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Yorick Build Guide by PsychoDacoma

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PsychoDacoma

[Jungle/ 5.7 / S5] Burry those walking corpses (WIP)

PsychoDacoma Last updated on April 16, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Teemo Hehe... Teemo... Now let's get serious for a second. If he is playing on top, he might placed some of his shrooms between the lane and the beggining of the river, so you have two options: 1.- You spawn your W there, trying to find out if he placed shrooms, or 2.- You run for it. In both cases you take the risk to get spotted, but he should be an easy enemy to gank anyways.
Pantheon He just can't run away from you, except that he jumps on your ghouls or on you while ganking, in any case, with the help of your top laner, you both should be able to get him.
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Honor Yorick's Family


In this guide, I'll try to teach you how to use Yorick Mori in the jungle, and his potential to gank the different lanes.

Also, why Yorick is one of the most powerful fighters in the game, despite the ammount of people who picks him.

And some facts of this champion which might be unknown for you

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·Fighter/Mage champion
·High poke potencial
·Ranged abilites
·Useful passive
·Health sustain
·Annoying CC with his W
·Colorful friends
·He's in a music band

·High cost of mana
·Weak in early game if he plays alone
·Weak without his ghouls on the playground
·Slow without the proper boots enchantment and without his Q effect
·Q and E need a unit the get spawned
·Kinda short range on some of his abilities
·He is the bass guitarist. Those never get laid.

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This passive is simple, but effective. The more ghouls you spawn, the more damage you'll deal and the less damage you take (5% of each). Also your ghouls will have a %35 of your damage and of your total health. This is probably one of the many benefits of Yorick being so unpopular and so unknown. Fact: Your ulti's ghoul also counts as a 4th ghoul. But, you can't spawn the same ghoul. If you spawn, for example, your Omen of War, while a former Omen of War is still alive, this one will die and the new onewill appear with full life.

Omen of War

Melee ability, only spawns the ghoul when you hit an enemy or neutral unit. We can call this the particular shine of Yorick with some other effects, such as faster movement once you spaw this omen and dealing +120% of your total AD damage. Pretty nice damage I'd say. Works pretty well with Phage's passive or Iceborn Gauntlet's passive if you wanna chase your enemies. Also can be used to escape or to gank faster, if you hit the river crab when he is at the edge of the river. This is also one of the reason why I prefer the Stalker's Blade for Yorick.

Omen of Pestilence

Your main ghoul for ganks and your main CC. You don't even need an objective to spawn him, which makes him pretty usefull. When you choose the area where you want him to get spawned, a explosion comes out, and every enemy or neutral unit inside the circle, gets slowed down. The higher level your omen has, the slower the unit gets. However, this is the only ability of Yorick that scales with AP. Shine upgrades will make it deal a bit more of damage, since it deals +100% of your AP. Pretty neat.

Omen of Famine

Your main source of health at the jungle and at the lanes. Deals +100% of your AD. The initial damage will heal you a 40% of the ammount of damage you make, and the 100% of the damage your red ghould deals to the champion he is attacking (but only the 50% if it atacks minions or jungle monsters).

Omen of death

Simple, you spawn a ghoul with the same shape of the champion you used your ability on. While this champion is still alive, the ghoul will follow Yorick's orders and will start losing health too, until he dies or until the champion dies. If this happens, the champion will come back to life for few senconds with a certain ammount of the original health and damage that the selected champion had. However,

the champion won't be able to use any summoner spell

. Tip: If you use the ulti on yourself, or if another Yorick uses it on you, just go for the kill, you don't have to care if they are hurting you, you are already dead, you want revenge, or at least to deal as much damage as possible.

As you can see, Yorick's abilities deal a HUGE extra damage based on your AP and AD. But it's balanced, not as other champion's abilities extra damage

Just kidding.

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As I see it, Yorick can spawn his 3 main ghouls in these sequences:

W > Q > E

This would be the main combo when you are about to gank on an enemy that is pushing the lane you want to gank. Slow him with Omen of Pestilence, hit him with your Omen of War to spawn the second one, and then spawn on him your Omen of Famine to make more damage than usual and the regenerate some of your lost health, in case you lost any.

W > E

This is the combo you'll probably use when you spawn your W and the enemy champ is able to run away from your gank. So, not sure if it should be called "combo" after all. Let's just leave it there.

W > E > Q

This is the same combo as before except that you actually get the chance to get close enough to the other champion to hit him with your Q, before he escapes. That extra damage from the other ghouls buffing your passive can deal some pretty nice extra damage when you use your Omen of War.

Q > W > E

And at last, you can start your combo with your Omen of War in two different ways: 1.- You hit the river crab when he is at the edge of the river to enter the lane as fast as possible (maybe your Omen of War ghoul will follow you, maybe not, depends on the distance and on the crab), or just go for it and hit him with your Q first so you get that extra movement for the chase when he tries to run, spawning the rest of ghouls in the right order (W for CC and E for healing) afterwards.

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Starting from your offence tree, we have double-edged sword, for your melee range, butcher, for minions and jungle and the most important of these three, sorcery, for the cooldown of your ghouls.

Next, we have expose weakness, for your ganks and brute force and martial mastery for your damage.

The next pack would be executoner and dangerous game, for your mana 5% insta-regeneration.

Spell weaving and Blade weaving, for your Q + W-E (melee + abilities). Frenzy could work well with your Q, but only if you get Trinity, since it would be your only crits source. Still, I wouldn't use it.

And then pure damage and penetration with devastating strikes and havoc

The defensive tree isn't hard to understand. The main difference is enchanted armor since this mastery will help with all the armor and magic resistance you'll get with Yorick.

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Yorick ins't a common champion at all. Is one of the few ones that can spawn creatures. However, he can spawn 4 at the same time, so it becomes more interesting to make some experiments with this ghouls:

Your ghouls count as allies, minions and attacks. So anything that can power up these, either actives or passives from some items (not all of them though, but few items don't) such as Zeke's herald,
Locket of the Iron Solari, Banner of Command, Black Cleaver, Elixir of Ruin, Captain enchantment (for your boots)...

Also, as you level up, your ghouls gain movement speed (On levels 6, 11 and 16).

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As I said at the beggining of this guide, it is still under construction, I wanna experiment a bit more with jungle Yorick and share it here.

In any case, I hope this guide made you get a better point of view about Yorick and his jungling potencial. Good luck at the fields of justice, summoner!