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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klauthor

Kayle - I'm sorry, you had a lane here?

Klauthor Last updated on November 9, 2011
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Kayle Build

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Hi, first time posting on Mobafire.

I am fairly new to LoL, but I have discovered a way to play Kayle which I find fun. I have decided to post it if anyone would like to try it.

It is an AD build and it takes a few risks, but can pay off.

I chose Kayle because she looks cool in her picture, I won't lie. My first play I hated her, because I tried to play supportive. My second play I went AD and i never went back. No-one really expects you to pump out so much damage and when they realise you do, they forget about Intervention.

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First, I aim for Tiamat often I start with a longsword to speed this up. It can be risky to not get potions or boots, but can allow you to get more powerful faster. Once you have Tiamat, you can farm gold really quickly using Righteous Fury as the area damage combines.

Next I go for boots, depending on situation. Often Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads.

Third I ramp up the attack speed by aiming for Sword of the Divine. 60% increased attack speed is nasty, and it is fairly cheap. Dealing extra damage every 4th attack and the active ability to penetrate armour is simply icing. Start by saving for the Recurve Bow fist (unless you are having difficulty getting gold), this can allow you to catch people off guard with a sudden jump in your DPS and maybe get you a kill or two.

After this you will probably be attracting attention and people will want to counter you. So fourth I aim for Madred's Bloodrazor. This is exceptionally useful for destroying champs with tonnes of health. 4% is 4% no matter who you are. On top of this you get more attack damage, attack speed and armour.

By this point you should be annihilating people, so we'll go for overkill. Fifth, I get The Black Cleaver as it is a beast. Big boost to damage as well as a nice boost to speed, can't go wrong. Reducing armour on enemies is a beauty as well.

Finally, if you get to a sixth item (which farming gold like a boss you probably will), it can be many things depending on how the match is going. If you are getting hit with magic go for Wit's End, the magic resist is nice and the boost in attack speed on top of what is probably ridiculously fast already will allow you to disintegrate squishy, pesky casters. Stark's Fervour is good for helping the team, don't forget you are a support character. If you can afford it in time to make a difference, however Hextech Gunblade is the bomb. AP, AD, lifesteal, spell vamp and a nice active. Also never forget that you get spell vamp AND lifesteal when using Righteous Fury!

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This is really simple. Begin with Righteous Fury for ranged and for gold farming. From there put into Reckoning whenever possible and max it asap, with the exception of when you can increase Intervention. When you cannot increase Intervention or Reckoning put points in Righteous Fury. Leave Divine Blessing until last. Why you ask? I choose to do this because it is unexpected and I find that I level fast enough and can survive long enough without it. In late game when you approach 18 you should be dominating and the ability to heal and increase speed is fun but not necessary.

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Obviously, this is a guide and by no means should you feel obligated to play as I do, but I take risks when I play, and I enjoy doing it.

Throughout the entire game I act as if I am afraid of the enemy champions on a regular basis to bait them. They think they can win if you shy away, then you obliterate them when they come to attack.

Early Game
For early game, hang back and linger near bushes and towers until you get boots, and then shock your enemy champions with aggression. From level 2 onwards you have the potential to kill champions unexpectedly, so do it if given the chance. Reckoning followed immediately by auto attacks infused with Righteous Fury can be a big surprise to an enemy, and the slow allows for pursuit fairly easily. Once you get Intervention, save it for saving lives (or ending them). You can save an ally from that last turret projectile, or from that mean Malzahar.

Mid Game
By mid game, you should be a force to be reckoned with (no pun intended) and thus can afford to be more aggressive, but never forget to bait people. Try hopping lanes to gank or stop an enemy push in its tracks. Sometimes if you are lucky they will converge their team on that lane and you can return to your normal lane and push it down a flight of stairs. You will probably notice that when left unattended you can smash towers damn fast, so use this to save allies having trouble in their lane. If you devastate a tower and get to work on a second, they will want to stop you pretty badly, opening the way for allies. Mid game is when support will kick in. Use Intervention to save allies or allow them to get kills, use Reckoning to slow (or obliterate) their pursuers.

Late Game
You should be drawing a lot of attention by now, that is good. Your allies can gank stragglers regularly or simply power down a lane. If you are not getting a lot of attention, punish your enemies by mulching a lane. High AP champs will try to assassinate you a lot. I found this with Katarina, however, you can use Intervention offensively here and absorb someone's best damage then crush them like an insect. Power into the enemy base flinging support and holy death in all directions.

Some strange tactics
Sometimes I give my enemies some kills if they are being cautious, to boost their confidence then mash them and pulverise the lane.

It may be tempting to put on Righteous Fury for every battle, but if you just use melee against weak champs and minions, people will sometimes underestimate you, or your Righteous Fury will be ready to use when they try to flee.

Sometimes it is OK to be a martyr, if you further the team's goals (especially if you use Revive tee hee).

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It's a tiny guide, I know, but use it how you will (or don't use it). I put it out here because I haven't seen someone trying this (at least not yet) and I have fun doing it. GL and HF.