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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Karma Build Guide by FearPrawns

Karma AP - Underrated but godly <3.

Karma AP - Underrated but godly <3.

Updated on August 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FearPrawns Build Guide By FearPrawns 30 5 248,746 Views 64 Comments
30 5 248,746 Views 64 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FearPrawns Karma Build Guide By FearPrawns Updated on August 5, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Clairvoyance


The intro : Guide information & Opinion on AP Vs Support (Read).

Hello guys and girls my name is FearPrawns and this is my Karma build and guide. Please NOTE this is still a work in progress, thank you. This is based on my preferences and what i think works best with her. If you enjoy this guide then i will create more, this is more of a test to see how well my first build does as well as helping hand to some players who appreciated Karma.

I hope 14 Chapters of information will help you build a fun playable AP karma, more chapters as well as the chapters you see here will be extended with more information and content on a daily basis bit by bit. So remember folks, if you like what you see there is more that is going to be added to this guide day by day OR as soon as i have spare time.

Before i get underway on telling you how to start this beautiful godly build, please note that the main aim for this guide was to be easy to understand, not too long but not too short - Just in the middle. Majority of the players like to scan through the do's and dont's rather than place a bookmark and take a few hours before they can play the anticipated champion. Anyway enough ranting, lets begin.

Ok - You might be thinking Karma AP or Support which one is better ? personally i think AP is better but everyone is entitled to there opinions. The reason i prefer AP is due to the sheer power of the Q ( ) and E ( ) but mostly the ( ) and thats why i value on getting soul shield first due to its great damage at the start with activated , you can clear the creeps easy and get on your way to building a godly Karma.

However, if playing ranked i would not recommend building straight AP.. this build is more for normal game modes.

Story behind Karma:

Even in her youth, Karma exhibited almost superhuman composure. While her peers explored the torrent of emotions that came with adolescence, Karma meditated in the Lotus Gardens. She was convinced that the true path to enlightenment was a journey inward, to a place within the self, overlooked by most. She exuded such inner contentment that she quickly became a go-to mediator and confidante in her village. Her instructors used to say: ''That girl can not only weather a storm, but calm it.'' Karma did not live extravagantly; her parents owned a local business selling antiques in the Navori province and they often struggled to provide for themselves, though they did so with cheery optimism. Her most prized possessions were two exquisite fans taken from her family's shop.

When Noxian troops invaded southern Ionia, her village was one of the first to fall. The villages who survived the assault were captured by Noxian forces. It was then that Karma found her calling. By exploiting the insecurities of the Noxian commander, she negotiated the safe release of the villages to the northern lands. She was present at the Placidium, where the Elders had considered surrender until Irelia impassioned last stand renewed the Ionian's hope. Karma used this hope to solidify the Elders' commitment to remain defiant against the Noxian onslaught. For her devotion and charisma, Karma was made the figurehead of the Ionian resistance. She never compromised, and she shared every hardship with her people, even when it came to combat. By tapping into her inner resilience, she discovered that she could bring great force to bear against her foes on the battlefield. She modified her fans into lethal implements, and was tutored by Janna to enhance their effects. The Noxians called her, ''The Enlightened One,'' a nickname she embraced, and one which they would come to dread. She joined the League to represent Ionia in the ultimate political arena.

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The Pro's and the cons, dang nabbit.

Pros of the build :
High Damage output.
Can beat the Majority of the champions.
3k-3.4k Health = Scary AP Women O.o
works well with any champ
great for mid but advised bot/top lane.

Cons :
Relies on Team Mates to Initiate the fights.
Normally gets targetted alot of the time.
Depends on laning partner at early stages.
Some people rage at Karma before the game started, haters.

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Items :

Phase 1:

These are the items i think works best with Karma for AP role, now the start is entirely up to you - You do not have to get the x2 and you could instead get maybe x1 and a (for a nice bit of income whilst farming) however if you are following the sell it on for a Catalyst the Protector.

Phase 2:

Back to the build with the x2 start, i get these at the very start for one reason and one reason only to give me a nice mana regen bonus and enough AP to creep slay with a breeze, x2 will give you a nice advantage on creeps and you will not have to go offlane unless hurt badly which shoudn't really happen due to Q Move gives you health. Now personally the boots can depend on what champions you play however no matter if its say 4 ad & 1 AP i always get , because the tenacity is nice and helpful.

