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League of Legends Build Guide Author Telson

Jarvan IV - DPS Killer or

Telson Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Jarvan - The Badass-Prince of Demacia

Welcome to my build, Summoners! It's all about Jarvan IV, the so-called Badass-Prince of Demacia.

I saw several builds here on moba, tried some, but none could fit for me. I didnt enjoy playing with them. Also i really hate Jarvan IV with tanky items ... it's just not my thing to equip a DPS with tank items. So I took some time for tests and found an item build I really like. Of course I will explain why I chose that item.

And here we go. Please remember it's a basic build not a full guide. It's working as well as for the Summoner's Rift, as for the Twisted Treeline. But I rather recommend the Summoner's Rift.
First of all we start with Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion. I'll rush for Mercury's Treads as next. Get a B.F. Sword as soon as possible - it will boost your damage output enormous. Skilling your Demacian Standard will be attack speed enough, so everything we need is: DAMAGE! Therefor i buy a B.F. Sword.
Yea i know, someone might say get a Manamune. But i dislike it. I do not like that item at all. I rather like to be out of mana and have more basic attack damage than have mana and do no damage.
As we're put 1 point into our ultimate now, as well as having at least 1 point in Q and W now, we could get some extra attack speed. So focus on the Black Cleaver, it's passive is just great for Jarvan, and fit's well with his Dragon Strike also!
Still we're going for AD, so get an Infinity Edge. Extra AD, Crit Chance, and more damage on your crits at all - what do you want more?
Now we need some lifesteal for survivability and farming, so head for The Bloodthirster, you may get the Vampiric Scepter first. But I rather choose the B.F. Sword.
Phantom Dancer will give you nice Attack Speed, Crit Chance and Movement Speed. I really like it. And as 6th I like the Zeke's Harbinger for more AS, Life Steal. Especially for your whole team! That's a nice party buff. If some other carry has it, feel free to choose any other item you want.

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Team Work

With this build you're hard to get killed 1v1, but a whole team can get you easy. If you have a lack of initiators in your team, do not hesitate to overtake that role! If your team knows what you're doing, the enemy team will die all together.

But still be careful as you're NOT tanky. As soon as the enemy team runs away, chase. Use Ghost if you want to. But make sure your whole team's following you - else you'll get killed for sure.

When you're able to get the enemy who's the last of the fleeing team, use Cataclysm on him. Probably you can catch up to 3~ enemies with it. Your team shall start throwing their CC power in.

Last step: Kill them.

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Skill Sequence

Of course it's again a question of personal preference - tho I always choose this skill sequence. Your Demacian Standard grants great AS, and also very good harrassing early game. Do not forget it's also giving the active to your allied champions.
Dragon Strike deals a lot of damage with this build. It's AD dependant - and as I buy B.F. Sword as first item, it deals good damage. The Golden Aegis I use for the slow only in early game, tho it might save your *** with that little shield also.

Choose whatever you want, but I recomment to max the Demacian Standard first always.

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I'm following a DPS Masteries Build with 21 points in offensive, giving my summoner spells Exhaust and Ghost some nice advantage with their masteries. Also I have put some small afford into defense tree for dodge.

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Armor penetration? Noone needs to ask for it. It's a typical DPS rune.

Dodge? I like dodge at my squishies.

Cooldown Reduction at a meelee focussed DPS champion, WHY? Caus I like to spam my skills. And your Dragon Strike will pwn with good AD. So spam it. Also it help reducing armor constantly.

Flat Health Quints? I'm sure you wanna keep yourself alive - especially at early game.

Thanks for having a look at my built for Jarvan IV, the Badass-Prince of ... DEMACIA! Feel free to comment, I'm always open for constructive critism.

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Summoner Spells

Normally I run around with Exhaust and Ghost. But there are also other Summoner Spells fitting well.

Ignite If you really want that kill.
Flash I like it, you can pick it instead of Ghost.
Teleport Why not, it's always useful to get faster back on your lane, or even to escape your opponents out of the jungle.
Cleanse Always useful on any squishy. And with this build you are a bit squishy.