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Varus Build Guide by the chaos bringer 00

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League of Legends Build Guide Author the chaos bringer 00

Just an unknown Varus guide

the chaos bringer 00 Last updated on May 10, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello guys this is my Varus guide which happens to be the first guide published for him!!!
Varus is a mix of AP and AD carry but i prefer building him with an edge to AD carry.

What i aim with this guide is to make a comprehensive Varus guide, share my opinions and try to improve mine and everyone's else gameplay with this great champion. I don't care much about the rate (although this would greatly help to make this guide known to everyone) and so I am going to +Rep for leaving constructive criticism and upvote your guide(s) if you upvote this too. So guys, without any further ado, I am happy to present you my Varus guide!!!

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Pros Cons

Very good damage
Has some nice CC
No excessive mana problems
Great passive for farming
Has a sniper shot
An ability that empowers Auto-attacks

One of his abilities power up with AP while I play him AD carry
Piercing Shot is a great debuff ... for yourself
Very Squishy
Is expensive to play
Needs much Farming

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In the masteries I am running a preety self-explanatory 21-9-0 set-up to improve my Damage output while covering some of his squishiness with the 9 points in defense. Unfortunately, I don't think that any other set-up is viable for him.

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Viable Spells

My choice:
I use flash because of its insane versatility. You can jump over walls, escape ganks or a condemned team fight, get into position for your sniper shot, Piercing Shot and other great stuff! I use heal for a stronger laning phase, to survive from heavy damage and "buff" my teammates in a teamfight.

Other viable spells:
  • Ignite to deal more damage and reduce the healing effects of an enemy. Use this instead of Heal
  • Exhaust is used to dish out an AD and Movement Speed debuff on a single enemy champion so that he doesn't escape. You can also use this to escape a 1vs1 fight. You already have Hail of Arrows so I don't consider this to be a necessary. Use this instead of Heal
  • Ghost to escape, to get faster to an in-game "event" and chase an enemy. Use this instead of Heal
  • Teleport comes to useful especially if you have a lane on your own or if your opponent(s) have great Damage output and your sustain is not so good. You can use this to save a tower, to get back from a shopping break, to save the day at a team-fight and generally to move across map more quickly.

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For the runes:

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Explaining the Abilities

Passive: Living Vengeance--> On champion kill or assist, Varus gains 40% attack speed for 6 seconds. On minion kill, Varus gains 20% attack speed for 3 seconds.

Explanation: I just love this!!! Helps a lot at farming and also enables you to take on one enemy after another. Great passive for an AD carry that deals most of his damage with Autoattacks.

Q ability:

Piercing Arrow--> Varus starts drawing back his next shot, gradually increasing its range and damage, then he fires it, dealing minimum 10 / 43 / 77 / 110 / 143 (+1.0 per attack damage) to maximum 15 / 65 / 115 / 165 / 215 (+1.6 per attack damage) physical damage, reduced by 15% per enemy hit (minimum 33%).

While preparing to shoot, Varus cannot autoattack or use abilities, and his movement speed is slowed by 20%. After 4 seconds, Piercing Arrow fails but refunds half its mana cost.

Explanation: It's ok... Most people will love this because of the great burst damage and the super long range but i think it is not that good because it is a deeuff on your self and if you don't let this on time it negates. However it is adorable because it activates the stacks from the next ability which is...

W ability:

Blighted Quiver--> Varus' basic attacks deal bonus 10 / 14 / 18 / 22 / 26 (+0.25 per ability power) magic damage and apply Blight for 6 seconds (stacks 3 times).
Varus' other abilities detonate Blight, dealing magic damage equal to 2 / 2.75 / 3.5 / 4.25 / 5% (+0.01% per ability power) of the target's maximum health per stack.

This damage is capped against monsters.

Explanation: Unlike most people I max this out first because it empowers my Autoattack damage. Living Vengeance and the massive amount of Attack Speed that I build before anything else is great to get all the 3 stacks you need and detonate them with Piercing Arrow. Also it deals a % of the opponent's health in damage so don't be afraid to hit a tanky enemy like Garen.

E ability:

Hail of Arrows--> Varus fires a hail of arrows that deal 65 / 105 / 145 / 185 / 225 (+0.6 per bonus attack damage) physical damage and desecrate the ground. Desecrated ground slows enemies' Movement Speed by 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45% and reduces their healing and regeneration by 50%.

Explanation: This is nice for detonating the stacks from Blighted Quiver and for cutting the healing (yeah same **** as Ignite) and health regeneration by a lot: Yeah this includes Health Potion and the enervating super regenerating of *******s like Garen and Dr. Mundo

R ability-The Ultimate:

Chain of Corruption--> Varus flings out a tendril of corruption that deals 150 / 250 / 350 (+1.0 per ability power) magic damage and immobilizes the first enemy champion hit for 2 seconds.
The corruption then spreads towards nearby uninfected enemy champions, applying the same damage and immobilize if it reaches them. The corruption will continue to spread until there are no further unaffected targets in range.

Explanation: I don't like this very much but it is kinda helpful since it keeps people close for you to take them down with your Auto-attacks. It is bad because it scales with AP and the chain takes time to spread out to others.

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Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

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Items (working on it)

Starting Items:

  • + 3x makes you a better chaser
  • gives some good lane sustain with the health and lifesteal