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Urgot Build Guide by the chaos bringer 00

Top Top Lane URGOD ~ Season 7 guide (7.20)

By the chaos bringer 00 | Updated on October 15, 2017

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Hello and welcome to my guide on Urgot. This is a top lane guide and despite my low elo (Silver 1 but still climbing) I have some experience with him. That, combined with the fact that there is no good updated Urgot guide led to the decision to create this guide. Guide will be updated regularly.

Edit: Climbed to Gold 5 with him.
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This chapter is dedicated to changes in the game that affect Urgot, either directly or indirectly.

Patch 7.20: Sterak's so ****ing good. Gives anything urgot needs. Oh wait, he is ranged. Firmly believe Urgot should be an exception to the ranged rule.
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About Urgot

Urgot is a lane bully and always was, even in his previous version. His old version used to be one of unique playstyle according to this but with his new kit he would fall under the Fighter class and the Juggernaut subclass. He deals significant damage with few damage items (notice how his abilities scale either off enemy maximum hp or off his total AD) and can sustain serious amounts of damage thanks to his good base stats and shield which scales off his bonus hp), but his mobility is seriously hindered. After 4 seasons of trying to get out of silver (which I managed to do with Urgot), I have to tell you that he is a great champion for Solo Q at least in low elo. He is unpopular and none of the popular streamers/pros uses him so people down here, for the most part, don't exactly know what he does and how to counter it.

Let's make a pros and cons list, shall we?

Good damage
Good base stats
Hard CC
Lane bully
Strong mid game
Can tank quite a lot

Really weak mobility
Slightly falls off late game
Unreliable execute and hard CC
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Masteries are a subject of personal preference. Yeah even the keystone ones. However the synergy with Fervor of Battle should be clear here. Yeah your W procs fervor.
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Greater Mark of Attack Damage: These are typical runes for top lane AD fighters. Better last hitting and better trading.

Greater Mark of Lethality: I prefer these. Lethality is broken. You take out some of your early damage and last hitting for better mid late game damage. It is also better vs tanks.


Greater Seal of Armor: Typical vs AD laner, early resistance for trading and to handle some of the minion aggro

Greater Seal of Health: Use these if you are vs ap laner. Also strengthens your shield.


Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction: Use these vs pure AD laner. Having your abilities up faster is really important

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: vs ap laner


Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: If you run lethality marks, take these to help you early game

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Urgot is really slow so these definitely help vs kiting teams.
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Skill Sequence

Max W always first, it makes you tanky and deal more damage at the same time. Reduces cooldown too.

After that max Q or E this is pretty much personal preference. I usually prefer E cause it is your only hard CC (besides ult) and it is not a very reliable one so I want to have it up ASAP.

A point in ult whenever possible obviously.

Level 1 take always W. Except if you are participating in the invasion of the enemy jungle and your team needs your CC in which case you take E.
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Flash is a must. You luck mobility so take this.

Your second spell should be anything of the following:

Teleport: The better all around top lane non flash spell
Exhaust: Has its uses vs someone with strong all ins or someone that duels a lot. Also you keep people closer to you.
Ghost: Chase people and escape kiting situations
Ignite: Don't really recommend it cause you have so much kill potential in lane that this is obsolete. Could be useful tho against a team of healing ( Swain, Soraka etc.)
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Laning Phase

During the laning phase you are primarily focusing on not dying. Seriously. A death is close to 20 minions which is 3 non-cannon waves. In low elo it is more than 3 :P
You want to farm and deny your enemy laner as much as possible.
A fairly successful tactic I use is level one, just as both of you are close to each other trying to kill those first few creeps, turn around

Seriously, this should do around 100 dmg which is a full box of hp. This especially in low elo tilts them cause they don't know what the **** just happened. Generally when the enemy goes to cs, try to shoot them with passive or just dmg them.

Try to reach level 2 asap cause you got a serious powerspike. If the enemy is melee, take a point in E in level 2. Look to E and W. Assuming you hit your e, proceed to move around to hit them with as many shotguns of your passive as possible. Honestly there is no way you can lose a trade like this. You either kill them or they flash. If the enemy laner is ranged, you might want to take a point in Q cause it is unlikely you will manage to hit E.

Level 3 if you are somehow certain the enemy jungler WON'T gank, take a point in W for maximum level 3 trading power and kill potential, other wise take a point in either Q or E, whichever you didn't learn in lvl 2, cause this way you maximize your escape potential in case of a gank.

Do not use your W to farm unless you are about to back or roam in which case you want to push the lane.

1)When attempting your manly af lvl 2 all-in if your E misses, chances are the enemy will try to punish that. Move as far away from enemy minions as possible, to avoid minion aggro that depletes your precious shield and to make sure that the closest enemy unit is the enemy champion so that your W hits them.

2)Avoid fighting when your W is down.

3)Try not to use all of your shotguns on minions when farming. Your trade potential/dueling is decreased if you do so and you also push the lane which asks for ganks.

4)In gank situations you behavior should follow a basic rule: Move in such way what will give you the highest chance to reactivate your shield.
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Urgot is not a great engage but is great at follow up.

Let's say a fight breaks out. Your tank goes in and all cc hell breaks loose. Your job is to immediately locate the one poor bastard that will die most easily. This could be any of the enemy, yes even the tank. Yeah sure the ideal scenario is to land an ult on a carry and execute them but this doesn't always work. You need to kill someone. Usually you will be in the center of chaos during a fight. This means that a lot of people will be close to you and might try to stop you. GREAT. You ult a poor guy execute them and poof your ultimate is now a hecarim ultimate as well. I find my self a lot of times ulting someone that got caught out and then flash into the enemy team as I execute them to fear as many as possible.

If your team is not the one to engage, your job is to peel for your carries. You got your slows and execute and a stun that is unreliable for the most part, but really hard to evade in close range scenarios. You ult that bastard that had the nerve to touch your carries, fear people, proceed to wreck the others.
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Some not so obvious interactions

1)E and Flash:
No unfortunately E and Flash doesn't work the same way it does with Gragas and Shen.
However, if you press E and immediately flash, your flash is done first and then you dash. I will make a video about it.

2)Urgot ult and Braum shield. Search it up in youtube.
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Guide is to be revamped constantly and is definitely not finished right now. I released it cause last time I checked there were not any viable/ updated guides of him on here.
Recommendations greatly appreciated.
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In this chapter I will record any changes made to the guide:

15/10/2017: Created Log and News chapters.
League of Legends Build Guide Author the chaos bringer 00
the chaos bringer 00 Urgot Guide

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Top Lane URGOD ~ Season 7 guide (7.20)
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