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Janna Build Guide by Panglot

Janna - cause your girlfriend cant blow well enough

Janna - cause your girlfriend cant blow well enough

Updated on August 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Panglot Build Guide By Panglot 418 56 1,705,756 Views 263 Comments
418 56 1,705,756 Views 263 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Panglot Janna Build Guide By Panglot Updated on August 22, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



Before the start. If you don't understand particular term, search for it in the Chapter "Gamers dictionary and Changelog". I tried to cover all the terms that may be unknown to new players. If you find something not understandable note me in the comments please!

First of all: Whats Janna exactly?!

- Janna first of all should be considered as babysitter. You can try to play her AP or something different for fun, but I don't recommend, doing it in serious games.

- Janna is also one of the master kiters in the game.

-She can disable and control the positioning of the enemy team.

Lets take look at her character sketch:

Ability power - All her spells are scaled by AP. Although you wont build lots of AP, a little AP is gonna be useful sometimes.
Support - All of her spells somehow help the team and she don't need lots of items to be useful, so she's nothing less than support.
Slow - Pretty low CD of Zephyr, makes it pretty solid slow, essential for your team.
Haste - Her Zephyr and Tailwind makes her hasty. Note that when Zephyr is on CD you will not be granted bonus speed.
Pusher - Her Howling Gale can take out a whole mass alone if you have AP and max it. You rarely will have much AP, but sometimes, just because of the pushing capabilities, it can be better to level up Howling Gale second, after Eye Of The Storm.

Those tags are for the champion overall but now I will state
the pros and cons.


  • Can slow often.
  • Can shield + damage boost often.
  • Tons of kiting abilities and great control over the enemy positioning.
  • Can easily push a lane with only Howling Gale in some cases.
  • Really fast, which sometimes is important for support mobility and survivability.
  • Can interrupt leaps and charges and divide the team.
  • Better than your girlfriend.


  • Totally cant win alone. (As every support of course)
  • Doesn't have expressed heal like the other Babysitters. Which sometimes is big disadvantage if you don't play your lane phase right.
  • Kinda squishy if you don't play her correctly.
So what can Janna do overall is:
  • Able to push a lane easily if you level up more your Howling Gale.
  • Prevent damage.
  • Boost physical abilities.
  • Slow your opponents, interrupt.
  • Throw your opponents away.
  • Lift your opponents up.

That's basically Control over the game.
What basically cant do is: enough damage to kill someone.
So whats the conclusion: you control the game, for your mates and make it easy for them. They win the game for you.. (In the best case of course. Not every game can be perfect)

As pick in team Janna works more for counter pick against some champions. Mostly because of her ultimate she usually counters Amumu's ultimate, Nunu & Willump's ultimate and etc.

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Pre-game setup


9x - 8.19 Armor. - As you are playing usually, versus AD at bot lane. These here are not primary marks, but you cant pick anything better for support as marks

9x - 12.69 Armor. - As I said above: the armor runes are really advantageous for bot lane. Unlike the marks these are primary runes and the bonus is much higher.

The combined armor is real something, during the whole lane phase and also helps against the ADs in team fights as well. If the enemy AD focuses you its gonna be major mistake. If they don't (as they should) you will be free for actions.
Combined armor of marks and seals: 20.88.

9x - 8.91 Mana regen at level 18. - Usually Janna and every support is mana hungry, almost, during the whole game. The glyphs are not primary but Seals for Armor are more important than mana regen. And as you need mana regen anyways the only place you can put it is here.

3x - 3 gold per 10 seconds. - As babysitter you don't farm. But you still need gold. This is the solution.
Along with the mastery ( Greed ) you will have gold income like you have 1 gold item since the beginning. Combined with gold items you will have nice gold income with even 0 creeps.


The mastery, as you will find are kinda standard. Lets focus on some important things anyways.
  • Greed is of high importance here since you wont take almost any creeps. Combined with your runes you have, its like 1 gold item in the beginning.
  • Mana mastery are also important as you get mana hungry sometimes.
  • Scout works pretty well because you are the main wards source.
  • In defense you'd like to take more armor, because as I mentioned countless times, bot lane is usually against AD.