Phase 3:

, , - You can pick which ever you want after the and x2 are complete depending on the situation. If you think you are lacking the AP to keep you in your lane then get , if not just buy and work your way towards for that juicy bonus health, mana, AP.

Phase 4:

After complete its now time to bring Karma her tool of destruction, good ol' . If you have enough to get first then do so otherwise get another and start working towards the tool of destruction.

Phase 5:

Now you have your , people are fearing you and the creeps dont like your fans or shield emit its time to give your self more health and AP, its the - This and makes Karma really effective on the battlefield - Her health and AP combined makes her a handy player in the team damaging and saving team mates when needed.

Phase 6: The Final Phase !!!

the final edition to godly support (Sell one of the if you have two) the one and only - This is one of the final touches which can benefit or make and break the game, it provides magic penetration (Incase anyone doesnt like you already and has try to escape there fate) with a nice touch of AP <3.

(If anyone has a simlair guide which was published before this then all credit goes to them, this guide is what i thinks best for Karma which makes her a valuable support dealing just enough damage to win the game.

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Mastery Page.

Mastery Page : 21/9/0
Since this is AP Karma, i prefer this tree page - This will provide you with some health, armor as well as AP damage - All she needs.

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Rune Page.

Rune Page :


Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Phase Rush

On the reds i have BOTH Armor/Magic Pen (820 IP Per rune) however its a pain and quite expensive so if you are saving ip or don't have that much i would advise you buying
Greater Mark of Insight (9), Greater Glyph of Warding (9), Greater seal of Resilience (9) and now the Quints - I prefer Greater Quintessence of Force (2-3) Rather than Greater Quintessence of Potency.

- Why ?

Because for Karma at the start, she can inflict quite good damage but not really enough to kill anyone (unless there AFK) this is why i advise going with Greater Quintessence of Force because whenever playing as karma you normally hit Level 18 quite soon which is a nice bonus of AP compared to Force late game).
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Ability Explanation, short but sweet.

[*] This is Karma passive, it provides bonus AP the more percentage of health missing the more AP Karma gains. Min AP 30-130 Max.
[*] This is your ulti, it provides bonus effect to your other skills which increase in damage, amplify speed and gives you a heal (Different skills do different bonuses).
[*] This does a cone shaped attack into enemys, if activated with then it gives a healing effect when thrown.
[*] This is a chain which can speed up allies or slow down enemy's, your effect duplicates the amplifier.
[*] Last but not least one of Karma destructive moves, this provides you or your allies with a shield IF is activated this shield emit's damage to enemys.

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Summoner spells and breakdown.

Flash, use to escape or catch someone teleports a certain distance towards your mouse cursor.
Exhaust, slows a targets movement speed, attack and ability.
Ghost, Increase champions movement speed and ignores unit collision.
Heal, Restores you champions health by a certain %, varies on champions levels - Heals nearly allied champions as well.
Revive, After being killed can instantly revive your champion increases your health for 2 minutes.
Surge, Increases attack speed and ability power for 12 seconds, depends on champions level how much you gain.
Teleport, Teleports your champion to a ward, minion or turret (allies only).
Cleanse, removes any effect that has been casted on your champion as well as lowers the duration of incoming disables for 3 seconds.
Clarity, Restores mana towards your champion and nearby allies - varies depending on your champions level.
Ignite, ignites an enemy setting them on fire doing damage over time as well as reduces the healing effects used on that target.
Clairvoyance, reveals a small section of the map for 4 seconds.

Personally i use and you may be asking why ?
  • Well personally i use my flash to catch up or to escape tricky situations and i use clairvoyance if team requests it, to check in bushes (Incase of ganks) or baron/dragon so on and forth. It keeps you in the support mentality and i think they both work amazingly well with karma.
However, and are more common on support champs, even if you are not building full support.
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Map warding || Both Map sides.

  • Ok, this may look a bit scary and no you do not have to ward all them places - the main places you want to ward are your own jungle (depending which side you spawn on) as well as river, baron, dragon.
  • The wards placed on the picture above are where wards are placed or should be placed to give you and your team the advantage and safety.

