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Janna Build Guide by Red Dress

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Red Dress

Jupiter Adept: A Janna Support Guide [S6 6.19]

Red Dress Last updated on November 18, 2016
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Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lux Nothing to really worry about. Now that she can instantly pop her Q it makes things a bit more annoying, but it is not a huge deal. As long as you do not get caught in her E-Q-AA-R combo, it should be a easy lane.
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Hey there! I am Red Dress and this is my Janna Support guide. The first time I heard of Janna was watching a friend who I played Starcraft with stream League of Legends. He played Tryndemere, but the enemy team had a Janna. The entire time the Janna player completely shut down my friend's approaches and plans.

I was enthralled and downloaded League immediately and played until I had enough IP to get Janna.

This guide is to help newer players understand Janna better as well as aid as a discourse on how to play the Support Role.

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About Being a Support Player

As a Support role, your job is one of many nuances. The things that you do to help win the game go largely unnoticed. Everything to ward placement in brush, map awareness, and macro-management.

At all times during laning you should be analyzing the enemy support. See if they are being aggressive or passive, where they are placing wards, and always react to what the enemy support does. This will allow you to control the lane.

+ Destroy their wards to maintain vision control.
Destroying your enemy's wards with Oracle's Lens will not only aid in your jungler able to gank more efficiently, but it by proxy makes it harder for you to be ganked because the other team will not know where your team is.

+ Analyze the enemy Support
Watch their actions and movement and you will learn to proactively shut down their attempts to engage or defend their ADC. Howling Gale allows you to knock up anyone trying to target your ADC, Eye of the Storm gives your ADC a massive leap in damage, and Zephyr prevents chases or escapes.

+ Know where YOUR jungler is on the map.
Additionally, as support you should have an eye out of YOUR jungler. You cannot keep 100% tabs on the enemy jungler, but you can know at every moment where YOUR jungler is. Is he top? Pushing lane is more dangerous (especially when dragon is up). Is your jungler at gromp? Make sure he has health and mana if you are pushing or want him to gank. When you can and is safe to - ward the enemy's buff.

I recommend playing ADC so you will be able to understand bot lane better than just being support, but I guess if you just want to play support then you can look up ADC stats/abilities on a wiki.

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About Janna: Pros / Cons

Janna is one of the most dominant Support Champion of all time. Her abilities are not only extremely beneficial to your ADC during laning, but they are great for team fights as well. Her mobility allows you to roam and support other lanes if your ADC is winning lane, and her abilities cover up your team's mistakes.

It should be said that a lot of her abilities are telegraphed and easy to avoid if they space their abilities well. Janna is squishy too, if you find yourself out of position you may find a black and white screen before you can even slam your "R" key.


+ Goddess of CC
+ Relevant at all parts of game
+ Hard to gank
+ Shield gives Bonus AD
+ Passive gives bonus movement speed
+ Great at roaming
+ Can shield your Turrets


- Squishy
- Reliant having Abilitys not on cooldown
- Abilities are easy to avoid

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Summoner Spells

There is no reason to not take Flash. It can be used offensively and defensively. It gives you another tool to escape (as if she needed another way to prevent successful enemy ganks).

The typical Support Spell. This spell does so much. It slows, lowers armor/MR, and lowers AD. It can set up for your ADC to shred enemies, catch up to them, set you up for other abilities to be used, prevent damage from target. What is not good about this Spell?

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This is Janna's passive, and holy winds of Jupiter is this an amazing passive. Just by picking Janna your ADC (and other nearby allies) receive an 8% movement speed bonus when approaching her. This allows your team to pursue enemies and to retreat when things go bad. Already your team is 8% harder to gank, is that nifty or what?

This ability charges in place for three seconds. During the charging period Howling Gale receives increased damage, range, and knockup duration. You may press Q against at any time during the charging time to set off the ability prematurely. This ability can stop other champion's dashes such as : Jarvan's Ult, Jax's Jump, Darius's Ult, Lee Sin's Dash, Corki's Dash. It also stops channeling abilities like Katarina's Ult, Nunu's Ult, Shen's Ult, and Malzahar's Ult.

