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Jax Build Guide by Badass Prince Of LOL

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Not Updated For Current Season

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Badass Prince Of LOL

Jaximimus The Hybrid Councilor of League-3v3 Build

Badass Prince Of LOL Last updated on December 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello Hello!
Welcome Su,Su,Su,mo,mo,nneeeeneneeeerrrr ,I'm the badass,and u came here to see an epic build,you will get one,Jaximus the Hybrid Councilor Of League <3...
Woohooo who doesnt love our favorite lamp carrier jax?
F..k the lamp and get an axe!
Season 1:ChargeEpisode 4:Jaximus

LET ME AXE YOU A QUESTION...hmm epic joke for Jaximus...

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"Why no defensive items?"
Becouse you already have
2471+1100(ap)+600(ad)=3571+600=4171 HP
You already have
40% Dodge Chance and 140 armor
You already have
Ultimate active>kinda 140 mr
You already have
20% spell vamp,15% life steal,try telling someone to get will of ancients and you will have 45% spell vamp and more ap and hp AND ad.
"What happens if this build sucks?"
Try it on custom game,or on normal,this cant fail
"Why do you take atma in change of other items?"
BECOUSE,it is cheap,it gives you armor,critical chance and damage,its the single items which gives you this
"What the hell is with the description?!?!"
"Why there arent so many colour texts?"
Becouse i realy dont have what to colour,all is colored is the important things

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Actual Stats

4171 HP
140 Armor
60 MR
355 Damage
2,20 attacks per second while gunblade and ulti
550 AP(590 with will of ancients near you)
25% spell vamp(50%)
40% Life Steal
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D OP OP OP OP OP OP :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Myes so this guy is kinda op right?

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Attack Speed runes>for ulti stacking,guinsoo,ulti third attack
Dodge Runes>For Protection,For Counter-Strike
AP RUNES>For Higher ap,why per level ap?becouse you get ulti at lvl 6...
Armor Pen Runes>For farming easy,killing champs easier

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Helps yea with those mundos,singeds,garens and others with heal or force of nature or simply hpp5
Exhaust:Protection,High Slow
You can protect yourself with this,and pwn the char,for me this is the most op spell in game,the other op is flash,but jax doesnt need it,take it on garen or spell casters....
Jax is op...
He realy shines in 1v1 with minions nearby..even if the target is Mage...

Guide Top


Ninja Tabi:Protection,Counter Strike
Guinsoo's Rageblade:High AS>80 AP>35 Damage
Hextech Gunblade:Good Ap and Ad,good hp
Rylai's Crystal Scepter:ap,hp,more hp,slow
Lich Bane-OMG so high damage,and ap ,yea!
Rabadon's Deathcap-OMG SO MUCH AP,and hp!
Atma's Impaler:Crit,High Damage,Protection
RIP OLD 1 rageblade,2 gunblades,1 rabadon,1 atma,1 gunblade old build T_T riot is so evil...

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Sounds Good For me

Guide Top

Skill Sequence

200 Damage W+Q at lvl 3?IS THAT A JOKE!?
I said enough...

Guide Top

Playin is easy with Jax

Buy boots of speed and if u want buy potion of hp,go down,fb,u didnt fb?go top,harras,fb,u didnt fb?OK THEN UR TEAMMATE GOT FB!RIGHT!?!?!?!
Buy Ninja Tabi,go top,kill,make level 6,harras and pwn
Buy Spell Vamp and Life Steal,you will srsly pwn now,+2 levels than the others and extra protection programd <3
Buy Rageblade>HP>You Pwn even better now
Buy Gunblades!!!>Now you realy pwn now...destroy turrets...what can i say...i dont teach you how to play with jax..DDUHHH
Buy Raba and atma>GG
Also try ks <3
And a thing that i learned in matches:SHUT UP AND PLAY,srsly,if u start talkin a lot your teammates will start being rude with you,and they will possibly ks you,go afk,leave,let you die alone,dont help you,say no ss and other *****,so remember SMILE AND SHUT UP,JUST GIVE ME THAT AXE,CUZ I REALY WANT TO AXE A QUESTION TO PHREAK...

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Step 1:Buy Jax
Step 2:Choose Him
Step 3:Buy items
Step 4:Own
Step 5:Win
Step 6:???
Step 7:Profit

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Jax Actual Story

My friend and I were discussing it and I think we've come up with a theory that is highly plausible.

