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Jarvan IV Build Guide by Badass Prince Of LOL

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Badass Prince Of LOL

Jarvan IV:The Spear Knight

Badass Prince Of LOL Last updated on December 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 8

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 1

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"Hey you mighty heroes im Zeus,the king of the Olympian Champions"
Season 1:ChargeEpisode 3:An enemy has been speared
HI ITS FRED!Lul wut?
Everyone knows that Jarvan IV is op,well he isnt,his build is...and this build i bet is one from the ones with TANKY-OFFENSE,but!This one is more special!i think...

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Yo man,Lets see what weve got here!YEAH!
I will just comment for build one,the others are like this one
Doran's Shield
Buy it for laning long,at lvl 8 u should go home
Ninja Tabi-you face 2/3 or more dps (TT/SR)
Mercury Treads-you face 2/3 or more mages/ccs(tt/sr)
2. Phage-Damage,Hp,Slow,cheap...
3. Warmog's Armor-Hp,no one will attack you,be happy
4. Atma's Impaler-ARMOR AND DAMAGE,just what we need in those times,now they will be afraid to gank you.
5. Trinity Force-Good item,Epic Stats,35% chance of slow,Epic After Spell
6. Randuin's Omen-Damage,Hp,Armor,Hp per 5,Slow when they touch you,Active slow all we need
7. The Bloodthirster-Damage a lot,biggest damage in game,+life steal
8. Last Whisper-Sell boots,buy the last whisper,be happy,Q+This=40%/30% more damage,depends on enemies
And if u want sell Randuin's Omen, buy The Black Cleaver,for its damage and armor reduction,if an ally already has it...then buy Zeke's Harbinger for the aura it does,and again if an ally has it,buy a second The Bloodthirster
Warmog's Armor in change of The Frozen Mallet
Aegis of the Legion in change of Randuin's Omen
Build One

Build Two

Build Three

Build Four

Build Five

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Hey dudes,the rules are those!
1.When you want to do the dash,use the flag exactly in the back of the enemy so the flag can make damage too,and then use your spear...
2.If all of your teammates are dead,and a horde of enemies are coming,jump on them,and when the turret will atack ONE TIME someone,use your ultimate fast.
3.TROLL:ON 5v5 GO MID!!!,a Fed JARVAN a fed jarvan iv...XD
Or go solo doran's shield :P
4.always use Q>E to harras enemies.
5.Play the game with Mind Heist xP

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Summoner Spells

Flash,escape,get over a wall,be happy
Heal Good to trick enemies,go 1v1,YOU BOTH ATTACK EACH OTHER,USE HEAL!???PROFIT!
Exhaust Good to slow enemies,use this if u are more like FOCUS ONE AND PROFIT style,but the other one is dangerous.
Good [/img] Good to chase MORE ENEMIES AT A TIME,but u won't be feeded so good at start... [/img] Good in change of heal,But i reccomend heal...
BAD [/img] Leave it to others [/img] OK EVERYONE KNOWS THAT U MUST NOT TAKE THIS [/img] No one takes it,but IF U ARE A RALLY PRO TAKE IT but only 15% of the players EVER took rally...

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Jarvan IV

As the royal family of Demacia for centuries, members of the Lightshield line have spent their lives waging war against any who opposed Demacian ethics. It is said that every Lightshield is born with anti-Noxian sentiment in his blood. Jarvan IV is no exception, even though he is the first Lightshield born to the age of League of Legends. As his forefathers had before him, he led Demacian troops into bloody engagements with Noxian forces, and on many occasions he has bled alongside wounded allies and fallen comrades. In his most crushing defeat, he was outmaneuvered and captured by a Noxian battalion under the command of Jericho Swain. This mistake nearly cost him his life at the hands of Urgot, but he was rescued by the Dauntless Vanguard, an elite Demacian strike force led by Jarvan’s childhood companion, Garen.

Those close to him believed that his capture changed him. Xin Zhao was quoted as saying: "His eyes never seemed to look at you, only through you to something he could not look away from." One day, without warning, Jarvan IV handpicked a squad of Demacian soldiers and left Demacia, vowing to find "atonement". He began by tracking and hunting the most dangerous beasts and bandits he could find in northern Valoran, but he soon tired of such prey. Seeking something that only he understood, he ventured south of the Great Barrier. He wasn’t heard from again for nearly two years. After many had assumed the worst, he returned to glorious fanfare on the streets of Demacia. His Demacian plates were adorned with the bones and scales of creatures unknown. His eyes bore the wisdom of someone twice his age. Of the twelve soldiers who had departed with him, only two returned. In a tone as cold and steady as steel, he swore to bring the enemies of Demacia to their knees.

“There is only one truth, and you will find it at the point of my lance.” –- the “last words” of Jarvan IV at his failed execution

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Final Words

I consider Jarvan a very strong melee champion if played correctly, i believe he can even be considered a carry in some situations. Just remember that he IS semi squishy with this guide, but his damage is NUTS. Please try it out before you down vote and tell me what you think i can add/improve. Opinions are always welcome but please don't troll/flame me,, I am not the type of person that goes onto other Jarvan guides and down vote to make mine higher, so please respect me enough to do the same :)