Summoner spells

After the heal rework, usually the AD takes heal and the support takes exhaust, as it is most efective this way.

- Flash is spell important for champions who use it not only for defence but also for offense. Janna needs this spell to position her ultimate correctly.
- Exhaust is of big importance for bot lane. With the new style, AD - Heal, leaves you with exhaust. Be very precise when and how you use it, however. It can win or lose fights.

There are still some considerable options for replacing your summoners, if you have particular plan or just if the things are not as trivial as usual:
- If your AD wants the Exhaust its still worth it to take heal. It wont that effective, as if the AD would take heal and you exhaust, but this way the AD will descide when he will attack and use exhaust. Sometimes if the exhaust is in you, and even if you are talking with your lane partner, some of the exhaust are not as precise they should be.

- You can consider taking cleanse if there are important inntiator ultimates like Ashe's or Amumu's. Sometimes one cleanse after enemy inntitiate can win you a teamfight.
- After the nerf, CV has been kinda forgotten. In 5v5 premade, however one CV is still a must. Its not nessecary to be you as support but one CV is always of great use.
- Taking teleport changes the whole gameplay for you. Having teleport means you will have to watch the map much more, looking for oportunities to teleport and screw the enemy. Also this sort of gameplay will force you and your carry to play much more defensive because, with teleport it means you can be anywhere, and in order to be of use you must be able to teleport at any time.

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Spells - Tips and Tricks


That's your main disable spell. It can interrupt not only channeling spells but even charges or leaps. And last but not least it can help you push huge waves of creeps without much effort.
Its disadvantages are that the enemies see where you charge the tornado (even in the fog if war its visible), and that it has to be charged to reach its distance.
Note that the range that tornado is increased with each second while charging.

Aiming techniques

Random tornado - Aim the tornado randomly each time. This way your enemies cant actually predict where it will go and dodge it by doing the same thing.
Pushing tornado - Even if its level one, the tornado still deals severe damage to creeps. You can push whole wave with two Howling Gales even if the spell level is low. Other point is that some players unconsciously hide behind creeps and they might get caught. Combine it with the other Aiming techniques and the enemies might get caught cause they wont know that you aim for creeps.
Reverse tornado - If you are being chased and you see that your enemies wont stop chasing you, just aim the tornado in reverse direction (towards you). Most of the enemies actually thing that, if they pass trough the growing tornado before its released, they will avoid being caught but they will receive a bad surprise, and you will have enough time to escape and even harass.
Interrupting tornado
1. If there are enemies with channeling spells ( Nunu & Willump, Katarina and etc) always be sure to have your tornado aimed in the middle of the fight, because they will most likely position there, if they wanna channel their devastating spells. When you see that they are beginning the channeling release the tornado immediately.
2. As I said in the description the tornado can interrupt any kind of charge/leap spells.This however is kinda hard because it requires perfect timing. The trick is simple to explain but hard to accomplish.
Have your tornado charged towards the enemy, with charge/leap, you want to interrupt. When he attempts to charge/leap you have to release your tornado, without even half a second delay. The timing should be very precise.

Here is an example of interrupting charge/leap recoded by some people

Release timers

Usually the tornado release is not hard to figure.

Fully charged tornado - You would want to wait the tornado to release itself, only if you aim for creeps, in order to push. This way it will do the most damage.
Partially charged tornado - By partially charged, I mean that you have to wait till its the right moment to release the tornado. These cases are: Interrupting and Harassing.
The enemies wont be always in range of your tornado, and will try to dodge it. Also if you want to interrupt someone you have to be precise with the release timers. Wait till the right moment comes and release the tornado.
Immediate released tornado - You would want to release your tornado ,without waiting too much, when you are being chased or when you chase. You must land the tornado as fast as you can if the enemy is in range. Waiting it to be charged can let your enemy catch you or escape, regardless of situation.


