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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Derastaman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derastaman

Jarvan IV: The Exemplar of Solo Lane

Derastaman Last updated on February 15, 2012
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**NOTE This is my first guide, so dont be to hard on me ^^**

So, you like Demacia huh? You want to kick some *ss? You want to sent that Swain right into oblivion? If so, then Jarvan IV is the right man for you!

This build is ment for an off-tank Jarvan, but still will do lethal damage if played correctly. You can build many defensive items, and Jarvan will still be a threat to many.

My main always was Garen, but since i bought Jarvan, Garen has been replaced.

Jarvan can be placed in almost any team: He can jungle, solo-top, botlane and maybe even mid. This build will mostly concentrate on solo-top.

I recently played 2 games with him, 1 ranked and 1 normal. Here is the result:

Now lets start with the guide to a good Jarvan.

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Pros and Cons

Great sustainability.

Can survive ganks easily.

Can hold top-lane like a prince should.

His passive, Martial Cadence has some strong burst damage.

Can dive into enemy's without taking too much damage if played correctly.

Superb harrasment in solo-lane and even in bot-lane.

Will not often be targeted in teamfights

Cataclysm will make the enemy cry.

Demacian Standard in combo with Dragon Strike and Golden Aegis Will tear the enemy team apart.

Screams friggin DEMACIAAA if he uses his ultimate.

Little bit mana hungry early game

Flash is a MUST skill for Jarvan, because if he used his combo, he has no more escape.

Kiteable if his combo has already been used.

Wrong use of Cataclysm will make the team hate you...

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

I chose these marks because armor penetration is very important on Jarvan, but still added 2 Greater marks of strength to boost his early-game advantage a little.

Greater seal of fortitute will give you an extra health boost. Why didn't I chose Greater Seal of Regeneration? Because his Regrowth Pendant gives him enough regeneration to stay at top lane.

I love Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. It is not needed, but the little CDR will come of use at solo top against that pesky Sion

For Quintessence i chose again some armor penetration. Its always nice to have it.

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I take 21/9/0

This will give you a little bit of tankyness and a whole lot of more lethal damage, which is needed for Jarvan. The critical damage will come in handy sometimes and some extra armor penetration from Weapon Expertise is always nice. He doesnt need more tanky masteries because his items will take care of that.

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Skill Sequence

Dragon Strike Will be your first pick, because of some harrassment. It will also be the first skill you max, because it will make the enemy laner want to surrender. This skill will make the enemy health drop to half before he/she even realizes it. It has a long range and does pretty hard damage.

Golden Aegis I love this skill, but i always max it last. This skill will give you a temporary shield, and when activated it will slow all enemy's in a small range. This skill will grant you an escape if you jumped into the enemy team. You get a shield, and the enemy is slowed. Can it get even more awesome? The answer is yes.

Demacian Standard This skill will grant you a bursting combo of the fullest. It drops a standard at a location and will give bonus attack attack speed and armor, and will also grant it to your allies if its activated. Oh yeah, it also hurts your enemies and grants vision. I love this skill, because its the beginning of your legendary combo.

Cataclysm Now for the skill where Jarvan is feared for. Cataclysm makes Jarvan jump on an enemy, creating a wall around him and deals tons of damage. This skill is for seperating an enemy or just for killing an enemy. This skill will completely destroy the enemy carry, or any other champion, if hes low health. Only downside is that champions like that friggin Shaco can just deceive out of it. Also watch out using it on people with flash, because they can flash right out of it.

These 4 skills can be used as a burst to the middle in the enemy team. Jarvan is an excellent initiator in teamfights because of this.

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Summoner spells

These are the spells i recommend, because the Teleport gives you a lot of mobility, and the Flash is an excellent escape tool, or offensive tool. In combo with Cataclysm Flash can also be used to get out of Cataclysm if it has been used on an enemy champion.

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Item build

Philosopher's Stone

The Regrowth Pendant is very much needed in the start of the game, so if you take damage, you can just back off and it will regenerate.

If you took serious damage though, you can use your Health Potion to recove more quickly or even survive a gank.

To get items quickly with Jarvan, try to go back to base with around the 1200 gold, so you can buy Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold which grants you an extra 10 gold each 5 seconds!

You also might want to buy boots now, and at the end of the Early game (laning phase) you might want to have your Mercury's Treads ready for action. You should also start building your Trinity Force by now.


Thanks to your early game items, gold will be gained much quicker. So you better rush that Trinity Force Because thats your mane core item. This item will grant you almost everything you need, so why not take it?

Aegis of the Legion Is an item that helps you and your team to victory. I love this item and the enemy team will hate it.

Randuin's Omen or Atma's Impaler first?

It depends of the enemy team. If your team and you are a little bit fed, then I would take Atma's Impaler first, but if the enemy team is fed, i would take the defensive Randuin's Omen first, or you will die.


If you have a team with deadly spells, you might want to block it with Banshee's Veil But if you also need health regen against a heavy caster team, take Force of Nature

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Playing Jarvan IV

With Jarvan, you want solo lane. It is his best position in my opinion, which many of you will agree with me. But what makes him so good at solo lane?

First, you need to farm minions, a lot. You need every gold you can get to rush your Trinity Force. Thats the main reason you mostly need solo top. Also with Regrowth Pendant you can survive for a long time at top. Also, you can harras so well with your Dragon Strike, except against enemies like Gangplank with his orange.


Your main objective is to focus on farming, but you should use every opertunity to harrass your enemy with your Dragon Strike and let them recall or even kill them if you can use your combo + Cataclysm. Important is that you must try to last hit a lot. DONT push your lane too much, or junglers can attack you or your jungler cant help you. And trust me, even Jarvan has trouble escaping that Shaco if your too late.


Team fights will errupt, and mostly 1 or 2 towers are down. Its mid game time. You should already be building Trinity Force by now and have your Mercury's Treads. Your main objecive is to initiate team fights, because your Demacian Standerd, Dragon Strike and your Golden Aegis (+ if needed Cataclysm) you will stun the enemies and damaging them, and if you want you could just walk out of it aswell.


Same as mid game but now you will be more tanky aswell. If your a little bit fed then you should initiate and slaughter them all.

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Some tips

-Try last hitting minions, you need every coin you get. Dont push too much, but play aggresively if 1vs1 lane.

-Use your Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike combo to harrass your enemy even more.
Try using your Cataclysm on squishy targets to eliminate them inmediately and change teamfights.

-If like an enemy Corky Is very low at health and under his tower, have someone to stun him and use your Demacian Standard and Dragon Strike combo to kill that Corky.

-Don't get in 1vs1 fights late game against a full health Jax or Tryndamere because you will not survive.

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Last words

I was a little bit inspired by "The Prince of Solo Top" guide by Sinjustice, so thank you for making it. Please try this guide out before thumbing it up or down. If you have any tips for me or some changes to this guide, please comment below.

I hope you enjoyed it and have many good games with it!