This is the least talked about her abilites, but do not let that fool you - Zephyr is an amazing ability. It increases Janna's movement speed AND allows Janna to ignore unit collision. You also get a pretty neat Bird that glides around your head (with Forecast Janna Skin it is replaced with a cloud - named Randall).

When you use the ability on a enemy target they get reduced movement speed. Just note, when you use this ability on a target you lose the Movement speed and again collide against units. What most people do not talk about is the massive AP scaling this ability receives. Both your movement speed and the enemies movement penalty increases as you gain AP.

This is what makes Janna such an amazing support. For 5 seconds her shield will prevent damage (+70% of her AP) and gives your target ally bonus AD. At max level your ally will have 50 bonus AD (that is a free 5 second BF sword!!! This effect also scales with 10% of you AP!) This is one of the major reasons why we take three AP Quints - extra shield, extra AD. This is not all, in addition to being able to shield your ally champions Eye Of The Storm can be used to shield your turrets for the same amount of damage! This can prevent your turrets from being destroyed and preventing would-be dives from the enemy team.

This is Janna's Ultimate. Monsoon initially knockbacks all enemy Champion's (which can inturrupt dashs and channeled abilities like Howling Gale). This Ability lasts for 3 seconds and during this time nearby allies are healed. This ability scales with AP like all of Janna's other abilities.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We take Eye Of The Storm at first level. This will help your Jungler get an early and healthy start. It supplements your ability to poke in lane and prevent damage to your ADC. You will be Maxing this first.

You should get Howling Gale at level two. At level three get another point into Eye Of The Storm. At level four get Zephyr. From there Max Eye Of The Storm first, Zephyr second , and finally Howling Gale. You will level up Monsoon whenever you can (Level 6, 11, 16).

The reason why we get Zephyr second and not Howling Gale is because the movement speed bonus and the slow is much more useful than just the increased range of Howling Gale.

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Starting Items

This will supplement your gold income and give you sustain. Eventually, you will be getting a Talisman of Ascension. Coin is almost a must when you are in a lane against poke heavy champions such as Karma, Soraka, and Sona. Otherwise you will be incredibly behind in health due to them having so much more sustain than Janna has.

Due to the Culinary Master mastery we have taken, all of our Health Potions are replaced with these Biscuits of Rejuvenation which give us 20 additional health and instantly replenishes 10 mana. We take three of these delicious biscuits to help sustain us in lane. The extra mana will allow us to use more abilities.

We want to take this Trinket to ward the bottom lane bushes or nearby the River to prevent ganks. NOTE: WE SWITCH OUT WARDING TRINKET FOR SWEEPER'S LENS ONCE WE GET SIGHTSONE!

Essential Items

Sightstone helps in so many ways. It does not just give you and your allies safety from ganks, but it allows your lane (and others) to set up ganks of your own. It gives you knowledge of the enemy Jungler's presence. It gives you information about when Objectives are up to be taken. It prevents your team's Objectives to be taken. You NEED to take Sightstone because it is just that good.

Right now, with the new changes to support items Redemption is by far the best of them. It is ridiculous. The base stats you get are fantastic for Janna and the active is stupid good. Oh, yeah, you can use the item even when you are dead! It is so good that you will want to rush this item. Until the nerfs to Redemption, get this item.

Janna is a mobile champion. Boots of Mobility just makes her even more god(dess)ly at roaming. With the extra movement speed you can safely ward deeper into the enemy's jungle. It allows you to save time getting back into lane to help your allies and turrets.

Gives you vision and disables hidden wards/items. It no longer reveals invisible enemies anymore, but you should still be buying 1 everytime you go back to base.

The moment you get Sightstone, YOU WILL REPLACE YOUR WARDING TRINKET WITH SWEEPERS LENS! Sightstone already gives you the ability to place all the wards you can. You do not need your Warding Trinket anymore. The Sweeper Lens allows you to deny the enemy's vision by destroying their wards. Upgrade Sweeping Lens to Oracle's Lens once you hit level 9. Oracle Lens not only reveals enemy wards, but gives you a buff where around you stealthed Champions are revealed.

