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Jax Build Guide by Horvat4

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Horvat4

Jax, The Unstoppable Jungler [Pusher, Fighter / Tanky DPS]

Horvat4 Last updated on March 4, 2012
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Pusher, Fighter / Tanky DPS

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome, dear visitors, I am writing this after series of winning the round using this incredible build. Just want you to see how awesome jungler Jax is. His ganks are awesome after the Ziggs patch is released (I am writing this after Nautilus patch) because you can activate your stun whenever you want what is awesome for ganking. If there are some people who are interested how to dominate the games with Cho Gath, they can visit my guide : Cho Gath
I hope I'll get positive comments and upvotes because this build is really awesome :).

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Runes and masteries

Build 1:

So, I've found this runes are very useful combined with masteries. I know that I focused on movement speed masteries too, but I meant to say that 16 HP per level isn't that bad (10 from runes and 6 from masteries). My goal is to jungle fast and gank when i reach level 4. In the beggining of the round, 4 % attack speed isn't that great, but combined with attack speed items work really well. Finnaly, little armor pen. for ganks mostly, it can be really useful.

Build 2:

These are really awesome if playing tanky, your ganks could be better, you have bonus armor pen., movement speed, armor and magic resistance. Movement speed runes are changing masteries from 0-21-9 to 9-21-0 because you no longer need that movement speed boost from masteries and you can take attacks speed, armor pen. and 3 damage.

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Your first goal is Blue Buff. You want to get it fast because you level to level 2 and gives you fast clean of jungle (returns mana from your spells cast because you gain huge mana regen). After that go for Wolf Camp, then Wraith Camp, Golem Camp, Red Buff, Wolf Camp, Wraith Camp.

1. Blue Buff - ask you teammate from mid to pull you, attack him with you basic attacks until you see he will attack you. Don't let him hit you, activate you E, get him low and Smite to finish him off.

2. Wolf Camp - Kill the wolf with most HP first, then other 2.

3. Wraith Camp - Kill the Blue one first, then 3 others.

4. Golem Camp - Kill the smaller golem first, then bigger.

5. Red Buff - Basic attack him, attack with Empower instantly, activate E, then get him low and use your Smite to finish him off.

6. Wolf Camp, Wraith Camp or Recall and then Wolf / Wraith Camp

7. Wraith / Wolf Camp

8. Gank, jungle, gank, jungle, gank, jungle, gank, jungle, gank, jungle......

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Combos when ganking

When ganking, you want to sit in the bush and wait for your opponents reach the line where they cannot escape. When they reach it, activate your E and W and jump onto them, activate stun and finish them. My personal best combo is when I have my ultimate. Passive gives each third attack really nice boost. When I jump, stun and Empower my lamp (weapon), I wait for my empower to come down from cooldown. When I see my third stack from ultimate, I activate Empower and do really nice damage, or something more useful, I basic attack and instantly when I deal damage, I activate Empower and do 2 basic attacks in a really short amount of time. Then I of course finish them off (if they don't flash away).

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Skill Sequence

1. Counter Strike - This is what I get first because when you activate it, you dodge all basic attacks, so creeps cannot attack me. After that it stuns them. Really awesome ability for jungling.

2. Empower - The most damage dealing ability, you want to level it up first because it deals most damage in team fights.

3. Empower.

4. Leap Strike - Just for ganking, so I can jump, stun and finish my job.

5. Empower.

6. Grandmaster's Might - I really love his ult, but I am so stupid that I don't activate it when needed (only 2-3 times a round), I mostly love it because of passive.

7. Empower.

8. Leap Strike.

9. Empower.

10. Counter Strike. - Because of cooldown reduction.

11. Grandmaster's Might.

12. Leap Strike.

13. Leap Strike.

14. Leap Strike.

15. Counter Strike.

16. Grandmaster's Might.

17. Counter Strike.

18. Counter Strike.

Build 2 has almost the same skill sequence, you want to level E on level 8 instead of level 10.

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Summoner Spells

Smite - Just as all junglers get :)

Flash - For ganking, finishing, helping or escaping

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Items (0. is starting item(s)) [BUILD 1, BUILD 2]

Build 1

0. - Cloth Armor - Surviving the jungle early.
-5x Health Potion- For clearing jungle without recalling.

1. Wriggle's Lantern - Needed for faster clearing the jungle and ganking (deals 425 damage sometimes to creeps).

2. Berserker's Greaves - Attack speed for faster killing enemies and surviving 1v1 fights.

3. Trinity Force - Gives you everything you need and is an awesome item for jungling Jax!

4. Warmog's Armor - For survivability and making you immortal sometimes.

5. Atma's Impaler - Crit. chance and armor (plus 2% HP turns into AD)

6. Phantom Dancer - Movement, attack speed and crit. chance. Awesome late game item.

Build 2

0. Vampiric Scepter - You are tanky so and you have armor runes so you don't actually need to buy Cloth Armor.

1. Wriggler's Lantern - Needed for faster clearing the jungle and ganking (deals 425 damage sometimes to creeps).

2. Mercury's Treads - Early movement speed and magic resist.

3. Wit's End - Every attack deals 42 additional magic damage, gives you magic resist and nice attack speed.

4. Frozen Mallet - HP for surviving bigger fights and every attack slows the enemy.

5. Madred's Bloodrazor - Awesome attack speed, damage and armor boost, mostly damage because you deal bonus damage(2% of your target's HP).

6. Guardian Angel - Gives you armor, magic resistance and another life :).

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Thank you for reading my guide, I hope I'll get positive votes and comments. I will make more guides and I hope they will be popular when I come month or two after (this one too) :).