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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Morlek

Jungle Mundo: Time to Cleave!

Jungle Mundo: Time to Cleave!

Updated on May 8, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morlek Build Guide By Morlek 2,622 Views 1 Comments
2,622 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Morlek Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Morlek Updated on May 8, 2012
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Dr.Mundo currently is one of the strongest junglers in the game due to his superb jungle clear and his extreme durability from midgame onwards. This makes him one of the stronger picks in the game due to him dealing quite a bit of damage all game as well as having the ability to tank a sufficient amount of punishment. Hopefully this guide will show you how to use him.
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This rune setup is to enable Mundo to start being a tank at earlier levels. Despite what people may think, Mundo isn't a invincible tank early and this rune setup somewhat makes up for it until he gets enough items. This setup allows Mundo to have an extremely high armor value from level 1 onwards meaning he'll be able to gank and counter jungle with more health due to him taking less damage from attacks. This armor also makes him take less damage from camps so he'll have more health between them to duel other champions.

Attack speed marks are what I prefer as attack damage is useless on Mundo as his E move can basically give between 100-199 damage which would make AD runes in proportion to Mundo's natural attack damage with skills, very small. Armor pen could be useful but without anything to stack it, 15 armor pen is fairly useless mid-end game.

Seals are flat armor as usual.

Glyphs are magic resist per level as often by the time you're dueling casters or being forced to tank the AP carry ultimates since your team has no balls, you're probably gonna be hitting level 6+. Which means you won't be behind by much compared to the flat MR runes and if you hit level 9-10, you'll be stronger than a person going flat MR. So unless your games are all 20 minute surrenders, you'll likely want the per level ones to be stronger for the final stretch which will be long.

Quints can be anything but I prefered armor for the reasons in the first paragraph.
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The 21 in defense should be obvious, it amplifies Mundo's durability and Mundo uses far more from this tree than the other ones. The 9 in offense is up to the player, I personally like having significant damage early game for his clear and ganks so I take faster attack and armor pen rather than magic pen. Magic pen is slightly more useful later when poking with cleaver or going in but I find that late game that it won't be giving that much over armor pen which is still dealing a bit if Mundo is able to get some heavy damage auto atacks off.
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Starting items:

(want to gank fast or need mobility early)


(Extended Counter jungling/dueling/ganks with good lanes)

If you can get it fast:

Can get this earlier if you intend to gank constantly:

Unless enemy lacks magic damage:


, (optional but still useful), (if a AD carry is around)

(if enough AD on enemy)or (if lots of MR on enemy)(both later if enough money),
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Summoner Spells

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Smite for obvious reasons, exhaust is mostly due to Mundo needing a extra CC aside from his cleaver. Exhaust will make Mundo more durable when he dives in as the target he uses it on will likely be their highest damage dealer which means Mundo will last longer in his ultimate. Also exhaust makes up for his low CC. I've found that the other summoners just don't seem to give much to Mundo compared to exhaust.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morlek
Morlek Dr. Mundo Guide
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Jungle Mundo: Time to Cleave!

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