Jax's father was an Ionian man who lived life fairly peacefully in a small village. His mother... well it goes back all the way to the city-state of Zaun. The polluted runoff in Zaun created the champion known as Twitch, but it also created another being... a different one.

This being eventually ventured off to Ionia and met an Ionian man... and roughly 9 months later, the baby boy later to be known as Jax was born. They lived in secrecy for the most part trying not to draw attention to themselves, but... it was not meant to be. An Ionian purity faction caught wind of the fact that a creature with 3 fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot was born on Ionian soil. Under a crimson-colored moon, they found this isolated cottage and burned it down believing no one could survive the blaze... but someone did.

The blaze had not killed the young child. He had been burned horribly, but there was something inside of him that kicked in that night... his natural instinct to survive no matter what.

The disfigured child left his ruined cottage and disappeared like the leaves disappearing from the tree branches during Ionia's autumn season. His sheer instinct to survive locked away his memories to prevent his body from unleashing his boiling rage and the terror flowing through his veins. His body shook with anticipation... anticipation to kill for revenge... anticipation to kill to survive... anticipation to kill so no one could see his tears. He was afraid for the first time in his life... and this was the only time the being known as Jax would ever be afraid again.

The child was able to kill animals to sustain his body and provide clothing for himself, but as winter came about; animals were harder and harder to come by. The child searched far and wide for food in the Ionia forest until he finally collapsed under the wrath of Mother Nature
The young boy woke up to the smell of some fresh stew--Ionian Sour Soup with Catfish, in fact. He was nursed back to health by an elderly woman. Over several days, she helped the young boy regain all his strength. And after several months of dealing with the savage child, the anger and urge to kill had melted away from his body and soul in the comfort of his adoptive grandmother--Wuah Ma. He was given the name, "Jong Xuan."

On one particular night, however, Wuah Ma had a nightmare. In this nightmare, she was a spirit who could not interact or in any way affect her surroundings. Normally she had great control of her dreams and nightmares because of her years of intensive training with the Ionian monks, but this time it was different. A large menace dressed in purple garb walked away from a battlefield. Behind him, dozens of bodies laid slain with blood running deep red into a large pool below his feet. He had the most menacing eyes; in fact, he had seven blue eyes which stared right through Wuah Ma's heart. Immediately, her heart felt like it was freezing over and ready to shatter at any moment. She woke up to Jong Xuan looking at her. Although this moment sent chills down her spine, she knew that turning away from him now would perpetuate her vision. She believed that she would have the power to take away all the evil in his heart so that some day he could grow up to be a great man.

Wuah Ma taught her adoptive grandson how to better survive with a sound mind; in addition, she taught him literature, history, mathematics, and appreciation of art and music. She brought Jong Xuan to an Ionian temple on occasions to train him in the art of meditation and martial arts to strengthen his discipline.

One day as they were coming back from the temple, Wuah Ma and Jong Xuan stopped to view cherry blossoms falling down onto the ground creating a field of pink petals in the forest. Jong Xuan looked at a cricket jumping around his foot. He followed the little creature to a log and a mantis quickly darted out and pierced its body with its sharp arm.

"Grandmother... did you see that?" he asked.
"Yes child..." she replied as she sets her hand over his shoulder.
"Why did it do that?" asked Jong Xuan.
"Because child... the strongest tend to survive in this world," his grandmother explained.
"Will I be strong?" asked the child.
She smiled and kneeled next to Jong Xuan, "You will be the strongest Ionia has ever seen."
"The strongest ever!" exclaimed the child.

Several years passed and the foundations of the Ionian nation was rocked at its very core; Noxus had begun its invasion on Ionian soil.
Jong Xuan is now a young man. He dons a yellow tunic with blue trims and a blue sash secured his outfit tightly.

Upon his head is a straw rice hat which he tilts down to cover his face.

"Tell Wuah Ma I said hi," says one of the Ionian monks.

"Ah yes Master Dao," says Jong Xuan as he makes his way down the stone steps, "Say..."

"Yes?" replies the master monk.

"The Noxians... do-," says Jong Xuan.

"They are treading on thin ice," says the master monk as he strokes his white beard, "We have been allowing them to do as they please for far too long... You know when an animal is cornered... he will have no choice but to strike back."

Jong Xuan looks at his hands with his deep *********s. Two thick fingers and a strong thumb present on each hand, he grasps the air and feels an energy empower his fists and arms. "Maybe... just maybe I can-," says Jong Xuan.

"No!" exclaims the old master, "You know how your grandmother feels about that!"