Other Items

It used to be that this was the core item for Janna. With recent changes to FQC as well as new champions with better engage Ults I do not like taking FQC anymore. It is not necessarily bad item at all. In fact, I would say that it is perfectly acceptable to take this item if you want (starting with spellthief). However, the active is just not as good as having the ability to grant your entire team with movement speed bonus. The Ghosts can scout out enemies and reveal them for a few moments which is useful, but with all of the new champions having global ults to engage your team FQC just does not cut it anymore.

Being able to remove any CC affect on an ally or yourself is great, but you additionally heal a bit of health to the target as well. Again, this will help you keep your target alive to chase, escape, or just to give that extra health in a time of need. Since the meta is all about tanky CC champions, this item is a godsend.

If your ADC is winning lane and you want to solidify that advantage this item is the best thing to get on Janna. With this item's passive Eye Of The Storm and Monsoon grants your ally[ies] 15% attack speed and 30 magic damage on hit for 6 seconds. I find myself getting this item more and more because it is really good. Even if you are going even in lane, this item can push you to gain the advantage.

If you ever build an Aegis of the Legion then this item should be built instead of getting Locket of the Iron Solari. The reason for this is because both contain the Aegis' passive, Janna's abilities scale off of the additional AP you get from Banner of Command, and Janna is too squishy to use the Locket of the Iron Solari to it's maximum potential.

Against AD Heavy Teams

It shuts down a lot of AD Champions (particularly any Attack Speed champions) and makes it hell for the other team regardless of their composition. Hell, I would get this item even if the enemy team only had 2 AD Champions.

Against AP Heavy Team

This item is good. The passive and aura makes any enemy AP Champion's Sorcerer's Shoes less effective. I'd get this item even if the enemy team has 2 or more AP Champions. Also, if you are going to build this item you might as well eventually upgrade it to Banner of Command.

Your AD Heavy Team

If your team has a lot of AD Champions this item is really amazing and ramps your Conduit Ally's damage up.

Items NOT to Get

Eye of the Oasis is not bad, persay. In fact, most support pros will say to get Oasis due to item slot management. The fact is that in SoloQ you will not be worried with item slot management as Pros are. It is perfectly acceptable to get Ascension and a Sightstone. The passive for Oasis is just not worth it.

At first this item may seem great to get for Janna. Extra health, extra ward charge, item cooldown reduction, and actually pretty cost/slot efficient. However, the reality is that those benefits are not as cost effective as finishing your core and getting situational items first. Janna is squishy and that extra health does not really help at all in surviving and the extra ward is useless due to you only being able to place 3 wards at a time. If you have all item slots filled (with completed items) and have extra gold, go ahead, upgrade your Sightstone for Ruby Sightstone, otherwise, do not bother getting this item.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

This supplements your ability to effectively poke in lane. More Damage to assist your ADC to wittle the enemies in lane.

You NEED these. These Seals are NON-NEGOTIABLE if you want to survive lane. It will prevent you from dying to enemies poking you to death.

This prevents from enemy supports from dealing damage to you with their abilities. The reason why we take Flat MR Glyphs instead of Scaling MR is because we want to focus our dominence in Laning phase and since Janna is squishy already, there is not a reason to try and get a bit more defense for mid/late game.

The reason why I take AP Quints is because her Shield and Ult scales off of AP. This little bit of AP gives your shield bonus damage to absorb and gives your ADC extra AD. The Ult will heal a bit more health.

Other Runes

These are viable Quints to take. Janna is already very mobile, but these make her extra speedy with Boots of Mobility.

This will give you extra defense in lane and allow you to stay in lane longer.

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We will be taking a standard 0/18/12 our Keystone will be Windspeaker's Blessing .

Cunning Masteries

Turns our Health Potion into Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation which upon consumption restores 20 health and 10 mana instantly and then restores 150 health and 20 mana over 15 seconds. Consume and Persevere!

Allows us to get additional gold from our ADCs farm. Additionally, everytime we deal auto attack damage to an enemy champion we gain 3 gold. With the Ancient Coin we get as a starting item a minion death can give us up to 5 gold! Ka-Ching!

