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Jinx Build Guide by TaleWhip

Jinx The Most Versatile Champion

Jinx The Most Versatile Champion

Updated on November 3, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TaleWhip Build Guide By TaleWhip 0 7 3,812 Views 1 Comments
0 7 3,812 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TaleWhip Jinx Build Guide By TaleWhip Updated on November 3, 2013
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  • LoL Champion: Jinx
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I have been playing Jinx since the moment she came out in October. I bought her, played one match as her and realized how fun she is. I decided to main her and havent looked back since. Hope this guide helps in better understanding Jinx and have fun. I know it may seem a little incomplete at the moment, but I will be working on updating it to its full potential.
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as a ADC

Being able to dish out immense amounts of damage quickly makes her the champion of bot lane. The main problem with Jinx is her lack of mobility. Her only form of mobility in her kit is her passive. This means that gap closers can really shut her down. The only adc I've had trouble against is vayne. Any other adc you should be able to poke down and plow right through.

as a Jungler

Jinx has the ability to clear jungle camps very fast. The nerf to her w last patch did make her a little bit more reliant on blue buff but not so much at later levels. Her ganking potential is great with her W and E. The main problem with Jinx jungle is that she needs to be able to carry, meaning that she needs kills. This will mean taking kills away from laners that other junglers would have been able to give.

as a Mid

Jinx shouldn't encounter alot of trouble in the mid lane. If you can just poke the mid laner and not push to hard you should be fine.

as a Top

Jinx needs to play fairly passive as a top laner. Any gap closer will hop on you and kill you. If you are able to avoid this situation you should be able to have lane control.
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Bot Lane:


Vayne counters Jinx mainly because Vaynes late game is the best. I believe Vaynes late game strength is unmatched by any other ADC. Jinx may be able to beat Vayne 1v1 in early lane phase, but late game Vayne will win.


Thresh's cc will be able to keep Jinx in check almost all laning phase. With Jinxs lack of mobility Thresh's cc is able to keep her locked down.

Just like with Thresh, Blitzcrank has to much cc for Jinx to handle (If the blitz can actually land the skill shot).

Mid Lane


These are some of the champions I've fought mid lane that have been able to shut me down. Most other mid laners I've been just fine against.

Top Lane


Can you guys see a pattern here?

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Mark of Attack Speed

Marks of attack speed because I feel Jinx needs attack speed to be successful. Specially since it goes with her Q very nicely.

Seal of Armor

Seals of armor to help fight other ADCs, kinda self explanatory.

Glyph of Attack Damage

Glyphs of attack damage because every carry can use a bit of extra attack damage.

Quintessence of Life Steal

The life steal for the sustain. Jinx has no other sustain besides the life steal so the quints only help.
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Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King?

If your jungling I strongly recommend BORK because the BT BF sword cost 1550. Which is alot, so you will be itemless for a while. Otherwise complete personal preference.

Phantom Dance or Statikk Shiv?

I have to say Phantom Dancer because its stats are just...better. Its a bit more expensive but it has more attack speed, more critical strike, and Statikk Shiv's passive becomes useless later game.

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Pros / Cons


High Damage Burst
High Attack Speed
Great at Peeling
Great Poke
Great Execution Ult
Fast Jungle Clear


Banned Alot
Low Mobility
Very Squishy
Easily Disposed by Gap Closers
Needs to snowball early

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TaleWhip
TaleWhip Jinx Guide
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Jinx The Most Versatile Champion

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