His discipline takes control over his emotions and the energy once present dissipates. He waves and says, "I know Master Dao... I know..."

Several hours pass since Jong Xuan left the Ionian temple. He sits down on a tree stump and takes a breather as a group of soldiers make their way through the dirt path. There was no mistaking it, they were Noxian mercenaries--a dozen of them commanded by a lanky fellow in burgundy leather armor. He quickly dives into a patch of tall grass and his breathing slows down to less than a whisper.

The band of mercenaries walk right by, but Jong Xuan is able to hear their conversation as they pass by.

"Aside from that, I mean," says one of the mercenaries.

"Yeah, aside from that Ionia is a complete joke," says the second mercenary.

"This country might as well be ours already," says the first mercenary.

"Shut up!" yells the commander, "We're in enemy territory, if you guys make so much as another sound I'll personally cut off your tongue."

The two mercenaries stop in their tracks and swallows their saliva as well as their pride. They look at each other and follow their group from a distance.

"How troublesome..." Jong Xuan thinks to himself. As soon as he is satisfied at the mercenaries' departure, he continues back to his cottage.

As he reaches the up the top of the hill, he sees something that sank his heart. A black smoke covered a large portion of land around his cottage. He quickly runs to his home and sees eight slain Noxian mercenaries and in the center was Wuah Ma in a pool of blood.

He runs up to her and picks up the little old woman into his arms.

She opens up her eyes a little bit and weakly says, "Child..."

"What happened?!" cries Jong Xuan.

"They... came... and..." she says weakly.

"I need to take you to a healer!" cries Jong Xuan as he gets up with his grandmother.

As soon as he does, however, she coughs up some blood. He freezes in his tracks.

"My time has come, child..." says the weak old woman.

"No! I still need you! Don't go!" Jong Xuan cries as tears stream down a small portion of his revealed face.

She puts her old wrinkly hands on his face and says, "Be strong my child... live on... and-" A vision of her adoptive grand child turning into her most frightening nightmare soon consumes her mind once again; the vision of the seven-eyed monster with the power to destroy countries clutches her heart. She tries to continue speaking, but her voice fades away.

Jong Xuan sees Wuah Ma's eyes close for the last time. Her already cold skins gets colder and colder and her skin becomes pale in his arms. His heart drops, but he remains unusually calm. "I'll be strong..." he says while clutching to his grandmother's soulless body.

Three days pass since the pillaging of Wuah-Ma's cottage. Six Noxian mercenaries start setting up a base of operations to strike from while their commander and six others scout around looking for easy targets to hit.

Three of the mercenaries work on building a tent for their commander. The other three start on working on smaller tarp shelters for themselves.

Erderius--a dark-skinned mercenary in full leather armor--says to his comrade, "Nature calls."

"Go ahead," replies, Homer--a light-skinned mercenary with plated armor and a spear fastened onto his back by a leather belt.

Erderius begins to leave the temporary base until Homer say, "Grab your staff."

"You think I need it?" asks Erderius.

"The Ionians are weak, but if you were to meet anyone like that old hag, you'll want a weapon by your side," says Homer.

Erderius grabs his bo staff and hurries into the forest out-of-sight from his allies. He finds a large Ionian Oak Tree with sturdy light brown bark and beautiful green leaves. He relieves himself and sees the steam begin to lift off where he's doing his business.

"**** this Ionian weather..." says Erderius to himself, "For a bunch of weak people they sure know how to ignore the cold."

As Erderius prepares to go back to the base, he realizes that there is more steam lifting off, but it is not from the tree. He turns around, but there is no sign of anyone around him. He grabs his bo staff and starts spinning it frantically like a blow fish trying to make itself look bigger. After several minutes, he is satisfied that the chilly weather and the forest is playing tricks on his mind; he starts walking back to the campsite.

"Man, that felt good," Erderius declares as he gets back to the base of operations.

"Yeah, yeah," says Stubbo--a large bald headed man with hard leather armor on--"Get back to work."

"Who is that?" asks Homer.

"Who is what?" asks Erderius. He turns around and sees Jong Xuan with his straw rice hat and yellow and blue tunic.

"You idiot!" exclaims Homer.

"You brought him here, you clean it up," says Stubbo as he continues working on tarp shelters. The mercenaries are so sure that the Ionian is no threat that they simply go on with their work as Erderius goes to clean up his mess.

"Gladly," says Erderius as he starts waving his bo staff trying to intimidate Jong Xuan, "This is not your day."

