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Janna Build Guide by iPuertoRican

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iPuertoRican

Janna Guide (Outdated)

iPuertoRican Last updated on January 25, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome, To my first guide created 4/13/12 please comment and tell me where should I improve on, I don't specialize in the English lenguage so there might be some misspellings here, please point them out, UPVOTE! Please comment, this will help me alot.

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Change Log


4/13/12 : Created
4/15/12 : Warding guide/Pictures/banners added/Mass Editing/More Details
4/16/12 : What to do in teamfights/More pictures/fixed misspellings/Organized
4/16/12 : FIRST VOTE!
4/17/12 : Centered some images/fixed more errors/Match history pic/Build was remade for better effectiveness!/Enemy Difficulties
4/18/12 : Banner of difficulties/7 more champions added to difficulties
4/19/12 : FINALLY support guide: Sweet Breeze Janna Support realeased
4/20/12 : Match History Pics
4/22/12 : REACHED TOP 10 JANNA GUIDES! thanks for all the support :)
4/23/12 : Fixed more Grammar errors/More summoner spells added/Edited masteries and did explanations.
5/3/12 : Sorry for being inactive for so long, I have added runes on Support Section, Added skill squence and fixed some errors, I need ideas of what to include on guide.
5/7/12 : Added a new combo video, and pictures in the warding and support section.
5/28/12 : Athene's unholy grail on other items.
5/29/12 : Rune picture on Support Section is now available.
5/30/12 : I fixed more grammar errors, capitalizing the "i's" is anoying I still have much to fix and item Sequence has been updated for more details and appeal :)
5/31/12 : Added more on Item Options, and shortened guide so it does'nt get boring.
6/16/12 : Two new builds, Fixed items on ap and support section, fixed grammar, two new sections!!
6/21/12: More details, and new images, also added the abilities that Janna can negate (still working on it)
Updating.. 1/25/2014

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+Insane cc.
+Fast like the wind.
+Saves lifes.

-Has only one heal.
-Difficult to aim tornados.
-Not a very good tank.
-Game changing ult, not always for the better.

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Support Section

Support Section

Janna is my favorite support champion because you can really feel the help you do when you save somebody by throwing tornado at enemies chasing, or by standing around giving mana, defence, lifesteal, spell vamp..etc

How to be a support: Leave your laning partner take the Cs (creep score) to feed him, BUT, WILL I FALL BEHING IF I DONT KILL MINIONS? you will have masteries and items wich will keep you ahead in gold. Also after you go back and buy if you have some spare gold less than 300 spend them all in wards and position them around how it says in the warding section above. All your mana will be used for shielding your laning partner and Initiating fights or disengaging, do not farm. My support build is very tanky aswell, so you have a very good survival throughout the game.
Dont use your howling wind to farm, it's a waste of mana, leave the minions for the carry! use it only to chase or to escape from a gank.

Positoning: Try to lane at bot with a range, or somebody who can carry, while your adc farms you can harrass and give pressence dont just stay in the bush like below, you can also put a ward to see in their bush. For example:

Other item options:If you're laning with somebody who doesn't need mana like Mordekaiser dont buy Mana Manipulator , just leave it for later.


Zeke's herald

Zeke's herald
Buy this instead of Will of the Ancients if most of your team is AD, This will be really helpfull, that way they wont have to focus on life steal and can just focus on damage.


Abyssal scepter

If most of your team is ap and the other team is stacking magic resist buy this item, it will lower them 20 magic resist.


Talisman of ascencion

Talisman of ascencion
This item important for its passive that gives 20% cooldown, mana regen and it has a speed buff active wich can be used to escape or to chase enemies. Also everytime you see a minion die near you, you gain +4 gold.


Locket of the iron solari

This gives 15 health regen. to close champions and it actives gives 50 and 10+ level defence it maxed 230 defence, i dont buy this because i dont think it is of much help, but if you like this items buy it.


Quint of Fortitude : This will make you very tanky early game, it will be very hard to take you down.

Glyph of Clarity : Ahh.. the much needed mana on Janna, this is very necessary.

Seal of Warding : Magic resist to avoid the harrass from ability champions.

Mark of Resilience : People will start to think you are more tank than support and will stop attacking you, this defence will fit in well.

Other good runes:

Quint of Avarice : If you are going for a more expensive build get this runes.

Quint of Swiftness : With these runes you can get back faster to your lane from warding or buying.

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What to do in Teamfights

What to do in Teamfights

In teamfights you will be very usefull, if not the most usefull player, try to keep a safe distance, you will be targeted first because you have ALOT of damage output on tornados Howling Gale. Shield Eye Of The Storm your carry for that AD and damage absorb,throw tornados to fly away your enemies while your teammates damage them, if things get bad, flash in or if you're close, walk in the middle and use Monsoon, heal and turn the match around, it is very tricky to get a good position to Monsoon, it depends of experience and practice.


What not to do in teamfights

You should never be in the middle of a teamfight, keep a safe distance between enemies, on this picture it shows where not to be, always let the tank go in first and shield the one that's geting focused.

If you get in the middle of a teamfight and they target you, use Monsoon shield your self and leave as fast as you can, and if they deside to chase you use your Howling Gale or your Zephyr to slow them down. Or if you have Zhonya's Hourglass already use its active and become inmune to everything for a short period of time, this little time can really make a difference of who lives and die. In the next picture i get targeted and run away. XDD