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Kayle Build Guide by Noxo102

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Noxo102

Kayle judicatin'.

Noxo102 Last updated on August 2, 2011
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A few words before I start...

This build is all about killing. People might say AD or AP is better then full hybrid but this is my build and not yours. Here is some explanations:

CC = Crowd control aka things that stuns, slows or disables your character

Hybrid = A mix between 2 or more roles or stats, like going attack damage + ability power
(like in this build) is hybrid.

SS/MIA = This dont have anything to do with this build but this is something new players have to learn someday or sometime. You say SS or MIA if someone that is suppose to be on your lane isnt there, cause it can be devastating if someone on your lane ganks another lane. Also, if someone writes ss or mia and you have pushed them back a bit you should be careful with what your doing. Someone ganking your lane and they get 2 kills can turn the tide of your lane and give them an advantage.

CDR = Cooldown Reduction. I dont think I need to explain anything here =)

Write in the comments if you want me to add something. Hope it will work out for you and good luck :).

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Common sense (READ)

If you are new to this game you would want to read this.

You cant depend on guides or items or overpowered champions etc etc.. All things like that will ofcourse make you better more or less, but the thing that is ultimately going to make you a good player is how you think and and know what you are doing. This is something that most, if not all, people can do but some new players dont do to their fullest cause they dont know what they can depend on and not. If you dont plan what you are doing and use your brain you will end up shouting lucker to the other team cause they get away when you try to kill them. And if you do this, then you are doing it wrong, sorry. Remember, the thing you can and need to trust the most is yourself and you WILL be a better player if you do and dont rely on other people.

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Skill Sequence and why

I max reckoning first. Why not Righteous Fury? Well, ability power early game is much better then attack damage so you can boost your early game damage by a ton with reckoning maxed. If you ever played Nunu you know what im talking about. Dem' snowballs. Second I max Righeous Fury obviously, followed by Divine Blessing. Skill your ultimate whenever you can.

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Items and why

Early HP AP and mana reg. Perfect.

Get this as soon as possible after Dorans Ring. An early speed boost can help you greatly getting kills, getting back to lane and, well, lets just say its good overall for its price :D.

This item is a must on hybrid Kayle and will just increase your damage REALLY much. The increse of AP and AS per hit works good with her new passive. Get it as soon as possible after boots. While building it buy blasting wand before pickaxe.

/ / Anyone of these will work, altough if opposing team have alot of cc get

Oh my god how much I love this item. Righteous fury benefits from spellvamp AND lifesteal, there is not one part with this item that is not awsome for Kayle. Do not underestimate the active effect of this item. Since you get it so early it will still do quite alot of damage. Late game when the damage from the active isnt such a big deal you can use it for chasing.

The best thing about this item in my opinion is the heavy CDR it gives. The other stats also works great with eachother and the attackspeed will feel like a breeze with your already great damage output. Good item all around.

I dont really like defensive items so much so I decided to go Frozen Mallet once for defense and guess what, it worked great! You can try Rylais but I prefer Frozen Mallet over it.

I have tried to go another gunblade at this point and it works well, but I belive deathcap is the best choice.

As you see I get Hextech quite early compared to other builds. I am really not a fan of attack speed so I dont get Nashor's Tooth early and you dont need alot of survivability early game so not Frozen Mallet. Some items that also can be usefull are:

This item does a percentage of their HP in damage so it works great if someone has a good amount of HP like tanks like Cho'Gath or Sion (if played with alot of HP). Altough I dont reccomend this item just cause of the price.

Get this if that Tryndamere/Master Yi/Anything or anyone that hurts you with good crits or heavy auto hits as it returns a bit of the damage caused which can be awful for those characters.

How much I love this item on tanks or any character really. Imagine you play against for example LeBlanc who is EXTREMLY dependant on her first sigil of silence to hit so her ultimate can proc the extra damage. Or, if you make a mistake and gets picked up by an heavy CC spell like Ashe's or Malzahars

This is just fantastic. Removes pretty much ANY debuff on yourself. Lets look at it like this; A malzahar fully comboes you and got you trapped in with his . If you gets caught like that you can be pretty much screwed unless you got Quicksilver Sash. Just pop it during his ult and move out of the Zone you start beating on him <3

Works well combined with increasing your damage output significantly for each of your attacks. The biggest problem ive encountered is that there are just better choices for lategame. If you get this replace it later.

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Viable spells

My choices:

You can never go wrong with this spell, especially as Kayle lacks something to escape and -or get kills with so flash is a very good choice on her. Use it only in situations where you will die other or when you are sure that you will get a kill. You do NOT want to waste this spell as it might cost you a kill or death.

Really, the only reason I get this is because of the only thing you can really depend on from killing is Reckoning and a little from Righteous Fury auto attacks. If I don't use this it seems like everyone escapes with very little HP and you ofcourse dont want that can happen.

Those 2 spells give you good ability to kill early in the game aswell as late game.

Some spells which also work:

Really, these spells work on most characters except for some things like Clarity on someone without mana, or ghost on someone who already got a good speed boost. All other spells are mostly for special situations or things like jungling.

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Some things to know when playing Kayle

- NEVER Initiate. You are squishy but you will probably die before you even go a chance to use your ultimate on you. Also, it would be bad to use it on yourself just to protect you from heavy focus fire when your not even suppose to focused.

- Always look for people in need of your ultimate, it got very good range so if you stand in the back you should be able to reach the whole team, so if you see someone is about to get bursted save him/her. Its useable on teammates for a reason.

- Positioning. You should position yourself as a ranged carry; aka behind the rest of the team able to hit the whole team but not be able to be picked up as easy. Do everything you can to not be in melee range with someone and get the full use out of Righteous Fury.

- Try to focus the people who drop fastest on their team. For example: if they got a Master Yi on your team, or just in range for you to attack him on range but him not able to reach you, then you should focus him. If there is noone in melee to focus try to run beside your team, maybe even taking a shortcut through the forest to get in range to attack their ranged carry(Ashe, Caitlyn etc.) or mage. Whatever you do, try to get focused but as little people as possible.

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Comboing with Kayle

Your main combo when focusing someone in a teamfight, ambush someone from a bush or just decide to kill someone in lane is (Only if needed) Auto attack (as many as possible before reckoning is back up or untill runs out

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Pros / Cons

Pros :)

+ ALOT of veratility.
+ Ultimate prevents lifestealing. (Yes warwick, it does.)
+ Starts dealing great damage with first 2 major items
+ Almost automaticly becomes a hybrid cause of her passive

Cons :(

- Can easily be bullied down early game.
- No "real" escape. If you get cc'ed and ganged far away from your team your pretty much dead (unless you do some fancy flash trick)
- Item dependant
- Bad solo laner

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(yes I know I used diffrent build on this picture but I wanna show to you that I know what im talking about)

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The End

So that was my Kayle build. Try it and post in the comments how it went. Try diffrent playstyles aswell but the one that works the best is agressive early game if you lane with another killer.