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Rengar Build Guide by the chaos bringer 00

Assassin ~A true hunter never rests~ Bonus ryan choi

By the chaos bringer 00 | Updated on June 21, 2014

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Early path (when doing bad)

News that concern Rango

Kha'Zix sucks, Rengar rocks! Wait, that ain't news, that's the rule...

27/5/14: News is: Ravenous Hydra > Blade of the Ruined King on Rengar so my builds changed a bit. Also I added a cheat sheet about Ryan Choi. A synergies chapter. And stats tiers.

21/6/14: Kha'Zix seriously nerfed. Still strong but not op. Rengar definitely better ATM. As of 4.10, new seriously nerfed, consequently Ravenous Hydra way better. New gives shield to ADCs so our job is a bit harder right now. Also in previous patch, Rengar got a tiny nerf: His Savagery bonus damage isn't boosted when he crits. (Makes assassin even harder).
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Yep we got at last the first skin (the one of the release doesn't count) on Rengar and it is really awesome! The color of the soundwave caused by his roar (lol that sounds so not scientifically right :P) is dark blue. Also while he is channeling for stealth, he glitters a bit like Mecha Kha'Zix but in darker colors which is pretty awesome. My favorite feature is, that you can put on and off your hoodie (basically it is a toggle) by taunting. If you wanna really feel the momment, just before stealthing to dive on the priority target, put your hoodie on!

21/6/14 Update: Ok the skin has nice features and an impressive shop image. Unfortunately, in-game, it is a bit Season 1 I would say :/ It is missing a lot of detail. Rito pls fix!
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Hello guys, I am John (Crysis, Silver IV, EUNE) and welcome to my Top Lane Rengar guide! I recently started playing again and found out that our beloved lion suffered the torture of the Nerf hammer by Herr Morello. I want to be honest with you, he is at a much worse state than before. However that doesn't mean that he isn't viable anymore, at least with regards to top lane, where I play him. Pre nerfs Rengar could be played either as an assassin or a full tank. Now the assassin playstyle requires more experienced hands and a far riskier build, while the full tank is still good and there is potential for a bruiser rengar, depending on your team's (and the enemies too) line-up. They have minor differences but the actual role remains the same. I play Rengar whenever I can or whenever a teammate asks me to (Starting To build some rep as Rengar in silver)

As you can see Rengar is not dead yet Mr. Morello and he continues his path in the league without hesitation because:
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SWOT analysis

Well this chapter is not a common pros and cons chapter. Here I use this:
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats

Or in other words, SWOT analysis!

It is a method of fully analyzing a project and, to me, it applies to champions too!

  • Good base stats
  • Very mobile
  • AoE and single target poke
  • Sustain in lane
  • Strong self-buffs
  • Special trinket
  • Really op catchphrases
  • Hard to kill
  • Trophies are permanent
  • Easy to play

  • Kinda weak right now
  • You can't annihilate anything that dares moving as you used to
  • Really hard to master
  • Long cooldown on skills
  • Not as snowbally anymore
  • Mediocre to bad teamfights

  • Great tanking potential
  • Great ability to stick to carries
  • Great initiation
  • Ulti allows for great combos
  • Can clear out half the enemy towers/lanes
  • Great ganking potential
  • He is overnerfed meaning he might get buffed
  • Great juking potential

  • Riot hates him (might nerf again)
  • People will rage at you for playing him
  • If you fall behind, it is really hard to get back
  • Kha'Zix is much better now
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Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest
Phase Rush

This is the rune page I use for bruiser and assassin Rango. Good AD for last hitting and trades, plus armor penetration for late game insta-bursting. Armor is always necessary for laning. Scaling magic resist vs magic damage late game.

If against AP laner, change your glyphs to:

If playing tank rengar and you're gonna build Sunfire and Thornmail then change your marks to: Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration. With these you will deal more damage with Battle Roar and items mentioned.
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Summoner Spells

: Best utility in the game, crazy combos with passive and ult.