This is probably the only spell in the game with 4 effects at once. That's the spell that makes you hasty and that's the spell that slow your opponents. That's the spell that can harass pretty hard as it has low cooldown.

When to keep it and when to use it

Basically advise is to spam it on cooldown if you have enough mana, but you must be careful who are you targeting, and sometimes you must keep it for the speed.

Harassing - Cast it frequently on the enemies and land some extra hits on them, while they are slowed.
Chasing - Always use your slow while you are chasing. If there are more than one enemy, slow the one that's if the most importance of the teams (preferable is not to target tanks).
Running - The situation here is delicate. You must be aware of what kind of enemies are chasing you, and how much there are. If there is one enemy that doesn't have CC you would like to slow him. If he has some CC you would like to keep your spell to run. If they outnumber you greatly don't use Zephyr. If there are enemies, with a lot of disables, just run. If the enemies doesn't have much CC, but have chasing capabilities (like Volibear), slow the one that's most dangerous among them.


Your main supportive spell. Don't forget that this spell doesn't only shield but adds up 50 damage to your target. 50 damage is basically equal to B. F. Sword. If you are pushing, usually the best choice is the ally with the most attack speed. Otherwise you must cast it mostly on the AD carry.
Also don't forget that it can be cast on towers. Usually its not the great help but one or two shields can save your tower.

Priority targets
  1. The carries. Usually the AD carry is the most viable target, because it takes benefits of the bonus damage. However if the AP carry is targeted you must save it no matter what.
  2. Initiators. Most likely its champions who's job is to dive into the enemy ( Xin Zhao, Jax, jarvan V and such). They will most likely be targeted, as they pose a threat to the enemy carries. The bonus damage also is a great bonus to their stats.
  3. While pushing, pick the ally with the most attack speed as the damage bonus will be of most use to them.


Your beloved ult and your best blow. Your ult has some different uses. The heal is of one of the uses, but in fact the knockback is the thing that increases its difficulty.
Note that this spell, of Janna's, is usually the hardest to learn. One ult can save your whole team, it can turn the fight to your advantage, but it can also save the enemy or pose a threat to your team if not used correctly.


Interrupter - The same as the Howling Gale. It can interrupt every kind of channeling spell or charge/leap.
Divider - Get in the middle of the enemy team as fast as you can and pop Monsoon. It will divide them and they will become easy targets. It also works always when the enemies surround you.
Its important to be in the middle so you blow some enemies away and some enemies towards your team.
Wall smasher - Lets say you encounter the enemy team and one of the enemies is near a wall. Position next to to him and pop ult. The one next to the wall should be pushed into it and the rest of the team should be blown away. Here is an easy target.
This basically is the same as the Divider but not always the enemies will let you to get behind them and use ult. Other problem sometimes is also that you divide the enemies but they are blown too far away. That way they will stay just where you need them.
Heal - Sometimes you would want to simply heal your allies, without using the pushback. Pick the right moment and place, so you dont save your enemies with the ultimate, and make use only of the heal.

Here is a good video showing some useful usages of your ultimate

The techniques above will help you decide how to you your ultimate sometimes, but basically everything is up to you. Don't lose hope if you fail few ultimates. As I said this is the hardest Janna spell and you will need time to master it.

Spell groups

Spam spells
These spells are basically spammed non stop trough the game, because they don't have big CD and they are targeted. Don't hesitate to use them but pick your targets wisely.

Wind spells
The spells that knock up, knockback. These spells have bigger CD and are basically a little harder to land. The difficult thing about them is: release time of Howling Gale and the positioning of Monsoon. Your position and timing is essential for this spells.

The job to blow

(Skill combos)

Face blow
If you land Howling Gale follow up with Zephyr and continue the harass with normal attacks. This brings pretty good harassment but you must be very careful, as the enemy can attack you instead of running.
This combo works best if you coordinate with your lane partner. Landing the howling game and Zephyr on the enemy will give plenty of time for your AD carry to deal tremendous damage on the enemy

Face blow up
This is basically the same as the above, but there is one difference. If you want to start a fight shield your carry. The damage it deals will be increased and he will be protected if the enemy wants to fight back.

