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Jax Build Guide by Vertaebreaker

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertaebreaker

(Jax) Leap Empower Dodge Stun Dodge

Vertaebreaker Last updated on October 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hi this is my 2nd build in here I have had a lot of success with this build recently and hope you do to, lets get started. Please attempt my build and read it through before you down vote me. Thank you for your time.

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can beat anyone 1 vs 1 sometimes 1 vs 2 or 1 vs 3
great survivabilty
fairly regular stuns
great spell vamp/life steal
distance closing
great minion pusher

Prone to being kited
somewhat vulnerable to caster
ignite is your enemy
Sword of the Divine nullifies your dodge if no minions around

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Summoner spells

Revive Frowned upon but very useful when the game is so short and every second alive makes a difference
Exhaust slows enenmies chasing you or your chasing; helps fighting strong auto attacking enemies
Ignite extra damage and healing reduced by half
Ghost probably most popular spell in dominion
Flash you can choose if you want but I would not recommend
Garrison ok for tower diving and defense but I feel it is wasted spot
Promote good for pushing minions but better for a weak pushing champion
Heal I have taken as a support great for group fights to boost a little hp into your teamates
Clarity For champions who use a lot of mana in a short amount of time
Cleanse for those heavy cc teams

I would never take any other spells in dominion (this my opinion and subject to change)

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I choose magic penetration marks x9 greater marks of insight, 9 Greater Seals of Evaasion, 9 Greater Glyphs of Force, and 9 Greater Quintessences of Evasion

You want the maximum amount of dodge possible, I take AP per level since you already start off at level 3 and levels come quickly in dominion, and magic penetration works for all 4 of your abilities.

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My masteries are 9 offense 21 defense as seen above. In the offense tree I take the ability power, the enhanced cripple, the cooldown, and magic penetration as a traditional caster would. In defense I take the enhanced revive which I am able to use it 3 times in a regular dominion game. Gives you a huge burst of speed along with a health buff. So in the 1st fight for the windmill tower feel free to attack suicidally because you will be back in the fight before it's over if your team is holding there own. I also take magic resist (MR) and armor in the 1st row going up taking all the dodge you can along with Nimbleness you will use it more than any other champion in the game. One point in harden skin helps you a bit. I take the health, ardor which has ap and attack speed which is great for Jax. Of course I take Tenacity 4 percent reduced damage.

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You start off with quite a bit of money in dominion you want to maximize its use and move speed is very important early game. I take Ninja Tabi and 1 Amplifying Tome for a bit of ap. I have seen other Jax's take Vampiric Scepter but if you read my masteries section you know theres a chance you wont be around long enough to use that item. Build the tome into a Hextech Revolver then into a Hextech Gunblade. At this point you are fairly strong They are nerfing Hextech Gunblade to be unique so I have been going with a Will of the ancients][ or (WOTA). Right into a [[Rabadon's Deathcap you will be doing lots of damage and healing for lots of health. Now is the point I take the enemy into account if there are lots of auto attackers like Tryndamere or Warwick I just stack ap because my dodge will do everything I need for them. But if there is a lot of caster's I will take either a Abyssal Mask or an odyns veil. Lots of crowd control like Fiddle sticks or shaco I will get a moonflair spell blade. If you have no worries at this point just grab a guinsoo rageblade or a Lich Bane you will be beating 2 at a time.

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Pushing a tower

You are strong enough to dive any one person on a tower but if you feel that is risky push minions it's more effective than you think. Your team might yell at you say you are "farming" but this is also a great way to heal back up as long as you have some sort of lifesteal or spell vamp and are a minimum of level 6.

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Your enemies

Poppy is your greatest threat high damage and built a certain way will beat you everytime. Don't worry that build will not be placed here. Also threat Fiddlesticks if he is smart enough not to auto attack you. As of yet looking at the champions i feel these are the greatest threat if I come across something else I will post it.

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Full Guide

I need 5000 words to make this a complete guid so I thought I would go over the most "OP" champion for dominion. You have

Jax high survivability, lifesteal, dodge, stun and distance closing.
Poppy High damage nuke, ult is great to dive a tower or group of players, distance closer and stun
Gangplank High damage, move speed, attack speed, lifesteal, slow passive, global ultimate to stop captures
Rammus Fastest champion, taunt, great defense, aoe ultimate
Akali High nuke damage, stealth, distance closer, lifesteal
Katarina tower fights are won by her ult I have seen her get 2 quadra kills in 1 game with it
Shaco ap is the most annoying, harrassing, walk into a bush and get owned by boxes frustrating champion to play against (I don't recommend ad shaco)

long distance shampions are also great defenders Caitlyn Tristana Xerath Kog'Maw Zilean