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League of Legends Build Guide Author desape

Jungle knowledge

desape Last updated on February 24, 2013
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Alright , first of all hello I am desape and this is my very first guide. i have been visiting this site ever since i started playing leauge of legends in september 2010. Pardon me for my crude english if i were to spell a word wrong do let me know :)

I hope this guide helps everybody reading it.

Do voice out constructive thoughts. If a question seems like scarcism or pure flaaming i wont be answering them.

For the jungle Tiers do provide feedback on why a champion should be in which tier and do tell me if i missed any champions.

Champions explained will be added gradually when i have the time.

Thank you for reading the guide !

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What this guide is about and whoom it may help.

The aim of the guide is to allow more players to know more about jungle and jungling champions. The guide is a comprehensive guide about the do and don't in jungling

beginners may learn a bit about the jungling routes what jungler works what kind of champion is suited for a certain team composition

Advanced players will learn a lot more about the different routes. How is counter jungling done and which champion is supposed to be counter jungling or should be counter jungled.

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Fast routes / slow routes

Fast and efficient routes

Route 1

wolves > Large golem > wraiths > wolves > Lizard elder > Small golems > wraiths.

Route 2

wraiths > lizard elder > Small golems > wraiths > wolves > large golems.

Route 3.

Large golem > wolves > wraiths > Lizard Elder > Small golems > wraiths

Route 4

Lizard elder > wraiths > small golem > wolves > wraiths > large golems.

Slow routes

Route 5

wraiths > wolves > small Golem > return > large golems > wolves > wraiths > lizard elder > small golems > wraiths

Route 6

solves > wraiths > small golem > return > large golems > wolves > wraiths > lizard elder > small golem

Routes explanation

Fast routes

The fast routes are the prefered and recomended routes for any jungler in teir god , 1 and 2 they are fast and efficient becasue You will be making use of the creep spawn time and cordiante which lanes you want to gank which will be explained later on in 2.6)

Slow routes

The slow routes provide a two pronged kinda approach it has its advantages and disadvantages .
Advantages would be the gold you earn at the end of the route would be fairly higher than the fast routes . you slowed your process in ganking.
Disadvantage would be that your buffs may get stollen before you finish your route.
i reccomend you use this route only if and only if your sure there isn't a jungler in the opponents team comp or if you have warded your buffs and that you have a eye on them at all times.

An exceptional route 7 & 8
Wraiths > Lizard elder > Large golems.

Wolves > Large golems > Lizard elder

These two unique routes are the fastest routes it ensures a lvl 3 at the end of it with both blue and red buff for a gank. These are the surprise routes. You forgo farming and focus more on ganking and counter jungling for gold and experience. The most rsiky routes that pay off well if everything goes well.

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starting items.

Item set 1 -
Hunter's Machete Health Potion
Easily the best set of item that a jungler can use the passive butcher eases the pressure of the jungler with its added bonus basic attacks towards minions. This item set with item set two can be built into Madred's Razors or Spirit Stone

Item set 2 -
Cloth Armor Health Potion
it is almost the same as item set one except you forgot damage for more survivability. This item set was the most common in season 2 where Hunter's Machete was not around.

Item set 3-
Rejuvenation Bead or Faerie Charm or Brawler's Gloves or Long Sword Health Potion
This item set is the most unique out of the 3 sets of items because it is able to upgrade to more adaptive items.For example Long Sword is upgraded to Vampiric Scepter.

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Masteries and summoner's spells

NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER decide to jungle without Smite i know some people who have said this champion that champion can jungle without smite. For example Warwick yes he can do it but don't you think you are slowing him down? what is his objective? He is a **** ganker pre 6. always Get Smite if you are jungling its your best summoner spell. it allows you to counter jungle more efficiently and clear baron/ dragon faster. So without a doubt get this if you are going to jungle.

Flash is a good choice overall its like Ghost but with a better placement you want it to escape or catch people off guard or just to get into a better position. Not all champions should get this as a jungler but its generally recommended to have it.

Exhaust and Ignite are good spells if you want to be a aggressive jungler and forgo escapes generally recommended if you are absolutely confident in your skills as a jungler with that particular champion.