: True damage, reduces heal, adds to burst and gives more killing potential.

Alternative to ---> : It is nice on Rengar it is very fun to use it with your ultimate. It also helps sticking to your priority target.

Alternative to ---> : It is really helpful vs all AD teams or vs top lane melee carries. You should consider taking exhaust if no one else in your team has it.
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This is what Rengar is known for. Thanks to this, rengar while in grass or stealth can jump to any champions and minions (always enemy ones). Use this to surprise your opponents into making critical mistakes (mostly used in lane), gank really well, chase, juke, escape, everything. Mastering this is critical for being a good rengar player. It is also part of the reason why Rengar is an op assassin. His mobility is innate...

An auto attack reset that helps with farming, destroying buildings and dealing more damage in general. Pre nerfs, you could actually triple Q, meaning assassin rengar was too fast at killing squishies. However now that you will only be playing tank/bruiser rengar, this does just descent amount of damage. If still going for assassin, well it can still do humongous damage.

Your AoE magic damage source, resistances buff and potentially heal. With this you can sustain all day long and shove your lane, while doing unexpected damage combined thanks to your hybrid pen runes. Remember doing double Roar doesn't give you the armor and magic resistance buffs again (to be objective, that would be really op). In fights carefully time your Empowered Battle Roar to bait big bursts or just do it just when you are about to die and you will get a lot of hp back. Remember that if you hit a lot of people then you become really tanky.

This is your physical damage poking ability and potential root. If you are getting a gank, prepare your Empowered Bola Strike for an extra stun on the enemy. The higher the level the more damage it does and less cooldown. Unfortunately riot decided to make this a skill shot and not targeted, so it is harder to fully achieve what you're trying when using it.

Is another signature of Rengar. Use this to escape, juke, assassinate, locate people and most important initiate fights. After exiting stealth mode rengar gets movement speed and 5 (total) ferocity replenishment which is great for when you have just jumped into the middle of the enemy team. Mid game if you have 5 ferocity, press R, find someone jump on him and dish out your full burst combo (described later).
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Skill sequence

Bola Strike and Savagery at first 2 levels are really strong since you can dish out much damage. From that point on, max out Battle Roar by level 9, E by level 13 and last Q. Grab a point in ultimate whenever you can of course.

If going for assassin build then your priority is R>Q>E>W
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Let's move to how we dress our lion.

Before the last bunch of nerfs he got, Rengar could be played either as an assassin or as an off-tank, depending on player preference and your team needs. However, now, the assassin build is not worth it anymore (mostly because you cannot triple q anymore). You can play assassin Rengar if you really want but it is situational. These changes also led to the birth of bruiser Rengar which wasn't as effective pre-nerfs.

NOTE: I call off-tank rengar, the build with 0-1 offensive items and bruiser rengar the build with 2-3 offensive items.

At any case, I recommend starting your build with + + . These will give you sustain and durability, as well as dueling power.

As for the first item it should be one of the following:

If you are doing really well grab the tiamat first. If you are doing bad or just fine grab Sunfire Aegis. If the enemy is a stupidly strong AP burster and you need to sustain quickly, then go for Spirit Visage.

You should continue your build with:

The durability you get from randuin's and the ability to stick to enemies in early/mid game skirmishes thanks to this item is really remarkable. Your chasing/dueling potential is really good at this point and also you become somewhat hard to kite.

Now you should pick 2 of the following (but only 1 offensive):

: Be sure to grab this if your support hasn't. You profit personally as well.

: If they have something like Veigar or a super initiator like Malphite or Amumu

: Good versus all kinds of damage. Best against balanced composition teams.

: If they burst you really hard or they focus you really hard. It makes it even more stupid to focus you.

: If they got a lot of right clickers...

: My personal preference as a second offensive item on bruiser Rengar. Really sends your dps through the roof.

: Good versus magic damage teams. Also you become even more lethal as you go down in hp.