This mastery pushes our cooldown reducation cap from 40% to 45%! At 45% CDR Janna can have a permanent shield on her allies! Oh, also, we get an instant 5% CDR off the bat!

Our Keystone. It gives a 10% increase in our shield and healing, gives 5-22 bonus armor, and 3-11 bonus MR for 3 seconds. There is no reason not to get this.

Resolve Masteries

Is the only controversial mastery taken in the Resolve Tree. It gives extra shielding for ourselves, not our teammates. It is a personal lesser Crucible. You can take Veteran's Scars over Runic Armor which may be a good idea against Soraka or Sona.

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Hotkeys and Quick-Cast


For those new to League of Legends, you may not know that you can use your items and abilities without clicking on the icon and then on the field. Each ability and item slot (including Summoner Spells such as Flash and Exhaust) are bound to a specific key on your keyboard.

Your four abilities are bound to Q, W, E, and R. Q being your champion's first ability (not the first ability you level up) and R being your Ultimate.

So Janna's Howling Gale is bound to Q and her Monsoon ability is bound to R.

Your first Summoner Spell is bound to D (I usually have Flash bound to D) and your second Spell is bound to F (I usually have any other Spell bound to F).

- Items are bound on your number keys: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7.
- Trinket is bound to 4 standard, but I bind trinket to `.
- Recall is bound to B, but I bind that to S.


In addition to Hotkeys, you may notice that some people use abilities a lot quicker than others. For instance, you may find yourself facing other Janna's in Bot Lane where they shield their ADC almost instantly. How are they pressing their spell and clicking their target so quickly?

There is a setting for your spells, abilities, and items called "Quick-Cast" where it only requires you to press only the hotkey for the action and it will cast that spell instantly, not needing another click to place or cast it.

The downside to this is that it will not show range indicators for your abilities, items, or spells so it may be difficult at first, however you should learn the range of all of your Champions respective ranges (and all other Champion skills too!) You may also find yourself initially missing your abilities because you clicked the hotkey too soon before your cursor is in the right position. You will learn to not make these mistakes as you start playing with Quick Cast on.

Using Quick-Cast, you may react quicker and save many many allies instead of fumbling with: Hover cursor over ally -> Press "E" -> Click Ally. All you would need to do is: Hover cursor over ally -> Press "E".

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If you are going to Support then you need to know how to ward. That does not end with knowing where to ward at bot lane. You should be roaming mid/late game placing wards in pertinent areas so you and your team knows:

- Which objectives are safe to take.
- Where your opponents are.
- Where your opponents are moving.
- Where your opponent's wards are.


Another sorely overlooked aspects is ward positioning. Placing wards accurate and precisely grants more vision in the area than poorly positioned wards:
You will want to position your wards as towards the edge of the brush as you can with it still being inside. This is one of the most important lessons that will not be noticed by anyone, but makes a massive difference in survivability.

Another little known information is that when you are going to place a ward your cursor will turn Green when the ward will be placed INSIDE a brush, and WHITE if the ward will be placed OUTSIDE of the brush. The only cavete to this feature is that it will not work with Quick-Cast on. You will need to set your items to Quick-cast w/ Indicator.

Warding the map

These images will show you some of the locations where you would want to place wards. I have made it a bit easier with detailing differences of warding whether you spawn as the RED TEAM or BLUE TEAM.


If you find that you have spawned as the BLUE TEAM then your warding is a bit less risky due to the Tri-Bush being on your side of the map. This means that you can usually place a Vision Ward there to maintain vision control and deny the RED TEAM visibility of ganks from your Jungler. The only caviet to this advantage is in order to secure Dragon your team must walk all the way around and it makes escaping a bit harder from gone-wrong attempts to take the Dragon . You should of course, ward the River Bush and if you can SAFELY - BLUE TEAM Blue Buff. Warding the River Strip Brush near Mid Lane will assist your Midlaner not get ganked.