For masteries Butcher allows creeps to be killed a whole lot faster which should be appreciated by everybody but it is not a must to have it. A bonus attack of 4 is great getting 20 extra damage in 5 attacks is close enough. Likewise Tough Skin is great as it reduces damage taken which in turn gives survivability. Bladed Armor increases damage given to creeps which is great for clear speed. both Tough Skin and Bladed Armor should be chosen in every jungle game you partake no matter what jungle you might be because it is too lucrative to pass off. But there maybe exceptions if you feel more strongly on other masteries.

well if you want utility, Runic Affinity is a great mastery to have it extends buffs but as a jungler to me i feel that you should skip this as you will not be taking the buffs around mid game unless you feel you benefit more. Blue buffs more beneficial for you ap carry and likewise red for your ad carry. but by all means get this if you feel strongly about it.

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This section of the guide is a general part for ganking it can serve as a guide for non jungling champions and lanes.

1.) Why "Gank" a lane?
It is the most beneficial thing you can do for the team and lanes.It relieves the lanes that are having a difficult time or just plain creating opportunities for team kills.

3.)When do we "gank"?
You should in most cases gank the duo lane at bot or mid more often in most situations. bot lane is mostly where your ad carry is in most cases and in current meta.By ganking the lane you impose fear and presence in the lane you are like" Don't mess with my babies! I am coming to get you".

2.) if "ganking" is so good why don't we do it all the time?
Yes you are a jungler but it doesn't mean you have to always "gank" 24/7 you are one man/woman and not a ****ing 3 way person you can't provide pressure and farming at the same time its impossible for you to be constant ganking all game you need some farms as well and this is where Gold per 10 items suffice.

3.)How do we gank?
It depends on the lanes whether they are pushed or not and whether the lane is frozen also you have to note what champion you are using for a gank. Here is scenario A)Bot lane is pushed up how do you gank from there? move your champion towards the back line of the lane where the enemy creeps are spawning and incoming.position yourself in between the creeps and enemy champions. Target of choice you decide. Scenario B)The lanes are not pushed and are frozen this is by far the best opportunity because you do not have the risk of turret hits like in scenario A. walk in and cut their path where they are walking.

4.)Is ganking difficult?
it can be difficult when there are wards in the vicinity and truly painstaking if you get spotted before the attempt. So it is highly encouraged that whichever lane you are ganking , you have to ask the person in the lane whether there are wards in the area for if you went time is wasted and it is crucial as a jungler not to waste time ganking a ungankable lane.

5.)Special cases where you would gank/save a lane.(laning phase)
Only do this when the lane is within 10 seconds your reach lets say you are farming minor golams and mid is ganked it is possible that you should and always go no matter if he escapes or not becasue there is always an opportunity for a kill/save. But do not ever ever do it if you are farming creeps at bot and rushing up to top lane just to save one/kill while dying in the process.Only exceptions are team fight lets say you have at least 3 of your team grouped up at top then by all means go for it. But then again if they are grouped up would you best them by breaking bot lane? well you decide :)

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Counter jungling

Before you do counter jungling you do need to know 2 information in your head always.
buff respawn at 5 mins initial : 1.55 mins into game
small camps respawn at 1 min at average initial : 1.40 mins into game

Counter jungling is the advance thing you would want to do when
jungling. This section will extensively express my thoughts of counter jungling and all the jeez of it. I have played at least 500 games in jungles. So i hope my experience will help anybody venturing into jungling.

Why playing a jungler is so fun?
You will love the counter jungling and ganking it gives a surprise element in the game.
Alright lets get down to it.

What is counter jungling ?
its the method of stealing exp and gold from the enemy jungler , causing him to be crippled in one way or another . slowing his progress without slowing yours. Its a very high risk thing to do but if you manage to do it the payoff is relaly good.

When should we counter jungle?
When your certain a champion is in need of the farms. you really want to concentrate on buffs more since the other creeps have lower respwan time i suggest counter jungling at level 1 in their red or blue buff depending on the buff reliance . heres a thought the most common route is route 1 . 9 out of 10 times people jungle with that route the risk of running into them at red is fairly low. So you can steal their red at level 1. but all these are not that workable in ranked games where people put a high importance in the buffs.

Scenario .
At the load screen you see a masteryi as a jungler you know he is reliant on red. Get his red level 1 will cripple him by alot. You can even shut him down. Yi without red poses a lesser threat even when he ganks becasue he has no cc.

