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Udyr Build Guide by Klauthor

Tank Stun, Slap and Repeat. Always Repeat.

Tank Stun, Slap and Repeat. Always Repeat.

Updated on December 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klauthor Build Guide By Klauthor 2,593 Views 0 Comments
2,593 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Klauthor Udyr Build Guide By Klauthor Updated on December 5, 2013
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Hello everyone, I am Klauthor. You almost certainly don't know me and you probably never will. I am an Australian and I like Udyr. This is a guide I am making based of my experience with Udyr. This will not be fancy, I am not using templates. If someone wants to copy this build entirely and just spruce it up, be my guest, just mention me or whatever.

Build-wise this will place Phoenix Udyr in jungle and Tiger in top. This is not mandatory, just my preference, feel free to swap starting items around if you play in top as Phoenix or jungle Tiger.

I am not a pro player, I am not the best Udyr, but I think I know enough about Udyr to help people new to Udyr and league or provide insight into him for people that are as good as me or better. Keep on slapping.
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Jungle and Lane

I'm only going to briefly cover this, as laning and jungling can be far too varied based on individual skill, teammates and enemies.

Top Lane

Abuse your early duel potential. Early game, Udyr can out-duel almost anyone, even foes like Jax. Passive top-laners like Nasus are particularly easy to pressure. If you are Tiger, just use your initial tiger proc to harass when they try to last hit. If you are Phoenix, you can hit them with the aoe through the minion wave. For both, don't spam too much, a manaless Udyr is a doomed Udyr.


If possible, do a smiteless kill on your first buff and then immediately do the second. Don't grab any other camps in between. If you are fast enough, you can gank a level 2 opponent on level 3 with double buffs and full HP and mana. This is scary to be on the receiving end of and you will almost certainly get a flash down at the very least.

Udyr can counter jungle very effectively, especially against slow clearing opponents. If you clear fast enough you can either abuse this to shut down the enemy jungler OR you can gank all day. I tend to lean more towards ganking, after which I take a single camp from the enemy's jungle and move on. This is personal preference and/or situational.
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Some little tricks with Udyr's kit.

You can turtle before swapping to one of your other stances to get a shield while stunning or damaging. Likewise, you can also phoenix before swapping to turtle so that you are aoe damaging enemies while you tank shots.

If you are ambushing an enemy from in a bush, wait in bear stance, if they facecheck you can immediately swap stances after the stun to maximise instant damage output.

Using tiger and then immediately swapping to phoenix allows you to use the tiger proc but use the extra attack speed buff to get more phoenix procs off.

Never forget to monitor your stacks of Monkey's Agility. It gives movement and attack speed, so keeping it on 3 stacks improves damage and mobility.

Get phoenix to 3 stacks and then reactivate it after hitting the enemy with the proc. This allows you to do two in a row, you can also activate it at the beginning of the game for extra initial damage on your first jungle camp.

Be mindful of bear stuns, while there is a timer on re-stunning the same person, you can stun multiple enemies back to back. This becomes easier if you have the tiger attack speed buff active when you swap to bear.
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Quick Explanation of Items

My favourite damage item for phoenix Udyr (other than Wit's End) is Liandry's. This is because your aoe pulse AND cone both proc it. If you phoenix and then turtle, you can apply Liandry's constantly with the safety of a sizeable shield.

Defense for phoenix Udyr is preference and situation, they are all good picks.

My tiger Udyr core is very squishy (for a Udyr anyway), so I normally wont build anything from the damage optionals unless I am ruining a lot of people's days.

For defense on tiger, it's hard to look past Spirit Visage. It would be in the core if there wasn't 3 costly items already. Sunfire cape is not as good on tiger as it is on phoenix, because the MR steal on Wit's End improves the damage of Sunfire and it synergises well with phoenix pulses. So for armour, I normally lean toward Randuin's especially because of the heavy emphasis on speed that my tiger build already has.

BOOTS OF SWIFTNESS - The reason I pick them is the slow reduction! Both builds include a different tenacity item, so merc treads are not as important. I do like ninja tabi, but I find reduction on slows from BoS, masteries and tenacity all makes for a dangerous combination. That's 15% CC reduction on Legendary Guardian mastery, 35% CC reduction on Tenacity, 10% slow reduction on Swiftness mastery and 20% slow reduction on Boots of Swiftness. I find this makes for the best initiations, escapes, chasing and surviving.
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Very basic, I know. Perhaps I will put more effort in and add to this guide. Perhaps not. Either way, I hope this has helped someone at least.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klauthor
Klauthor Udyr Guide
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Stun, Slap and Repeat. Always Repeat.

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