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Rengar Build Guide by Riolu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Riolu

Jumpin' in your lane Hide your champs Hide Your Towers

Riolu Last updated on August 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So you Like Jumping? So you Like Bursting? So you like being the guy who jumps into the enemy team with your imitator? you want to be That guy.

Note:This guide is a Work in progress and therefore as time goes by check in for updates :)

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Pros and cons

    High Burst output
    Has amazing ways to catch out someone and assassinate
    Can have some great jukes
    Doesn't rely on mana or Energy
    Almost all melee
    Have to waste stacks for Hard CC
    If hurt early takes awhile to catch up
    If you jump at the wrong time you can get caught out
    Can be a focus point for teams.

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Check the Notes on the Runes

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Check the notes on the masteries

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Skill Sequence

Notes on Skill Sequence.....

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While Farming throw out the occasional E or Q to get your stacks pretty normal Farming, just last hit. you can always attempt to jump from bushes for farm however most enemies will use that to poke you.

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As long as you feel safe in your lane E.G. the Jungler was seen bot and your top Get your stacks Q press Ult wait for the bar to fill Hit Q Then once the slight delay is up smash the Q button twice more and you'll have done a triple Q! Gratz your enemey should be dead unless you've waited too long, your under leveled or its a armor stacking tank.

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Match Ups

Nasus is a difficult match up as his Slow allows him to escape and effectively make your Q AS Buff useless.His overall tankiness and ability to set up ganks and deal with your harrass makes him a 9/10

Shen... Shen is not as difficult as some match ups such as Nasus however he is a tank and once you reach around level 8 your burst will become ineffective in lane and you will be forced to roam after shoving the lane. His damage output is low however his Q is spammable and his taunt can catch you in ganks and under the tower so watch out for shens!9/10

Singed is a semi-difficult lane that can be disastrous or work out fantastically! Pre-six Double Q him and harass him avoid his tosses and poison trail. If an offensive singed sit bush double q very early on and have him lower than you. Attempt to reach six before singed and Triple q him and ignite for a kill if he isn't building armor. 8/10

Zed is a Easier match up. Simply Harass him pre-six and force him to waste potions. once you hit three get four stacks E him and Double Q him he will most likely use his shadow to escape but he will be on the defensive and miss cs. Attempt to harass him pre-six while still not loosing CS. Once he hits six be cautious often zeds will call for their junglers as soon as they hit six or just outright attempt to kill you. Try to make him waste your ult by appearing to be vulnerable with 4-5 Stacks and then W to reduce damage and receive a nice heal.2/10

Renekton is a semi-diffcult lane, His offensive Combos and after six Survivability makes him a monster in lane that can gobble up poor kits like rengar. However Renekton is a very cd realient champion, once he uses his stun and E trying to harrass/poke Jump in a bush double/triple Q for the counterplay! DO NOT try to dive a renekton post six or try to all-in him.6/10

Riven is a pain. Riven will be hyper aggressive and attempt to zone you. Use your E to farm and like renekton riven is a CD heavy champ. Once she uses stun/Q combo Jump into the push Double Q or triple Q pounce and dominate her!6/10

Yorick is a mana hungry poke/harass heavy champ, Use can even use his ghouls to farm your Stacks. Once he uses his green ghoul feel free to bola him and then double Q for some instant gratification for his ignorance for thinking he can kill the mighty cat! Note:Once he hits six try not to all in him as he can come back and do enough damage to kill you.4/10

Pretty easy Match up. Pre 5 harrass the **** out of him 2-4 all in him and don't be afraid to tank the flamethrower you can easily out damage him.0/10

Hit two and harrass him. Watch out for his level three combo though, if he decoys while your bola is in motion he will not take damage and you won't get the ferocious stack! Once he hits six try not to all in him as his spin to win can really be a fight winner.7/10

If your first pick BAN HIM. he is honestly a really hard match up for rengar. Don't die to a trynd's level 2 all in. Honestly your going to have to go all in on him and then back out, Once he hits six make him use ult and be low than ignite to secure it. Try not to get behind or you will get dominated. However hard you shut a trynd down he will come back and split push top, try to keep it pushed out and if you can take top tower early on.9/10

Jayce is so so easy, Get two get three stacks jump EQQ Ignite free kill. Mid game watch for his
Ranged Combo although you should be fine/ 1/10

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~More to come~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~