  • For example say if you spawn on this side of the map you would want to do something like this to ensure the safety. (This map is just based on river securement as well as jungle)
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Zoning/Danger Zones.

Zoning, what da fu.. ?
  • Ok you might be asking what could possibly go wrong in your lane, 5v5 people are split up per lane so surely nothing can happen.. WRONG. When farming creeps you must always be cautious on how far you push and always take note on how the player is reacting.
  • For example, a player might be pushed back behind minions and then suddenly run towards you showing aggression that's normally the first sign to say someone is nearby ready to help on a gank.

  • Here is a map to show what zoning is and where you should start being cautious. Try to think of the system as traffic lights. Proceed at green, prepare to stop at amber, red = No go, very cautious.

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Buffs and Respawn, Zing.

  • Jungler's are not the only one who need to know this information, some people "MAY" rely on the support champions (Even if not building full support) to keep the information of respawn timers, very valuable role.

Ancient Golem: Re-spawn time 5 minutes (5:00) this is very helpfull for Karma and lets you able to be more aggressive, however normally mid champs need the blue buff. This buff will provide you with mana regen/energy as well as cool down on your skills, nice.

Lizard Elder: Re-spawn time 5 minutes (5:00). This buff is more for the AD players, burns the target giving you another source of damage.

Dragon : Re-spawn time 6 minutes (6:00) Gives you and your team bonus gold when killed, with a little bit of exp.

Baron : Respawn time 7 Minutes (7:00), buffs you and your entire team.

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Farming/Creep slaying Tips.

Its obvious but some people still don't do it, YOU DON'T HAVE TOO DO THIS BY ANY MEANS BUT remember simple steps as Karma..

Let your creeps do the work, when the enemy creeps are low health then simply one click and move and keep repeating.

If there is a group of creeps then this is where Karma becomes a great farmer. Your ult has a very short cooldown and is what builds karma up so fast in the game - you use your and then right after use and all the creeps should be dead. Rinse and repeat.

Remember Karma can sustain in lane for quite a while, not insanely like Vladimir but her and gives her health back - so do not panic.

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Tips & tricks whilst playing as karma.

  • Try to remember your not invincible even when you are built, you might have 3.4k health but that doesnt mean you can take on 5 people - You are lacking defense and that is one thing you need to remember.
  • Let your team mates initiate, poke and protect and if you can sweep up the kills.
  • Try to stay behind all team mates no matter what, the odds are you will be hit first due to how squishy you are - Staying behind 5 will mean if you do get targeted then no doubt your team mates will take down 1-2 or maybe more.
  • Remember Karma has powerful skills that can turn the tide in team fights, a shield to protect or do damage, a move that heals and hurts enemy's - use them wisely and don't spam them instantly when it initiates - TIME THE MOMENTS.
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Champions that work with Karma (NOT FINISHED/Under Construction)!!

For now i'll give you information on champions i know that work for sure with Karma.

  • Ok with AP Karma you have a strange variety that works with her, since your buiding AP you have good damage output as well as some valuable support skills. Tanks seem to work extremely well with Karma and this build, infact some champs you would expect not work in fact somehow work.. Examples that work.

Garen : Strange but true, if you build Garen tanky plus Karma with the support its a deadly combo - Me and (I-I0rnyTree) aka Garen played just 2 games and won 2 instantly with the combo with quite decent scores (Both bot lane).

Leona : Her stuns and with Karma is a nice combo, leona has the pokes and the stuns to stop an enemy so Karma can input damage.

Teemo : You may be think how the heck does this work, i am on the same wave length as you - Teemo is classed as Ranged, stealth and support. To me this combination shoudn't work at all but infact does - With teemo's poision over time as well as his mushroom slows, targets normally over extend and then regret the move they just did with Karma to protect or hurt as well as her to heal or hurt the enemys soon run with there tails between there legs.

Irelia : is great for laning with Karma , her quick dashes and stuns is a good harasser for anyone who is bot lane. Karma provides the slows, increase speed, shields and the damage where as Irelia dives to a target hurts them and if low stuns them so Karma and Irelia can jump on them to finish the target, no escape.

