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Katarina Build Guide by Katerino

Katarina B*tch with knives

Katarina B*tch with knives

Updated on September 13, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Katerino Build Guide By Katerino 3,758 Views 0 Comments
3,758 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Katerino Katarina Build Guide By Katerino Updated on September 13, 2014
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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This is a in deep champion guide to Katarina. I will be discussing team fight positioning as well as the laning aspects of her.
First about me though. I was born and currently live in Germany but have lived in Cambridge for several years, I have also spent large portions of my life on a sailing boat on Ocean.
Although i have lived in England I am bad with languages and I apologize for the rather bad English this will be written in. But I believe that its the content which is important,
so enjoy.
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Skill Sequence

this is important in team fights, has no cast time. The Cast time is so important because in team fights you engage in you are often very low when you get your first reset and normally when you get your first reset the enemy champions around you will also be low since the ridiculous damage output of your ult. In that scenario you need to go for the resets which means not the highest priority target, but the target highest priority target you can burst. If your main damage source is your Q in that scenario you will have to Q which takes about a tenth of a second or more if you ad the time the Q has to travel to the enemy you have to ad on more time which ads on to about a 1/4 sec . If however your main damage source is your W you can simply leave Q out and E, W the enemy which has 0 sec cast time since the spells are instant and take no time to travel.
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On Kata there are allot of ways to build her and it strongly depends on your playing style and the opponents comp and playing style.
Here is the general Itemization. Get early deff item like for instance what i nearly always go for is negatron cloak and seekers armguard nearly every game.
If your winning hard with that i mean 75% more farm and more kills (etc, 50 to 20 farm and ur 2 0 up) get ap i tend to go for Rabadons if however one on there team is getting very fed i normally get DFG for obvias reasons. next i go for mejas which i have an extra chapter for directly under.
If your team is grouping finish Zhonias or Abyssals scepter and (one of them) Rabadons / DFG/ Mejas. Go on with Rabadons if you haven't built it or Mejas if your not loosing hard and are confident in your skill.
As second to last or last item I often like to get GA because I tend to be at 12-20 stacks and don't want to loose them Rylais and Randuins are good choices too, this again depends on how you play and the enemy plays. If you like to engage and the enemy bursts you get GA, if your chasing the enemy often get Rylais and if the enemy is ad heavy get Randuins. Late game normally sell Abyssals for void staff.
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I personally as weird as it might seem feel like Mejas is a solid pic as long as you play it correctly. You must note that I'm very confident in my play style and you will be to if you play her allot. I tend not to get Mejas if my team is behind AND I'm behind. If however my team is behind and I'm not I will still get Mejas or if I'm behind but my team isn't I will get Mejas. I wont get Mejas first pick obliviously, I'll normally go for neg cloak and seekers Armguard first to make sure I'm not to venerable. It has often saved my *** in ganks.
With Mejas you want to roam alot so i suggest to pick up sorceresses shoes right after.
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Summoner skills

Katarina has amazing synergy in her kit.
Her passive resets all her abilitys by 15 seconds (everything except Ult fully) on a kill or assist.
Her Q is ranged "aoe" (area of effect) good for farming early game because she is mele and its passive can easily be popped by her ult or W.
Her W gives her mobility has no cast time and is great for farming it is also aoe with a very low cooldown.
Her E is a long range no cast time teleport which jumps behind the selected target which can be anything being able to move wards and J4 flag. Its passive is also that she receives 15% reduced damage for the next 1,5 seconds
Her R is every adc's horror. It has huge dps (damage per second) 2k damage over 2 seconds on 3 champions that's 3k damage per second! And reduces all healing by 50% which is very underrated.
Her Kit gives her high dps, burst, chasing and escaping potential.
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runes and masterys

I don't think there is much to say about them. I tend to go defensive in runes since i just want to farm early game and because i normally build Mejas and don't want to loose my stats. Another viable option is mov. Speed quints if your sure to win lane and the enemy has a sqishy bot.
Masterys 21 9 0 no big surprise there. It gives ap has some useful passives etc 5% more damage to below 50% health champions and a load of penetration. Its good to get you through early game.
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trading and teamfighting

Early game there are allot of opportunitys. Mostly you can wait for your enemy to fire a skill shot at you and then E behind them to dodge it Q at them or the minions if your about to miss a cs and run away with W. This can be done so quick that the enemy will have no chance to answer your aggression. At lvl 6 look for fights and don't ult uf the enemy has a direct disrupt: silence, displacement spell or stun.
In towerdives make sure that you can burst at least one enemy so you can get out of towerrange before getting cc'ed down.
In teamfightsn only engage if the enemy is cc'ed or someone else has already gone in etc. You can jump in first if Leo hit a good solar flare at the back line.
Don't engage if the enemy has cc and is in range. If you have ogt your first reset either wardjump/flash away or keep on trying to get resets with your burst. If however you have used your burst and and have no spell available Zhonias. If they have stunned or got you to low just Zhonias, mostly with you handling the whole back line of the enemy your team will have broken through the front lie and will be at your aid when your Zhonias has timed of.
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Laning phase

Katas first small power spike is lvl 4 when you have put your second point into W. I tend to farm from highest range possible so i use my Q for the mage minions and W and aa's for the fighter minions. If however your enemy isn't zoning you, you can use your ability's to poke and just farm with aa's.
What you need to watch out for is the jungler. I'd advise to put your trinket down at on the topside or botside if the enemy runs out of mana very fast. Mostly junglers start botside and finish topside since since you mostly get more help from botlane. If your lane is middish (you haven't passed over half way) and you don't use your E for poking you don't need to set your tinket and can just keep it and ward jump away or on the jungler. Dont forget E teleports you BEHIND the target so etc if a Vi is ganking and is just behind you you can E her just as she activates which won't diserupt her Q and put some extra space between you and your jungler.
If your behnd in lane and the enemy could just 100 to 0 you ask for a gank if you get a kill super, otherwise just push the lane while your jung is ganking because you are in no threat of the midlaner since he is still zoned by your jungler. Then go for a gank.
Your nearly never behind though. With boots 3 you have plenty of sustain and have good mobility to dodge.
After your first B i can only say wards, wards and wards. You need wards, I mostly get a pink at my first back and ward the bush upper blue next to the wall. This ward mostly survives about 10 min and it gives vision of an enemy jungler entering the river to gank mid or top.
If i have left over money I get a normal ward and place it in the enemy jungle. Wards like these are very impotent to track your jungler and id advise them to you if your playing in a ranked team since if your jung is bot and and the enemy is doing his red your jungler can just straight up go for dragon since the enemy jungler is misplayced. Deep wards are also good against high ranged ulting junglers like nocturne or pantheon. Where when they are near you u play defensive and make sure your lane isn't pushed. Worst case scenario and it is pushed I would just go back or gank a lane.
The team fighting is discussed in the chapter above trading and team fights.
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Pros / Cons

High burst easy to counter with cc
Mobility sqishy
High dps vision counters
AOE no cc
can spin to win
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