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Nasus Build Guide by The_Nameless_Bard

Jungle Jungling with the Jackal: How to jungle Nasus

Jungle Jungling with the Jackal: How to jungle Nasus

Updated on January 19, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author The_Nameless_Bard Build Guide By The_Nameless_Bard 58 17 1,453,696 Views 73 Comments
58 17 1,453,696 Views 73 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author The_Nameless_Bard Nasus Build Guide By The_Nameless_Bard Updated on January 19, 2018
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The b*tch is strong in this one

So you've decided to jungle Nasus.

I decided to write this because I'm tired of seeing bad jungle Nasus players, with the hopes I can help people understand how to make this work.

I hope I can help you to see the light so you, too, will never play him in top lane again.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost makes you extremely hard to kite, which makes it a very good pick for Nasus. It also allows you to chase a bit easier that Flash does. The standard is to jungle with Smite, so I don't really have much else to say about it.

other options:
Flash: If you prefer to have the gap closer, you can take this. It's equally as good as Ghost, just in different situations

Teleport- For those full a$$hole Teleport to ward in a bush ganks that everyone just loves. Keep in mind that Nasus has no gap closer or escape, so you really gotta go balls-deep if you take this.

Don't take:
Heal- Soul Eater and Fury of the Sands, 'nuff said.

Exhaust- Wither > Exhaust, 'nuff said again.

Ignite- Don't even f-ing get me started on how you can "jungle without Smite" want Smite for overall jungle/buff control, not because you can't clear.

Cleanse- You're Nasus, what the hell do you need this for?

Most of the other spells are not even worth mentioning, I know you people are smarter than that.
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so far, I've ended up with this. Focusing damage mitigation, CC reduction, and sustain increasing masteries in the defense tree makes you quite tanky and very hard to kill. In utility, I've mostly stayed away from early game masteries, as Nasus doesn't particularly need any of them.
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Skill Sequence levels 1-4

Standard skill order
> > >

Spirit Fire provides excellent clearing power, this makes it the most efficient skill to max in the jungle. While Wither is taken last in the first three levels, it's maxed second because it is far more significant than Siphoning Strike will ever be. Siphoning Strike is taken second, but maxed last because the damage on it is largely unnoticeable until late game.
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Jungle Path

Fairly standard jungle path. Nothing to see here.

(working on getting a new jungle map)

It should also be noted that Nasus can actually gank without taking red because he has Wither, though if the enemy you're going to gank has flash or a built-in escape tool I probably wouldn't recommend it.
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Wither is your main CC, this is the bread and butter of your ganks. Spirit Fire will enable you and your allies to dish out quite a bit of damage. If possible, place Spirit Fire in front of Withered enemies and force them to run through it. Obviously this will make them take more damage, and make it more likely you will kill them.

Nasus doesn't have the strongest early game ganks, considering he mostly enables allies to deal more damage rather than dealing a lot himself.
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Core items

: Everything about this item is amazing on Nasus. Little bit of CDR and armor, builds into two items that are very good on Nasus

: This item and passive is really good on Nasus. It gives you all the stats you really want, plus a nice smite passive that gives you a bit of extra clearing power.

: definitely worth getting on a jungler as you can use it to reveal and disable enemy wards when you gank. Stealth Ward can be useful for warding your jungle, but I prefer Sweeping Lens for its stronger utility.
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Situational Items

defense items:
Randuin's Omen: Great against high AD champions, as it lowers their attack speed and movement speed when they attack you. The active can really screw up the enemy team in a teamfight, as well, which makes this item good pretty much all the time.

Locket of the Iron Solari: Very good if you want to give your allies a strong buff against a high magic damage team. The active is also great if you're trying to make turret plays.

Last Whisper: to punish enemies when they stack armor

Sunfire Aegis: for extra damage in general

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Nasus is fairly simple as a general statement. Wither should mostly be saved for singling out and crippling the enemy AD carry or for peeling bruisers off of your carries. Mostly the former. Or just punishing a bruiser who gets cocky if the enemy AD carry is really bad. While you could Wither other enemies, this isn't really optimal except when you're trying to clean up after killing or peeling the enemies that Wither really affects. Or if the enemy team is just full of complete idiots. Your main job is to hamper the enemy team by being a giant brick they have to beat through while heavily crippling their main source of late game damage and giving your entire team 40 free armor pen with Spirit Fire.
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thanks to FalseoGod for this adorable picture <3
Think I'm pretty much done now...

this b*tch is out.
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