In rank games you would want the whole team to counter jungle with you most propably stealing buffs and small golems. Since the new jungle changes you wont be clearing a whole creep camp since their spawn is fast so you leave one creep to stall the respawn time but you do want to clear all creeps in buff spots because by doing that you know the time roughly for the next spawn for example you stole red at 2.15-20 then the respawn will be 7.20 and u clear even that then + 5 mins.

For counter jungling , you really need to keep at it and keep at it till the enemy breaks down. But always remember Don't overestimate yourself , if someone notices you counter jungling don't risk it unless its the enemy jungler and if your confident in getting his creep and leaving without any engagement. Remember , Counter jungling should be best done in stealth ( without being seen) .

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Jungle tier explained

Tier explaining


Champions listed in this tier are champions who excel ( above 8/10 )in the all 4 aspects of jungling.
(1. creep camp clear speed,[Speed] 2. Counter jungling [invasion] 3. Ganking [gank]4. Skill steroids[survivalbility])

Tier 1

Champions listed in this tier are champions who excel in at least 2 or more aspects of jungling .

Tier 2

Champions listed in this tier are champions who excel in at least 1 or 2 aspects of junging

Tier 3

Champions listed in this tier are champions that are better off in another aspect of the game other than jungling not that they don't work , its just that they are better off laming or roaming. but don't mistake me because i didn't say they don't work.

Champions not listed in the tiers are just not efficient enough in normal games / ranked games

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Champions Explained (Lee Sin - The blind monk)

This guy here is a absolutely awesome jungler a total duelist And here are the stats :)
Speed : 8/10
Invasion: 8/10
Gank : 9/10
survivability :8/10
total score : 33/40

Mastering this hero in jungle: 9/10
Buff reliance : None
Best Route : Route 2
best item set : 1

Explanation -
His skill set is a boost to killing creeps. Firstly his Tempest is an area of effect skill. Secondly his passive Flurry which gives him a boost in attack speed which gives him comparable speed. He may not be the fastest jungler but his speed is still great.
Invading and counter jungling is really not a issue for lee sin for he fears no stealth and his skill set allows him to duel people and his Safeguard is a good escape if there are ally units/wards/champions around. His Resonating Strike and Sonic Wave gives him a great potential for counter jungling. His ganks are really superb if done right. Cripple accounts for a high ganking tool because it not only slows champions but reveals stealth. his Resonating Strike is a great gap closer. thus making his Gank potential high. His Iron Will and Safeguard provides him with life steal , spell vamp and a shield which makes his survivability high

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Champions Explained (Udyr - The animal spirit)

Now what can we say about this godly beast that lurks the woods ? Absolute praise thats what you can say . So here are the stats :D
Speed : 10/10
Invasion: 8/10
Gank : 8/10
survivability :8/10
total score : 34/40

Mastering this hero in jungle: 8/10
Buff reliance : None
Best Route : Route 1
best item set : 1

Explaination -
This here is a very unique jungler . He can be the fastest jungler or a morderate one . Why is his speed 10 ? well his Phoenix Stance clears camp in very exceptional speed if you choose to max that first and if you choose it lvl 1 over his Tiger Stance. His monkey agility is also another reason why his speed is so damn great
His bear stance is the main reason why hes soo good in ganking and if you want to counter jungle his speed plus a stun makes him a good counter jungler and a good ganker the only reason i didnt gave udyr a 9 in invasion is becasue he lacks an escape mechanism for a good escape if you are found counter jungling. He has good survivability because of his Turtle Stance which provides him a kind of life steal and not only health sustain but mana sustain that is why udyr really can do without blue as a jungler . but dont get me wrong u want the blue buff for many reasons not just because you can do without it . You want the blue for levels.
and everybody loves CDR :)

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Champions Explained (Skarnar- The crystal vanguard)

When Skarner was first introduced . it really reminded me of a crab and then they had the skin above in which i had Renascence of the local dish here in singapore :) Chili crab !!!! alright enough of the Gibberish.