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Id wanna explain few things for the Babysitting role because the build here, is all about that.
The babysitting role is, to deprive yourself of creeps and support your lane partner. It is usually done with Support + Carry at the bottom lane. The babysitter is the real support. Champions like Zilean for example are very dependable on items and they need farm. If you farm, your lane partner will be under-farmed and that's not OK. Just because the champion has few supportive spells this doesn't make him support.
The babysitters are champions that can be useful without much items. Champions whose role is not to do damage, but to make the damage dealers game easier and make sure they are OK trough the whole game.

What you basically must do in lane:

  • Harass the enemies while, if possible, don't push the lane.
  • Leave the carry with you to take the creeps and kills, so he can demolish them!!
  • Protect your carry with all you have and of course stay alive!

But if I don't take creeps how will I have money??

First of all, as babysitter you can play your role with almost no items, besides you can do better with items. Remember: your carry have much more use of the creeps than you!
Second: there are other ways for making gold besides last hitting:
  • Always take the Mastery: Greed when you play babysitter.
  • Always take two or three gold items while babysitting ( Heart of Gold, kage's lucky pick, philosopher's stone ). (Don't forget they don't stack with themselves)
  • Assists provide you additional gold, so make sure you land at least one hit for the assist. However its really important not to take the kills!!!

What you must do in team fights:

  • Stick to the carries and protect them from incoming threats.
  • Help your team mates with all you've got.

    What you must do trough the game:

  • Provide vision on the map for your team mates.
  • Clean the enemy wards to cut their vision.

    The vision job

    The babysitter role also takes the job of warding. As babysitter you must take the most of the wards of your team and provide vision to the team.
    If you are good with it you will know how to keep yourself alive as well. If you don't die be sure to take Early Oracle's Elixir. This will turn the early game in your advantage because you can often take a free dragon or provide easier ganks for your jungler.

    For more info how and where to ward:Warding Guide


    Ill list the babysitters here and say few words about them.
- The best Kiter of the supports. Shields and boost AD champs. Can manipulate the enemies positioning.
- The best Healer of the supports. Literally walking ambulance. The only champ who can return mana. Map wide heal and defensive boosting passives.
- The most Durable of the supports. He has spamable stun and Buffing debuffing skills.
- The most Aggressive support as she has free harassing spell. She fits best with carries who do high damage early game. Has reliable speed buff and mass stun which is devastating for team fights.
- She the best Shield among the supporters. She almost as aggressive as Sona as she has 2 harassing spells, but not really that free like Sona's. The only support without ult.
- The support with tons of CC. Hes as good as Janna with manipulating the enemy position but has real stun. Cant shield but can heal. Viable for getting into the enemy team because of his ultimate. The best protector for carries in team fights.
- The support with the most CC in the game. She doesn't have shield or heal but she can deal lots of damage and can stun for a long time. Fits with carries who need their targets to stay in place. Viable for tanking in team fights.
- The most dangerous of the supporters. One of his grabs can accumulate a kill. He has great CC but he can neither heal or shield. His mass silence is great for team-fights.
- The most flexible support. She has like 1000 tricks up her sleeve. Hard to master because she has 2 choices of all her spells but her ultimate, but she's hell of a support if you know her.
- The buffer support. His main role is to buff and debuff the enemy. His slow is tremedous his bonus speed as well. His passive is like low cooldown smite, which makes it very useful when doing baron or dragon, or for simple counterjungling (doesnt matter that you are support). One landed ultimate can assure victory in teamfight.

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In game decisions

Skill order

There are two skill orders that are considerable:

This skill order focuses at single target and more slow. This is what I use usually because the Zephyr's cooldown is really low and you can spam it often. The speed boost is tremendous as well.