Ashe : Its pretty obvious why since Ashe is one of the best champions on the game in my opinion, the slows provided by Ashe are deadly as well as her being an AD carry. If targets try to escape Karma can slow the target with Ashe so the enemy's feel the maximum wrath of the slow and if they somehow manage to escape .. 3-2-1 Ashe fire that say goodbye sir.

Warwick : a dangerous laner as well as jungler. His which keeps his health replenished as well as deadly for the suppress on enemys making him a great combination for Karma. Not to mention Karma can provide a heal as well as Warwick. Fearsome combo.

Talon : He gets built mainly DPS type of build but however you build him, its sure to work you can bring down any laner if you use and time Karma and Talon move together. Just play a game today "Wed, Apr 25 2012" and gone 8/0/8 with this combo - Lethal.

Gangplank : Also known as Critplank, i don't even need to go indepth why this works - his oranges are tasty, his ult is godly, never mind PARLEEEEEEY.
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End of the road/closing/Credits || Video result.

There will be a video of me playing as Karma going 10-2-26, it will not be the full video (Lasts 43 minutes) and it will be more likely only highlights due to the extracting the files, converting will take too long - If you request the full video, i will try to upload it but it will take quite a while.

- Youtube link : Youtube Channel (LoL content)
- Credit goes to : Lilpwninprincess for the graphics, go check her profile as well as guides - you will not be disappointed Lilpwninprincess profile

  • i hope this guide has helped you with karma and remember, only use this sort of build for normal summoner rift games etc, like i said near the top - wouldn't recommend using it in a ranked game.
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Update log, changes and fixes.

  • This chapter was added on Friday, April 27th 2012.

Friday 27th April || 27/4/12 : Added new chapter & extended champions under construction section. Development of two projects underway, ashe montage currently near the 2 minute mark - Half way till it can be published.

Wednesday 2nd May || 2/5/12: Fixed all the graphics issue so hopefully it wont disappear again, will add more information and tidy up this guide at a later date.

Tuesday 15th May || 15/5/12: This is more of a notice rather than a change or fix. The plan is to finish off my Ashe guide and then work on this hardcore changing pretty much the entire guide. I have pretty much only one chapter remaining on my Ashe guide to complete so when that is done i will pay full attention to this, so please do not think this is inactive guide.

Tuesday 22nd May || 22/5/12: Some very important news which concerns this guide can be found on my Ashe guide - If you have visited this guide and you are about to type something before you do PLEASE visit the latest chapter added. It should be the very last one (Bottom of the page) on my Ashe guide.

Ashe Guide check it out || Concerns news of my Karma guide

Friday 15th June || 15/6/12: Just want to say thanks for all the current support shown to my guide for Karma i know it doesn't get updated much but as explained on my Ashe guide ; this was more of receive views from the public and compare to my next guide (This was my first guide) so on and forth. I'm sure you get the picture.

But noticing how it is remaining second i "may" begin to update it at-least once a week (Like my Ashe guide) since players seem to be using it. IF you want me to keep updating it and freshen it up - Please let me know in the comments and then i will start doing it. After all, this is for you (the public) rather than me. :) <3

Thursday 5th July || 5/7/12: New chapter has been added "Looking for a GFX Maker".

Wednesday 18th July || 18/7/12: Mastery page been fixed as well as another optional mastery page

PS: This guide will slowly be fixed and shaped up to look more better, detailed and appealing however my Ashe guide is a much more higher priority so before this gets a complete new look - the Ashe guide will be completed first.

Sunday 5th August || 5/8/12: Story has been added on the introduction for Karma.

NOTE: Like i said above, this guide is slowly getting fixed and more detailed on every update however the updates won't be as much compared to my Ashe guide since that has a higher priority. Thank you.

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New guide created || Watch the video || Check out the link.

If you enjoyed this video, please head over to my latest Ashe guide.
Hey ashe, touch my enchanted arrow.
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Looking for a GFX maker.

Without going too much into details i'm looking for someone who can design me graphics//banners.

Stuff e.g like Dividers and spliiters, headings so on and forth.

If someone can create this please inbox me, i will include your name underneath mine (Motto/Bio) as well as credit on the new guide..

This chapter will be removed IF & WHEN i find one, peace (5/7/12).

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