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Mordekaiser Build Guide by 101 MiBo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author 101 MiBo

Jungle Morde - Get all the flame!!!

101 MiBo Last updated on February 20, 2012
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Welcome to my Mordekaiser jungle Guide.

This is my first guide, however I hope you enjoy it.
This is no troll guide! Try it, enjoy it, vote for your real opinion.

Actual ****

08.02.2012: Reworked runes to fit my actual setup. Reworked rune section. Reworked jungle section. Btw. yesterday I've played a ranked game on ~1430 elo with jungle mordekaiser and it just succeeded. Will use the replay to show you some stuff later on.

Just some words

I've created this build fully on my own, tried around a lot to get it "viable" (at least, for normals and my ~1.4k ELO). Now, it is viable and seems to be a very stronk build. However, I'm not a pro and I hope there will be some feedback on how to change things to get this build a little better.
It's sounds kinda strange to jungle Mordekaiser, because it's not mainstream. To be honest, I never saw another person playing jungle Mord... However! Jungle Mord seems to be the right choise in more or less EVERY game.

Jungle Mordekaiser? Real?

You will got flamed in 99% of your games for jungling Mordekaiser. Cause it doesn't seem legit. The main reason to play Mordekaiser is, that you fulfill your team in any way. Your team is squishy? No Problem. Your team lacks damage? No problem. Your team sucks? No ****in problem. You can really build Mordekaiser to everything. That's why I love this champ so much. Top lane? OK. Mid lane? OK. Jungle? ..... OK! (I will try bot lane support Mordekaiser soon...)
The main reason why I jungle Mordekaiser? First, I'm best in jungling... Sure I've some chars for every lane but I love jungling. The other reason is that Mordekaiser got some nerfs and is squishy in the early game now. Also he can be easily countered in the early levels with CC or harass champs like Cassiopeia.

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Pros / Cons

- Could be counter jungled in the early levels if your team sucks really hard (Ping when you need help cause the enemy jungler is in your jungle, **** on the creeps if nobody helps you and go on with your jungling route, new jungle = not that big problem.... You will have heavy farm later on)
- No CC!! This is ****in real. You cant slow. You cant stun. You cant do a ****. BUT you will do tons of damage early on (lvl 4+). As soon as you are level 6 you have your ulti for epic ganks (free heal + DOT damage, yeah!).
- Early = squishy

- One of the most flexible champs. You can be tanky as hell and still do tons of damage. Whatever your team needs, you will give it to the team.
- You can't get countered with counterpick on lane
- Enemies mostly think you go mid/top any try to counter you.... huehue. So your Team can counterpick them.
- As soon as you have your hextech, your enemy raping starts. You **** them like hell.
- You have one of the best slow's cause of Rylai's very fast with this build
- You don't need the jungle buffs, however it's nice to have them with Mord
- The enemy team needs hours to get you down in a teamfight but they can't ignore you cause of your damage
- 5v6 in teamfight because of your ult
- Easy Tower/Dragon/Baron rape after a gank or teamfight, no problem (again, ult)
- You have one of the coolest, most known videos. Give me money pleaze. Huehuehuehue.
- Phreak never said "I play Mordekaiser as a jungler"..........
- You're the one (in 99% of all games) who have done most damage in general.

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My rune setup is kinda.... strange. Maybe I'll be forever alone with this rune setup... However, it works like a charm.

So some information about my runes:
We use these runes for magic penetration. Cause we mostly won't get Magic Pen Boots/Void Stuff, I'll run these runes to penetrate most carry magic resist.
These runes give us armor. Armor is fine for jungling (less damage) and the Armor is also nice for our shield, too. Like these runes. Alternatively we could run HP yellows but I like these more.
Nice early damage boost. Camps can be cleared easy with these early on.
Chasing like a boss. Good for lack of inbuild missing CC. As soon as you have Rylais you can follow everyone.

Guide Top


21/9/0. Cause it's cool. You do tons of damage. The 9 points in defensive are smart for the start, easier and better jungle experience. You could theoretically also run 21/0/9 (to get longer buff duration) but you ****in don't need the buffs. Real.

However, cause ppl asked me to explain this a bit more. I think the 21 in offensive are very standard if you want to deal damage. And we need this damage. I also tried 9/21/0 and 0/21/9. It feels nice in very early game. However, the offensive tree scales better at about lvl 10+. The reason is, that we got our lifesteal and some HP then. Think of Mordekaiser. He does damage, get his shield up (percentual to his damage) and get some HP cause of spellvamp. Means, defensive = nice cause shield goes down slower and you have a bit more HP. Cool. Think of offensive = you do much more damage, your shield fills up faster (like a boss) and you ****in get spellvamp to push up your life. The thing is, defensive scales with the strength of the enemy team (they get more damage items, you get not that much more damage) but offensive scales with your strength (more damage = more survivability). So, it's pretty the same. In offensive you just get additional damage and you have also much survivability. Easy as that.

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The. ****in. Most. Important. Part.