This skill order is focused on pushing and clearing creeps. I personally don't like it because this way you will push lanes and as support, that's not your job. Also this order takes you the levels of Zephyr which makes you the fastest of the babysitters.
This skill order is useful in teamfights, however, because you will be able to do some more damage.

Item sequence

kage's lucky pick sight ward

The usual core I use for every Babysitter. Everything else is situational.

Before reaching the core

Starting items

  1. sight ward
    -The problem of Janna is that she lacks proper heal, unlike the other babysitters. With Regrowth Pendant you can compensate that for yourself. And you wont be afraid from light harass.
    -You need much less gold for building your Philosopher's stone afterwards.
    -These starting items lack of wards. If you like to go back often you can pick this one.
    -You must use your spells wisely in the very beginning so you wont find yourself short on mana too soon.
    -Lack of vision ward in the beginning.
    Note that you wont be able to start like that without Wealth

  2. sight wardx2
    -Lots of wards in the beginning.
    -Some bonus mana regen.
    -Provides you with vision ward in the beginning. Dont waste it too early unless you know where the enemy ward is.
    -Lack of health regen at start. Somehow compensated by the Health potions.
    - Faerie Charm is still part of philosopher's stone but it will make it cost much more.
    Note that you cant start like this without Wealth .

  3. sight wardx2
    -Bonus movement speed equals more sustain in the lane. If you are with boots you can feel much safer in your lane. Also you will be able to act much more aggressive in the beginning.
    -Lack of any health regen in the beginning. You must rely only on the move speed.
    -You don't have any parts of your philosopher's stone so to get your first gold item you must pay the full prize.
    -Lack of vision ward in the beginning.
    Note that you cant start like this without Wealth .

First few backs

  • Philosopher's Stone - Try to get at least one gold item as fast as you can.
    Taking gold-per-10-seconds items is important as support as you should not take any creeps. That, and assists, are your only sources of gold so you are dependable on them.
    The boots can be taken before the second gold item, but don't rush boots before the first gold item, as you will lack money very soon.

  • sight ward - Taking wards after every back is very important as support. You should keep your lane safe and ensure the safety of the drake. The support is the source of 70% of the wards. After every back you must have at least one ward and preferably even more than one.
  • - If you have the money and ability to take vision ward it is great advantage in the beginning. Watch where the enemy support places the ward in the lane and clean it. So the jungler can gank bottom easy.

  • kage's lucky pick - When you have the money load yourself with these treasures. They are your most important companions in the game. This is where your gold comes from and the sooner you make them the better items you will have.
    Its preferable to take Heart of Gold first as you need more health to sustain in the lane.
  • - If you are doing well, you should be able to make this precious, before mid game arrives. Shurelya is probably the best item for support of any kind as it gives all the stats you need. Regens, cooldown reduction and team speed-boost-spell. What more do you need to be the best support
  • or - The usual boots of support is Ionian boots, because you need your spells, as often as possible, to support.
    However if you find their team really heavy on CC, you can pick Mercury treads for more sustain.
    In the most of the cases I pick Ionian boots because cooldown reduction is something you need badly. Your spells need to be ready if you want to be able to do anything.
    Level two boots come third after the gold items.
With this you will complete your core. That's what you need most. After this you should not be worried about much more items and so. From this point on you should devote yourself on warding the map and clear the wards with oracle.
Note that this is the core I usually use for every support I play. Every item after this core is optional and depends on how the game goes and what is against you.

Optional items

I want to highlight again, that Janna is support and she doesn't take creeps. That's why the items I list here will be available for you very rarely. But in case you find yourself rich sometimes in a game pick wisely. Look whats the main damage of the team and what is predominant in game.