Spawning on the RED TEAM means your job to ward is a bit harder due to not having direct access to the Tri-Bush. You will be wanting to place a Vision ward in the vertical Bush that is right behind the Midlane Brush Strip - this warding spot is godly for a Vision Ward because it gives both your Midlaner and your Bottom Lane information about potential Jungler Ganks. As always, ward River and if you can SAFELY ward Tri-Bush. It may be additionally helpful to ward the bush right above the BLUE TEAM's Red Buff. Remember to Sweeper Lens the River Bush or the BLUE TEAM's Tri-Bush for easier ganks from your Jungler.

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Laning Phase

Your primary goal in Laning Phase is to protect your ADC from being killed, ganked, and out CS'ed. Depending on which ADC you will be laning with, you may want to be more or less aggressive. Generally, your goal should not to be securing kills, but to keep your ADC safe. You will want to use Eye Of The Storm on your ADC when they move up to AA the enemy for extra damage and you will want to use Howling Gale to peel aggression. Try not to get caught by your opponent's abilities because more likely than not you will die if YOU get caught as Janna.

Janna does well laning with:

Caitlyn has the range and abilities to out poke any other ADC. Eye Of The Storm on top of Caitlyn's passive Headshot can easily take out half (if not more) of the enemy ADC's health. This was a Laning DUO born for each other. Watch out for Leona or Blitzcrank because they can ruin your day with just one ability.

Tristana's AOE and incredibly long range makes poking a breeze. Much like Caitlyn, you will be using Eye Of The Storm to shield any attacks on Tristana. The one thing that makes Tristana and Janna a great laning pair is because Tristana can Rocket Jump to safety or Buster Shot enemies away. With Janna's Howling Gale and Monsoon your lane is neigh ungankable.

This is a really fun lane just because I consider Jinx to be a broken champion. Jinx has everything an ADC wants. AOE Auto Attacks, Attack Speed, a Slow, a Snare, a Global Ult, a Reset in her Get Excited!. Due to this, Janna and Jinx makes a hell of a laning duo because of all of the utility and flexibility. I recommend getting Talisman of Ascension for chase and disengage or Ardent Censer for additional effects with your Eye Of The Storm.

While Vayne is known to be a kill lane champion and Janna is a poke lane champion, it may seem odd that I like this pairing. The reason I like Vayne and Janna so much is because they both have a lot of mobility and can easily invade to take RED TEAM's Red Buff or BLUE TEAM's Blue Buff pretty safely. Vayne is one of the undisputed best Hypercarries in League of Legends and with Janna's kit at her side can get to that hypercarry status very quickly.

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Janna has two jobs in a teamfight. The first is to fix any positioning mistakes your team makes with the numerous CC abilities at your disposal. The second job is to peel any enemy Champion who targets your high priority allies, this means anyone who is carrying your team or dealing the most damage. It does not matter if that carry is the ADC, the AP Mid, the Top Laner, or the Jungler. It is YOUR job to make sure that Carry does not die or get focused down.

+ Before the teamfight happens be sure to ward the area where the fight is most likely to happen. Use Oracle's Lens to destroy enemy wards. You want to have vision to freely engage or disengage without having to worry about anyone flanking your team.

+ You must be diligent and ready to use all of your abilities at the right time. Things can go bad from worse when you accidentally use Monsoon and push two enemies into your team's escape route or into your Carry (essentially giving the enemy a perfect free engagement).

+ Make sure that you do not just slam all of your items at once. Use Talisman of Ascension when you need to escape or chase for a guaranteed kill.

+ Have your Oracle's Lens off of cooldown before engaging if the enemy has any Stealth Champions (and have a Pink Ward in your inventory too!)

+ Use Mikael's Crucible on long Stuns, Fears, Taunts, Silences, Roots, and Slows in listed descending priority.

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Janna is a mobile and high CC Support. She can cover your team's mistakes or aid in keeping them alive. She synergies with almost any Support/AP oriented item. Due to this she can stay relevant at all points of the game.

This is the end of my Janna Support Guide. Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please tell me! This guide is a forever work in progress and I am open to ANY and ALL suggestions. I want to do even more touching up on visuals, but I am pretty bad at coding and stuff like that.

Good Supporting~!