Learn what items do. Learn all the items. You really need it to be good. Learn to get a feeling for the enemy damage. Learn to get some experience in what is needed. For the beginning, just run my item setup suggested in this guide. It works well in most cases. However, please learn how to build your champion. You'll be such a better player!

Cloth Armor

Not much to say here. Just buy it to be viable in early jungle. Also get 5 Red Pots to stay a ****in long time. The Cloth Armor isn't wasted, this will turn into later on.

Hextech Revolver

Don't ask. Just buy to finish your core. As soon as you have this hextech revolver (what's going really fast) you can stay whereever you want close to ever. You can gank, help pushing, eat some damage and then still be 1/2 full on HP. Just go on with jungling or try to counter jungle. Really, as soon as you have this item, you can start going in fights 1v1 or 2v2. Easily. Learn some timing of your skills and you can escape ganks and fights easily.

Boots of Speed

Just quit playing LoL if you need any explanations. However, in one game I sold my shoes at about minute ~80 to get another, stronger item. Huehuehueheuhue.

Boots of Mobility/Sorcerer's Shoes
I love it so much, running around like there is no tomorrow. Morde with heavy running speed is just like flying with a jet fighter. Perfect with Rylai's for setting up ganks, perfect for your escape. Just perfect boots. However. It could happen that the enemies will stack magic resist, then you'll need Sorcerer's Shoes. If you get FoN, you'll get some nice running speed anyway. Sometimes I buy Boots of Mobility for early and mid game and then switch to Sorcerer's. 1 gank succeed cause of these boots=worth the money.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Wow. Perfect item for Mordekaiser. Just grab after getting your Boots, so you'll be kinda tanky and then finish it to Rylai's and you will be tanky like a god, have your slow and ****in do nice damage. After finishing Rylai's you can start to type "/all huehuehuheuhue" after each kill in the chat.

End of core build!
The ****in core ends here. Now there are just some suggested items, buy them on your own logic, buy them if you need them!

Abyssal Scepter

Also a great item on Mordekaiser. The most damage you'll get early/mid game comes MOST OF THE TIME from their AP carry. That's why you should finish at least one MR item before you get some Armor items (you still have your runes and cloth armor). AP + MR = nice. Never forget, it reduces the enemies MR ;) However, running FoN > running Abyssal in mid game, cause FoN gives you HP regen what feels better with your HP cost skills.

Force of Nature

Tell me what you want, what you really really want. I love this item and most of the time my damage is enough without Abyssal Scepter. That's why I love to run FoN. OP. I mean, cool it has some Health Regen. Nice. It has heavy MR, cool! At least, it has ****in 8 movement speed multiplier! Jet fighter Morde incomming! Huehue.

Randuin's Omen, WotA, GA????
/ /
Decide! It's kinda simple to decide. Their AP carry shouldn't do too much damage anymore, cause at least you'd have Abyssal and FoN then now. If their AD carry hits you too ****in strong, buy Randuins, or at least . Randuin's active OP. If they all hit you, you live for some time but not long enough, buy . Give yourself and your AP carry a nice spellvamp boost. If your AP carry also run a WotA, you'll be close to undieable. Good choise. At least, if their damage is nicely mixed up and you still die too easy, get your . Strong passive, nice stats. If you still die in fights too fast, just go and farm. Morde is one of the biggest farm monsters around, hell yeah! Also you could get your if you fall to fast in early/mid, 250 health. The passive helps you up farming cause you need it anyway for Randuin's...

Rabadon's Deathcap

Nothing to say. If your team lacks damage, get one. If you feel tanky enough, get one. If you trolling around and just wanna kill like a boss and they dont focus you, get one.

Void Staff

Wow, you stacked Magic resist cause I'm too stronk? Well, **** you!

Warmog's Armor

Yeah, also cool item if you have to go full tanky cause they do tons of damage late game like your team, but they have a tank and you all fall too fast. I mean, I won't ever get this item without being in big trouble cause the whole enemy team is fed like hell and we need a ****in stronk tank. The reason is, you have some nice HP stats AND your shield won't profit from more Health. Your shield - that what makes Mordekaiser what he is - have a max cap of Health which has nothing to do with your Mordekaiser Health. However, your shield scales with your Armor and MR. This is why you must find a nice mix of Health + Armor + MR. Pretty easy.

Zhonya's Hourglass

Also a nice item if they have too much AD damage. Gives you some seconds and your skills can come from cool down in that time. So you can pretty shield up again after being safe for 2 seconds. What's also funny, I love to initiate like a boss and run into their team (shield up, hi, unkillable) but sure, sometimes you die - not with Zhonya's. Just bait them, all focus you, click you, target you... And then 2 seconds - seldom saw a player who switch the focus fast enough in SoloQ and when they do, they focus wrong. Really nice item to bait the enemies or at least, confuse them.

Mejai's Soulstealer

I don't know... I mean, I like this item cause I've most of the time positive stats... However.... I don't know.... I'll try this soon on close to every game, just to see if I'm cooler then...

Quicksilver Sash

Veigar, real? Cmon, **** you! Nice magic resist + stun free card, also useful vs AP sion and this ****. Just a nice item if they **** you with their CC.... Feels like

At least, there are some more items which are just great on Morde. Feel free to try it out.