The people's choice
  • - This item is almost always a must. I almost placed it in the core item build.
    This item gives balanced defensive stats, health, and aura for the team. Basically all you need.
    In some cases however, very rare cases, this item can be skipped. If the enemy team is focused in some kind of damage, like: mostly ADs/APs, you can pick something different for better sustain.
    But in the most cases I advise you: Aegis of the Legion is your best choice after Shurelya's Battlesong.
Support, auras:
The items in this chapter can also be classified as defensive as they give health but Ill classify them as support items as they give health and cooldown reduction.
  • - The new choice for our summoners given by RIOT. I find it useful although I never use it. Option for upgrading your heart of gold. If you are the kind of person that thinks more of the others than of yourself you can make it. It will be of modest help for your team, and its cheap choice so think about it.
  • Zeke's Herald - Stark's fervor was item that I used to hate a lot for supports. A lot of people tried to convince me to add it in the guide but I refused because I highly disliked it for supports.
    Now with the remake, Zeke's Herald is perfect for supports. Pick this item if your team is heavy AD and could use additional attack speed and lifesteal. In other words make this item not just for any AD making champions but for champions who specialize into auto attacks. Champions like Tryndamere, Caitlyn, Graves, Gankplank can find it very useful, but champions that deal AD damage but dont attack much like Talon wont find big use in it.
  • - This item is kinda forgotten because it gives like: everything and nothing.
    But still: In case your team needs cooldown reduction you can do this. Additional health is good for your health as well. Boosted regeneration is always welcomed. You can pick this item if you don't have clear idea what you need to do.

Defensive choices:
  • - Randuin have been and still is one very strong item against AD. The active effect slowing everything is deadly in team fights. Also making this item means you will use your Heart of Gold instead of selling it.
  • - Mana and Cooldown reduction: almost everything you need.
    BUT. There is one big "but" in here. The item main job is to weaken the AD carries.
    If the enemy is heavy on AD you can, even, skip Aegis of the Legion and make Frozen heart. This is one of the best items if the enemy is strong with AD. Even if the damage is balanced, the item is still very good.
    Note:This item provides fair amount of cooldown reduction. This means that if you plan on buying it, you will have to give up Ionian Boots of Lucidity. You may either skip level 2 boots and make first this item or make Mercury's Treads.
  • - I added this item in the overall build because this is the most natural choice that blocks AP damage for champions who don't stay in front. Its gonna save you a lot of times from unwanted CCs if you fail to kite the enemy.
    If you take Banshee's however, be careful not to waste the spell block too early. The enemy usually will target to pop the Banshees spell block before fight.
  • - This item can be very powerful in hands of good player and useless in hands of unskilled player.
    Pick this item in cases of team-fight turning spells like: Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow or Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy.
    It takes some time to learn when to use and when not to use this item. Here's some tips when to use it: if you get caught in long CC, if the enemy will catch you because of CC.
  • - This item can be classified as offensive and defensive at the same time.
    If enemy ADs are focusing you and you don't like Frozen Heart or Randuin's Omen you can make this one. The extra armor is going to be nice boost to your sustain and the AP is going to increase the usefulness of your spells.
    Smart use of its effect can save your life after using your ultimate in the middle of everyone as well. That's why sometimes this is really good choice.
Offensive choices:
  • - More cooldown reduction, more mana regen and more AP. If you feel safe and your team is good in defense, you can go more offensive with this item. It is going to let you spam more often your spells, and you will lack mana almost never.
    Note:This item provides fair amount of cooldown reduction. This means that if you plan on buying it, you will have to give up Ionian Boots of Lucidity. You may either skip level 2 boots and make first this item or make Mercury's Treads.
  • - If there are a lot of APs in your team this item can be of great use. It boosts your AP as well.
    Don't forget about the bonus magic resits.
    You can pick this item against APs as well but its not as good defensively as banshee's vail.
  • - If the your allies are mostly APs this item can be of use to them sometimes.
    If you like spellvamp you can do this item, but me personally: I'm not a big fan of it.

I listed a lot of items here and you must pick very few of them in game. I advise you to learn to evaluate the game well, so you can pick wisely the best choice.


