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Kennen Build Guide by Nasdan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nasdan

Jungle Zac S3

Nasdan Last updated on June 11, 2013
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Summoner's Rift TOP/Mid


Twisted Treeline

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I joined League a while ago with my friends and played Caitlyn, Alistar, Malphite, Jax and, of course, Kennen as my main champions. I'm from Quebec, Canada.

Today I'm showing you guys the way I build Kennen as a Top or Mid AP carry in Summoner's rift map.

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Why Top? *Taken from Pølsemanden*

Kennen is in an unfavourable matchup against 80% of the current mid laners.
Assuming you're of equal skill level as Kennen vs. almost any other mid champion, you're either going to get:

- Denied
- Outfarmed( Kennen is not good at doing wraiths )
- outright killed( Kennens harrass is just not as good or reliable as any of the other mid laners)

Top Kennen fits in any teamcomp because you can literally do everything needed from a top-laner
High damage
- High amount of CC
- The ability to initiate
- The ability to peel(i wouldn't recommend on focusing on this but if your carry is fed this is very much doable with kennen)

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As a AP Carry, Kennen needs classic magic resist, armor and magic penetration runes. For Quintessences, get flat AP to get good early damage.

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Like every AP champions, Kennen need AP offense masteries for more early damage and the rest in defense that can be really useful to barely save your life during any fights.

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Start Items
I most of the time go for Doran's blade first but sometimes you may fight some mid champion that you need to outrun with boots and health potions.

Double Doran's
Rush for double Doran's FTW!
You always need that little sustain and life that they give to you in your lanning phase. I can't say how many time it saved me.

Core Items Order
Kennen need 3 things to make him viable:
- AP (of course)
- Magic Penetration
- Health/Armor

So you need to rush all of those in your build.

1.Haunting Guise is a great mix of it so get it first. THEN get sorcerer's shoes, you don't need them if you don't have much AP yet.

2. You may choose to get Rylai's Crystal Scepter before Zhonya's Hourglass depending on your game lanning phase duration. Zhonya's is a very useful item with Kennen in large team fights.
*See spells chapter.

This build is how I prefer going Kennen but if your team is losing try to go a bit more defensive.

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Like every champion in League of legends, knowing Kennen's abilities (spells) is very important.

Kennen is a very versatile champion, if you do not do correctly the good sequences for your abilities you'll run out of energy or won't do the max of damage you could do.

How to engage like a boss:
First wait until Electrical Surge's passive's up, then hit the enemy and activate it. So in total you'll have 2 marks of storm on 3.
Then use Lightning Rush to stun your enemy with a final mark of storm. Hit until the stun is over and then activate your ultimate, making your enemy stunned again. Hit, hit and hit again until the second stun is over and then finish him with a Thundering Shuriken if necessary.

Electrical Surge (W):
*See Skill Sequence for more info

Lightning Rush:
Make sure to hit something when you use it to refill your energy bar.

Zhonya's Hourglass/Slicing Maelstrom Combo:
First wait until all enemies are regrouped, then use your lightning rush to engage, then activate your Slicing Maelstrom, then activate Zhonya's activated ability to stun every opponents in the enemy team and making a lot of damage without taking any damage. Then use your lightning rush again to escape.

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Skill Sequence

Maximize Electrical Surge (W) first. Hit minions 4 times and then hit your lanning enemy and then activate Electrical Surge to make really good early damage.

At level 2 you may choose to go for Lightning Rush first if you're late in minions kills or if you need to outrun your lanning enemy champion.

I prefer going Lightning Rush at the end but sometime you could need lvl 2 at mid game to reduce the cooldown.