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Braum Build Guide by the chaos bringer 00

AD Offtank Captain Frelijord! - Top lane Braum

By the chaos bringer 00 | Updated on October 8, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Hello and welcome to my guide about Braum! I am "risen from hell" and I am a silver ranked player moving between Silver III and Silver V. I main top lane and that's where I play Braum. I am really good at playing this kind of champs (My signature champion being Shen) and I firmly believe that Braum should be played at the top lane too. This guide hasn't reached its maximum potential simply because I have currently little to no time for games and when I do play, I prefer playing my best champions (Top: Shen, Jungle: Xin Zhao, Mid: Kassadin, Support: Lulu, ADC: Ezreal).
Pls remember this is a top lane guide, I don't know -I don't care- if he is better as support, this is for top lane, so everything that you would like to suggest should be about top lane Braum.
If you like my guide feel free to upvote it and rep me. I also rep people that leave constructive feedback in their comments.

Note this is the first, the only and the most visited guide DEDICATED to Top Lane Braum at present time.
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Why top lane over support

Analyzing support Braum:

Our beloved hero, can be a great support! He has some strong CC, that can create opportunities for kills and can also protect the carry, but lacks sustain. He belongs in the same category of supports as Leona to be clear.

However, he needs to get very close to do his part, which can be extremely hard in poking lanes and other really strong lanes. He also lacks a strong initiation compered to other supports (ex. Leona, Alistar, Thresh)

All in all, I am not saying Braum support is weak, I am just saying that he is outshined by other popular support picks like Leona and Thresh and that's why, you will possibly encounter Braum when the mid laner is Yasuo.

Analyzing top lane Braum:

He has, a single target poke with strong base damage, that scales off FREAKING MAX HP. And as a top laner you build that. Furthermore he has great potential for follow ups in ally ganks, during which he can block projectiles that will stop your kill attempt, and possibly save your jungler from giving double buff to enemy laner. This ablity can also work as an escape means during enemy ganks. Also he can be really hard to kill thanks to his CC and his trades can be really strong thanks to the defensive steroids. Last, but not least, he has a self proccing stun, which, when on cooldown acts like a Rumble passive, making his trades really strong.

What he lucks as a top laner is sustain and wave clear, which can make lanes vs Renekton for example to be a nightmare. He also uses mana which, if you spam spells, ends up really quick.

With strong trades and good cooperation potential on ganks, plus ridiculous CC, Braum is a good sustainless top laner.
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I use a defensive 9-21-0 set-up.

The 9 points in offense are great to make your trades even stronger.

The rest 21 points make you really durable, especially during lane phase.

I only suggest this for top lane. For a support tree, go somewhere else.
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The hybrid pen marks are perfect. Early on you deal some good physical and magical damage so having these make you deal more damage.

As for runes, I run the typical armor runes. However if the enemy team is AP heavy, these runes should be scaling health.

Regarding glyphs, I run scaling magic resist. If the enemy laner is AP you should go for flat magical resistance. If the enemy team is AD heavy, these runes should be CDR.

Finally, the quints should be either Flat AD for better last hitting and eary trades or attack speed for better trading (combined with your passive) and improved wave clear.
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Summoner's Spells

Flash is an essential for its insane utility.

The second spell can be anything from:

Ignite kill potential in lane, anti-heal mechanism.
Exhaust vs auto attckers.
Heal might be useful vs heavy sustain teams.
Teleport vs global presence team.
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Ok seriously? Wtf? This is a completely unexpected stun that can be activated either by you or your teammates (at this point Braum forgets his manly ways and raises the middle finger to Leona's passive) and turn the tables on trades, dives and teamfights. Also except the stun, this awesome skill gives some really strong magical damage (on-hit) during trades, which makes you a really strong trader. This is the only reason why you build Attack speed on Braum.

A poke in lane, that has a very good base damage AND scales off max hp. Since you're building much HP, this will hit like a truck. Good to avoid dying during ganks, or kill securing during a gank. Late game, this can be used to catch someone off-guard or finish off someone.

You can save people with this. Also it makes you very durable during trades in lane. It is also a very strong follow up on ganks or other people's initiation.

This makes teams with heavy poke cry. You can soak all the damage for your team from this, which is also your main role, and combine this with items like Thornmail to make their lives even more miserable. The move speed buff is also pretty good if they are trying to kite you or chase you or even when you chase and they throw stuff to slow you down.

And here is our star move. If you manage to get in the middle of 5 enemy people and pop this then you propably have won the fight. You can initiate, catch people off guard, finish off people from afar, turn the tables around during ganks and dives. It can be combined with some really good AoE ultimates for maximum resuslts (ex. Orianna, Malphite, Amumu, Miss Fortune and of course Yasuo).
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Tier 1: Health, Armor, Magical Resistance
Tier 2: Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction
Tier 3: Mana, AD

I follow a quite typical path for tanks on top lane, which is building first one of the following 2:

Sunfire Aegis
Mercury's Treads / Ninja Tabi

After these 2 are complete (chosing accordingly to enemy laner for boots) build either Trinity Force or Frostfire Gauntlet. Trinity force will help you abuse your passive and generally do much more damage. Iceborn is a bit more defensive and is also another form of CC. Both items help you wave clear as well, which is important.

Then go for Sterak's Cage. Bonus HP and some AD. The % of base AD steroid is strong because as a tank, Braum possesses strong stats. And now to the OP part. THE BONUS AD IS ACTUALLY AN INCREASE. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? IT MEANS THAT THE BONUS AD THING IS APPLIED BEFORE THE TRIFORCE/GAUNTLET PROC. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? MORE DAMAGE!1111!!!!!111!
Seriously, with this new item, Braum got even more damage. He became essentially a more tanky, less mobile, stronger engage Irelia

After that, you should pick up Randuin's Omen because it is overall a great tank/bruiser item.

Then pick one of these:

Frozen Heart
Spirit Visage
Banshee's Veil
Locket of the Iron Solari
Warmog's Armor

Banshee's better vs heavy AP teams, or hard initiation teams and dangerous CC ( Amumu, Malphite, Event Horizon)

Same is SV though it gives more cdr.

Locket is really good if your support or jungler hasn't grabbed it.

Warmog's is THE item vs huge bursts. Especially good vs mixed damage teams or true damage. Don't forget it makes your Q hit like an asteroid.

Frozen Heart is for when the enemy autoattackers are really fed.

If you are really important to your team and must not die grab Guardian Angel
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Yep this is the end. I hope you like top lane Braum and that you will get inspired by this guide, to be the guy or girl that will popularize him. Use this guide only as a benchmark. I am really busy with school right now so no more extensive guides from me for now. I will possibly update this with some minor changes or some match-up experience.
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change log

8 october 2015: Update time!!!
currently thinking about titanic hydra
League of Legends Build Guide Author the chaos bringer 00
the chaos bringer 00 Braum Guide
Captain Frelijord! - Top lane Braum
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