The core of the gameplay is that you should take almost no creeps trough all the game, ward the map and clean it from enemy wards. You are, as I said, the source of 70% of the wards.
Also as support you must understand that your role is to be the mommy of the team. You must be the most patient player, and you must coordinate the team. Anyone can do it but I reccomend you to learn to time the dragon/baron respawn if you are aware when exactly they die. If you can do the same with the important wards in the game you will be priceless.

Early game
Depending on your AD carry you can be either aggressive or passive. You must be the initiator of the fights. You land your spells and your AD follows.

Level 1-3 - Avoid to fight without having your full combo.
Level 4-10 - After level 3 you can use all your spells and can fight better. Since you don't take creeps try to keep the pressure on the enemies with your tornado if able but don't overextend so you don't die. In the most cases you should not land the tornado trough the creeps so you don't push. Be sure to shield the one who's being targeted if they attack, and be sure load Howling Gale so you can counterattack or stop them.
Be sure to coordinate with your carry so when you land Howling Gale to initiate combined attack. If you land it and the carry responds just slow the caught person with Zephyr go back and shield the carry. That's the basic what Janna does in the laning phase to dominate her lane.
Also don't be afraid to use your ultimate. Its cooldown may not be the greatest but its designed to save people. Its push-back is the greatest effect not the heal. So if you feel threatened too much or if you feel like its the moment to screw the enemy position just do it.
On the other hand also keep in mind that your ult is your trump card. Use it as last resort. Don't blow it too early because you will leave yourself opened. And remember: the ultimate is your hardest spell to learn. If you fail it few times don't be sad. Just keep trying and think more rationally. The more you lay the better you get.

Be sure to take wards when you go back to assure safety of your lane. Early Oracle or Vision ward can help a lot to your jungler for dragons or ganks.

Mid game
In the mid game don't stop the warding. You should have oracle in the most cases, so keep yourself alive. Always have Howling Gale charging somewhere, if you find yourself in static position (pushing, defending or simply ganking a spot). Don't be afraid to use Eye Of The Storm and Zephyr. You can literally spam them but be sure to target mainly the carries with them. Watch on your mana as well so you don't get short on mana before actual action begins.
A Dividing Monsoon can turn the game in a lot of cases if you land it but sometimes it can sacrifice your life. Be sure to coordinate with the team to keep yourself alive.

Late game
In late game and in team fights you must be mostly around the Carries. With your kiting capabilities you must try to keep the enemy away from your carries so they can use their damage to the fullest.
Still be sure to have Oracle's Elixir and ward the map. That's essential and that's one of the Janna main jobs in 5v5 premade game.


Whats your place in the team?
  • Your job is to help the team in every aspect.
  • Don't be afraid to lose some experience to help the jungler kill a buff or to help other lanes. But along with that you must always watch on your AD carry if hes doing good.
  • Your main priority during lane phase is to get the AD carry fed.
  • The main priority during mid-late game is to have the map warded and to clean the enemy wards. Also you must watch your team mates and coordinate with them.
  • our main priority in team fights is to keep the carries (AD and/or AP) safe.

    I said it ten thousand times and will say it again:

    sight ward
    Eyes, eyes and again eyes. Every single time you go back you must take a ward. Wards are very essential for avoiding ganks, preventing dragon kills and almost everything.
    As Janna you generally are responsible for most of the warding. Buy Oracle's Elixir and destroy their wards. That's one of your main responsibilities in the game.
    More about warding see here: Warding Guide

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Gamers dictionary and Changelog

Gamers dictionary

Gamers dictionary


  • In computer games the word kite is used to name the ability to keep your enemies away from your team mates with force. The players who love range champions should learn how to kite anyone at any time.


  • The word disable is used as a whole for all kinds of spells that get you out of order. As disable are considered spells that: Stun, Slow, Fear, Suppress, Hold, Silence, Lift up, Blind and the summoner spell Exhaust itself.
    Stun, Fear, Suppress and lift up are considered as hard Disables, as you cant do anything during their effect.
    Slow, Hold, Silence, Blind and Exhaust are considered soft Disables, as you can take some action during their duration.