Speed : 9/10
Invasion: 8/10
Gank : 8/10
survivability :9/10
total score : 34/40

Mastering this hero in jungle: 7/10
Buff reliance : blue
Best Route : Route 1
best item set : 1

Explanation -
This hot sauce has some really hot stuff about him . Firstly he can built in many ways even as a jungler . You can give him the tanky dps build and he does well with it you can give him the hybrid ap tank build he will most probably excel in it . His abilities are really good as a jungler. His energize is really good for his overall speed in jungling and it compliments with his Crystal Slash which is his main jungle tool. He isn't the fastest jungler but his speed is really top notch. He is mana dependent early on for clearing creep camps. when skarner has blue buff his speed is that high if not hes just moderate speed of 5 or 6 . He has Good counter jungling tools because his slows with his crystal slash and Crystalline Exoskeleton provides a good boost of movement speed and a nice shield for some sustain when your stealing some creeps off the enemy jungler.
his ganks are really quite good pre level 6 as his slow and movement speed buffs from both Crystal Slash and Crystalline Exoskeleton. His sustain in the jungle is really better than Lee Sin and Udyr because he has a shield and he can consume marks to heal himself from his Fracture . His ultimate Impale is a asset just picture yourself being dragged away from your friends into the hands of smiling devils waiting to devour your pretty ***. No i don't want to be in that situation and i don't think any of you would want to as well.

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Champions Explained (Trundle - The cursed troll)

Do you like trolls? This is one troll You Love to hate when hes a jungler ^^

Speed : 8/10
Invasion: 9/10
Gank : 8/10
survivability :9/10
total score : 34/40

Mastering this hero in jungle: 7/10
Buff reliance : none
Best Route : Route 1
Best item set : 1

Explanation -
Trolling Trolling its Trolling time ! This troll is really amazing when it comes to getting Creep stats he leaches attack from the mobs hes wrecking with his Rabid Bite which is not only good for overall speed in the jungle but also sustain . The lesser damage dealt to you means more sustain , speaking of sustain his Decompose gives him health when a unit dies around him. The attack speed and movement speed buff from Contaminate gives him potential as a counter jungler . For instance you invade the enemy jungle camp its a matter of how fast you can clear them and whether your able to stand up to the enemy jungler if he finds you there. well trundle is a troll that can do that ! He freaking steals damage from the jungler ! His ganks are considerably good because of his Pillar of Filth the slow coupled with his movement speed buff grants a near death/ death experience for the enemy lamer.

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Champions explained (Olaf - The berserker)

its the taller gimli of lord of the rings and like gimli hes strong and sturdy.

Speed : 10/10
Invasion: 8/10
Gank : 7/10
survivability : 8/10
total score : 33/40

Mastering this hero in jungle: 7/10
Buff reliance : none
Best Route : Route 4
Best item set : 1

Explanation -
He has the fastest clear speed in the jungle despite not having any Area of effect skill other than his Undertow. His sustain is immense! the life steal and damage increase from his Vicious Strikes. Counter jungle no problem! A nuke from Reckless Swing which deals true damage is like Holy **** that Damage. the only bad part of invasion is olaf has no escape mechanism which makes him very vulnerable when hes counter jungling. So keep your eyes in 360 degrees if you counter jungle using him. His Ragnarok is a "in your face HERE I COME!" type of ulti which will strike fear similar to Tryndamere Crowd controls will not cloud olaf he practically welcomes them. His passive Berserker Rage is much of an asset when it comes to jungling where speed and sustain is evidently most needed.

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Champions explained (Jarvan IV - The exemplar of damacia)

Prince charming without the white horse nor the white armor.

Speed : 8/10
Invasion: 6/10
Gank : 8/10
survivability : 9/10
total score : 31/40

Mastering this hero in jungle: 8/10
Buff reliance : none
Best Route : Route 7/8
Best item set : 1

Explanation -
He has a high base armor and his Demacian Standard provides more armor which is always good as a jungler So what it does is improve his survivalbility. he has a potential counter jungling kit but he lacks the burst for it which makes him not that viable as a aggressive counter jungler in that sense he has a initiator ability but that is also his only escape mechanism the Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike combo able to go through walls as well. His gank potential is good but it revolves around the Demacian Standard + Dragon Strike combo which provides a knock up. His Golden Aegis provides a slow and a shield which by that means his gank and survivalbility is high. His speed in clearing camp is top notch too with his passive Martial Cadence it gives him bonus damage dealt along with an attack speed boost from Demacian Standard. The ultimate Cataclysm is a freaking asset to any viable team composition.


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