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Xin Zhao General Guide by HoA_Shuffle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoA_Shuffle

Jungling With Xin

HoA_Shuffle Last updated on March 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, its Xin, we all know he's pretty broken, but he's only broken in the hands of someone who knows how to play him, and I've been playing him for quite a while now, so, I thought I'd help everyone out with my guide to how I play Xin, and most of the time go flawless!

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So, the runes I use for Xin look normal, except that one little move speed rune floating around: I find this can actually be quite useful early game, as it can make the difference between a kill or escape in a gank, and can help you run through the jungle lightly faster, letting you clear it a few seconds faster then normal. All the other runes purposes are pretty obvious, a lot of people like to take 9 Armor pen marks instead of flat AD, but I prefer the flat AD.

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These are pretty easy masteries to figure out. The 21 in Damage is to up your damage by quite a bit, as it contains a bit of AD buffing, overall Damage buffing, and some + to Armor Pen. The 9 in defense is what I have set for all my jungling masteries, a lot of people prefer the +Armor and +Magic resist, but I prefer to take the creep damage sets as it can help clear jungle faster in the early game, and can make it easier to farm.

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The item set is to build Xin tanky, but with some burst, and a lot of sustain, the hydra gives him a lot of damage in a fight, especially with his attack speed and if you remember to keep hitting the active on it. I feel that the Spirit Visage is a very good item on Xin, as it buffs the healing on his W and gives him cool down reduction and HP. The Zephyr is there for obvious reasons, it has AD, Attack speed and move speed on it, making it a great item on Xin. Honestly, the Frozen mallet is a personal choice, and can be switched out for a Warmogs if you need the extra 300 HP and the regen out of a fight, but I personally like having the slow on it, and along with the Furor enchantment on the boots, makes it very easy to chase and finish off enemies. I chose Spirit of the Elder Lizard over a Wriggles because I prefer basicly having a constant Red Buff, although the Wriggles ward can be very helpful at times, I find the Passive on the Spirit of the Elder Lizard is more effective in fights, as well as having the regen on it.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is purely set for sustainable jungling and ganks. Maxing out Xins W first gives him better sustain in jungle, as the Attack speed buff when its active allows him to clear faster, plus the heal on it lets him stay in jungle for longer. His E I leave till last because its only really used as a gap closer, not a damage. Having his Q maxed second is good, because it will then have a lower cooldown and allow you to use the annoying knock ups more often. Obviously, like all champions, taking Xins R at levels 6, 11 and 16 are a must.

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Creeping / Jungling

Xins starting jungle path that I use could be considered weird, but it works well and allows a fast level 3 gank on mid on bot, or a slightly delayed level 3 gank on top. What I do is start with a smiteless blue, without taking wolves first, then I work my way through to wolves, then wraiths, clearing both as fast as possible, without using smite, then I move onto Red, and use smite to kill it, then I finish with golems. By this point I'm garunteed to be level 3 and because of pots and healing from W, you should be at a nice amount of HP to gank a lane. Obviously if you can get an invade, you want to, especially if you have a Blitzcrank support, as he can pull the enemy teams blue buff over the wall for you to steal.

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Team Work

Teamfighting with Xin is very important, as you have a high damage output, and are quite tanky, you want to try and get straight to their ADC or APC, whoever is doing the most damage, focusing them by hitting your Q then W then using your E to jump to them is very effective, and if the enemy team tries to focus you, use your R to knock them away, the person you are focusing will not be knocked away because of your passive. When fighting as Xin, try to tank some damage, but try not to drop below half HP, because then everyone will start focusing you.


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