  • As you'd suggest this means how someone is positioned to the enemy. Positioning is very important for every champion.


  • The word creeps is often used as a replacement for the word Minion in LoL. Just a little habit from the good old times in DotA.

CC = Crowd Control

  • Crowd control includes all the disables, but it also includes some other things that can control the enemy. Apart from the disables CC includes: Pushbacks, Artificially created walls, Flings, Grabs. Sometimes the soft Disables are referred as CC.

AP = Ability power

  • Ability power is the stat in LoL that gives bonus damage to your magical spells. Its almost always abbreviated as AP.
  • Often AP or APs is used for champions that use ability power to boost their spells. With two words casters.

AD = Attack damage

  • Attack damage is the stat in LoL that tells you how much damage you will deal to the opponent with auto attack. Lots of abilities also take direct bonus from the attack damage as well. Its almost always abbreviated as AD.
  • Often AD or ADs is used for champions who are specialized in auto attacks.

CD = Cooldown

  • The time that spell needs to recover after being used, and be ready to be used again. Almost always abbreviated as CD.


  • Push is used to indicate when your creeps are pressuring the enemy creeps and towers. People usually push, when the enemy is back to the base, in order to destroy the tower.
  • Pusher is word for champion who has the ability to kill masses of creeps fast, pressure the tower and eventually destroy it.


  • Term used to name the last spell of every champion. Hotkey R.


  • In almost every game, there are spells that requires you to sit still in order to work. They require your champion to actually "do the spell" while sitting, or to "complete the weaving of the spell" in order to work. The process is usually named channeling in every game.


  • Its meaning is the literal but for spells. To interrupt a spell means to stop it while its being channeled, or to stop someone flying in mid air.


  • The ability to last-hit creeps. The difference between last-hitting and farming, is that farming means your ability not only to last-hit, but to last hit under pressure. Also it means your overall gold earned from creeps.


  • To engage means to clash with the enemy team in direct battle. To engage means to start frontal battle with the enemy team.


  • Harass means to deal discontinuous damage to the enemy. You throw few spells at the enemy without engaging? You drop one or two hits at the enemy avoiding engage? Then this means you are harassing.


  • Some spells need time to form in order to do something. These spells are charging spells. Some spells need to be channeled to charge ( Nunu & Willump's Absolute Zero).
  • Charge is also used for spells that allow your champion to jump quickly at enemy champion.


  • Term used for champions dedicated on doing damage. Usually they die fast if the enemy targets them, but if your team manages to keep them alive they can kill the whole team.


  • To initiate start a frontal battle. Champions who has abilities, that can initiate a battle, in a way, so it can be in your favour are called Initiators.


  • Fights where the both teams engage in direct 5v5 battle.

Mana hungry

  • When your champion needs mana, a lot, and suffers from lack of mana often, its called to be mana hungry.




The guide underwent major change in items, chapters, runes and masteries. Only "Spells. Tips and tricks" chapter remained untouched. Added new chapter "Gamers dictionary and Changelog". The changelog record, starts from this date on.


This change concerns only the chapter "Spells - Tips and tricks". Rewritten most of the text in order to correct lots of grammatical errors, and in order to renew the information. Added a video that shows good usages of Janna's Monsoon.


Changed the song at the end to Example - Midnight Run.


Made new category for the optional items - "Support, auras". Added Zeke's Herald and Locket of the Iron Solari in the optional items in the new category. Moved Soul Shroud into the new section of optional items.
Changed the starting items and added explanations in the description.


Changed some items descriptions. Changed the items order and the basic item list a little. Summoner spells change. Ending song changed to The offspring - You're gonna go far kid and GLHF pic changed.

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A farewell

And remember:
Don't expect a killer. As I said in the very beginning what Janna can do is control the game.Janna also is not easy to play. So become good and if your mates are descend players you will win always.
be smart...
be cool...
be overwhelming...
and of course...


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