: I suggest this if they have a beefy line-up. This helps sticking to targets. Along with ravenous, you can sustain like a maniac and split push like crazy.

: Good in general for champions like Rengar. I suggest it only in case that you have a hard AD team.

: If you are smurfing or boosting your brother's account. Ridiculously good if fed, grab this if you want to keep snowballing and close out games. Risky option.

: A ridiculously good item on bruisers, gives everything. The passive combines with Savagery for extra strong burst. I really like it on bruiser Rengar.

: My personal preference as a third offensive item on bruiser rengar (in case we have 2 more tanky chars in team). With it's active and Randuin's Omen's active, your single target damage and chasing potential go through the roof. It is also funny to see some random Savagery Crits. The cdr is also really strong, let alone the armor pen.

: If you have boots, other than Mercury's Treads but you still need the tenacity you should definitely consider grabbing this. The ad, attack speed and cdr are always welcome as well.
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Creating your own build

So if you would like to try out some new stuff then I am going to give you some stats tiers for you to considerate while you are theorycrafting :)

Tier 1: Attack Damage, Armor Penetration, Health
Tier 1,5: CDR, Armor, Magical Resistance, Movement Speed
Tier 2: Attack Speed, Life Steal
Tier 3: Critical Chance
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Early/Mid game

Rengar has an ok lane phase and a really strong mid game. Most of the time you should start by taking a point in Savagery at level 1 and also get 1 ferocity by q-ing the buff your jungler decides to kill first.

If you are up against a hard match up, be sure to grab Bola Strike at level 1. Depending the enemy champion difficulty (and sometimes their build) you should force a hard trade at levels 1-3 at least once. Also, I suggest you play really aggressive when you have maximum ferocity.

Other than the previously mentioned, act normal, farm, freeze the lane, ward and play safe.

As far as mid game is concerned, you can apply too much pressure on other lanes with your ultimate. Ask them where they want you and have your jungler keep your lane. Before starting to roam, be sure to push your ally minion wave to the enemy tower. A well done mid game gank, can really win games. Also try to locate poor enemies being all alone in the jungle or other lanes. For example if that Vayne is trying to recover from her bad lane phase by farming top all alone, then go for her and kill her! She is squishy and she won't even expect you!
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Late game

At this point you can either split push, or fight. I suggest you split push when your ultimate is down. Always have map awareness to notice missing enemies that might come for you. Also it is important to inform your team that you are planning to split push so that they don't force fights. A good way to split push, is to push the minions all the way to the enemy tower and then leave to join or initiate a fight, or even go push to another lane.

You should also continue searching for all alone enemies and burst the heck out of them! However if other objectives are on going such as inhibitor destruction or baron, don't do that. Follow your team...
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Going into stealth mode with already 5 ferocity is now good, since you can dive the enemy carry immobilize it and start filling up your meter. You should always be afraid of pink wards, since that way they can locate you and expect you. As tank/bruiser being detected by pink ward doesn't mean instant death, but still you should have the element of surprise. If they somehow manage to get you really low, do your Empowered Battle Roar and let your hp bar fill up again. This would absolutely make them hate you and try to kill you instead of killing your team.

Whatever build you're playing, in teamfights when you try to do damage to the enemy priority target, do the following.

5 ferocity --> Ulti --> Jump-->Do Empowered Savagery --> Dr. Mundo SMASH your keyboard, activating everything you got, actives, abilities everything! --> Repeat!

This is not as effective as it would be if we still had the 3x Q but it is neat :)

A note on initiating:

It is always better to let your team's true initiator lead you. If for example you have an Amumu in team, tell him to initiate and ult 5 people! That way destroying the enemy target will be so much easier!
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Rengar's laning is ok to strong I would say. However there are counters and difficult ones too. I am only Silver IV and probably in the worst server (EUNE) so I will only feature match-ups that are common in my division.

