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Lillia Build Guide by averageJerky

Jungle ~ Jungle Lillia ~ The guide they don't want you to know abou

Jungle ~ Jungle Lillia ~ The guide they don't want you to know abou

Updated on November 18, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author averageJerky Build Guide By averageJerky 326 33 759,542 Views 15 Comments
326 33 759,542 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author averageJerky Lillia Build Guide By averageJerky Updated on November 18, 2020
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Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

~ Jungle Lillia ~ The guide they don't want you to know abou

By averageJerky

Hey all, I'm THE Lillia main that wants to help others excel at this wonderful champion. Recently released, I believe Lillia has many tools at her side to turn the tide of any teamfight and or game. As I play her more, I will update the guide as follows, so stay tuned for how this champion changes in the upcoming weeks following her release!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, make sure to leave them below.... or catch me on stream --->

*I will be editing this guide as time passes!*


Lillia's kit makes her a force to be reckoned with in the Jungle. With this guide, I aim to help you take your jungling up a notch and climb with a champion that's flashy, has a little bit of a learning curve, as well as MASSIVE damage outputs.

JUNGLE: Lillia has a relatively-fast clear speed with kite potential. Ravenous Hunter gives much needed sustain while taking care of said camps. Vision as well as map pressure is easier to obtain with her built in Movement Speed buffs (through Q) allowing for objectives to be secured with ease.



+ Relatively Fast Clear Speed
+ Movement Speed allows for pressure around the map
+ True Damage with Q
+ An AOE Slow
+ "ASLEEP" Status effect Ultimate
+ Massive damage early-mid game.


- Weak Pre-6/Pre RUSHd Items
- Ultimate sets in with a delay
- Struggles against high burst comps
- Decent(Not Great) Ganks Pre-6


Dark Harvest is the standard KEYSTONE for Lillia due to the many ways she can obtain stacks. Any source of damage from abilities that she does will inflict her passive which can make for stacks coming easy in the early game making for a low Risk/High Reward output. Ravenous Hunter as well as Cheap Shot are VITAL to Lillia's kit. Just check the rune statistics after the game, these runes put in SERIOUS healing and extra true damage output, much more than other champions that use these runes.

Transcendence / Nimbus Cloak are standard secondary runes in the sorcery tree and could potentially be swapped out as you see fit. If you aren't feeling as confident about your pathing with Lillia, Future's Market in the Inspiration tree coupled with Cosmic Insight might be right for you.

This was an OFF Game where I had lack-luster jungle CS and pressure. She still churned out these RIDICULOUS Rune numbers. What champion do you see healing an extra 8000 and dealing and extra 1.4k TRUE damage from runes in a 34 minute game?

Pretty easy,



Flash can make for some good plays with Q, as well as escapes with early invades. I would not take Ghost on her (yet). She almost has a mini ghost with her Q stacks anyways.
Skill Sequence


MAX Q -> MAX W -> MAX E -> MAX R

Maxing Q is a no-brainer. It increases the regular damage AS WELL AS true damage that the ability does, while increasing the percent movement speed you gain per stack. With a maximum of 5 stacks, she can have a passive 55% movement speed buff (without any AP of course).

Maxing W second is for damage purposes. The amount of Magic damage that you are missing out on until the later levels with maxing E second is too high.

Maxing E last has you losing out on an extra 20% slow (but with these damage outputs you won't be needing it.
Ability Usage

Dream-Laden Bough:

Lillia's skills apply "Dream Dust" which inflicts 5% maximum health as MAGIC damage over 3 seconds. (With a scaling damage cap to jungle monsters). Pretty Straight forward, free damage *burn* effect.

Blooming Blows:

Lillia's Q does magic damage as well as TRUE damage if the target is in the outer ring of the circle. This thing does ridiculous amounts of damage with a very short cooldown. It also grants stacks that increase your movement speed tremendously aiding your ability to chase down a weak opponent, or kite your way to victory. This allows you to choose a play-style that fits to however you are facing. The Q range is very large as well.

Watch Out! Eep!:

Lillia's W is a point and click *semi wind-up* jump that CANNOT be used over walls. It does massive damage if the enemy is in the center of the landing zone, and does decent damage if they are anywhere out of the zone. The cast time is longer depending on the distance (still working on that theory but it seems to be true) so this is not the best escape but it has some usage in that regard.


Lillia's E is a lobbed ball that upon impact explodes dealing AOE damage as well as a slow for 3 seconds. The cool thing about this ability is that you can throw it OVER opponents, so if you are not confident with hitting them directly with it, it is always a safe option to let it roll into them (as it continue to roll until it hits an enemy champion, minion, or surface).

-I tested this and yes it is possible to roll an E from Baron pit to the middle of bot lane -

Lilting Lullaby:

Lillia's R can only be used on champions that are currently affected with dream dust. It casts the "drowsy" status ailment for 1.5 seconds (which ends up always being a relatively long period) and turns into the full blown "sleep" status ailment. Upon damaging them you do extra magic damage. Now this ability turns fights! It's use goes beyond the grave as if you can cast it before you are killed, the effects still happen! It's a great CC method that can be used for bunched up enemies as well as aiding potential dragon/baron steals or fights.
Jungle Pathing
Every jungler will have his own preferences on how to go about, so don't take my advice as the set-in-stone path to take. Always adapt upon different situations based on previous encounters. The more you play the more knowledge you have to succeed. :)

However, if you do want to take what I have to say as set in stone........