Jong Xuan raises his head just enough to expose the lower half of his face; a sinister smile.

The yellow-clad Jong Xuan waves in with his right hand. He motions with his three fingers luring in Erderius; taunting him.

The dark-skinned Noxian happily takes the bait and rushes in with his bo staff. He quickly swings the wooden staff at Jong Xuan.

Something immediately clicked in the Ionian's head. His years of studies of various weapon's manuals and fighting styles at the Ionian Temple reemerges in his mind. He dodges the first blow.

Erderius pulls back the staff and goes in low trying to sweep the Ionian's legs. Jong Xuan jumps over it and quickly rushes to the dark-skinned mercenary knowing that he's now eliminated the staff-user's range advantage.

The dark-skinned mercenary quickly pulls back for another swing, but Jong Xuan's powerful hands grasps the bo staff before he's able to swing it again.

"You're mine!" Jong Xuan exclaims as he slams his stone-like head into the nose of the Noxian leaving a stain of blood on his rice hat. The blow causes Erderius' face to whip back.

This catches Homer and Stubbo's attention.

"You're not looking so hot buddy," says Stubbo as he leans the handle of his partially planted axe.

Erderius flicks his head forward to recover, but Jong Xuan pushes his three-fingered palm into his chest sending him into the ground; a bunch of dirt is picked up into the air from the force of the fall.

"Whoa, whoa," says Homer as he rushes to Erderius' side through the debris, "Are you okay?"

The dark-skinned mercenary tries to speak, but gags in his own vomit.

As the debris settles back down into the ground, a foot in sandal kicks up Erderius' bo staff into Jong Xuan's reach.

He holds the staff up with the lower part of it propped against the back of his thigh and begins to taunt Homer with his left hand. He curls his "index" finger in a motion asking for his next opponent to come after him.

"You're done," Homer declares as he releases the leather belt holding his spear.

The light-skinned man in plated armor darts forward and thrusts his might spear at Jong Xuan. The Ionian deflects the spear with his newly-acquired bo staff.

The two start trading blows back and forth; like a dance, the two take turns going on the offensive. Homer uses the blunt end of the spear and flicks it upwards at the Ionian's right thigh. The yellow-clad young man torques his body back to the right to evade the blow and sees Homer swinging down the spear-end of the spear down at him. He quickly meets his staff against's the mercenary's spear and leads the spearhead away from his body.

Jong Xuan spins his body around Homer's and connects a blow to his lower back. Before Homer could react to the blow, Jong Xuan executes a three-hit combo against Homer's butt, thigh, and ankle; the four successive hits manages to knock the light-skinned man into the ground.

Stubbo looks on and says to himself, "This might be interesting." He picks up his axe from the ground and props it against his right shoulder. The remaining three mercenaries stop what they're doing and watch the duel.

The yellow-clad Ionian swings down his bo staff, but Homer manages to push his spear up horizontally. The two weapons make contact and the bo staff breaks in half at the point of contact. Jong Xuan quickly grabs Homer's spear and tries to wrestle it away from him. Homer uses' his opponent large body to lift himself up and continues to wrestle his weapon back into his possession.

Jong Xuan delivers a swift kick to Homer's midsection and snatches away the spear. Homer stumbles backwards until he hits a tree.

"Ugh," he cries a little.

"This is it," Jong Xuan declares as he thrusts the spear at Homer's chest.

Homer smiles and starts to laugh under his breath; between Homer's two hands and his plated armor, the spear has been completely stopped at his chest. More importantly, he sees Stubbo charging in behind Jong Xuan with his large axe raised into the air as the Ionian tries in vain to push the spear.

Everything becomes silent. The gentle gust rustles a few brown leaves on the ground. Suddenly, the quietness of nature shatters as heavy footsteps quickly crunch through the brown leaves.

Where is it coming from? From behind. It's moving quickly... Jong Xuan can feel the presence of a disturbing force and the blood lust associated with it; not only that, he can feel his own blood starting to rush into his head as he starts to get excited.

He quickly jabs the end of the spear into Homer's plated armor and quickly side steps as Stubbo charges in from behind. The yellow-clad Ionian turns on his heel and spins around the bald brute's body; he uses his own momentum to execute a swift spinning jump kick into Stubbo's back. The Noxian brute charges forward uncontrollably into the butt of the spear; the combined momentum of Jong Xuan's kick, the mercenary's weight, and his acceleration sends the spear right into Homer's chest.