She is the ultimate counter to you. Even though riot worked her *** a bit, she is still really strong. You should take Bola Strike a level 1 and farm from a distance. Bad thing is you shouldn't go all-in to her neither at levels 1-3 nor at level 6, without any help. You should do your best to farm your way to Sunfire Aegis ASAP. Then she is ****, tanky bruisers with sustain counter her.

He is the king of top laners for a reason. You shouldn't go HAM on him early on because even if he can't kill you, he can shove you really hard and make you lose xp and gold. Being ~20 minions down is normal. Keep farming and roaming without losing your tower. You scale much harder than him. Don't give him any kills or you'll have a bad time for the rest of the game. At level 1 consider taking Bola Strike. At level 9 you start being better and you should show him that. If he turns on his beast mode just run away.

He is a strong laner with ridiculous poke, a stun and strong burst. Also he can bloke your Savagery so be careful when you lane against him. If you poke him well and sustain while building tanky, he will do **** vs you. Remember that when he turns lvl 6 you should inform your team. If he leaves the lane, follow him, he might try to get in range for a skyfall in mid and you want to prevent that.

Do whatever you can to destroy him early on. I personally play Nasus and I can tell you that if you play properly with Rengar you can destroy him. Q him in the face when he goes for last hitting and poke him constantly. Shove the lane really hard to make him lose minions. Remember not to fight in the radius of Spirit Fire because he can hurt a lot. Ask for help to make him completely useless.
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Champions I like having as allies

When I play as Rengar I really like having some particular stand by my side.

: Other than being one of the champions that I play the best, Shen, IMO, goes well with Rengar. You 2 can splitpush like hell. He has a hella strong dis-engage and engage.
BONUS: You can ask him to ult you while you're stealthed! Then you will both appear out of ****ing nowhere, he will taunt a lot of ***es and you will destroy them!

: She can slow people down for you. She can also shield you and give you movement speed which is great for Rengar.
BONUS: Why not go predator mode and go in the middle of 5 people. Tell her to ult you and, POP. 5 victims in the air for you to kill!

: OP engage, will make enemies useless for a short period which is exactly as much you need to decimate them.

: Same as malphite!

: Movement speed buff, slow debuff.
BONUS: Same as Lulu

: If she gets Black Cleaver, you are going to shred through everything.

: Great engage, plus can shred through a lot of armor which makes your life easier. I think that his style is a bit like Rengar's.

: He is another bruiser with stealth and good mobility that can essentially become really tanky. This reminds me of Rengar for some reason, I am wondering why? Also with his Devastating Blow, Nimbus Strike and beyblade mode (combined with Black Cleaver) he can seriously bring the enemy armor at a really low level which is great for you. AoE and he has an AoE knock up :P
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So let's see what we got here...

Rengar and Kha'Zix are both reference to the movie predator vs alien (respectively). So Riot has given they players are special feature for their rivalry. In order to activate this special, in-game feature, Rengar and Kha'Zix must be on opposite teams and must both be level 18. If Rengar kills or assists the assassination of the enemy Kha'Zix, his special trinket transforms into the head of Kha'Zix and all 20 stack effects are permanently unlocked. On the other side, if Kha'Zix kills Rengar or helps kill him, he gets a fourth point of evolution, permanently. After both champions getting their nerfs, the achievement rewards are not that game changing and op. However the situation right now is even since getting 4 points of evolution on kha pre nerfs was way more op than getting full effects of bonetooth (when it was still an item).
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A message to random RIOTERS passing by...

Yep that's true riot, we are always going to find a way to play Rengar. We expect you though to re buff him a bit since he is really weak right now.
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Congratulations my friends, you reached the end of the guide. I really hope you liked it and that you plan on giving our lion a chance on top lane. As for a jungling section, I don't see this one coming soon since I really am a terrible jungler. Don't be afraid to try out new staff that's how the community results to the most efficient build, style of play, for every champion it is given. I expect any possible pictures of results. Practice hard and always do your best.

Sincerely yours,


Note this is my second account, my first one, Plasma, was stolen.
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