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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pelreskovich

Jungling Broseidon: King of the Brocean.

Pelreskovich Last updated on January 18, 2011
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This is a detailed guide on how to properly jungle Olaf, leaving room to customize your build and do what you prefer. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: All information in this guide on how to jungle Olaf is based solely on MY OPINION.

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+1.7% Attack Speed
+0.64% Attack Speed
+0.76% Attack Speed
+32.4 Health

Reason for Runes: The reason I choose base attack speed runes is because Olaf is a very attack speed reliant character. Olaf's passive also allows his attack speed to increase based on how much health he loses, (for every 1% of health missing, Olaf gains 1% attack speed). Thus starting out with a total of +28% attack speed at level 1 is GREAT for jungling! Stacking the already base +28% attack speed with the attack speed gained upon losing health while killing the creeps in the jungle will help you down them extremely fast. His "W" move (Viscious Strikes) has the ability to make you hit harder, and gain lifesteal for a short amount of time. The attack speed is also great for this because it allows you to hit more in that amount of time that this spell is active, allowing you to 1. Hit harder. 2. Gain more health from enemies/creeps. I choose the quintessences obviously for the extra health they provide, I use this quintessences for almost every champion I play.

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The mastery build I use is 21/0/9. I prefer to play Olaf as a strong attack carry, rather than a tank. Your mastery build is completely preference, if you specialize through attack you will hit harder, faster, and thus kill the creeps/players faster. Specializing in defense will help your survivability in the jungle giving you more dodge, and health. I don't recommend specializing into utility at all if you are planning on jungling Olaf. Specializing in attack will obviously make you kill creeps faster but take more damage, defense will allow you to lose less health but kill the creeps much slower. I prefer my extra 9 mastery points into utility for the bonus exp gain so you don't fall behind jungling, aswell as the mana/health regen, ghost perk, and the increased neutral monster buffs, all amazing for jungling.

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The items I have chosen are the items that work best for me in most situations when jungling Olaf.

Cloth armor is totally necessary for jungling as it gives you armor so you take less damage, along with building into which are absolutely necessary for jungling.

Purchasing 5 health potions is the maximum amount you can purchase after buying cloth armor at the start of the game. These health potions will allow you to clear both of your teams jungles before having to go back to the base.

Now that you have cleared both jungles it is essential to go purchase more items. Buying a long sword and a couple more health potions is best so that you can go clear either the enemies jungle or the few creeps that have respawned in your teams jungle. Long sword gives you more attack damage is is also the last item needed to build .

Now that you have had the opprotunity to gain more gold from creeps in the jungle or ganking players on the opposing team, you should have enough gold to buy which will now take your jungling to a whole new level. If you have extra gold purchasing is a great idea so that you can move more quickly during ganks or through the jungle.

or Purchasing these next two items is based completely on preference, I personally like to purchase my first so that I have the bonus attack speed and extra movement speed for ganking and quickly clearing the jungles. However, will offer you the lifesteal and sight ward it provides. Either way, I recommend buying both these items no matter what order you decide to buy them.

This item is essential to Olaf's build, I wouldn't recommend substituting this item for anything, this should always be included. When building I prefer to build before building however, depending on what situation your team is in and how fed you are compared to the opposing players it may be best to get first. For example if the other team is dealing more damage than your team it will offer more survivability.

Since you already are doing a lot of damage from the combination of attack speed and getting an will give you bonus critical strike damage, and a higher critical strike %. When building this item I recommend buying first for the extra damage.

Following up the this item will give you extra attack speed and armor reduction on your opponents. I also recommend buying first when building this item for the bonus attack damage. (The morde damage you do, the quicker your enemy dies).

or Personally, since I prefer to stack attack speed runes, and the combination of & and of course Olaf's passive, there is plenty of attack speed already in this build. offers extra attack damage and lifesteal, with a passive of increasing both of these whenever you get the killing blow on any creep or opposing champion, however, the bonus stats clear if you die. I recommend if you aren't going to use attack speed runes or .

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Skill Sequence

this is the first ability I train because it offers extra attack damage and life steal which is great for starting out in the jungling, allowing you to down the blue buff golem right away at level one with ease.

this is the second ability I train because it does massive amounts of instant damage, slows your targets that you hit, and if you run over your axe on the ground it refreshes the cooldown almost instantly. Thus, if you are skilled with your skill shots you can repeatedly slow and do damage to opposing champions.

I alternate training these two skills with the exception of training at levels 6, 11, & 16 which is when they are able to be trained immediately. Fully training both & before will offer you massive amounts of damage, lifesteal, and repeated slowing of your enemies. Also if you follow the item build I recommend, your attack speed/damage will be so massive that will be almost obsolete other than if you plan on using it to kill steal from your teammates. <-- (Don't be that guy).

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Summoner Spells

This spell is absolutely essential if you plan on jungling Brolaf. It offers instant, massive amounts of damage to the creeps int he jungling (Ancient Golem, Lizard King). Don't even think about not using this spell if you're jungling.

I prefer using as my second summoner spell as it will offer increased movement and no unit collision. This also goes well with which will slow your enemy and you'll be running right on their a**.