specially with a Farming jungler we have to consider alot of things Such as Vision, Lane Priority and overall thinking about that if our Gank worth our time or not.

Another important thing is about choosing the right path for joining a lane for gank. using bushes and even cones for making your path towards your target is so important, if you know about fog of war which determinates the view of the players you understand the point of using bushes, you should also Curve your path, in summary you want to get close as possible you can to your target before you get into their vision.

So while you ganking as Olaf You want to slow down your target as soon as you can, so your First Undertow its so important as its the only thing you have to attemp a gank with, though you should use your Blue Smite too, and if your partners on gank has no hard CC Either you should grab your Undertow for using it a few times. As soon as you got your ultimate, its time to apply the Farming Jungler strategy that i said in the first.
Wave Management is also so important and there is still a lot of low elo junglers that have no idea about it.

First one is Taxing, Simply whenever you farm cs in lane after a successful or not successful gank you are Taxing, its different with both pushing and holding since you just want to Last hit minions while you tax for getting some extra Exp and gold for yourself. The best moment for Taxing units its when you do a successful gank and your ally takes the kills, since most of the people get mads when you farm their lane, by the moment that they take a kill they are on a good mentality so we can Tax some units before we leave. Taxing on farming jungler is so helpful because, and like what i said we Only gank when we have cleared our jungle/or we see a opportunity, so that little Extra Exp and Gold coming from Taxing is great. You can also Tax units if your gank was unsuccessful and enemy is recalling back to base to compensate time wasted.

Next one is Holding, its only possible when the waves are pushing towards your turret. We can say that holding has the same meaning of freezing lane, and its important to do so specially when your Ally is missing. For holding a lane you need to clear some extra minions to slow them down, keeping the wave busy before they get into your turret so your ally can get back to lane and farm the wave. If you not freeze the lane, by the time that your ally come back the next wave ready for enemy too, and its actully getting pushed toward enemy turret.

The Most common one is Pushing, means that you use every thing you have for pushing lane towards enemy turrets. Most of the times when you kill enemy, you want to push with help of your ally (if he is there). You only hold when you can freeze the wave (wave is pushing towards your turret) Otherwise you want to push the lane. Despite the pressure on turret, the wave actually get ready for your ally when he arrives. Though Olaf is so good for pushing as you can use Undertow a few times to clear a whole wave so i prefer to push each time that we kill the enemy laner.
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