Guide Top

Creeping / Jungling

Yeah... What to say... Well.

Jungle route

First, it can differ a lot when you have to go back! That's why I won't suggest anything in the jungle route. Just go back, when you feel unsafe. If you don't have your Hextech revolver, you should pick 2-3 Health Potions when you go back. If you have enough money, you should buy a ward. After you have your Hextech Revolver, you should buy 1-3 wards every time you go back!
Let's start, pretty standard:
- At 1:40 pull wolfes yourself, and maybe get some damage from a teammate on wolfes
- At 1:55 let a teammate pull the blue for you and if he is nice and has some time, he can also help you with damage at blue. More "free" damage on wolfes/blue means pretty well much to jungle Morde. Never forget this.
- Go and kill Wraiths
- Go and Kill Double Golems
- Pick up lizzard
- Wraiths
- Wolfes

If your lovely teammate gave you nice damage at wolfes and a great leash on blue, you can clear the jungle two times without going back. Not bad for a Mordekaiser, I'd say.
Every time use ALL your skills as soon as they come from cool down (without your ulti, for sure) and try to hit as much creeps as you can with your skills. Always stand in the mid of the creeps if your W is active. Try to hold your shield up as long as possible.

Thats theoretically everything. Just care the enemy jungler. Lvl 6+ and Hextech revolver up, you don't need to be afraid of anything anymore. You are strong enough to 1v1 most other ppl then, at least get away from them without any hard work.

Also give the second Buff to your teammates if they want him. You don't need the buff. If they don't need them, just grab it yourself before the enemy junger steals it. Red and Blue, both funny on Mordekaiser.

Guide Top

Team Work / Morde Ultimate

Say Hello to your brother aka Mordekaiser Ultimate

Tell your ****in teammates to burst down the enemies (maybe fed) AD carry asap and don't forget to bring your ult on him. If he is fed, GG, your team scored an ace. If he is O.K., GG, your team scored an ace.
No, without joking now, try to get the enemies AD carry as a ghost from your ulti. In a teamfight this is worth everything. Talk to your teammates and ask them nicely if they could all focus on the AD carry. In a 4v6, the chances are so high to win the fight and ace the enemy.... However. The ghost isn't worth anything if you die right after you killed their AD carry. Most of the time, in early team fights, you wont be able to run into the team, kill their AD carry and then stand with 1/2+ full life in the teamfight. So. If you feel you are to squishy and close to death, use your ulti on the enemies most healthfull player (not the tankiest, just look at the HP of them, armor + mr doesn't count!). Why? That's why:
Steals 24/29/34 (+0.04)% of target champion's maximum Health (half stolen initially and half over 10 seconds; deals Magic Damage).

You can use your Ultimate to tank Towers, damage Towers, tank Dragon, damage Dragon, tank Baron, damage Baron, heal yourself, last hit the enemy, **** everyone. Too stronk. Really.

PS: Something to write also in this section. There is no Killsteal in a team. ****in **** you if you think someone kill-stolen your kill. Really... Just gtfo.... Learn what it means to play a team game before you ever log on in LoL again.

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Ranked Play / Psy-war

I play jungle Mordekaiser on my Elo (~1.4k). It works. You can carry games, because of your stronk mid game and your great late game. Get some farm if your team is behind and you will win most of the time. I use this to carry myself up. Mordekaiser isn't that often banned atm and you can just carry so much games with him on your own, cause you are tanky like hell and you do so much damage. Also ppl on that Elo mostly don't know what to buy....

Another thing is, you will shine with Morde and pick some kills up, anyway. Use this to do some psy-war. Bring the enemies to rage. Don't flame them with something like "yo mom's so fat dat...". Just write something like "/all hueheuhue I'm too stronk for ya, will be back for another kill soon". Trust me, the enemies will hate you for this and they will rage in their own team or maybe also focus you in team fights. Both is too good for your win. However, don't be unfair. Write "gg, wp" after the game... We aren't kids, we just want to have a bit psy-war to win this ****, right? O.K..

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Farm as much as possible (however, dont steal your teammates - too much - creeps). You are the ****in Mordekaiser, you are the Mother of Farm!

Guide Top


At least.... Enjoy the game.
I'll upload some screens of my ranked games (ok, first I must do some and then screen them). However, you can log in to EUW and check "MiBock" to see my game history. There are some games with jungle Morde most of the time (ranked + normals). Also I've nerver lost a ranked game where I've jungled Mordekaiser (ok, with Morde I'm about 29/15 in ranked, problem is, that I played him also mid/top and got raped sometimes.... :-( ).

So I'll upload some screenshots and replays from my jungle Mordekaiser in ranked when I'm home and played the games.

Also I'm not 100% if these are the runes I use on my jungle Mordekaiser cause I haven't LoL updated on my work pc (yes, I'm at work atm.... huehuehuehue). Just lock at my Profile in EUW (MiBock), rune site is named "Jungle Test".

HF and GL all!