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Jinx Build Guide by Roze

Jinx Guide - Get Jinxed & carry!

Jinx Guide - Get Jinxed & carry!

Updated on December 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roze Build Guide By Roze 2,314 Views 0 Comments
2,314 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Roze Jinx Build Guide By Roze Updated on December 25, 2013
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Hello buddies!

This is my first serious guide here on Mobafire. I've made another one which wasn't serious before. So please leave me suggestions on what to improve, ty.

I made this Jinx guide because I played her in Ranked and felt she was pretty strong. I currently have 8 wins and 0 losses with her (But I might have lost now since you read it now).

So I wanted to share to you what I build on her.

If you like this guide you could support me by subscribing to my YouTube: Thanks.
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Pros / Cons


+ Very strong early game
+ If positioned right late game you are hard to get.
+ Your Q (when it's toggled off) will push lanes really hard because of it's attack speed. You do farm really easy with her too all the game.
+ Your Q (when it's toggled on) will increase your range & AoE.
+ Jinx's passive is really good. Example if you tower dive you can easely run away without getting many hits by the turret.
+ Your ulti is really strong and can be used over the entire map. The cooldown isn't very long as well so you can use it pretty often.
+ Very good poke.
+ Low cooldowns on every ability.


- Low sustain & mobility.
- Bad escape.
- Mana hungry.
- Your W ability can be seen when using it and might be easy to dodge. And minions can stop it.
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Good supports to play with

Playing with an aggressive support might be the best choice for Jinx because of her early damage.

These might be the best choice's for supporting Jinx:

1. Nami
• Nami uses her Q ability and Jinx puts her E under the target. The target who gets caught by that combo is pretty much dead, or almost dead.

2. Janna
• Same as the Nami combo except Janna's wind knocks the target up and Jinx puts her E under the target.

3. Blitzcrank
• Playing with a Blitzcrank might give you two a lot of combo. Blitz grabs the target and knocks it up and Jinx puts her E and dealing a lot of damage.

4. Thresh
• Thresh and Jinx is a good combo as well because of Thresh's hooks and escape.
Since Jinx doesn't have escape it's good to play with a Thresh who can help her out with that.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Roze
Roze Jinx Guide
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Jinx Guide - Get Jinxed & carry!

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