Red -> Chickens -> Wolves -> Blue (depending on the leash/how fast you cleared....) Gromp and or Scuttle.

We take this clear path with lillia for Fast lvl 3 leading into potential gank opportunities in the top lane (or bot lane).

If you are hellbent on starting wherever is close to your bot lane and it just so happens to be blue, you can go.....

Blue -> Wolves -> Chickens -> Red -> Gank (if it makes sense) or Scuttle or Krugs. (Krugs is an addition because usually bot lane gives fast leashes if they are competent.


Early these are a little tough. It's almost impossible to make it into lane with some of your Q-MS stacks, so you will need to come in from a great angle. If you are confident, leading off with your E is a great option as it slows the enemy, proccing Q-MS passives, Using W to land on or behind them, and AA throughout your cooldowns. Essentially your skill usage should be as follows for GANKS


(repeat once other skills come off of cooldown)


Once Mid game rolls around, you will have started to get some damage behind those skills with Rylai's and a partially built Liandry's. You will act as major poke damage with your E having the team follow up on slowed targets. Under the synergies tab, are champions that can greatly take use of Lillia's slow with the addition of Rylai's. Her combo changes to as follows,

E-> W -> Q -> AA -> R -> Q -> AA

(there won't be any need for building up the Q stacks because at this point you will basically be quarter, half, three-quarters healthing most of the enemy team unless they have flash or if they are strong themselves. Immediately after you casted R, there is still opportunity to get damage in before they are sleeping allowing for an execution-style awakening by either you or one of your teammates. ///// It is imperative that you keep the True Damage Q in mind when you are kiting/fighting. You lose a lot of damage if you don't catch any enemy in the outer circle. There is room for error with the W landing, but not with the Q landings. (ALSO DO NOT TRY TO GO OVER WALLS, YOU CAN CUT CORNERS BUT NOT FULL ON WALL HOP WITH W... DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DO THIS YOU WILL EMBARRASS YOURSELF)


Now this is where she comes in very very useful. She can again use her E to PROC her passive and allow for a team-wide sleep buff, making for an effective engage tool. (The E is an AOE damage, and slow debuff).


Our build in the jungle focuses on making her W easier to land as that contributes (ABSURD) damage on any champion (squishy, tanky) you name it. The rylai's slow allows for easier kiting with Q, and synergizes with her natural slow on E while giving her healthy and bit of survivability. Liandry's further cements the tanky-survivability while rewarding her for proper kiting with the increased damage overtime effect. Further items are subject to the conditions of that specific game but overall you should build with damage and survivability in mind.
If you are looking into duo-ing with a Lillia main, here's a small list of champions that work relatively well with her.

Dr. Mundo

Long story short, most champions work well with her. Anyone that can benefit off a target with impaired movement speed will work exceptionally. Furthermore, champions that soak damage and are great as she can do large amounts of damage with her Qs relatively un-harmed as most will focus on the tank in low elo.
WILL BE USED LATER as the home for tracking Lillia's changes and how that affects they way you should play her.

10.15 - Lillia's Release // (I predict she will receive a small buff in the upcoming patches)
10.23 - Nothing yet (or in between)

My prediction was WRONG. Our girl has not been touched since release.... ahaaaa (I think Riot forgot they even released this champion tbh)
Thank you for checking out the guide! I tried to make it as in-depth as possible and as I play more games with the champion, I will 100% update you guys with what I think is good vs. bad!

This day 1 build however, is extremely powerful and has little to no weaknesses.

Have fun on the RIFT and make sure to check out my Stream !! Going to be Number 1 Lillia World.
TIPS // Predictions


+ Lillia's Q has a very very fast cast time. A lot of people compare it to Darius' Q however there isn't that window to truly line it up. Rather than leaning towards the side of a delayed cast time, it's almost instant. The biggest mistake I am currently seeing in streamers and other players alike is using the Q too early and missing out on potential damage/kills.

+ In addition to the previous tip, her hit-boxes seem less than reliable. Aiming for the middle of the outer-ring (rather than max range) on her Q will save you some headache. The E is easy to over-lob when first playing the champion, practice the roll mechanic to again spare you of future "WTF" moments.

+ In the quest to get more Dark Harvest stacks, her passive is an easy way to collect them on semi-weak opponents during ganks. Don't be afraid to toss an extra E even if you don't currently see the red aura (more often then not your passive will secure a stack).

+ In the same breath as the previous tip, sometimes the E won't secure a dark harvest stack if they have a current shield. Keep this in mind as if it is a shield with an expiring time, you can still proc the dark harvest with your passive max health burn.

+ In the realm of comparing her jungle play-style to another champion, I would say she is similar to Shyvana. Huge Gank potential come level 6 and great clear before hand. She snowballs off a few kills and does ridiculous damage similar to AP Shyvana.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author averageJerky
averageJerky Lillia Guide
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~ Jungle Lillia ~ The guide they don't want you to know abou

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