The light-skinned mercenary's body feels a jolt invade his entire body as his hands tightens around the spear. Suddenly it becomes harder to breathe for him and his life begins to flash before his eyes.

Stubbo falls down backwards with his arms cross over his chest as a similar non-lethal force extinguishes the air from his lungs. He starts rolling around in agony.

Jong Xuan looks over his shoulder and readjusts his straw rice hat. The other three mercenaries step backward although they were already a few yards away. A force originating from the Ionian's body seems to be enough to fend off the remaining three mercenaries; Jong Xuan's aura seems to suffocate them making it hard to breathe as well as weigh down on their soul and body.

"None of you are strong enough to kill her..." Jong Xuan mumbles to himself.

He turns around and faces the three Noxians.

Within the group are two warriors and a mage. The two brown-headed warriors are dressed in leather vests and pants; under their vests are long cloth shirts--one blue and one red. They both have the same type of long sword fastened to their waist. Between the two warriors, the blond mage dons a simple light blue cloak. A simple hemp belt secures his waist and two simple brown wands hang on his sides.

“Where is your leader?” Jong Xuan asks.

“Don’t worry about that,” says the mage as he gets defensive, “You’ll never get the chance to see him.”

Although his goal is clear in his mind, Jong Xuan’s blood starts to boil; it does not boil with anger, however, but with excitement.

“I’m a quick learner,” says the mage as he raises his two wands into the air, “You’re quite dangerous with any weapon, it seems, luckily you’re armless now.”

“I’ll show you just how dangerous I can be,” the Ionian says as he stomps toward the three mercenaries.

“Raging flames and frigid frosts, imbue these blades all your might!” the mage chants.

Swirling blue and orange magic wisps away from the mage’s polished sticks. The two warriors raise their blades as they charge toward Jong Xuan from both sides. The colored magics swirl around his allies' swords and imbue the blades with elemental powers.

Jong Xuan quickly rushes the blue-shirt warrior and kicks him in the midsection as the red-shirt warrior swings his sword. The yellow-clad Ionian grabs the ice blade and deflects the fiery blade with ease; he pulls the blue-shirt warrior in close and pushes the ice blade into the stomach of the fiery swordsman.

“Ugh!” cries the red-shirt warrior as the cold imbued steel enters his body; his organs start to freeze as soon as the blade touches them.

Jong Xuan kicks away the blue-shirt warrior and grabs the fiery blade from the dead swordsman’s hand. The blue-shirt warrior starts to scoot away with his blood-soaked blade as the large Ionian walks up to him.

“Don’t!” cries the Noxian warrior.

The yellow-clad man grabs his opponent by the shirt and picks him up. He leans his head close to him and says, “Your life is forfeit.”

Suddenly, a large orange glow starts to spill light onto Jong Xuan’s back. He quickly swaps places with his opponent and uses the body as a shield against a large flash of orange light.

A cloud of black smoke floats above several feet of scorched earth. As the smoke starts to clear, a body drops onto the ground. The mage looks on with both of his wands held up in the air.

A large body darts out of the remaining smoke and knocks the mage off of his feet. Jong Xuan stands tall over the blonde mage with his eyes staring down the mage’s; it was as if his gaze was piercing his opponent’s soul.

Jong Xuan quickly side steps away as Stubbo’s large axe slams into the ground where he once stood. He turns around and backs away as Stubbo takes another leap at the Ionian. He watches closely as Stubbo crashes into the ground and swings his axe down into the ground.

“Amazing,” the yellow-clad Ionian thinks to himself, “He’s able to draw so much power and unleash it so quickly...”

The Ionian takes several minutes to dodge and study his opponent’s leap attack. Soon, however, he finds himself in a situation having to dodge both Stubbo and the Noxian mage’s fiery spells.

He waits for Stubbo’s next leap and quickly rushes pass the brute. Jong Xuan charges at the mage and quickly strafes away from another blast of fire. Finally, he catches up to the mage and grabs him by the face with his three fingers.

The Noxian mage’s sense of time slows down to a crawl as the large hands come at his face. He tries his best to react accordingly, but his body seems to move at a snail’s pace compared to the Ionian monster. The Ionian clutch put pressures over his entire face before his sense of time returns to normal.

Jong Xuan slams the mage’s faces into the Ionian ground; he takes away the two wands from the motionless body and twirls one of the rods with his right hand.

“Come,” Jong Xuan commands as he waves in his opponent with the polished sticks.